The Lumos Candle Lights Itself: Laziness Level MAX

A candle that lights itself sounds like magic. It also sounds like humans are lazier than ever. We can’t even be bothered to light our own candles anymore with a match or a lighter. We suck at life, and this is proof.

The Lumos Candle will automatically light its own wick for you with the push of a button – total overkill for a problem nobody needs solved. These replaceable Lumos candles are made from soy wax infused with scented oils like vanilla, lavender, and more. They use a wooden wick instead of cotton, and it looks like they ignite and burn like any other scented candle.

You just have to put the candle on a special base, and push a button to ignite each candle with a real flame. Like regular candles, each one burns for about 40 hours before you need to replace it. The base is rechargeable and only needs to be topped off with a USB cable about every four months if you use it a lot. It will cost you $58 for the Lumos starter pack over on Indiegogo, and that includes two candles and a starter base.

If you ask me, this proves that humanity is doomed. How hard is it to light a match? Also, there’s a certain joy in little things like lighting candles. That joy has just been blown out like a candle flame.

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Panasonic’s Wear Space prevents distraction

Many of us find it hard to concentrate at work. It’s easy to get distracted these days by all kinds of things. The world we live in is full of distractions. Panasonic has an unusual idea about how we can block out some of these distractions. Panasonic has taken the wraps off a device called […]

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eBay accuses Amazon of poaching sellers

eBay and Amazon are at odds. eBay has filed a lawsuit against Amazon, accusing them of poaching some of its big third-party sellers. In early October it sent a cease-and-desist letter. According to eBay, at least 50 Amazon reps from around the globe, including the US, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and Singapore, used the […]

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Musical Death Star Tree Topper: The Ultimate Power on the Christmas Tree

There’s nothing in the universe more festive than a glowing Death Star on Christmas Eve… unless you live on Alderaan, of course. This Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars Death Star Lighted Christmas Tree Topper is both festive and fearsome.

It is The Ultimate Power in the Living Room, and will crush any Christmas rebellion before it starts. It even plays the Imperial March and the classic Star Wars theme. You can select the lights and songs with the included remote control. Now all you need are some cool X-Wing and TIE Fighter ornaments so you can create the space battle from the movie right on your tree.

A super weapon on top of a Christmas tree? Yes, please. Though I wish it had a sound option for Grand Moff Tarkin ordering the troops to fire. Speaking of firing those super lasers, it would be cool if this thing shot lasers at anyone around the tree who gave you crap presents like socks and underwear. I wanted toys, dammit! Fire at will! I’m sure Santa will love going down your chimney to see this thing on top of your Christmas tree this year. Grab one today at ThinkGeek for $99.99.

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Spider-Man DLC hits PS4 next week

The new Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 is a pretty big hit. It has great reviews and players seem to really love it. Well, there’s more where that came from. Fans have something more to look forward to next week as the first part of the DLC for this title is coming Tuesday. The DLC […]

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Fortnite PS4 Pro resolution is now 1440p

Fortnite received Update 6.10 yesterday and you are going to like what it has for PlayStation 4 Pro owners. If you don’t really read the changelogs you don’t know the full extent of changes that a new patch brings. This patch has some cool stuff for PlayStation 4 Pro owners. Epic Games has boosted the […]

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Fortnite in-game tournaments now available

Great news Fortnite addicts, Fortnite’s In-Game Tournaments are now live. They were introduced with the release of v6.10 and can be found in the new “Events” section of Fortnite Battle Royale. These tournaments have been opened to everyone so we can all compete directly alongside pros for prizes and bragging rights. You will have to […]

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Sony fixes messaging bug that caused PS4 crashes

We heard earlier this week that a messaging bug was causing PlayStation 4 units to crash. Many reports on forums and social media suggested that messages with a certain string of characters could make the console crash. Naturally this was a big pain for PS4 users, but fortunately, Sony has fixed the issue. One of […]

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Mario Boo Ghost Bean Bag Chair: Boo Bean

If you are a fan of all things Super Mario, I just found the perfect seat from which to play your favorites games. This is the officially licensed Super Mario Bros Boo beanbag chair and it’s just the right throne for Super Mario fans.

Sadly it doesn’t play dead until you look away, then come up behind you so you can sit down. That would have been cool. The technology is almost there. I’m sure of it. This comfy ghost chair will cost you around $140, and measures about 38″ wide x 28″ tall x 38″ deep. Wait. That’s not big at all. How small is that child?

I was hoping this was a boo that I could sink into and relax. Oh well. If you are a tiny person, you’ll find this ghost more comfortable I guess. Myself? I demand a giant Boo bean bag chair. And not because I have to go on a diet either. I just like big Boos and I can not lie.

Boo is one of Mario’s cutest enemies. He’s supposedly a bad guy, but really he just wants to snuggle. And he’s shy. That’s why he freezes if you’re looking at him. This ghost is totally misunderstood.

Planetary Glass Ornament Set: Spruce, the Final Frontier

Spice up your Christmas tree this year with this Planetary Glass Ornament Set. Because your old ball glass ornaments are boring and not spacey enough. These ornaments mixed with some Star Wars or Star Trek ships and a Doctor Who TARDIS will make your tree into a science-y sci-fi scene that will have Santa excited to visit again next year. Space-themed trees. That’s what we need more of.

For $49.99, you’ll get a set of nine glass ornaments that look just like the planets in our solar system, only in miniature. Yes, you heard me. I said NINE planets. Yes, Pluto is included. These ornaments are made of hand-painted glass. Note: They aren’t to scale because that would just make your tree look weird and Jupiter would keep falling off your tree. Scratch that. It would probably crush your tree.

So deck the halls with planetary bodies this year. This is a great gift for any cosmos loving nerd or astronomy buff. Your tree is going to look great this year. Maybe even out of this world. Santa might even show up in the space shuttle to deliver presents this year. That would be awesome.