GuardBot Is A Roly-Poly Surveillance System

Want to track down suspicious characters roaming your property? You need GuardBot, a robotic rolling ball surveillance system. Man, that sounds so awesome. “Robotic rolling ball surveillance system”. Because of its spherical shape, this robot can tackle any terrain – even sand, snow, and water.

Even though GuardBots sounds like a kickass 80’s cartoon and the tagline “Robotic rolling ball surveillance system” needs its own song, these ‘bots are for serious security needs. It can roll around for up to 25 hours on a charge, surveying the scenery and capturing remote video to keep an eye on the place. Aside from surveillance, its creators also hope “to develop it as a companion bot for patients with dementia and for sports broadcasting.” Now that’s an unusual combination of use cases. They will be available in several sizes from 5-inches to 7-feet in diameter and cost up to $100,000, so they’re definitely no toys.

This round robot can go anywhere and it looks kind of creepy watching it do his thing. I think it’s the clear areas on each side. It reminds me of a fly, but a fly with no body, whose head just rolls from place to place. Maybe striving to put right what once went wrong. And hoping each time that his next roll will be the roll home…

GuardBots roll out! Yeah, these bots need their own show, and I volunteer to be head writer.

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AMC Launches Movie Subscription Service

AMC is the largest movie theater chain in the United States. So it makes sense that it would announce the launch of a new subscription service that’s not too different from the one offered by MoviePass. AMC’s service is basically an extension of its existing loyalty program. If you are interested in it you will […]

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Amazon Prime members can try clothes before they buy

Buying clothes online is a pain, but Amazon wants to change that. So it has been testing out a fee-free clothing-box service since last June. Prime Wardrobe allowed customers to try out selected clothing before buying and customers would only be charged for the items they kept. Until now, the service has been invite-only, but […]

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Oscar Mayer Adds a JetPack to Its Wienermobile Fleet

My Bologna has a first name, It’s O-S-C-A-R. My bologna has a second name, It’s M-A-Y-E-R. Oh, and now my bologna has a cool new jetpack too. Summer is hot dog season, and Oscar Meyer is going all out this year, introducing a jetpack to its fleet of Wienermobiles and other Weiner inspired vehicles. In other words, Oscar Meyer is basically the Bruce Wayne of hot dogs. I’m pretty sure they have a wiener cave where they park these wieners. Wow, that didn’t come out right at all. But I bet they do.

The flying wiener pack is called the “Super Hotdogger” and this is the unfortunate way that it was worded in the press release that I was sent is as follows: “a futuristic, jet pack-powered member of the WienerFleet.” A jet-powered member may not be the best way to word your weiner-related news. But Super Hotdogger is a great name for the flying, wiener-wielding hero.

They plan to use this Wienermobile jet pack to help get hot dogs in every hand this summer. Now this is a superhero that I can appreciate. That utility belt? It does nothing but keep his pants up and hold as many hot dogs as it can. So get your fill of wieners this summer… from a jet-powered spaceman!

OrbitPen Fidget Pen Let’s You Fidget While You Work

Gear maker Keep Pursuing has announced their latest creation, the OrbitPen. This pen is designed to be the ultimate desktop accessory for fidgeters, so if you are the fidgety type, this will give your hands something to do while at work. It is supposed to help focus creative thinking and help you to relax.

The idea is to engage your hands while stimulating right brain activity. It does this without disrupting your concentration. The stubby pen allows you to spin it between your thumb and forefinger, but it also expands to create a longer, more functional writing instrument.

Aside from that, both ends of the pen itself twist: the bottom end rotates smoothly and the top turns around a ridged base for a textural feeling. There’s also a metal/marble ball that sits on the top end, giving you a friction-less surface to roll your finger across or press in and out. Plus, its base doubles as a ceramic-bladed letter opener, making it even more useful on your desk.

It’ll be available in black, white, or silver metal finishes, and the white oak finish shown in the video above will pop onto the scene if they hit their $30,000 crowdfunding stretch goal – which doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.

The OrbitPen is available to pre-order on Kickstarter now, with early bird pledges starting at $24, and initial shipping expected this October . This should give your hands and brain some extra things to do while you are at work.

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Amazon offers Hub delivery lockers to apartments in the US

More than half a million residents in New York, San Francisco and some other locations can already have their packages delivered to Amazon’s Hub lockers for their buildings. Well, now you can expect those Hubs to become a more common sight in apartments and condos, now that Amazon has officially announced the product a year […]

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Fortnite Cross-Play May Have Been Blocked Due To Money

Fornite was launched for the Nintendo Switch recently and sadly, PlayStation 4 owners don’t get progression sync or cross-play with their console, like how it is with the Xbox One. This block prevents the player from carrying over their progress, purchases, and skins from Fortnite on PlayStation 4 to either console. It’s frustrating for players. […]

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This “Smart” Fingerprint Padlock Is Easily Defeated with a Screwdriver

Check out this fingerprint padlock. It was sent to lockpicking hobbyist LockPickingLawyer for review. It didn’t take him long to figure out that this lock can be disassembled by simply removing three Torx screws around the bezel. You don’t need a LockPickingLawyer to know that this isn’t going to keep anything secure.

So you can remove all of the screws, get the shackle opened, and then screw it back up and relock the lock without anyone knowing. This is truly an innovation in home security and an innovation for thieves. So LockPickingLawyer let the manufacturer know about this critical design flaw, they responded:

the lock is invincible to the people who do not have a screw driver.

Good point. It’s super hard for criminals to acquire Torx screwdrivers, especially after they passed those anti-screwdriver laws.

Here’s what you do as a criminal. You gift this lock to someone who is not very smart. Someone who won’t notice the screw on the lock. They use it and then you come over and steal a bunch of their things.

Seriously, this is the worst lock ever. Check out the screenshot of the conversation with the manufacturer, who is either clueless or just doesn’t care.

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Sharp’s Smart Litter Box Monitors Your Cat’s Health Through Its Bathroom Habits

Changing a cat’s litter box is a nasty chore. You’re asking an animal to continually poop and pee in a box until it is so nasty that you have to change it. What’s wrong with us? That’s why some people teach their cats to use the toilet like a civilized being. Sharp’s Pet Care Monitor is a litter box that monitors your pet’s bathroom habits and sends the information to an artificial intelligence system via the internet.

The system then analyzes the data it collects to make sure your cat isn’t suffering from any detectable kidney or urinary tract issues etc. It will look at the cat’s weight, urine volume and frequency, and length of time spent on the toilet. The AI will then analyze that data like a vet and let you know if Fluffy has any problems.

If there is any abnormality found, like spending an unusually long time on the toilet or the quantity of urine is abnormally large or small, the owner will be alerted via an app on their smartphone. It can even be set to handle several different cats in your home by detecting a special collar each cat wears.

At this point the smart litter box is Japan-bound, where it will sell for ¥24,800 (~$226 USD), plus there’s a small fee of ¥324 (~$3 USD) per month for the Cocoro Pet remote monitoring app.

Great, so now you can be a hypochondriac about your cat’s health too.

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LEGO Hasselblad 503CX Camera Looks Just Like the Real Deal

LEGO bricks can be used to create just about anything you can dream up. For instance, check out this sweet LEGO camera from Taiwan-based photographer and obvious LEGO genius Helen Sham. Some of you will know right away that it is a Hasselblad 503CX film camera, except that this one is created entirely of LEGO pieces.

From a distance, it looks incredibly real. Well, it may not be functional (yet), but the inside is just as detailed as the outside. Inside you’ll find a frame counter, film winder, and a spring-based shutter button with tactile sensation when firing the shutter.

But that’s not all. She can actually load a real film cartridge into this camera and even frame a scene with the folding waist-level viewfinder. This was clearly a labor of love for Helen. And it didn’t take her as long as you might think to build this beauty either. It took Helen only 2 hours and 1,120 pieces of LEGO elements to assemble, though I’m sure it took her much longer to actually plan out the construction.

I really hope that this will become an official LEGO set, and you can help make that a reality by voting for it on LEGO Ideas. Her next plans are to install a microlens so it can actually take photos, although it would capture digital images rather than film like the real deal. Great job, Helen. You are a true LEGO master.

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