The SuperTank powers your phone for a week, and recharges in an hour!

Sixty minutes is all that it takes for the SuperTank to power-up and be ready for deployment. This 27,000 mAh portable charger with dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) and dual USB-A ports, has the potential to quickly charge MacBook Pros and many other devices. What this means to people on the go, is that they don’t have to worry about carrying excess wires, multiple power plugs and compatible sockets, when they are out of home or office. One super charge, and this battery pack will last you for seven whole days, making you wish that your lover could last that long!

You don’t need to be a heavy traveler, just your daily routine of taking selfies, listening to music, watching movies and chatting on social media is enough to drain your phone. Currently, the portable chargers in the market don’t match up to the charging prowess of the SuperTank. This Power Bank offers full-speed charging for the latest devices in the market. The dual USB-C ports can charge two laptops and the four USB outputs make room for your phones, tablets, cameras, security cameras, projectors, LED lights, etc. The digital LED Display showcases the charging details very clearly, so that you know how much power each source is draining, as well as when to recharge the SuperTank.

To give you a perspective, the 100W output of the SuperTank can charge a 15″ MacBook Pro 2018 at full speed in an hour and a half and can even double your MacBook Pro’s battery life. This extremely durable charger fully recharges within one hour, which is quite a feat. The beauty about the charger is that it is TSA and EASA approved, so you can peacefully pack it in your hand baggage (or as per local airport rules) and fly with it. Under the hood you will find eight power cells, the kinds used by premium electric vehicles and rarely seen in consumer electronics. The benefit is 5x faster charging speeds and reduced risk of decreased performance or damage.

Designers: Bryan Liu & Tom Haflinger

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About SuperTank

27,000 mAh portable charger with dual USB-C PD (100W + 60W) & dual USB-A ports that can quickly charge MacBook Pros & other compatible devices.

Charges Your 15″ Macbook Pro at Full Speed

Most portable chargers on the market are underpowered with low USB-C power output (18/30/45/60W). When charging devices that require a high USB-C output, like MacBook Pro (87W), it will take much longer than you wish or expect. SuperTank packs up to 100W of USB-C Power Delivery in a single port which can serve as both an input and an output. Thanks to its 100W output, SuperTank can charge your 15″ MacBook Pro 2018 at full speed, only taking 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100% (when not in use). Together with 27,000 mAh capacity, SuperTank can even double your MacBook Pro battery life.

Super-Fast Recharge Capability

SuperTank can be charged at up to 100W via Power Delivery. To enable fast charging via Power Delivery, you need a wall charger that can deliver enough power (100W or more) as well as a USB-C cable that supports 5A current throughput.

Total Output Charges Four Devices Simultaneously

The total maximum output of the four USB ports is 138W, putting SuperTank in a class of its own. Thanks to its two PD-enabled USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, SuperTank allows you to charge four devices at the same time, including laptops, tablets, cameras, cell phones, and other mobile devices. With USB-C Power Delivery becoming more and more popular, you can charge additional compatible devices such as security cameras, projectors, LED lights, and more.

With such powerful output, SuperTank can provide rapid charging for two laptops or tablets and two mobile devices all at once.

Pass-Through Charging with Dual USB-C Ports

Pass-through charging is very helpful if you like to keep your portable charger at full capacity. With dual USB-C ports, you can charge SuperTank and your other USB-C compatible devices at the same time. 100W Power Delivery makes it possible to charge your laptop (up to 60W USB-C Power Delivery) when recharging SuperTank.

Sky-High 27,000 mAh Capacity

An ultra-high capacity portable charger does more than just charge your smartphone or tablet to full power multiple times. SuperTank’s massive 27,000 mAh capacity keeps you power on the go. It can extend your 15″ Macbook Pro battery life for 8 hours or charge your iPhone XS seven times.

Premium Power Cells Provide Fast, Safe Chargin

SuperTank is equipped with eight power cells, which are commonly used by premium electric vehicles but rarely seen in consumer electronics. Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries, power cells provide 5x faster charging speeds and generate much less heat, reducing the risk of decreased performance or damage.

In addition, SuperTank has nine layers of safety protection: overcharge protection, over discharge protection, dual temperature protection, short-circuit protection, output overpower protection, output overcurrent protection, input overcurrent protection, input overvoltage protection, and MCU reset.

X-Charge Low-Power Mode

SuperTank isn’t only designed for high-power devices. Most portable chargers on the market have a common problem: they are not able to charge low-power devices, as they have a minimum output ranging from 80mA to 150mA. However, some low-consumption devices, especially wearable devices, usually draw less current than that and cause a portable charger to automatically shut off.

X-Charge mode is designed to charge an almost unlimited range of low-power devices, including smart watches, Bluetooth earphones, fitness bands, and more. It’s a great feature for people who enjoy exploring the outdoors or tracking their exercise.

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A camera carrying system that keeps camera handy, supports your creative workflow.

There are things that seem so logical and so right when you see them for the first time that you wonder why they weren’t there all the time. The SPINN camera carrying system is just like that. Designed for all professional DSLRs – and for DSLM cameras that are becoming increasingly popular – this system offers the comfort and handling benefit, that standard eyelets on every camera simply do not offer.

The strap is usually attached at the top of the camera so that it swings, rotates and moves. Carrying the camera becomes a real pain, especially if you’re using a larger zoom lens. Not to mention, how the strap gets in the way of your face every time you look into the camera’s viewfinder – a problem with a high annoyance factor, as it permanently disrupts a fluid and creative working subliminally.

With the SPINN CP.01 camera plate, the camera fits your body perfectly and the straps don’t interfere with your workflow, neither when you´re shooting handheld – nor from the tripod. It shifts your cameras center of gravity from top to base, where the strap is fixed now. The optimal distance of the eyelets leads to a perfect balance on your body, and so carrying the camera will be incredibly easy. In the chosen position it rests bombproof, and in the crucial moments, you will intuitively grab it.

The Spinn CP.01 is made to perfectly fit any DSLR or mirrorless camera through its reversible and slightly asymmetric design. Multiple slots allow you to choose a configuration that fits your camera the best. It is also designed to be compatible with the internationally widespread Arca-Swiss standard, making the CP.01 work with almost all commercially available tripods. Each CP.01 comes CNC machined from aluminum, ensuring precision, reliability, robustness, without noticeably weighing down the camera.

To seal the deal, Spinn even offers a handmade, broad-width strap that feels comfortable and distributes the camera’s weight without letting you feel the pressure!

Designers: Kai Wiehagen & Jorg Neugebauer

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World’s first invisible USB-C Hub for iPad Pro is very functional

It’s ironic that we pick an iPad for its compactness, portability and being a minimal device; and yet we look for attachments that can help us make it more conventional (in terms of functionality) like a laptop or desktop. If this sentiment resonates with you, then you have to take a look at the BoltHub – a device that is the world’s first truly invisible USB-C hub – and specifically designed for the iPad Pro 2018.

The hub fits flush to the bottom of the iPad Pro 2018, and allows you to connect it to 4K HDMI, 3.5mm headphone, Micro/SD card readers and USB-C. While you are connected to your gear, the hub charges your iPad efficiently and quickly. The L-shaped device matches the iPad Pro in terms of color and texture, however it can be used with other tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

Getting back to the iPad Pro – as Apple has announced that iOS 13 and iPadOS will work with USB devices, you can expect to hook the hub with a mouse for your convenience. So imagine using the iPad Pro just like a downsized MacBook Air… all thanks to this small BoltHub!

Designer: Bolthub

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About Bolthub

BoltHub is the world’s first truly invisible USB-C hub specially designed for iPad Pro 2018. It sticks to and overlaps the bottom surface of iPad Pro 2018 when plugged without protruding on any side.

All Ports In One Sleek Design

BoltHub allows you to simultaneously connect USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, microSD, SD and 3.5mm audio while keeping your iPad Pro fast charged. It saves your money, helps you stay organized and increases your work efficiency.

Plug & Play

BoltHub can be securely attached by aligning its L-shaped holder against the corner of your iPad Pro and plugging its integrated cable to the Type-C port.

No flaky connection even when all the ports are occupied.

Works With or Without Apple Keyboard Folio

The soft grip allows for a secure connection to your iPad Pro 2018 without metal-on-metal scratching; it is removable in case you want to connect to your iPad Pro 2018 while using a third-party case.

4K HD On-screen Content Output

BoltHub’s HDMI supports 1080p@60Hz, 2K@60Hz for 2018 iPad Pro and 4K@30Hz for others, in accordance to the capacity of the device.

USB 3.1 to Transfer Data / Connect Devices

Connect to a keyboard with fully applicable function keys.

Lightning-fast transfer speeds of documents, images and videos up to 5Gbps.

Connect your smartphone to your iPad Pro.

Get Micro / SD card content on iPad Pro.

Use your headphones with iPad Pro.

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The first-ever 3D Wooden World Map to chart your travels

Phileas Fogg and his French valet Passepartout – of Around the World in 80 Days fame – could have had an easier way out with this 3D Wooden World Map. The mission with Fogg was to travel the world in 80 days, and of course keeping an account of his travels was a prerequisite. Coming to the present times, if traveling the globe is your thing – then the 3D Wooden World Map 2.0, is just for you. Apart from being a great wall décor, you can actually chart your past and future travels, by marking them on the map.

Designed with 3 layers for different countries, which is further distinguished by different colors for each, this real 3D World Map is defined by its precision cut using high-quality technics on eco-friendly materials. Handmade from birch plywood, it comes with wooden wall compass, airplanes and boats. Easy to install, this may not be the true geographical map of the world, but indicatively, it’s a super cool one to own!

Designer: Igor Fostenko

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World’s First 3D Wooden World Map

It has 3 layers for different countries with different colors for each, real 3D design of World Map with highly detailed precision cut using high-quality technics as well as eco-friendly materials.

Exclusive features are that you can mark all the countries that you’ve visited or any future travels that you might have! Map already has holes so you can put a pin in it and you won’t ruin your beautiful map.

Comes in M, L and LX.

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Everyone needs a throne – A Hammock Throne. Even if you don’t have trees!

The lounger, recliner, and couch have come of age – it’s the era to usher in better ways to sit… and feel like royalty. Thanks to the ‘Hammock Throne’, you can literally feel like that. One of the biggest problems with hammocks is that you need two trees (or poles) to hold them up, and typically they are placed outdoors. Even the home-swing doesn’t match up to the comfort of lazing in the comfortable embrace of a hammock.

Folks at Yellow Leaf are solving for this, by giving us the Hammock Throne. Kind of an indoor/outdoor hammock chair; this full-body contraption features a 360° swivel thanks to the anchor base. Simply sit back, relax and swivel all around on a whim. I’d put this free-standing hammock in my living room, where will you?

Designer: Rachel Connors

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,299 $2,499 ($1,200 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

MINIMALIST FOOTPRINT: You can tuck your Hammock Throne into a quiet corner, make it the centerpiece of your living room or bring it outdoors for the summer!

360° PANORAMIC SWIVEL: The Swivel provides maximum versatility and a 360° panoramic view. We designed the swivel using a sophisticated and high end CrossRoller Bearing for a super-smooth glide. (We’ve literally seen a 1-year-old push a 200 lb adult in a full circle!)

VERSATILITY – FROM “CHAIR” TO “FULL-LENGTH” HAMMOCK: Despite its low profile and minimalist footprint, the Hammock Throne extends from a chair into a full-size hammock when you kick back to snooze– You can recline more than 7 feet! Joe (pictured) is 6’2″ and he has plenty of room to spare!)

THE “ANCHOR” BASE: The pressed steel base is an anchor of stability. It requires 600 tons of pressure to shape the perfectly symmetrical base. TBH, this was one of the more complex elements to nail down, but super important to the overall relaxation experience.

“MARINE-GRADE” OUTDOOR DURABILITY: The Hammock Throne is designed to look great in your home, but made with the durability to live outdoors. Our solution-dyed Performance Yarn is the gold standard for outdoor fabric – 100% weathersafe and UV-resistant. For extreme durability, The Hammock Throne’s metal elements are powder-coated using Akzonobel, the same super-tough coating they use to protect the Siberian gas pipelines from the elements (that’s TOUGH stuff!).

SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED BEECHWOOD: Keeping in line with our commitment to positive social and environmental impact, our hardwood is sustainably harvested (and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council). The graceful curves of its bent hardwood frame are made from beechwood, which was selected for the beauty of its grain and the strength of its timber. Each millimeter of wood is precision-milled by a CNC machine for meticulous perfection.

An ice-free cooler that runs on a solar power panel!

You could call it a modern-age refrigerator with unique capabilities or a solar-powered mighty outdoor cooler with an amazing USP – it doesn’t require ice to keep the contents cold. The theory on which an outdoor cooler is built, that the insulated box melts ice at a very slow rate, and in turn chills your beverages and food. GoSun Chill Solar Cooler ditches ice completely and instead uses Solar Powered energy to keep the inside compartment cool – in many ways making it an ‘outdoor fridge’.

To keep it going efficiently, GoSun Chill charges via multiple power source options. This includes Powerbank, AC Adapter, 12 Volt Cord (car port charger), Solar Table, or Flexible Solar Panels. Choose the most convenient power source, based on what’s available to you at that point. I like the fact that it can keep food frozen for hours, and keeps food items from getting soggy, (thanks to the melting ice used in regular coolers). Ideal for outdoor picnics, barbeques and 4th of July parties, too bad we can’t get our hands on this, in time for the upcoming festivities.

Designer: Patrick Sherwin

Click Here to Buy Now: $499 $749 (33% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

About GoSun Chill

More than a cooler, it’s an off-grid refrigerator without the noisy generator. The Chill has the latest high-efficiency compressor technology with a solar-powered eco-system to keep you fueled and cooled no matter what.

Coolers Are a Pain in the Ice

This is the best way to make sure your investment in food is safe. No more worries about crushing and freezing the food that’s touching the ice or having to organize the sandwiches so they aren’t drenched by the time you get there.

Stay Cool with Solar

Nothing kills the trip like rotten food, soggy bread, or warm beer. To keep the adventure going, they minimized space needed for ice and fuel and maximized space for fresh food, cold drinks, and fun times. GoSun Chill is like having a fridge on wheels.​

Multi-Modal Power

GoSun Chill can be powered by multiple power sources, including: Powerbank, AC Adapter, 12 Volt Cord (car port charger), Solar Table, or Flexible Solar Panels. This way, you can access the most convenient power sources when you need it. To charge the Powerbank, plug in the included AC Adapter into any wall socket (100-250VAC) or use one of our two solar charging options – the Solar Table or Flexible Solar Panel.

Lithium Polymer Powerbank

Every GoSun Chill comes with a detachable, lithium polymer Powerbank, providing a day’s worth of ice. Not a little phone charger, the Powerbank outputs 12 volts at up to 15 amps and can supply the average phone over 10 full charges. Only two pounds (one kilo), it features 3 USB ports and a 200 lumen light.

During a typical summer day (i.e. storing camp food and drinks), the Powerbank will keep everything cool for 14 hours on an 80°F (27°C) day. If you’re making ice, the compressor runs full-time, which can drain the Powerbank in 3-5 hours.

Stores Anything at the Right Temperature

The GoSun Chill gives you complete temperature control from -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 20°C). Having a fridge/freezer gives your precious cargo a much longer lifespan by taking melting water out of the equation.

Hear from GoSun’s Founder

Patrick Sherwin, shares his impression and how he best utilizes this portable, off-grid refrigerator. With 200 Watts of solar on top of the RV and a GoSun Fusion, he never runs to generator.

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Kitchen hoods on the hob!

We are very used to seeing the kitchen hoods being placed right above the cooking hob, given that hot air rises… and easier for the hood to flush it out of the kitchen. The Supreme Worktop Range Hood is designed to be flushed on the countertop – right in-between the cooking hobs. The countertop hood is space-saving and pulls in air from the cooking utensils and sucks it out of the room, in a jiffy. The air extraction cone is high performance and is only 18 cm deep. According to the designers, “Supreme offers A++ Energy class and 620 m3/h flow rate.”

While I really like the design and idea of integrating the hood into the cooking hob, my only concern is the accidental spills of gravy or boiling pasta water! Hopefully it can withstand such spills.

The Supreme Worktop Range Hood is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Engin Akbaba & Kaan Semih Savk for Silverline

Supreme is a hybrid product that combines air extraction with the induction hob, so all the components of the product are designed to provide the comfort of the end-user.

The motor component is placed to the inner panel of the countertop, which provides ease of assembly, so the height of induction hob is lowered to 18cm. This thinness offers usable space for the drawers of the countertop. Additionally, the separated motor unit has a water draining unit, which provides easy evacuate. Induction cooking technology provides a high level of safety.

All of the control panels are on the seamless surface of the hob. The functions like bridge cooking, which two cooking zones can be merged for bigger pots and pans improve the flexibility of cooking experience.

The separated air extraction motor unit has a water draining unit, which provides easy evacuate. Inside of the air extraction cone can be cleaned easily and the components like the air-extraction grill or the carbon filter can be easily removed, washed in the dishwasher.

The world’s smallest bottle opener is also a multitool

The TiBO is small enough to be underestimated. Roughly the size of your thumbnail, it’s easy to dismiss the TiBO as something that’s too small to be useful… but it’s also a wildly inaccurate thing to do, because at just 21.5mm in length, the TiBO is the smallest multitool, packing a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and a prybar into its deceptively tiny footprint.

Conceived in 2016, the TiBO went through its share of design iterations before it reached what it looks like today. Optimized for performance, compressed to perhaps the smallest size a bottle opener has ever been, and made from Grade 5 Titanium, the TiBO sits on your keychain, barely occupying much space. With a name that’s a portmanteau of exactly what the product is, the TiBO is your handy, easily accessible Titanium Bottle Opener that’s sure to make its appearance at parties, out on the beach, or at the campsite when one of your friends invariably struggles to find the bottle opener they’re pretty sure they had. The very tip of the TiBO works as a flathead screwdriver too, allowing you to become an instant handyman when you want to tighten a loose screw around the house, or you want to pry open that can of paint, or even use as a makeshift box-cutter.

Weighing less than a gram (0.9g to be accurate), the TiBO is best paired with WynLABS’s Kii RING, a novel keychain ring designed for easy key-switching, and as a perfect partner to the TiBO. At just 21.5mm long and strapped with your keys, the TiBO is the most convenient way to have a bottle-opener/multitool on you, and with a Grade 5 Titanium construction, it’ll quite easily be on your keychain for generations, outlasting practically every key it hangs beside!

Designer: WYN LABS

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TiBO is the world’s smallest bottle opener and multitool. Be always ready with this Grade 5 Titanium EDC with bonus Kii RING – An Effortless Keyring.

TiBO virtually disappears on your keychain but comes in handy when you need it most. Use your thumb as leverage yo pull off the cap.

TiBO and Kii RING is the coolest everyday carry (EDC) combo everyone should have!

The design includes a flat screwdriver and it became more useful in so many situations. It required special milling operation but it was all worth it.

1-2-3 Lift Off!

Adding or Removing a Key is Effortless!

Kii RING has a small protrusion to allow easy separation of the loops for adding or removing a key.

Add six keys at one go!

Organize Your Keys with Kii RING System (1 Large + 4 Small Kii RINGs).

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World’s thinnest reading light is also a bookmark!

If it’s as thin as a bookmark, slimmer than a dollar coin and dexterous enough to fold, can it be a Reading Light? Yes, it can! The Nemuix is made from reinforced plastic film, which means it can bend and flex without getting any creases or snapping. And this is important, because when you bend it into position, this bookmark functions as a reading light. Fitted with low blue-light LED, that minimizes the quantity of High Bio wavelength emitted by artificial light and digital devices, the lamp is bright enough to help you read your book, even in pitch darkness.

What I like about the device is that it is highly portable. It fits into your wallet, if required. Powered by a single lithium coin battery, you can expect to get eight-straight hours of reading, at one go. Only when you position the bookmark into the shape of the lamp, does the circuitry complete. Hence, there is no fear of accidental lighting-up at all. Very clever!

Designer: Nemuix Design

Click Here To Buy Now: $16 $24 (33% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

Paper Thin

The NEMUIX fits into your wallet easily with just a mere 0.079mm thickness against the US dollar coin.

Low Blue Light LED Unit

They use special low blue-light emitting LED units for NEMUIX. It minimizes the quantity of High Bio wavelength emitted by artificial light and digital devices, allowing you to read at ease without tripping your melatonin shut-off switch.

Energy Efficient

NEMUIX is designed to be powered by a single lithium coin battery which can last for a minimum of 8 hours continuously. Designed as an open circuit, NEMUIX does not use energy when used as a bookmark. Only when you place it in a ‘night-stand’ position does it start.

Strong Yet Flexible

NEMUIX is made from reinforced plastic film which allows it to achieve the “night-stand” position and back to its “bookmark” position perfectly without any flex nor stress markings.

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Solar powered Hydrade is a smart bottle with unique features!

The automatic self-charging Solar Powered Hydrade Bottle, sounds very high-tech, but is very simple to use. This insulated bottle keeps a tab on your hydration levels and monitors your intake, and even donates to charity based on how good you are with your drink!

We all know that keeping yourself hydrated during the day is important, and yet we need apps and technology to help us stay on point. Keeping this in mind, the Hydrade uses a unique technology and software so that you can measure your water intake, using the several different sensors, that are placed between the cylinders of the double wall insulation. The sensors are so sensitive that they track drinking of water, or if you are pouring it out, or drinking water with ice!

Designer: Eli Moon

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Hydrade’s smart solar-powered insulated bottle recommends hydration levels, monitors intake, & donates to charity based on your intake.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $75 (53% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!