When Typography moves from 2D to 3D, we get the Furnitype

What can I say about the Furnitype – it’s an expression of a designer and their love for typography and how it translates into design. The muse – typography is given a form and you can enjoy the playfulness of the curves and lines, when you align in a fashion to form symbols and a three-dimensional language of objects.

Designer: Marta Adamkowska

This project came about as a result of considerations on the relations between typography and the design of functional forms, particularly framework furniture. The project began with an analysis of both domains, viewing the one through the other, mapping their interconnections and contrasting their respective design processes. In turn, these explorations gave rise to a series of objects – chair sketches in empty space – regarded as a certain alphabet of design. An important aspect of the project is how it confronts the user. At that moment, a sign ceases to be an abstract symbol and becomes converted into an object, it adopts the properties of functional form and enters into a relationship with people,” Adamkowska told Yanko Design.

The Furnitype was also undertaken as means of advancing a perspective on the nature of design, on where its frontiers expand and overlap, as well as on how form is defined. The aim of the project was thus to transcribe the two-dimensional language of typography into the three-dimensional language of objects. Both letters and pieces of furniture are a collection of horizontal and vertical lines, and curves. In the Furnitype, the ways in which said lines are joined to form the formalised signs of written language have been conveyed in the spatial layout of framework furniture.”

Dry, sanitize, purify, and warm public washrooms with this device

Radryer is a radical concept that looks at combining three functionalities into one. You may argue that it’s not necessary to cramp three diverse functions into one, but if you ask me, they functions complement each other – so why not!

Radryer is a hand dryer and sterilizer, it is also an air purifier and a radiator. The combination makes complete sense in the bathroom or a public toilet. Would love to see this one materialize.

Designer: Jinyoung Noh

“Radiators that appear in the toilet every winter have nuts and holes that do not look good when not in use. I thought it would solve the aesthetic problem if the seasonal product could be combined with other toilet device’s problem,” Noh told Yanko Design.

Sterilization using UVC-led

Air cleaner

Heating function

The OM lounge chair embodies biomimicry for better seating

I have learned to appreciate the value of a good chair, thanks to the fact that I spend a good twelve hours in my office chair. The truth is you need a comfortable seat and a backrest that supports your spine. The chair should enhance your posture so that you can work efficiently, without compromising on your health.

The OM chair is inspired by the Orchid Mantis. Using bionics as it’s base, the designers have crafted a chair where the plastic form of the seat resembles an orchid petal. The steel base is like the mantis itself.

Supporting 360-degree rotation, the chair allows your legs to take a comfortable position, should you choose to sit in ‘sukh asana’ and meditate or chant OM.

Designers: Dorogaya Studio and ODESD2

This NFC enabled medicine strip reminds you to take your meds on time

My parents need to take their insulin pills before every meal and the fool-proof system that they have devised is, to keep the tablets on the dining table. The second back-up plan is the house-help, who is supposed to remind them.

Needless to say, both are not idiot-proof solutions and on several occasions, they both forget to pop the pills. Design Thinking being a solution-provider for everything, the team at Cambridge Consultants have come up with an innovative solution.

They have designed an electronic strip called Tapp, that uses NFC technology to transfer the medicine’s data (stored on the blister pack) to a dedicated Tapp App. From the App, the user can select the reminder times and integrate other essential information of the prescription.

Goals can be set, and reminders can be defined – the idea of this combination is to ensure you take your correct dosage on time. And, that your medicine records be updated and handy.

Designer: Cambridge Consultants

“One of the biggest challenges facing society is the prevalence of chronic diseases. Many patients do not adhere to their medication regime correctly, resulting in poor outcomes and unnecessary costs,” Cambridge Consultants told Yanko Design.

“Non-adherence has many contributing factors; forgetfulness, procrastination and anxiety all play their part. Our current approach to non-adherence doesn’t seem to be working. For a solution to this challenge, perhaps we need to look to recent technological ‘intelligent’ advancements to nudge patient’s behaviors in the right direction.”

“Our team worked closely with a leading behavioral scientist to define a feature set that could offer long-term engagement with a patient. The behavioral change features are based on habit formation, goal reinforcement and social motivation. All features went through multiple iterations with user input, allowing us to refine our approach.”

“Tapp merges printed electronics and NFC technology into a simple, flexible sticker that can be applied to a standard blister pack. Our team developed fully functional proof-of-principle prototypes.”

“An innovative flexible aerial was needed to transmit the data from the smart blister to the user’s phone. Several aerial designs were developed and tested to allow the simple tap interaction to record a dose had been removed from the smart blister.”

“The design is a low-cost sticker with integrated flexible electronics and passive NFC used in conjunction with an app, specifically designed to address the key tenants of behavioral change; habit formation, goal reinforcement and social motivation.”

“The tapp sticker is added to a patient’s drug blister pack and the app is downloaded. The app allows patient to create and visualise goals. Then, provides digital nudges to take medication removing the cognitive burden of their therapy. When a patient takes their medication, a track is broken on the printed circuit. Using a simple tap interaction, patients can record that they have taken their medication and work towards their goals.”

The MiniFalcon E-Scooter fits in a backpack and is high on power

Walking down the streets of Stockholm, I was amazed to see the number of people opting to use e-scooters instead of walking. The saying goes, if you can’t break them – join them, and this holds true with alternative means of commuting.

Keeping the eco-factor aside, today, most urban areas are so congested that we are left with no other choice than to adopt transportation options that can get us to our destination faster and more economically. The MiniFalcon E-Scooter fills the gap by being an e-scooter that is fast, powerful and importantly – compact enough to fit in a backpack.

I see where this design solution is stemming from – my hosts in Stockholm told me that it was not safe to park bikes and cycles on the street, even if you secured them with locks. Hence, packing your bike in a backpack and carrying them for your meeting – if that’s where you’re headed – is an easy solution.

MiniFalcon is the first packable high-performance electric scooter – its folds down to almost 23-inches and can fits snugly in the backpack that comes with it. Powerful torque, adjustable gears, shock absorption and a long-lasting battery are some of its key features.

Designer: Kinson Chen

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MiniFalcon: The E-Scooter That Fits In A Backpack

Fast, powerful, and compact – MiniFalcon is the first packable high-performance electric scooter.

MiniFalcon Scooter was created to be taken with you anywhere. Folding up to less than two feet long while maintaining extremely high performance, long battery life, and tons of safety features.

MiniFalcon Ride Demo

Opening The MiniFalcon

High Performance Scooter in Your Bag

Fast, powerful, and completely compact – MiniFalcon is the first full-size high-performance electric scooter that folds up into a 23 inch long package and fits in a backpack.

Powerful torque, adjustable gears, shock absorption, a long-lasting battery, and many more features make MiniFalcon not just the most portable, but also the most dependable e-scooter in the market.

Small Body Full of Technology

The MiniFalcon Features

– 1st Portable High-Performance E-scooter.
– 50W Noiseless Motor.Max Speed 16mph.
– 2H Fast Charging. Long lasting Battery
– Kinetic Energy Recovery System
– High-Efficiency Shock Absorber
– Dual Rear Brake Technology
– Aerospace Grade Aluminum
– Puncture-Proof Tires
– Quick-View Digital Display

Three Easy Steps to Fold

Take MiniFalcon from Full-size scooter to your backpack in seconds with 3 easy steps.

What Makes The MiniFalcon Innovative

The Best Way to Transit

250W Brushless Noiseless Motor

Our thickened steel magnet gives MiniFalcon 1.5x more torque than other e-scooters! This means you’ll get faster starts, stronger accelerations, and better hill climbs.

3 Speed Adjustable Gears

MiniFalcon is one of the first e-scooters to introduce adjustable speed gears. Change up gears for optimal power distribution in different road conditions. Get into high-torque low-speed gear for hills and switch to a high-speed gear to fly through open roads.

MiniFalcon has a digital display that clearly and easily shows all your essential information in real-time. No more checking your phones! See your live speed, battery life, gear position, and mileage in a single glance while you ride.

Long Lasting Battery

MiniFalcon’s Ternary 5C Strong Electric Discharge Battery is both powerful and long-lasting. It provides an even power distribution so your speeds stay consistent over the charge. Get top speeds for up to 9 miles on a single charge. Plus, it only takes 2 hours to recharge!

Kinetic Energy Recovery System

Our Kinetic Energy Recovery System recycles excess energy and recharges your battery when you go downhill or brake – allowing you to fly even longer!

Concealed High-efficiency Shock Absorber

MiniFalcon is equipped with Dual high-efficiency shock absorber in the front and back wheel. The shock absorber is a special spring specifically designed to effectively absorb bumps and smooth out your ride. Reduce vibrations, glide over bumps, and experience a more comfortable ride!

Dual Rear Brake Technology

MiniFalcon utilizes both an electric brake AND a manual brake so you gain the benefits and assurance of both. Enjoy the immediate quick stop with the manual brakes or electric brakes while maintaining full control for ultimate safety. No more skidding or close calls. Stop on a dime without losing control.

An ABS anti-locking system prevents your wheels from locking up and allows you to maintain steering control even if you suddenly slam on your brakes.

Power Protection

Super Durable

MiniFalcon is made of aerospace grade anodized aluminum, which makes it extremely strong and lightweight. The lighter weight lets it quickly accelerate and quickly stop in a notice, while the material strength lets MiniFalcon hold up to 220 lbs with zero deformity.

We chose polyurethane for MiniFalcon tires to make them 4x more wear resistant and chemical resistant compared to ordinary rubber tires. No more worries about glass, nails, or sharp pebbles. Go smoothly!

In making MiniFalcon, we only use high quality original parts and follow strict quality inspection procedures with detailed workmanship to ensure the absolute highest quality construction.

Super Savings

MiniFalcon will help you to save money in the long run! MiniFalcon can pay for itself in less than 2.5 months! So stop wasting cash on gas and rideshares, MiniFalcon will get you through your commute quickly, efficiently, and easily with zero hassle and zero fees.

Tech Specs

What’s Included

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Origami inspired headphones turn into speakers with bonus Alexa integration

The buzzword today is AI integration and thus getting Google Home and Alexa into EVERYTHING is the way forward. After seeing cars and kitchen appliances, it’s now time to see how AI powered digital assistants can be integrated into Headphones. The AudiBall is a Bluetooth headphone that transforms into an impressive spherical smart speaker, with in-built Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant capabilities.

Inspired by the techniques used for origami, this compact and portable headphone is designed to fit into just about any space. Being a practical device, it is waterproof, dust-proof, and durable. Designer Vedang Kulkarni has kept in mind the key aspects of functionality and transformation. Needless to say, all controls are intuitively placed, so that you can access and adjust them easily.

Audiball is your personal headphone and a smart speaker on the go. The telescopic headband are stylish and look very chic as an accent in the speaker mode. Features include active noise-canceling technology for a better listening experience.

As Vedang puts it, “In the headphone mode, AudiBall sports a semi closed-back design that gives users comfort for prolonged wear and a large soundstage. At home, AudiBall quickly collapses into a smart speaker with in-built voice assistance like Amazon Alexa. Now you can ask AudiBall to play music, control smart home devices, manage calendars, get weather updates, and access tens of thousands of Alexa skills.”

AudiBall communicates control and voice data messages with the Alexa App over Bluetooth using a BLE or RFCOMM connection.

Designer: Vedang Kulkarni

This kids cycle literally grows with them

I remember that episode in FRIENDS, where Phoebe claims she had never ridden a bicycle as a kid and Ross gifts her one. Even as an adult, with training wheels on, she refused to get on the bike, for the fear of falling down and hurting herself. The key to learning cycling is to know how to balance the bike. AKO – ‘learning’ in Mahori – is a balance bike designed for kids.

The intuitive step-by-step process with which a child learns to ride, is visibly cued into the design language of the cycle. Even the braking system is refined, so that its instinctive for a child to learn how to break, when they feel overwhelmed while learning to ride.

The lightweight frame has a perforated body, so that you can scale the body, up and down, and adjust the seating for the child. I like how they have shaped the cycle to have a low center of gravity – thus making it easier to balance the bike. Moreover, if the child falls, the side guards on the rear wheel, ensure that the child doesn’t get trapped under the cycle and can easily getaway.

Overall a very well thought-out bike redesign for children, keeping their safety and ease of riding in mind. The good thing is that the cycle can be used for several years, as the height can be adjusted to a growing child.

Designers: Corentin Bricout, Prathamesh Thombre, Nicolas Izard, Pralekh Bhuyan, Abhishek Yenji, Sumanyu Patel

Noah is turning 2 and he just received his first bike.

Smart Settings

The graphics on the frame are used as a scale to adjust the height of the seat properly. The tube is tightened by a ring that cannot hurt the kid and doesn’t require any tool.


THe perforated frame and single-sided fork and chain make the bike much lighter, allowing the kids to carry the bike alone.

Weight Management

The way we play with the weight is also important: this specific shape makes the center of gravity lower, the bike is now easier to balance and control.

They designed a bottle holder that kids can also use to carry the “treasures” they find in the park.

Another feature is the GoPro mount located in the handlebar so parents can capture the first reaction of their child on the bike.

To make better use of the perforated frame, they integrated the safety lights and reflectors as customization elements so kids can make their bike unique.

First Step

Once the kid has experienced the first sensations of motion, parents can add the first accessory to the bike. The footrest allows to keep the feet up and discover speed and balance.

Their idea is to integrate the brake levers in the handles so kids simply squeeze the handles to brake. The intention is to give the feeling to the kids more than really braking, to teach them the gesture so they know it before they go for a pedal bike later. Both the levers are linked to a drum brake located on the rear wheel.

To avoid squeezing the handles by mistake or because of the stress at the beginning, the parents can lock or unlock the brakes whenever they feel the kid is ready.

Turning Radius

Keeping in mind the step-by-step learning, parents can adjust the turning radius all along the learning process.


The last accessory is the drop guard, designed to keep the bike safe in case of a fall but also to resist to the kid’s behavior.

No Fear

The drop guards and the limited turning radius create a gap so the kid cannot be stuck under the bike if he or she falls.

Swap daily insulin injections with Kite, get rid of 40 weekly injections

Both my parents are diabetic, and given their age and how forgetful they are, they sometimes miss taking their insulin pills before meals. They end up overcompensating, by taking the meds later – but this is not the solution. In medical conditions like type 1 diabetes, which requires daily monitoring and proper dosage of insulin, hoping to bridge this gap is the Kite smart insulin port. An innovative insulin injecting system, Kite hopes to make life easier for diabetic people.

Imagine a smart insulin port attached to your skin, delivering the right dose, and at the right time. At the same moment, getting all information regarding your sugar levels, meds timings and health data, managed and analyzed with the accompanying app.

Kite replaces the need to pump yourself with over 30 injections a week, thanks to the soft cannula insertion. It turns any device into a ‘smart’ device, and automatically dispenses the accurate insulin dose. Designed to be affordable, a device like this can be very helpful in the lifestyle management of diabetics.

The functions of the port include: dispensing the dose, capturing data and sending to the diabetes management app. The app integrates blood sugar levels, carb intake and activity. Kate also has wireless connectivity.

Designers: Mitul Lad & Cambridge Consultants

The Slinky that’s a piggy bank

Ever played with a Slinky? I was my favorite ‘fidget’ from back in the days. Giving it a new lease of life is this Elongation Piggy bank by ShaoJun Zhang. We can call it a whimsical expression of design, because there is no practical affluence when it comes to getting the savings out of the piggy bank. You simply open up the spring and let all the cash tumble out of the seams… literally. Use the slot on the top to pour it all back in!

Designer: ShaoJun Zhang

“The top of the piggy bank is a small tray on which to place spare coins for everyday use, and the excess coins are deposited into the piggy bank. If you only want to get a small amount of coins, just grab the tray on the top with one hand and pull it up to the radian to remove the coins,” ShaoJun Zhang tells Yanko Design.

“When the coin is full, pick up the piggy bank, grab both ends with both hands and pull them apart. The coin will be taken out of the gap easily and quickly. This way of opening and closing makes it easy for people to use the piggy bank while adding a lot of fun for people to withdraw money.”

LavvieBot S is an IoT enabled, self-cleaning litter box for cats

When my son rescued two-month-old Clio (our current pet) from being pecked by crows, we took to her immediately. Although deaf, this munchkin knew her ways around ‘hooomans’ and had us wrapped around her little claws! As I had never kept a cat at home, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they automatically do their stuff (pooping and peeing) in a litter box, and don’t need training!

Truth is, I’ve always been a doggy-mommy and had dogs as pets. I know how painful it is to walk them every day – sometimes you’re just too tired! To my delight, Clio took to her litter box in a jiffy and it’s been two years now, the only complaint that I have is, that it needs to be manually cleaned. I’m looking at switching to automated litter boxes, and the LavvieBot S looks to be a good fit.

Keeping the litter box clean is very important for the health of your cat, and I know how lazy we ‘hooomans’ gets. Cats are self-sufficient beings, let’s not stress them out or keep their litter boxes dirty, instead get the next-generation model of LavvieBot.

LavvieBot S is the smartest litter box and is integrated with IoT functions. It automatically cleans your cat’s litter and refills it from the storage bin. You can check the status of your cat’s business (bowel movements) in real-time via the App ‘PurrSong’. The one thing that you can be assured, is that the refilling of litter will not happen, if your cat is in the bin. As the cat enters, the sensors capture the movement, and hold-off refilling.

Designer: Tae-Gu Noh of PurrSong

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LavvieBot S, The Most Intelligent Litter Box

LavvieBot S is the smartest litter box with IoT functions that automatically cleans your cat’s excrements and refills cat litter from own storage, as well as check the status of your cat in real-time from the App called ‘PurrSong’.

Auto Clean & Litter Refill with App

LavvieBot S automatically cleans your cat’s excrements and supplies / refills cat litter, as well as check the status of your cat in real-time with the App. LavvieBot S is genuinely designed for cats and owners to give full-happiness and satisfaction.

Guarantees to keep the Litter Box Clean

Cat’s done their business in LavvieBot S, it automatically starts cleaning after a certain time. Time can be set by the users from 10 to 60 minutes, so even diarrhea can be perfectly taken care of.

LavvieBot S keeps itself clean for up to 21 days – per cat

Compatible with App ‘PurrSong’

LavvieBot S App ‘PurrSong’ enables you to monitor your cat in real time and provide you other information needed.

Below: LavvieBot S Features

Easy to Empty

Intuitive UI/UX

Perfectly automatic.


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