Super Mario Bros. As an Augmented Reality Game

Forget Pokémon Go. I want to play Super Mario Bros. in augmented reality. Well, coder and designer Abhishek Singh has done it. He has recreated “World 1-1” from the game in Unity3D.

Super Mario Bros. has now been brought to life as a first-person augmented reality game. Abhishek tested the game out by using a Microsoft HoloLens, and of course, by dressing up as Mario, playing it in Central Park. You have to dress as Mario. That’s mandatory.

It’s pretty basic at this point, but it looks like it would be a lot of fun with some polish. I hope Nintendo makes an official version one day. I want to smash some Goombas with my feet.

[via Laughing Squid]

Nintendo Is Talking About Cross-Platform Multiplayer Support

At E3 last week, Nintendo surprised a lot of people when it was announced that there would be a few titles released on the Nintendo Switch that would actually support cross-platform multiplayer. Nintendo, like Apple, generally keeps to themselves, which is why the E3 announcements were a surprise. We’re talking titles like Minecraft and Rocket […]

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You Can Stream Rogue One On Netflix In July

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie had its run in the theaters and soon it will be available for streaming online. But out of the countless websites online that allow you to stream movies, guess where it is showing up? On Netflix. You will soon be able to stream Rogue One online starting […]

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Explore Every Detail of Finn and Jake’s Tree Fort

Finn and Jake’s tree fort on Adventure Time is awesome, but we never get to see much of it in the show. Thankfully, artist Max Degtyarev has created a very cool cutaway illustration of their tree home with tons of detail.

That is one sweet pad. I could stare at this all day and still discover new stuff. I had no idea this place had that many rooms. There is so much to see here. I can’t stop looking. I wish I lived there. Finn and Jake are living the dream, man.

Check out Max’s ArtStation page for a closer look at this awesome tree fort.

[via Kotaku via Nerd Approved]

Hitman’s Prologue Is Free On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

IO Interactive’s Hitman has been pretty popular ever since it came out about a year ago. The developer decided to make it an episodic title and has released the final episode of the first season a few months back. And if you’ve been meaning to play this game, you will be happy to learn that […]

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eBay Announces New Price Match Guarantee For Over 50,000 Items

It’s a good idea to search the web for the best price when you’re buying something online. Chances are, you are going to find a better price than the first place you looked, so it makes sense to take the time and search. Some places offer customers a price guarantee which lets them know that […]

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Link Wants All the Money in “Race for Rupees”

How many hours have you spent smashing pots in the various Legend of Zelda games in your endless quest for rupees? Too many. Even though there have been many short films, comics and cartoons about Link, they always leave this activity out for some reason.

Smashing pots for rupees is what it’s all about. Everyone knows that. Animator Callegos Yavolitak created Race for Rupees, a fan film that celebrates this. It is nice to know that we’re not alone in our obsession to destroy and gain in-game virtual wealth.

This is a fun little film and very well done. It’s sure to bring a smile to the face of any Zelda fan.

[via Dorkly via Neatorama]

BubbleLick Edible Bubble-Blowing Solution: Bubblickious

Bubbles and booze – they just belong together. And I’m not talking about those bubbles from the side of your mouth when you are laying there passed out from too much booze. I’m talking about Bubblelick.

BubbleLick is a non-toxic, edible bubble-blowing solution you can mix with your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to create bubbles you can lick right out of the air. They’ll definitely taste better than the regular soapy bubbles you’re used to eating. I’m guessing that Willy Wonka is behind this stuff. Hopefully they’ll help you fly, until you burp anyway.

You can get a six-pack of BubbleLick solution for about $13(USD) on Amazon. You know the party is rocking when you open the door and it is like a bubble bath inside.

[via Incredible Things via Geekologie]

Japanese Airport to Offer Nintendo Check-In

If you travel through Kansai International Airport in Osaka, you will soon be greeted by Nintendo characters everywhere. Because Japan. Beginning on June 23, Nintendo is setting up a special check-in area at the airport’s Terminal 1 with Switch, 3DS, and smart device titles. Beat your jet lag by playing a quick game.

Aside from that, the airport will also display some huge Nintendo banners and the elevators will also be decked out with Super Mario characters, making it look as if they are riding the elevators. You have to admit, it looks like it would make travelling more fun and bring a smile to visitors’ faces. After all, who doesn’t love Super Mario?

You know who I didn’t see in any of these images? Bob-omb. Yeah, that guy is not welcomed in airports. Discrimination, that’s what that is.

[via Kotaku]

Amazon Wardrobe offers clothes-by-mail to try on at home

Amazon just announced Prime Wardrobe. The service makes shopping for clothes online a commitment-free experience, one that customers should like. With Prime Wardrobe, you can pick out clothes, shoes, and accessories and once you have at least three, Amazon will send them to you and you’ll have a week to try them on and decide […]

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