‘Snapdragon 1000’ chip may be designed for PCs from the ground up

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 processor may be intended for PCs, but it's still a half step -- it's really a higher-clocked version of the same processor you'd find in your phone. The company may be more adventurous the next time, though. WinFuture say...

World’s tiniest ‘computer’ makes a grain of rice seem massive

You didn't think scientists would let IBM's "world's smallest computer" boast go unchallenged, did you? Sure enough, University of Michigan has produced a temperature sensing 'computer' measuring 0.04 cubic millimeters, or about a tenth the size of I...

Mercedes pulls its plug-in hybrids to prepare for new models

We hope you weren't dead set on buying one of Mercedes' existing plug-in hybrids, as they won't be long for this world. Autocar has learned that Mercedes has stopped producing PHEV versions of the C-Class, E-Class, S-Class and GLE. This doesn't mea...

Steam Summer Sale’s Smokin’ Hot Gaming Deals Going Now

Ok PC gamers, it’s that wonderful time of the year when you can get all kinds of awesome games via Steam at massively reduced prices. The annual Steam Summer Sale kicked off this week, and runs through July 5. There are games that are sure to satisfy all PC gamers with the depth and breadth of the catalog.

This year Steam even has a game called Saliens that you can play for the chance to win other free video games. By playing the game you are entered to win Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Blackwake, Tempest, or The Caribbean Sail. I sensing there’s a pirate theme here.

If that’s not your bag, there are some very cool games on sale like WRC7 for $15, and Halo Wars Definitive Edition or Road Redemption for $9.99. That last game reminds me a lot of Road Rash, a game I played a lot back in the day where you fought while riding motorcycles at high speed. Drop by Steam now to load up your hard drive with some great gaming bargains.