Garmin vivofit jr Smartwatch Lets Littles Be Just Like Mom

If you are a parent and have an electronic wearable that you keep on most of the time, I can guarantee that at one point or another your child has wanted to try it out. Garmin has unveiled a fitness tracker for kids that can also help encourage them to do chores.


The Garmin vivofit jr has kid-sized wrist straps and comes in several vibrant color schemes. The wearable is designed to encourage kids to get their 60 minutes of play each day. It can track activities, steps, and sleep. When paired with a smartphone app on the parent’s phone you can set up custom chores that reward children with virtual coins when they finish their tasks. You and your kids can come up with real-world rewards they can trade those virtual coins in for.

Garmin’s vivofit jr. is available now for $79.99(USD).

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The best smart leak detector

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McLaren P1 Gets All-Electric Version (for Kids)

McLaren recently announced that they are developing a pure electric vehicle. To celebrate, the company is releasing a primer EV: a McLaren P1 Ride-On for kids age 3 to 6.


This kid-sized version of the hybrid supercar even comes with the original’s scissor (aka billionaire) doors, so your kid can impress all the other kids on the playground. It has a real McLaren badge, so everyone will know that this is the real deal. The car will reach cruising speeds of up to 3mph and can accelerate to that max speed in two seconds. Sweet!


A single button controls both start and stop functions. It comes in volcano yellow and is priced at £375 (~$575 USD). If you are a rich kid, have your butler, maid or nanny run out and get one for you today.


[via Cool Things]

A Kiwi Paradise


The luxurious Ocean Nebula Hotel concept is located in New Zealand, and is situated on shallow waters a few miles from the main city. The isolated location requires individuals to travel by boat, making the hotel more than just a place to stay but also a spectacular and unique destination. Exotic in both locale and form, it’s a fantastic and enchanting place for a getaway down under!

Designer: Victoria Litvin