Snapchat is in the middle of an identity crisis

There was a time a year or so ago when, if a friend wanted to send me a meme or a funny selfie, it would be on Snapchat. But I don't remember the last time that happened; at some point Instagram became our go-to messaging app. And apparently I'm not...

Ampère gives the humble power sockets a tech makeover

Ampère is an intelligent socket system that has some fantastic UI UX experience attached to it. It comes with features like magnetic locking, power consumption of individual gadgets directly fed into the accompanying app, as well as the control of each socket on your fingertips. While the design challenge has been easily solved with intuitive UI UX and sleek design, the technology implementation would be worth understanding, should this concept come to life.

Designers: Dimitris Despotidis & Holy Studio

Here’s Bethesda’s plan to keep ‘Fallout 76’ relevant in 2019

After a few very rough months, Bethesda is ready to show where Fallout 76 is headed next... and it might just inject some needed variety into the online action RPG. The company has published a 2019 roadmap that starts on March 12th with Wild Appalac...