Canada says Facebook broke privacy laws in Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook is facing yet more legal trouble over the Cambridge Analytica scandal after Canada's privacy commissioner said it violated federal and provincial privacy laws. Daniel Therrien plans to take the company to federal court in the hopes of forcin...

Add This Picard Action Figure to your Collection: Make it So

When it comes to Star Trek, I am Team Picard. That said, I do like the new Star Trek films as well. Action figure collectors and Star Trek fans will want to add this impressive Jean-Luc Picard action figure to their collection.

QMX’s photo-perfect action figure of TNG’s Captain is 1/6th scale (12″ tall), and it’s not cheap at $199.99. But the figure is incredibly-detailed, with screen-accurate Starfleet uniform, more than 30 points of articulation, and comes with several interchangeable hands and weapons.

One of those appears to be the flat facepalm hand that memes are made, as well as a cup of tea, earl grey. The figure is available now at ThinkGeek or direct from QMX.

The soul of a motorbike in the body of a bicycle

Designed to be everything from your primary mode of transport, a recreational two-wheeler for adventures, to your last-mile commute device, the Maxfoot dons many hats. With its robust-yet-foldable frame, and wheels that were designed to take on any sort of terrain, the Maxfoot MF-19 is easily shaping up to be the best, most affordable two-wheeled electric ride out there.

With its chunky 6061 Aluminum alloy frame and 4-inch treads, the Maxfoot sort of hovers in the intersection between being a motorbike and a bicycle. When you ask the makers what it truly is, the answer seems to confirm that too. The Maxfoot was made to battle congested roads while providing a solution that’s safe, energy-efficient, good for your health, and easy on your wallet. It packs a pedal-assisting rear-wheel motor with a wattage of up to 1000, along with 7-speed Shimano gear system. Powering this motor is a 14Ah battery that delivers a remarkable average of 60 miles on a single charge, with pedal-assisted speeds of up to 28mph. To make these rides as smooth as you’d expect from a motorbike, the Maxfoot houses a dual-suspension on the front and a 6-bar linkage suspension on the rear. Right up front, each Maxfoot comes armed with a 5″ backlit smart-LCD dashboard display that even doubles up as a power-bank, allowing you to connect and charge your smartphone or GoPro while on the move.

The Maxfoot’s tech specs are pretty marvelous, but two things truly steal the show. The first is its portability. The 6061 Aluminum alloy frame imparts a sturdiness and lightness to the Maxfoot, but its folding design is what truly makes it a portable solution. With two hinging points, the Maxfoot folds in half right near the seat, and its handlebars fold inwards too, making it occupy less than half of its footprint, allowing you to stow it in your house, carry it up and down the elevator with ease, or even stash it in the backseat of your car if you’re using it for last-mile travel. Its second show-stealer is its phenomenally competitive price-tag. With an early-bird price that’s lower than the retail cost of an iPhone, the Maxfoot gives you a reliable, robust, energy-efficient mode of transport that can get you from A to B in a jiffy, no matter where you are. Available across three tiers, the Maxfoot is built to be water and dust-proof, allowing you to comfortably take it for a ride in the rain, on the beach, or even off-road, and each bike comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Designers: Charles & Gordon

Click Here to Buy Now: $799 $2599 (69% off). Hurry, only 11 left!

MAXFOOT is the most affordable, soft tail foldable E-Bike.

With the 1-Click foldable pedals, MAXFOOT takes space saving to the next level. It takes less than 10 seconds to fold MAXFOOT. Just fold then set aside!

An affordable premium electric bicycle that’s packed with quality. Start your daily adventures with excellence: Sleek Aerodynamic Design; Advanced Six-Bar Linkage Rear Suspension; Most Comfortable Soft Tail Design; Powerful 1000W Motor Option; Max 28mph Speed (1000W); 60mi Range Per Charge; Folds within 10 Sec; Water & Dust Proof; 4” Fat Tires for All Road Conditions; 2 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

MaxFoot has zero tolerance for discomfort. The design team wanted to make sure that they don’t compromise comfort for the speed and sleek aerodynamic design. After many thoughtful plans, they came up with the final design that incorporates not just maximum comfort and style, but also the highest level of safety protection.

Main Features

MaxFoot can conquer any road you want. Enjoy a smoother ride.

Sophisticated design, suitable for both modern commuting and wilderness adventures. The Maxfoot is made for any weather condition while getting you to your destination in style.

Color Options

Four special colors in limited Metallic Collection: Violet, Sky, Ash, & Fire.

What’s in the Box.

Click Here to Buy Now: $799 $2599 (69% off). Hurry, only 11 left!

Apple recalls older three-prong AC power adapters

Apple is recalling a batch of three-prong AC wall plug adapters. The company is aware of six incidents worldwide in which the adapters broke, creating a risk of electrical shock. As a precaution, Apple is allowing customers to exchange the potentiall...

‘Persona 5’ is coming to Switch, but not in the way you’d expect

It seems fans of Persona 5 who were hoping for a Nintendo Switch version might have made their wish on a monkey's paw. While PlayStation 4 owners are getting an expanded edition of the RPG, Switch owners will have to make do for now with Persona 5 Sc...

This GPS enabled Salomon ski goggle ensure safety is a button away

Backcountry skiing is adrenaline packed, snow-oriented frenzy that certainly isn’t for the faint hearted! As with all adrenaline-fueled activities, there is an underlying element of danger that keeps participators on their toes but is ready to catch them off guard at any moment… with backcountry skiing, this threat is avalanches.

The Salomon Vector offers a heightened level of safety over your standard pair of ski goggle; packed into the striking design is GPS module that, when activated, communicates with the paired mobile app that your family and friends will have installed on their phones.

Activating the alert is nothing short of an intuitive fuss-free method of interaction; a single, large button is positioned on the top face of the goggles, when the user feels as they are in danger they simply hold the button down for five seconds… and wait.

This pair of sleek, stylish and safety-focused goggles have the skiers safety at the forefront of their design!

Designer: Sebastian Halin for Salomon

Save 50% on the ProWritingAid Premium: 2-Yr Subscription

We have a great deal on the ProWritingAid Premium: 2-Yr Subscription in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today, you can save 50% off the normal price. The ProWritingAid Premium: 2-Yr Subscription is aailable in out deals store for just $44.99, it normally retails for $90. We all make silly writing mistakes. It’s a virtual guarantee […]

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Chair Designs that will leave you floored

I saw an interesting video the other day, a simple, elegant yet funny twist that showcased how horizontal surfaces inspire us to lean on, may it be a wall, a staircase and of course a chair! Given the amount of time we actually spend sitting on a chair, we should really pay more attention to the actual design of it. To get you inspired we bring you our selection of innovative chair designs that you can think our before you sit down the next time!

Lunar Chair by Lara Bohinc 

Chips Chair by Parametric Architecture

Möbius Chair by Markowitz Design

H Chair by JB Design & Architecture with Miha Bevc 

Oak Oak Chair created by Morten Husum Nielsen

Skin Chair by Marco Sousa Santos

Walnut and Raw Steel Z-chair by Factor Fabrication

C18 Armchair by Ihor Skrypnyk

Bulbo Chair by Fernando & Humberto Campana

Ina Chair by Miroslav Truben​

Nissan GT-R hillclimb car has wings galore

This Nissan GT-R hillclimb car looks pretty weird with the giant wings on the front and rear. It’s not rare at all to see insane wings on hillclimb cars as the drivers want all the downforce so they can stick to the mountain. This particular Nissan GT-R will be fielded by Franco Scibante Racing and […]

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