Niantic sues alleged Pokémon Go cheaters

Some multi-platform gaming giants are suing cheaters, but they aren’t the only ones. Niantic has sued members of Global++ for allegedly offering “unauthorized derivative” (hacked) versions of Pokémon Go, Ingress and the still-in-beta Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. These modified mobile apps violate intellectual property rights and also “undermine the integrity of the gaming experience” by […]

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Domino’s to deliver pizza in Houston using self-driving vehicles

Domino’s wants to make autonomous pizza delivery a practical reality. That is why the chain has unveiled plans to deliver pies to “select” Houston customers in 2019 using Nuro’s self-driving R2 vehicle. If you order online from a participating store, you may get the choice of a robotic vehicle. If you pick that you’ll get […]

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Giant LEGO Han Solo Minifig Gets Frozen in Carbonite

A group of LEGO builders recently built a giant 8-foot by 4-foot LEGO Han Solo in carbonite. Because why not? It was made to promote the 2020 release of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3.

The sculpture was made from 49,735 individual LEGO pieces, took 38 hours to design, and 210 hours to build. Too bad I can’t hang this up in my palace. Then again, it’s also too bad I don’t have Slave Leia kneeling beside my throne either. But I do have my own Salacious Crumb sitting nearby and cackling every time I make a joke. Long story.

Large LEGO Model – Han Solo in Carbonite – E3 2019

Save your strength! A large LEGO model of Han Solo in Carbonite is celebrating the reveal of the new LEGO Star Wars video game at E3 2019.

Posted by LEGO on Thursday, June 13, 2019

So far I haven’t heard any reports that a bounty hunter snuck into E3 at night and defrosted Minifig Solo, but I would be very disappointed if this didn’t happen. Maybe a Jedi like me should go rescue him. Nah, I’m not up for fighting a Rancor monster and battling on several sail barges. Let someone else handle it.

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Walmart Grocery now costs $98 per year

To compete with Amazon, Walmart knows that it needs to have a great delivery service, so that is why it’s been rolling out Prime-type offers. For Walmart Grocery, there’s Delivery Unlimited, which is a subscription service for $13 a month or $98 a year. We aren’t sure if it’s already live nationwide, but there is […]

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Amazon closes down Spark

Amazon Spark, the e-commerce giant’s social network, which you may or may not have heard of, has apparently shut down after only a couple of years. If you don’t even know what it is, you aren’t alone. It was Amazon’s version of Instagram, except it focused on shopping discovery and was never quite as popular. […]

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You’re Looking at the Creepiest Purse Ever

Shishido Mazafaka aka @44doooo on Twitter has created something super creepy: a coin purse that looks like a hyper-realistic male mouth. The human anatomy purse as it is called, features the entire mouth and chin area of a grown man. It’s supposed to be used as a coin purse, but I don’t even wanna know what some people would do with this thing.

It has creepily realistic skin, stubble, lips, and teeth. To store your coins inside, you simply open the mouth and put them in. This is truly putting your money where your mouth is. Where his mouth is, anyway.

It looks so real that I’m sure lonely people might want to kiss it, but they would just get a mouth full of coins. The real question is why does this exist? Why did Mazafaka create it? What is wrong with this person?

Well, he likes human flesh, having previously wrapped his iPhone case and charger in a flesh-like material and he also made human flesh-wrapped DJ consoles. Never be alone with this dude, that’s all I’m saying. He’s probably harmless but… you might end up as a prototype for a new project.

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Amazon Pegasus Robots Sort Packages

Amazon is showing off its latest robots in use at its sorting center in Denver, Colorado. Their orange Pegasus robots are 2 feet-high and 3 feet-wide, and are designed specifically to swiftly sort packages and get them on their way. These robots roll on wheels and each of them has a tiny conveyor belt on top.

Here’s a brief description of how these orange bots work: “It rolls up to a station where an associate on the other side of a barrier fence scans a package, places it on the robot, and off it goes – navigating a “robot highway” inside the Denver sortation center. On-board cameras sense any surprise obstacles as the unit follows its programmed journey to an eject station. The conveyor moves the package off the unit and down the chute where it’s then readied for delivery. The robot completes its entire journey in roughly two minutes.”

Amazon’s Denver location started using the robots in October 2018, and since then, they have traveled over 1.5 million miles combined. Other sorting centers in the U.S. will get Pegasus robots later this year. The zippy little robots seem pretty efficient at their jobs.

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Dynamic Emails In Gmail Will Be Live For Everyone On July 2

Dynamic emails were introduced in Gmail in March. It allows users to interact with more content without having to exit their mailbox. For instance, you can respond to comments, RSVP to events, fill out forms, and more. The feature was only available in beta for the last few months but it’s going to be rolled […]

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Target launches same-day delivery in US

If you like shopping at target, but don’t actually want to visit Target, here’s some good news for you. It is expanding its same-day delivery service. The giant retailer has announced that customers in 47 states will now be able to place orders on and have them delivered in as little as one hour. […]

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Facebook blood donation feature now live in the US

Facebook says its blood donation feature in India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Pakistan has been doing very well. In fact, over 35 million users have signed up to be donors. In India and Brazil, over 20 percent of the people who go to blood banks say their decision was influenced by Facebook. Now, the company has […]

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