iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max battery life tested, perform worse than iPhone X

The guys over at Tom’s Guide have been running some battery life tests on Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones. The tests were run by surfing the web continuously with the screen at 150 nits of brightness, they also turned off True Tone as well. Have a look at the chart below which shows […]

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Telltale is looking into finishing The Walking Dead

Telltale‚Äôs The Walking Dead: Final Season has started its release, but the company had recently announced that they will be closing and it was also later revealed that The Walking Dead might not be completed and would end after episode 2. Sad news for players who were into it. If this happens the game will […]

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256GB iPhone XS Max Costs Apple $443 To Make

Apple’s new iPhones are their most expensive to date, the iPhone XS Starts at $99 and the iPhone XS Max $1099. Apple is thought to be making a healthy profit on this years devices and now we have some details on how much these devices cost Apple. According to a recent report by tech Insights […]

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HP’s voice-controlled Tango printer can be disguised as a book

Printers haven't really kept up with the times. Sure, you can print from your phone, but the devices aren't built for an always-connected world -- and let's be honest, more than a few of them are eyesores that can feel like '90s throwbacks. HP beli...

Behold the knife that comes with a stone-coated blade!


Designed with looks and a performance that quite literally set it a class apart from other knives, the Kyowa Super Stone Barrier Knife comes with a blade that’s hand-finished to perfection by craftsmen who have preserved the traditional techniques of Japanese sword-making, which have existed since the 13th century… and oh, the unusually un-metallic texture around the knife’s blade stems from the fact that the Super Stone Barrier Knife comes with a stone coating around the metal blade.

Coated meticulously with 6 different layers of stone, the Super Stone Barrier Knife’s blade is just literally a 0.01mm sheet of metal in a stone armor. The metal is exposed just at the edge of the blade, giving it substantial sharpness that allows the knife to slice cleanly through food with little to no resistance or friction. The stone coating adds precision and durability, but also offers a strikingly unique look, and a textured surface that acts as a natural non-stick. It also makes sure the blade will never rust, tarnish, warp, or dent, allowing the unique-looking and uniquely built Super Stone Barrier Knife to last MUCH longer than traditional steel blades.

Designer: Kyowa

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Lucid Motors will give owners access to VW’s charging network

Lucid Motors' first electric car won't roll out of the factory until 2020, but you'll at least know where to charge it when it does arrive. The company has signed a preliminary deal that will give Lucid Air drivers access to VW's Electrify America c...

Huawei knows how to make phones that look unique


Ironically often pronounced ‘Who Are We’, Chinese smartphone brand Huawei is, in fact, the second biggest smartphone company in the world, second only to Samsung (followed by Apple at third place). The company, although banned in the USA because of the US-China trade war, knows how to create phones that look stunning and captivating. They pioneered the metallic gradient that literally breathed a new life into smartphones, and also were arguably the first big brand to push out a triple-lens camera setup on the smartphone. Moving on, the company has embraced the metallic gradient and the 3-lens setup with their latest phone too, the Mate 20 Pro. However, to keep away from the herds (who’ve begun copying the gradient too), Huawei’s introduced a patterned back too, although they still have a very rich blue-purple-black gradient variant too.

What’s also interesting is the way the cameras are laid out. Rather than opting for the iPhone X-ish camera setup on the side, the Mate 20 Pro concentrates all three lenses in the middle, into a square, pushing three lenses in 3 quadrants and a flash in the fourth. Personally, I like the way it’s executed. It adds a big black square to the top of the phone’s back and that gives the phone some character, and the camera some gravitas. However, there’s a visible lack of a fingerprint sensor on both the front and back, but Huawei says the screen will feature its own in-display fingerprint sensor, which could be a game-changer, given how successful the brand is in the east.

The phone also packs a few features that could make it an ‘iPhone-killer’ (although I personally detest using that phrase). It comes with its own HiSilicon Kirin 980 system on a chip, which is a big deal, because after Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, the HiSilicon Kirin 980 is the second 7nanometer chip, and the first in an Android phone. The phone will feature a 6.3 inch OLED screen that still retains the notch that will feature the receiver and a front-facing camera. No headphone jack on this one, though, but that isn’t a surprise, considering how most flagships quite literally don’t give a jack… but I’ll forgive that transgression, because the Mate 20 Pro looks oh-so-pretty! More on this when the phone officially launches!

Designer: Huawei