Netflix renews ‘The Kominsky Method’ after Golden Globe wins

Netflix isn't shy about its pursuit of critical glory. The streaming giant has renewed The Kominsky Method for a second season just a couple of weeks after it won two Golden Globe awards for best actor in a musical or comedy (Michael Douglas) and be...

Uber is hiring robotics teams to work on bikes and scooters

Uber is only gradually resuming its self-driving car program, but it's already thinking about expanding that technology to its two-wheeled services. The Telegraph has discovered that Uber is hiring for a "micromobility robotics" team that would brin...

Facebook introduces political petitions to your News Feed

Facebook's efforts to improve civic engagement are expanding beyond easy access to politicians and voter registration campaigns. As of January 21st, it's launching a Community Actions feature in the US that brings political petitions to the News Fee...

Melting Metal LEGO Minifigs Like Mini Terminators

What you’re about to watch is either a James Cameron movie with a VERY low budget, or a bunch of LEGO minifigs made out of gallium and melted for fun. It’s actually the latter, and it is very fun to watch. YouTuber DaveHax used LEGO minifig shaped ice molds to make some figures, then melted them like little T-1000s. It may just be the best thing ever.

Gallium is a solid metal at room temperature but has a melting point of around 86°F (30°C), and that’s what allows the magic to happen so easily. Minifigs look awesome in gallium, but they look even cooler when they melt. Too bad Dave couldn’t find a way to make it wear a tiny police uniform.

First, he tried to put them on a hot tray, but only the feet melted. Then he tried candles under the tray, but still no Terminator melting. They did melt, but not in the coolest way, but once he leaned it against the back of the tray, that’s when he got that sweet Terminator action. Check it out:

BTW I love Dave’s sciency voice.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]

Facebook backs an independent AI ethics research center

Facebook is just as interested as its peers in fostering ethical AI. The social network has teamed up with the Technical University of Munich to back the formation of an independent AI ethics research center. The plainly titled Institute for Ethics...