VR game developers prefer the HTC Vive, grapple with nausea

The decision to get a high-end virtual reality headset is as much about the software selection as the technology itself. So which platform is getting the most attention from developers? Apparently, it's HTC's Vive. A UBM Game Network industry repo...

Roborace’s DevBot Prototype for Self-driving Race Cars

This self-driving car may be the future of high speed racing, providing racing thrills without risk of injury to drivers. The first ever autonomous races are well on the way now thanks to a new racing car prototype being developed by a British Company called Roborace. The testing carIt is called DevBot. It is in development to usher in a world of self-driving race cars that will participate in the 2016/17 Formula E Championship.

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DevBot is a custom-built prototype car that sports a similar drivetrain, communication system and sensors as the much slicker looking Robocar designed by Daniel Simon, which is scheduled to debut later this year:

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DevBot also has a cockpit that human drivers can use to check out how a computer controlled car functions on the racetrack and acquire real-time data, but it is made to drive on its own.

So far, the car has been tested on airfields and racing circuits already, and made its public debut at UK race circuit Donington Park earlier today.

The future of self-racing cars is already looking very interesting.

[via Telegraph via Damn Geeky]

Octant: A Robot Band with a Human Leader

Have you ever heard of a band called Octant? You will. These guys are gonna be big. By “guys” I mean robots. Yes, Octant is a band that is comprised of robotic musical instruments. A man named Matt is their leader. All hail Matt. That’s what the robots say, not me.

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Matt is “half technician and half lead singer”. Check out the band right here on a recent episode of GoPro Music. Matt built his entire band of musical instruments that are each controlled by robots.

Their music is pretty good. Very catchy. There are more examples below, and you can listen to the band’s music on Matt’s website if you want to hear more.

[via Laughing Squid]

Pandora’s new internet radio station is curated by Questlove

Pandora may be prepping a Spotify-like subscription for launch, but that's not keeping the internet radio service from ramping up its original content. Today, the company announced that it's partnering with The Roots drummer and DJ Questlove on a new...