An Awesome Rubberband Version of Han Solo’s Blaster

Han Solo’s iconic sidearm, the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol is a solid sci-fi gun. The design is rugged and cool, plus it shoots lasers. What more do you need? These qualities make it an instant classic. But if you prefer rubber bands to lasers, Slingshot Channel’s Joerg Sprave has made that a reality.

This wooden replica gets the details just right. The other thing that makes this blaster replica stand out is that it looks like it is shooting lasers. This was accomplished by using miniature glowsticks as projectiles. That’s a pretty genius idea. Leave it to Joerg to come up with this.

I would pew pew pew all day long with this gun. Of course, range and accuracy leave a lot to be desired here, but that is to be expected. This blaster just looks so cool and he did a great job giving it that weathered and worn-in look. See it in action in the video and you will want one for yourself.

[via Mike Shouts]

Samsung 8K TV Launch May Happen At IFA 2018

Samsung has been working on 8K TVs and while many have yet to upgrade to even a 4K set at this point, it looks like the company is going to launch its first 8K TV at the IFA 2018 convention in Berlin this month. They are serious about 8K. Samsung has already put up a […]

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Pepsi Is Buying SodaStream

We had heard reports that Pepsi was considering a possible acquisition of beverage company SodaStream, and now Pepsi today confirmed that it has bought SodaStream. The company’s machines allow users to make carbonated beverages at home. Some machines even feature Bluetooth connectivity and can also be controlled with a smartphone app. Pepsi has now decided […]

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Building a Super Mario Bros. Maze for a Rat

Do you have a pet rat? Do you want to build a maze for him or her to hang out in? If so, you might as well make a geeky one – something that will entertain you as much as it does your rat friend. A maze that looks like a level from Super Mario Bros. should do the trick.

Maker The Q built this colorful rat maze using just cardboard, hot glue, paint, and a sheet of clear acrylic for the front. It’s pretty awesome, but easy to make your own with a little skill and patience. His rat named Shelly figures out how to make it through to the end with no problems at all. There’s not even a single Goomba or Koopa. It can’t even collect any coins or use the warp pipes. Imagine how disappointing that is to a rat.

Designing a rat maze is like designing a video game – you don’t want to make it too easy for them. Include some Hammer Bros. to toss hammers at it. Some lava lakes. Spike pits are a nice touch too. Chain Chomps? You know it. You can’t go too easy on rodents. They want a challenge.

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This Tiny Holographic Girlfriend Is Ready to Move in

Gatebox’s Azuma Hikari is a holographic digital assistant who doubles as a virtual girlfriend. She stands 8 inches tall and lives in a glass capsule, which you can put anywhere in your tiny dark apartment.

In this commercial for the creepy Japanese gadget, this guy actually leaves work early because his holographic girlfriend texts him. He then cooks her a special dinner because it’s their three month anniversary of living together. So basically this guy is going through his usual pretend girlfriend routine only now he has a tiny hologram to keep him in his mom’s basement forever.

This virginity keeper-intacter can text you and also act as a home automation control system, turning your lights on and off and more. I bet when you piss her off, she can turn evil, cut the lights, and make your smart gadgets kill you. Yep, you will be hers forever. Don’t work. Instead come home and cook me dinner that I won’t eat. Oh, so sorry you lost your job. Why don’t you get a job you slob? I hate you. I’m filing for holo-divorce! Pay for my holo-lawyer, you chump!

The Gatebox will set buyers back 150,000 yen (~$1356 USD), plus another $14 a month in subscription fees for the Azuma Hikari character (presumably other characters will be available down the road.) While this virtual girlfriend isn’t cheap, she’s about half the cost of the original limited-edition version we first saw back in 2016.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

Welcome To Virtual Walmart

Retail giant Walmart is apparently working on technology that would simulate the experience of shopping at the store from the comfort of your couch. Walmart has applied for patents concerning a “virtual reality showroom” involving headsets, “sensor-packed gloves,” simulated environments, and automated shipping. Sounds kind of strange. You would experience a three-dimensional representation of a […]

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Netflix Gets Rid Of All User Reviews As Promised

If you are wondering what to watch on Netflix, forget looking for reviews on the platform to see if you might like a title. The streaming service is finished purging user reviews that include a decade’s worth of comments praising and dissing shows. They are all gone. Under the question “How do I post reviews […]

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These Flaming Demon Fireplace Skulls Will Terrify Your Neighbors

If you want to make your fires look badass, there’s only one way to do it. Throw in a demon skull or two. You can toss them in your fire right next to those human skull logs that the same company was selling a while back. They must have been a big hit.

Just fill your fire pit with a huge mountain of these demonic looking skulls and watch your neighbors live in fear of you after. Especially if you act weird and start chanting and circling around the fire pit… while wearing robes. One of you should be holding a knife, and maybe should shout something about “the prophecy” too. That should do it. They will never talk to you again, which is probably a good thing. Yeah. Most neighbors suck.

These demon versions of the popular ceramic fireproof skulls are for use in gas fireplaces and in regular fire pits. These have hollow eye sockets so that the flames can go through them and look awesome. They aren’t cheap though, at around $60 per skull over on Amazon.

It’s worth the investment because a pile of burning demon skulls is something that every home needs – and you can get some just in time for Halloween too.

[via The Green Head via Geekologie]

I’ve Got Pac-Man Fever, And The Only Cure Is These Boxer Briefs

Do you have Pac-Man fever? Is it driving you crazy? Well, calm down my arcade loving friend. Wear these Pac-Man Boxer Briefs. They’re perfect for when things get too hot and you just have to play Pac-Man for hours in your shorts. The rest of us will just enjoy them under our pants.

Even though I’m not aware of any actual documented cases of Pac-Man Fever, it’s obviously a withdrawal symptom from not playing the game. I can only assume that the victim runs a fever and starts burning up. So they take off all of their clothes, stripping down to their skivvies while making WAKKA-WAKKA-WAKKA noises. So now you have something appropriate to wear when it hits you.

You get three pairs of button fly boxer briefs with contrasting buttons and a stretchy elastic waistband. They come packed in a tin because it’s the future.

Man, we are living the dream in 2018. Best timeline. You’re telling me I can buy 3 pairs of boxers in a damn tin? With Pac-Man all over them? Sweet. The set of three will set you back $39.99 from ThinkGeek. I’m waiting for a Galaga set myself. Or maybe Space Invaders.

This Robot Will Tie Your Shoelaces for You

Knowing how to tie your shoes is a pretty important skill to have, because if you don’t know how, your shoes are going to fall off all day long. Well, guess what? Robots are now doing this for us so that we humans can forget how to do one more thing.

The shoe tying robot was developed by University Of California Davis engineering students Andrew Choi, Gabriela Gomes, Jacklyn Tran, Stephanie Thai and Joel Humes. The robot ties laces bunny-ear style and does a great job. They only had a budget of $600 and two electric motors.

Too bad that this robot is huge, otherwise they could market it so that you can have one at home. You guys need to shrink this robot down so that it can do the job for us every day. Honestly, I just leave my shoe strings tied and slide them on, because I refuse to put in the effort until I can have a robot in my home that can do it for me.

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