The SHAPL Design Contest Will Turn your Renders into Reality

SHAPL is providing industrial designers with the opportunity of a lifetime. The SHAPL Design Contest wants to take your concept designs and bring them into the real world, as real products that people can buy, own, and use!

The SHAPL Design Competition stems from a very different place when pitted against other design competitions. While most design competitions want to reward good design skills, SHAPL wants to bring them to life. The SHAPL Design Contest exists solely to give designers and their concept designs the boost they need to turn renders into reality. The process is simple. Upload your design, and it gets judged not just by a jury, but also by consumers who would love to own the product. Consumers vote for products they like, bringing the human-centric element into the competition, allowing the market to choose the most market-ready, market-worthy product… while the jury panel also help vet designs based on practicality, aesthetics, and overall appeal. Winners not only see their products turn into reality, but also get patents to their designs, and hefty cash prizes of up to $20,000. (With total cash prizes amounting to $100,000!)

Back after a successful first edition of the SHAPL Design Contest, entries for the 2nd SHAPL Design Contest are now open (and free) to everyone worldwide, whether you’re an enthusiast, student, professional, or studio. The contest is a great tool to freely gauge market interest in your concepts, and a wonderful way to launch your student projects, passion projects, or portfolio side-projects into the limelight. The design contest is open to any category of industrial/product design as long as your design can fit into a 900 cubic millimeter box (assembled or disassembled)… If you’ve been published on Yanko Design, take it from us, your designs stand an even stronger chance of being one of the 13 winners of the SHAPL Design Contest! Go ahead and participate (did we mention, it’s free)! Entries are open till the 20th of December 2018. Go give your renders the limelight and opportunity they deserve! Scroll down to check out some of the past winners!

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Below: 2017-18 Winners


01. Docking Dryer by Ko

Hair-dryers are usually massive ‘L’ shaped objects with bulky, wired designs that don’t embody sleekness from any angle. The Docking Dryer, however, does. With a swiveling handle, the dryer goes from being an L shaped mass to an I shaped mass that then docks into its wireless charging dock, turning into a slick, slim cylinder, making your bathroom counter or makeup table look less cluttered and more streamlined and beautiful!


02. Terra by Patrick Krassnitzer, Ferdinand Aichriedler & Manuel Hess

The Terra forms an essential part of your house, much like the fire alarm. Designed to alert homeowners in the event of an earthquake (made for disaster-prone areas around the Pacific Ocean), the Terra uses audio and light to raise an alarm when it gets wind of an earthquake in the area or in neighboring areas. Rather than rely on the internet (which may get disrupted or overloaded), the Terra receives communication via radio waves, making it much more effective in alerting people when it gets news of an approaching tremor.


03. Redline by Conreur

The Redline is part pollution mask, part emergency alert beacon. It straps to your face, filtering pollutants in the air so you have clean air to breathe as you make your exit or wait for rescue. It also comes with a red tab that activates the beacon when pulled. An LED ring around the mask lights up, blinking periodically to catch the eye of rescuers, while the beacon also beams out its GPS location to help people track you better. Quite a marvelous product to be brought to reality!

임테기 파이널

04. The Present by Byeong Jae Ha, JaeHeum Lee, Chieun Jang, Jisu Kim

The term ‘testing positive’ can be pretty ambiguous as to most people, it isn’t a clear term. Besides, the same term could be used for something as life-threatening as a disease, or as life-affirming as pregnancy. So The Present helps make things easier to understand. Essentially a pregnancy test with a tiny detail included to make things clearer, The Present comes with a display window that shows a plus sign for a positive pregnancy, but what’s really pleasing is the ribbon-esque design detail on top of the window that makes the plus sign and the display window look like a gift or a present, which truly is a heart-warming metaphor for a baby!


Click Here to Upload Your Design to the 2nd SHAPL Design Contest! Hurry, submissions are open till the 20th of December 2018!

The bi-fold wallet that has tricks up its sleeve!

I’d have loved to make a joke about card tricks (because the wallet holds cards), but I guess you just have to work with the cards you’re dealt (booyah). The Flip Flop Wallet by Bodega is probably the most interesting bifold wallet I’ve seen in quite a long time (comparable to Garzini Cavare’s Magic Wallet). It comes with two folding lines… one running vertically down the middle, giving it the characteristic of a bifold and allowing it to open and close like a book, and one running diagonally, letting you fold the open wallet from one corner to the other, to create a W-shaped wallet that neatly displays your cards and lets you pick the ones you want to use.

The Flip-Flop’s interaction is fun and does provide enough functionality so that it’s not a gimmick… it’s just a really cool wallet! The wallet’s slim and compact, fitting easily into your front or back pockets, and comes with a molded leather exterior and stitch-less construction, so it lasts long and doesn’t fall apart. It comes with a leather exterior, for the style, and a suede interior that gives the inside a velvety touch. The wallet stores up to 8 cards, and can also store banknotes if folded. It even packs RFID Blocking, protecting your cards and money from unwarranted scans or cyber hacks.

The Flip Flop just makes owning a wallet interesting! Unfold it to open it out into a rectangular shape and you’ve got yourself a regular bifold. Fold it down its diagonal spine and you’ve got a wallet that puts your cards out on display, wowing everyone around! Just be safe because your friends may expect you to foot the bill after seeing your magical little wallet!

Designer: Bodega










Do you ever wonder what paper clips looked like 150 years ago?


If you do wonder what paper clips looked like in eras long gone by, Clip Art (clever wordplay alert?) is a wonderful history lesson in paper clip design. The series features ten different paper clips from 1860 to 1934, recreated from ancient patent records. While we’re pretty happy now in 2018 with the stapler, or the default paper clip (Clippy from Microsoft Office, if one remembers it), the Clip Art is a series worth collecting and admiring, especially for the way it captures how subtly different paper clips looked during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods (and possibly even how visual styles could be partially dictated by industrial production techniques). The Clip Art also comes with a Clip Chart, a paperback book that ‘charts’ the journey and the evolution of the humble paper clip that could easily be one of the most significantly important inventions in the age of the office.

Designer: Present & Correct

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Let There be Portable Light & Charging

I love it when gadgets disguise themselves as decor. If you look at any of Google’s home products, they make use of domestic-friendly colors, soft forms, and even fabric clads. The design team feels that a device (electronic or not) that sits in your home should blend into its homely atmosphere, not look like something from Blade Runner. Edgy, futuristic products don’t sit well in cozy homes. The Lucis 3.0 follows that thumb rule by making tech more domestic and versatile at the same time. The result is a product that doesn’t just look beautiful in an apartment, it serves its multiple purposes wonderfully too, making it a great product in both departments.

The Lucis 3.0 is essentially a battery with multiple components attached to it, most perceivably, a lamp. However, the Lucis 3.0’s battery also serves as a power bank, and comes with a wireless charging surface too, so the Lucis 3.0 can not only illuminate rooms, it can juice your phone too.

Styled to look primarily like a lighting device, the Lucis 3.0 comes with a capsule shape that either sits independently or on a quaint three-legged wooden stand. Designed with contemporary styling, the device fits well in most modern homes, serving as a neat table lamp that can be carried around with you and placed anywhere in the house. With a dimmable LED on the inside, the Lucis 3.0 can set the mood while also allowing you to choose between 16 million colors. The 8000mAH battery on the inside gives the LED 88 hours of power, or can even fully charge your phone twice.

With a light at one end, the other end of the Lucis serves as a wireless power bank. Invert the Lucis and place your phone on top of the flat surface and it instantly begins charging. The bank comes with a built-in outlet too, allowing you to use a cable to charge your phone. Its robust casing is made to be splash proof, so you can use the Lucis at the poolside, the dining table, or even in the bathtub. Choose between a Simple dual-color lamp variant, or the Twist Color with a dimmer dial and a 16 million color LED bulb to light up your life and power your phone. You’ve even got a wide choice of stands and accessories that allow the Lucis to blend into your decor as well as stand out as a well-designed, home-friendly piece of tech!

Designers: Simon Koop & Bob van Houten

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $135 (41% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!


Lucis™ introduces 4 brand new wireless, touch-activated mood light with built-in power bank and wireless charging functions.



Lucis 3.0 Simple Models


Lucis 3.0 Twist Models


The all-new Lucis 3.0 is equipped with strong RBG full-Color LEDS that have a maximum output of 180 up to 250 Lumen (30watt).


Packed with an enormous battery capacity Lucis™ 3.0 will give you up to 88 Hours of continuous lighting!


Lucis is equipped with special touch sensors that control the brightness and dimming. Touch the sensors and play with light. All Lucis lamps are made from high quality matt plexiglass upper housing and solid aluminum ring. Lucis is the ideal splash proof portable lamp.


Indoor or outdoor; you determine the atmosphere. This Dutch-design LED lamp produces over 16 million colors that can be enjoyed in any setting.



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The Google Titan is a physical key that’s more secure than passwords

Passwords are pretty much the vanguards of internet security. Your phone may have facial recognition or fingerprint scanning, but ultimately, to log into a secure account, you need a password, or a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, known only by you. The Password is the most widely accepted form of security, but it isn’t entirely the most foolproof. People can guess your passwords, crack them, or gain access to them by breaching the servers that host your data. By adding a second layer of security (two-factor authentication) to your profiles, you make them secure, but you make logging in a much more arduous process, where the price of privacy is time and patience. Google’s Titan security key, however, makes 2FA (2-factor auth) easy by literally being a singular, physical key that unlocks your profiles. Within the Titan lies Google’s state-of-the-art firmware that allows only you, with your Titan Key, to log into your accounts. The firmware is so secure that Google’s 85,000 employees rely on them too.

The Titan comes in two device formats. A USB Key that works with laptops, and a Bluetooth-powered key module that lets you use Titan on your phone or tablet. The process is simple. Just enable 2FA and opt into the Titan security program. Then plug your Titan key in and you’re good to go. Every time you want to log into your G-Suite account (the Titan works with other major services like Facebook and Dropbox too), type your password in and tap the button on the Titan for that extra bit of verification.

Google envisions the Titan being perfect for IT professionals, politicians, journalists, and anyone who takes security seriously. The Titan adds that crucial, physical layer of security to your accounts so someone with your password can’t access your data without the physical Titan key. The Titan comes with a small size and a hole to let you attach it to your keyring with your other keys. Just maybe don’t lose the Titan!

Designer: Google

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A perfect slice of minimalism!


Made from a single piece of flat stainless steel, the One-Piece Knife is exactly that. Minimalism at its best, the knife is strong and features a flat blade that curls into a pipe to form a handle that’s good to hold onto. The full-tang design (where the blade extends all the way from the tip to the end of the handle) gives the knife great maneuverability too, making it aesthetic but incredibly useful too. The knife comes made entirely out of a 1.5mm thin sheet of stainless steel, with not one single rivet, screw, or glued part. In that regard, the One-Piece Knife is a hallmark of true minimalism!

Designer: Johanna Gauder



This Rescue Drone turns into a human safety net

I’ve always maintained that a robot should be built to do things humans can’t. Drones also fall in the same category. We can teach drones to perform high-risk activities and pull off rescue attempts that a human couldn’t do, either because of physical limitations, or because of health risks. This is the Net Guard Drone. It falls perfectly into the category I just described… well, ‘falls’ may not be the most appropriate word.

The Net Drone is a single unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made together by joining four identical quadrants with propellers. The drone takes off into the sky to rescue victims stuck at the top of high-rises in the event of a calamity requiring evacuation. It then, promptly, splits into four parts, as a safety net unfurls between the individual parts, creating a protective bed the victim can jump onto. Once the victim lands safely in the net, the drone carries them to safety, ensuring no human lives are endangered in the high-altitude, high-risk rescue attempt. While the technology to pull off such a complex rescue doesn’t really exist, the concept definitely makes a great case for how drones should be built in the future to assist humans in life-threatening situations.

The Net Guard is a winner of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award for the year 2018.

Designers: Liu Xiang, Diao Hao-Ming, Li Hao-Hu, Zhu Nan-Tong, Li Guo-Yu & Hu Zhen-Yuan (Guangdong Polytechnic University)




YD JOB ALERT: Fuseproject is looking for a Senior Industrial Designer


fuseproject, a studio started by Yves Behar, is looking for a Senior Industrial Designer to join their team in San Francisco, CA. fuseproject has been responsible for the designs behind many winning brands like Jawbone, Sodastream, Tile, WD, Paypal, August Systems, and many more. With their signature approach to design intervention, fuseproject has been one of the most influential design studios the world has ever seen, providing award-winning services that span across innovation, strategy, industrial design, brand design, and even digital design!


fuseproject is currently seeking a Senior Industrial Designer that has an outstanding product portfolio and experience building and guiding a team of designers.


– Defining and leading the activities required to generate a clear, compelling, and actionable design point of view for the project team.

– Primary content creator responsible for all Design deliverables on the project.

– Collaborating with account mangers and design leads to define and refine scope, brief, and approach to the project.

– Interacting independently with the client to further fuseproject’s design point of view and to support the continuity of design vision throughout the production process.

– Mentoring Level I & II Industrial Designers and Interns.

– Working with HR to identify and recruit talent for the team.

– Ongoing and day-to-day involvement with the client’s engineering, science/R&D, operations, and manufacturing teams.

– Collaborating closely with the product portfolio director leading the European fuse team, supporting the strategic design direction of the portfolio in-line with fuse SF creative leadership.

– Ability to communicate effectively with design teams on a daily base.


– 5-8 years of relevant experience in marketing, product design/development, brand management, strategic product planning, strategy consulting, or equivalent

– Live, breathe, love design

– Experience with major national or international brands a must

– Consulting agency experience a must

– Deep knowledge of materials, plastic and metal production processes

– Deep understanding of quality control and other techniques for manufacturing

– Willingness to take direction and learn from others

– Passionate thinker about consumer behavior

– Multilingual skills are welcome

– Sensitivity to international consumers and markets

– Bachelor’s degree in Industrial/Product Design


This role will be dedicated to one specific client for at least an 18 month period.


San Francisco, USA.


Visit our Job Board to view similar jobs or to post a Job Opening.

The tiniest HDMI adapter turns your iPad into a home theater


2018 marks the year that Type-C became the big standard it promised it would be. With the iPad Pro adopting it, alongside the MacBook (and rumors that the iPhone would too), Type-C finally made its way across all dominant operating systems, from Windows, to Chrome OS, to Mac, to Android, and iOS. So if there’s a good time to start adopting Type-C (or USB-C), it’s right now.

The beauty of the Type-C standard is that its compact and universal. It’s present everywhere, and works everywhere, and pretty much does anything from power supply to data transfer, to even low-latency, high-quality image transfer. That’s where Nonda’s USB-C to HDMI Adapter comes in. Incredibly small (just about the size of a coin), the Nonda USB-C HDMI Adapter can be stashed anywhere, from pockets to compartments in your backpack, and can be pulled out at the right moment to convert your idle USB-C port into an HDMI input. The adapter comes with its own foldable cable, giving you the flexibility and freedom to connect your projector, display, or television to your iPad, MacBook, Windows laptop, or your Android phone. It supports playing 4K UHD videos at 60Hz with absolutely no flicker or lag, letting you take your portable devices and beam content from them onto larger, more immersive displays. Whether it’s an office presentation, a seminar, daily work that requires a large display, a movie-binge, sports-night, or the greatest game of Fortnite ever, the Nonda USB-C to HDMI Adapter has you sorted, giving your Type-C port the power and versatility it made so many promises of, and giving you the ability to take your portable devices and expand their screens tenfold!

Designer: Nonda

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The pocket knife that slides into your wallet


If you’re the kind of person who’s enthusiastic about EDC, but not the kind of person to carry much around with you, the Lynx fits in that exact niche. The size and shape of a credit card, the Lynx by JHO Knives slips right into your minimalist wallet or card holder. Sitting among your regular cards, the Lynx can be pulled out whenever you’re in a fix, letting you cut or slice through any material that may require cutting or slicing through. Its VG10 steel construction is cryogenically hardened, making it one of the hardest and finest blades on the market, and the card even comes with a perforated texture on top that provides an incredible grip, letting you work the blade with sheer ease, without it slipping out of your grip. When you’re done, slip it into its bitumised paper sheath and slide it back into your wallet, to be stealthily carried around in your back pocket!

Designer: JHO Knives

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