Here’s a multitool spatula for the multipurpose chef

We usually have a tendency to take things for granted, until someone proves us wrong. I guess I’d never look at a spatula and go, maybe this could be better than what it currently is, but somewhere, a designer saw potential in uplifting the spatula to make it much more functional and useful than it currently is. This is the FlipFork Boss, and it’ll blow your current run-of-the-mill spatula right out of the water.

The FlipFork Boss comes with a regular spatula design that also happens to pack a serrated cutting edge (perfect for buns and tenderizing meat), a regular cutting edge for meats, vegetables, and any other stuff that may need slicing, a fork prong to help skewer and flip large pieces of meat over without a fuss, and a bottle opener for when you want to crack open a beer while you’re working the hot and sweaty grill.

The multi-tool spatula boasts of a stainless steel construction, and is securely riveted to an acacia wood handle (in full-tang fashion), known for its anti-bacterial and moisture-resistant properties. Perfect for a lazy BBQ Sunday, or even for professional grilling work, the FlipFork is proof that designs shouldn’t be taken for granted. There’s always a way to make products better than they currently are!

Designer: FlipFork

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Apple’s new iPod Touch may launch this week

Apple has already announced some new iPads and new iMacs this week and we may also see the rumored new iPod Touch. We have been hearing rumors of a new iPod Touch for some time and according to a recent report from MacRumors, the device will be announced this week, it could actually be made […]

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch takes inspiration from Japanese cherry blossoms

The Sakura, or the Cherry Blossom holds an iconic role in Japanese culture, finding its firmly rooted place in Japanese tradition, art, outdoor spaces, music, manga, anime, and film. It now finds itself as the inspiration source for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch.

The torch, designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, pays tribute to the flower that literally covers the country in a pool of pink every spring. Made from extruded aluminum, the torch comes with a pipe-shaped design that branches out into five outward truncated sections to form the motif of the Sakura cherry blossom – the traditional flower of Japan – when viewed from above. The torch comes with a rose-gold tint too, to complete its appearance, giving the torch a pink hue, just like the blush-colored flower.

The torch comes made from recycled metal used in the temporary housing units that were created post the aftermath of the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Olympic medals are also being made recycled metal too, obtained from electronic waste across the country.

Yoshioka claims that the recycled nature of the torch was a way of “transforming materials that witnessed the rebuilding of shattered lives into a symbol of peace,” according to the creator, “to convey to the world the extent to which the affected areas are recovering, one step at a time.”

The release of the torch design is also coincidentally timed perfectly with the beginning of spring, and the blooming of the cherry blossoms all across the country.

Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka

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A week with Twitter’s attempt at a more civil internet

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