Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle: Tea, Earl Grey, Dark.

Need some hot tea to stay warm on Hoth? Are you an Ewok who wants to make hot tea from some humans? Maybe you’re a Stormtrooper on a break. No worries. No matter who you are across the galaxy, we have found your new tea kettle.¬†Your stovetop is about to join The Dark Side.

The Star Wars Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle is styled to resemble the silhouette of the Sith Lord’s iconic helmet. In this case, his helmet has a lightsaber attached to its side that you can use as a handle. This bad boy is officially licensed and made of stainless sleel, and will boil 1.7 liters (about 7 cups) of water.

It makes a damn fine cup of tea that even Captain Picard would admire – and he’s in a different universe. Search your teacup, you know it to be true. “Your father’s tea kettle. This is the kettle of a Jedi Knight. Not as random or as clumsy as a standard tea kettle. It makes an elegant brew for a more civilized age.”

It’s just too bad they couldn’t make the whistle sound like Darth Vader’s breathing. Or even have him cry Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But it’s still an awesome tea kettle that every true nerd must have. Grab one today over at The Fowndry for $70.


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