Shaped like a jellyfish, the HM7 Aquapod is a beautiful, organic wristwatch

After exploring the roads, skies and even outer-space, MB&F’s HM-series looks deep into our oceans for inspiration with the HM7 Aquapod. The Aquapod is a thing of sheer beauty, with the elegance of its bulbous body, reminiscent of a jellyfish. Exploring the third dimension to create a watch that’s memorable and mesmeric, the HM7 Aquapod has a domed sapphire crystal on the top as well as the bottom. A rotating bezel sits around the bulbous body much like the waist of the jellyfish, with not one, but two crowns embedded between the watch’s body and its floating bezel ring. The hours and minutes are displayed by two aluminium/titanium rings rotating on oversized central ceramic bearings, with a marking on the dome helping you read the time, while the at the center of the wristwatch is the very heart of the gentle beast… its 60-second flying tourbillon.

While the central tourbillion grabs one’s attention on the top, its exhibition base reveals the watch’s spectacular winding rotor, visually guarded by tentacles machined from solid titanium with a platinum sector underneath. The watch comes with a 72-hour power reserve and automatic winding with the ability to manually wind it too, using the secondary crown. While the HM7 isn’t a diving watch, its clear inspiration is aquatic in nature. The watch comes in four variants, red, blue, green, and black, with each variant made from either Grade 5 Titanium, 18k Rose Gold, or Platinum 950.

Designer: MB&F

IDEO’s Play Lab is looking for a Senior Toy Designer!

Lauded as one of the most well know design and innovation brands in the world today, IDEO is an award-winning global design firm that is spearheading the movement to embrace design and design thinking. The multidisciplinary firm isn’t just responsible for designing end-products, but also helping businesses evolve and innovate, as well as allow individuals and companies to foster a culture of creative problem-solving through IDEO U, their online design-university. IDEO’s Play Lab is looking for a Senior Toy Designer to join their team in Palo Alto, California.

The Opportunity

IDEO’s Play Lab is looking for a talented, build-focused designer to join our toy invention team. As a senior designer, you will work closely with a skilled team of designers and engineers to dream up and bring toy concepts to life through prototyping. IDEO’s Play Lab creates innovative, fun, and engaging products and experiences with a focus on toys for kids. Will you join us in inventing the next generation of toys?


• Join an experienced, interdisciplinary team of makers
• Support junior team members
• Generate new to-the-world toy ideas
• Identify toy invention opportunities
• Tinker, explore, and validate toy concepts
• Create high quality working prototypes
• Push our team to improve the quality of our work
• Solve complex mechanical challenges
• Explore and push concepts further through sketching
• Create engaging videos of prototypes and concepts
• Share our inventions with clients
• Have fun every day!


• 2+ years of build experience
• A passion for making and inventing new ideas
• Experience bringing products to market
• An interest in toys and playful experiences
• Well developed skills in hand prototyping, rapid prototyping, and CAD
• Experience prototyping and solving complex mechanical challenges
• Experience self-guiding and leading projects
• A well developed, efficient project workflow
• A background in industrial design or engineering
• An aptitude for operating shop machinery
• Great communication and collaboration skills
• Motivation, initiative, and attention to detail
• An ability to generate ideas quickly
• Knowledge of how things are made
• Experience in and knowledge of the toy industry is a major plus

Some Previous Toy Inventions To Check Out

• Alpha Training Blue
• Flip Slide
• Barbie Dream Camper
• Paw Patrol Flip & Fly
• Barbie Sparkle Lights Mermaid
• Shopkins Super Mall
• Hungry Bunnies
• Little Live Pets Hedgehog
• Imaginext DC Super Friends R/C Mobile Command Center
• Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Additional Information

Question For You
Please include your answer to the following question in your cover letter.

If you could redesign a toy: what would it be, why should it be redesigned, how might you make it better?


Our ideal candidate is a builder at heart – who thrives on making things real. In addition to your resume and cover letter (with pop quiz answer), please submit examples of your work and capabilities – Design projects, mechanisms, electronics, personal projects, shop skills, etc. We look forward to hearing from you


Palo Alto (California), USA.

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Meet Steasy, the smart lunchbox that heats your food up with steam

Anyone who’s worked with chocolate knows that you don’t melt chocolate by throwing it into a pan over a flame. You’ll burn the chocolate by causing it to cook. What you want to do is heat the chocolate without cooking it, which is why you use a double boiler. Heating chocolate, or any food for that matter, with steam is tonnes more effective. Heat distributes uniformly, rather than being concentrated to one area, and more importantly, you can warm your food up without altering its taste… and that’s precisely what the Steasy does.

The Steasy is an electric lunchbox that uses steam to heat your food up. Designed to be incredibly sleek and streamlined, Steasy occupies the same footprint as your regular tiffinbox would, but it does something your food-holding piece of Tupperware cannot. Steasy has primarily three parts. A base for holding water, a metal container for holding (and heating up) your food that nests right into the base, and a lid that seals the box shut.

With an integrated battery that can heat your food up for 15 minutes, Steasy gives you the satisfaction of steaming hot lunch that tastes fresh and great. The steam heats the content of your lunchbox evenly (without cooking it), allowing it to taste as good as it did when you prepared it. The box comes with the ability to fast-charge, and even has its own mobile-app that you can use to activate the Steasy’s heating function 15 minutes before your lunch break, so you can skip the queue for the office microwave and literally open your tiffin-box to some incredibly tasty, hot, home-cooked food!

Designer: Steasy

Oddly shaped teaspoons that are perfect for hanging on the rim of your coffee-cups

These spoons come with a weird hairpin bend for a good reason. If you’ve ever tried stirring sugar into your coffee or tea and then wondered where to put the spoon, never you mind! The spoons can either rest right inside your coffee cup, casually hanging off the rim, or can even rest on a table, with the scoop levitating in the air so you don’t leave a small pool of tea or coffee on your table’s surface. Just good old-fashioned clever thinking! The spoon comes in a set of 5 and can easily be hung off the rim of your crockery instead of being kept in your kitchen cabinets, or worse still, descending right to the bottom of your jar of honey.

Designer: Xstore

Click Here to Buy Now

Click Here to Buy Now

The world’s first truly wireless over-ear headphones look weirder than the Airpods did in 2016

Making you look sort of like an off-brand Princess Leia, these little black ear-cups are the world’s first truly wireless headphones. In short, they’re the sound you’d get from a good pair of Sennheiser or Beats by Dre cans, with the portability of the Airpods.

I distinctly remember the sheer ridicule that the Airpods were subjected to when they were announced back in 2016, with practically zero foresight of exactly what a phenomenon (and status symbol) they’d become in just the next few years… and chances are that we may get to see history repeat itself with the Human Inc. truly wireless headphones. The two unsuspecting cups rest on your ears as opposed to in your ears, giving you the convenience of the Airpods, but with much better sound and hopefully better battery life. They build on the functionality of truly wireless earphones too, with a much larger, easier to navigate touch surface, along with the ability to actively translate as many as 11 languages in real-time, a feature that Google debuted with their Pixel buds.

The Human Headphones pack not one but two 30mm audio drivers per ear-cup, giving you four speakers in total that provide a feeling comparable to having a 2.2 sound system. The speakers come with beamforming microphones that can pick up your audio without the noise around you, allowing you to answer calls as well as communicate with your smart device without any interference, and two 280mAh batteries provide the Human Headphones with a usage cycle of 9 hours on a full charge.

The best bit about the headphones are the fact that you can still use them when you’re charging them… not as headphones, but snapped together, as a Bluetooth speaker! The extra set of audio drivers per earpiece come handy when it comes to belting out audio into the surroundings, rather than into your ears.

Although it would seem weird to walk around the city in these wireless ear-cups, I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to get used to them. Designed to be worn everywhere you would wear your Airpods, the Human Headphones come with the ability to blend outside audio into your mix too, so you don’t end up completely tuning the world out; and when you experience earphone fatigue (it’s a real thing), you can easily use the Human Headphones together as a bonafide Bluetooth speaker… besides, with a $250 price tag, that’s much more than your Airpods could ever hope to offer you, right?

Designer: Human Inc.

This dual-sided jacket blocks UV rays in the day, and increases visibility at night!

Twice as awesome as your favorite hoodie, the DuoTek serves different purposes in the day and at night. With a dual-fabric construction, the DuoTek can be worn both regularly as well as inside out. One side of the jacket serves as your classic black hoodie, but with the ability to block UV rays, while the other side increases your visibility in low-light, as it reflects light, keeping you visible and safe.

The jacket’s abilities come thanks to its specially engineered fabric, created by the guys at Fullframe Design who wanted to make a good, affordable, double-sided hoodie that you could wear both in the day as well as at night. DuoTek’s proprietary fabric, aside from being reflective on one side and UV absorbent on the other, is also waterproof, wind-proof, stretchable, breathable, and lightweight, making it easy to pack too. YKK zippers ensure the jacket’s quality is top-notch, while keeping the pocket waterproof too. It even comes with a stealth pocket in its back for keeping your valuables like your phone and wallet.

Conventional on one side and radical on the other, the hoodie is a fine-tuned blend of comfort and performance. Putting the tech in textile, the jacket remains functional in day or night in any sort of weather (the waterproof fabric and drawstring hoodie prove very useful in the rain too). Even with its dual-side fabric, the DuoTek manages to be on the lighter side, barely weighing 5 ounces. It’s perhaps the lightest reversible jacket in the world!

Designer: Fullframe Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $149 ($50 off). Hurry, Only 3/410 left!

DuoTek – The Ultralight Reflective & Reversible Jacket

High-performance reversible & reflective jacket for day and night. Made of high-tech fabrics, simplistic design at excellent value.

Why a Reflective Jacket?

When they took their first glance at a Reflective Jacket, they were completely astonished to know about its multi usages in Nighttime activities like Jogging and Cycling as well as its use as general outdoor wear. This useful wearable is also being featured by some famous brands as a fashion icon.

However, the problem is that the high-end jackets costing more than $500 are either really expensive or often almost impractical during day time. On the other hand, products costing from $20 to $80 are mostly of cheap quality because of using the same fabric of raincoats that makes the jackets heavy, non-breathable, unattractive, and somewhat rigid. Meanwhile the reflective layer goes off easily.

Introducing DuoTek

DuoTek Fabrics

Coating of reflective material makes the fabric unbreathable and somewhat rigid. The DuoTek Ultra Performance Fabric or in short DTUP Fabric developed by the FULLFRAME DESIGN, that makes it the very first in industry to develop a unique tech fabric that is softly reflective, anti-UV, breathable and waterproof at the same time while still keeping it ultralight and comfortable.


2 sides = Daytime Performance + Night Time Performance. Unlike other jackets, that are only wearable in a situation or time, the DuoTek provides you a multi-featured jacket either its day or night regardless of any season that makes it a two in one package deal.

Side A(GREY): Developed & designed to be reflective at night to keep you visible in dark.

Side B (BLACK): With an amazing anti-UV material, it is protecting you from Sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiations.

Ultra Light

Making a jacket super lightweight is just a simple task but making a Reversible Jacket with super-lightweight is on another level. Our DuoTek Jacket just weighs as much as an orange that makes it the lightest reversible jacket in the world.

Made to be packed easily and even much easier to carry in a daypack.

Simplistic Design

Its YKK zippers provide you with not one, not two, but FIVE waterproof pockets.

Moreover, its Rear pocket has Velcro design to store your phone safely and more conveniently when running.

Hood with drawstrings to keep you covered so that you can easily rack up miles in the heavy rain.

Machine washable for easy care.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $149 ($50 off). Hurry, Only 3/410 left!

This leather backpack travel system holds four days of gear for commuters and travelers

With a family history of working with leather since the 1860s, Mitch Bank perhaps knows leather better than anyone. Having seen leather being produced, right from pre-tanning to its finishing stages at Wickett & Craig, I’m sort of compelled to take his word when he says that leather bags have , for the most part, existed on the more fashionable side of the spectrum than functional and comfortable. The quintessential leather bag hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years, although lifestyles have… and Mitch feels that needs to change. The Highlander is the bag he believes combines the premium touch of high-quality leather in a form factor of a bag that’s built for the future. All this without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Highlander is a backpack with the soul of a suitcase. Rather than following the single-strap duffle template that can often result in having a leather strap cut into your shoulder, the Highlander uses two padded straps to distribute the weight of the bag on your shoulders, allowing you to easily carry up to 4-days worth of clothes on your back without breaking a sweat. A full-perimeter zipper allows you to open the bag like you would a suitcase, or a book. Splitting the volume into two halves, the Highlander uses a rather unique compartment/sleeve system that’s perfect for storing anything from clothes to books to even your laptop. Garments remain sorted, organized, and un-crushed while all your belongings have their own designated spots, giving the Highlander the space of a small suitcase in the convenience of a backpack.

The Highlander comes with a solid, weatherproof exterior featuring Wickett & Craig’s superior leather as well as waxed canvas for a nice contrast. The bag’s proprietary leather is, in fact, so durable and waterproof that Mitch claims you can could practically live through a thunderstorm with it. On the inside, the bag comes made from a combination of nylon and polyurethane, with leather trims giving the Highlander its one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The bag’s straps are padded with felt, allowing you to carry it on your shoulders with relative ease, while quick-access pockets on the back mean you don’t need to dig around for your belongings like your passport, phone, or wallet while sprinting through the airport. Available in multiple colors, the Highlander takes on two common phenomena associated with leather bags. It one-ups those classy, but poorly designed duffles that are difficult to navigate around with, and puts expensive, branded leather bags with thousand-dollar price tags right in its cross-hairs. Plus, with more than a century and a half of working with leather, I’d expect the Highlander’s construction to be absolutely top-notch.

Designer: Mitch Bank

Click Here to Buy Now: $233 $333 (30% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

The Highlander Backpack

The Highlander Backpack is a 2-4 day travel system, that was designed to go from land, to air, to sea, or wherever else your adventures (or simple errands) take you.

Travel Made Easy

The Highlander was designed by a regular guy who was tired of the usual pains that come with frequent travel. Their mission is simple: to make your life easier. Period. And they do that by creating the world’s best leather products.

The Story Behind the Leather Used in The Highlander Backpack

Founded in 1867, Wickett & Craig is a world premiere vegetable tannery. A labor-intensive method that requires skilled workers, veg-tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces durable, exquisite leathers recognized for their depth of color and rich patina. Simply put our leathers not only endure, but get better with age.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, today Wickett & Craig calls Curwensville, Pennsylvania home, making it one of the only specialty vegetable tanneries in the U.S.A.

Lifetime Guarantee

There are many out there that talk a big game about quality, but not many offer up a lifetime guarantee. But they are pretty darn confident that your Highlander Backpack will last a long, long time. Which is why they guarantee your Highlander for life.

100% Weatherproof Materials

Most leather bags are not designed to withstand a light drizzle, let alone a thunderstorm. With their proprietary weatherproof leather, their waxed cotton canvas, special treated felt straps, and cable stitching, they challenge you to take it on even your most treacherous adventures. Seriously.

Click Here to Buy Now: $233 $333 (30% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

This adorable egg-holder and boiler turns your poultry into penguins!

Designed in a way that not only holds your eggs but also transforms them into quirky penguins, the Egguins from Peleg Design allows you to store as well as boil as many as 6 eggs together.

Made from heat-resistant and food-safe plastic, the Egguins are an innovative way to store, boil, or serve eggs. The hollow penguin shape allows you to slide eggs (both small and large) into it, completing it visually and making it look like a flock of Emperor Penguins ready to dash right into the water (the visual metaphor of connecting the egg, the bird, and the water is just perfect)! Immerse the Egguins into a saucepan of boiling water using the handle above, and just lift them out when you’re done boiling them to the softness or hardness of your choice. More of an omelet or a sunny-side-up kind of guy? You can use the Egguins to innovatively (and adorably) store your eggs in your fridge. Penguins do enjoy the cold, don’t they??

Designers: Maya Sarfati & Lilach Greenblatt (Peleg Design)

This award-winning inhaler guides your behavior into using it correctly and effectively

Designer of the Flohaler, James Plimmer, didn’t want to just make another inhaler that did a better job than the last, or that looked more stylish than most clinical-looking bronchial inhalers. Plimmer wanted to influence human behavior into inhaling correctly. The Flohaler’s form, in that regard, doesn’t follow function, but rather dictates it. Designed to subconsciously guide the human into taking the dosage more effectively, the Flohaler’s tilted mouthpiece makes you want to tilt your head backwards, streamlining your airway as a result. Another common problem with inhalers is that patients often breathe the dose in too quickly. A narrower mouthpiece takes care of that problem by limiting the rate at which the dose flows through the inhaler and into the mouth, reducing drug deposition in the back of the throat. Designed to not just be more useful but more accessible too, the inhaler comes in a carefully selected color palette, allowing the color-blind to differentiate between different inhalers, while braille type molded right into the Flohaler’s body allows the visually impaired to tell the difference between different inhalers. A recipient of multiple design and innovation awards, Plimmer says that the Flohaler shows a dramatic improvement in the way patients inhale their medicines.

Designer: James Plimmer

Vollebak’s new 100% biodegradable T-Shirt is made from plants and algae!

Another new month, another new experimental garment from the inimitable creative apparel powerhouse that is VolleBak… except this time they haven’t made a hoodie that glows, or can be worn on Mars, or is made from graphene or carbon fiber. This time they’ve created a garment that doesn’t consciously last thousands of years, but rather, turns into worm-food when you’re done wearing it. VolleBak’s bizzarely eco-friendly shirt uses a never-seen-before one-of-a-kind yarn made from pulped eucalyptus, spruce, and beech, along with a print that’s created using the world’s most abundant flora… algae!

“The only thing different about this T-shirt is that it grew in soil and water, and that’s where it’s designed to end up too. All you need to do is remember to compost it at the end of its life. Here it will biodegrade with them, turn into soil, and help new plants to grow,” explains Vollebak co-founder, Steve Tidball. The yarn is produced using wood-pulp from sustainably managed forests, while the green print on it is derived from algae grown in a bioreactor, before being passed through a filter and dried to form a powder that’s turned into ink. Since algae can’t survive outside water, the print technically isn’t ‘living’, and will fade over time like a patina, making each shirt unique. When you’re done wearing the shirt, just bury it underground and it completely biodegrades in 12 weeks, turning into compost that can then grow new trees. Sustainable fashion, y’all!

Designer: VolleBak