Sound that’s beautiful to look at…


I can conclusively say, with just enough evidence that the French make some irresistibly sexy audio devices. The Devialet Phantom, even today, remains my favorite speaker (god bless me with enough money to afford it someday), and now the Marble Sound System comes in at a close second place. Unusually simple and simply unusual, the speaker uses a marble body and a wooden audio deflector to create a balanced, surround sound feel.

The choice of marble seems unusual, but it gives the speaker an aesthetic that feels almost built for Scandinavian-style homes. Made by marblemason Jérémy Caudron, the Marble Sound System comes in white marble and black granite. In front of it, is a wooden deflector that looks far from being wooden. Coated with a thin pearlescent film, the deflector changes color based on where you look at it from, but that’s the only part of the experience that changes. The audio, thanks to the skills of acoustic engineer Mathias Rémy, is well balanced and dispersed. The Marble Sound System is literally a visual and acoustic delight!

Designers: Jérémy Caudron, Mathias Rémy & Fabien Lemarchand












Images by Alexandre Echasseriau

A Car’s Brake Lights on a Bike

We’ve made leaps and bounds in car safety. AI image recognition, algorithm after algorithm being able to predict what to do what not to do… so that the driver is safe, but what about two-wheelers? Little has been done to allow bike riders to enjoy that sort of safety. In the USA alone, bicycle casualties are in the 4-digit figures (per year).

Probably the smartest thing to find itself on the bicycle, the Lucnt SRL1 looks at the bigger picture. While the world works on making bicycles more efficient, electric, durable, versatile, the Lucnt SRL1 makes bikes SAFE. Sitting right under your seat, the Lucnt is like car brake lights but on your bike. It knows when you’re accelerating or braking probably before even you can realize, and relays that information to the driver/rider behind you and the world around you.

As smart as it is, the Lucnt is also smartly designed. Milled out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Lucnt is light yet durable. It contains 4 LEDs and multiple sensors that know exactly when you’re speeding up or slowing down, relaying the signals to the LEDs that can then efficiently indicate to the driver behind. The Lucnt can be used in two different modes, a steady mode that shines all four LEDs at 10% intensity when you’re moving and at 100% intensity when you brake. It also has a blinking mode, that uses all four LEDs to blink and indicate speed to the driver behind you too. The Lucnt is weather-proof, and the LEDs have incredible visibility, allowing it to be used in virtually any scenario, be it urban or on an adventure trail. The battery on the Lucnt can run for 20 hours on a single charge in blinking mode, and uses your go-to MicroUSB for charging.

What Lucnt does is brings technology on the right track (no pun intended). There’s little a helmet can do to save you, but the Lucnt does the rest. Its ability to gauge, analyze, and execute in a split second makes it less of a bike light and more of a safety device that should be given as much importance as any of the protective gear you wear while riding a bicycle.

Designers: Arash & Mehdi Malek

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Your pocketable pixel playground

The Dotti is cute, but more importantly, it’s versatile. In fact, it’s so versatile it’s capable of being used for a dizzyingly large variety of things. Outwardly, this box is an array of lights that can light up to notify you when you get… well… notifications, but it’s much more than that. It’s a canvas, that allows you to not just create your own art within its 8X8 framework, you can even pair multiple Dottis together to make a larger canvas for you to draw on.

The Dotti comes with a few tricks up its sleeves too. It acts as a clock when not delivering app or phone notifications to you. Play music and the Dotti comes alive by showing a dancing equalizer… and my favorite Easter egg is the game mode, that allows the Dotti to function as a die (singular for dice?). Shake the Dotti and it’ll flash a random number from 1 to 6, functioning as a die that you can play games with. Built with a lithium-ion battery that gives it as much as 750 hours of use on a single charge, there’s a lot the Dotti can do to not just keep you in the loop, but also keep you entertained!

Designer: Witti Design

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This EDC is your key to freedom

Introduce one, just one Evade Clip into any kidnapping movie and its outcome would be completely different. That’s because, just as its name suggests, the Evade Clip was designed to let you escape from virtually any scenario. Tied up by ropes? The Stainless Steel blade will cut through the toughest paracords. Trapped in a car? The clip comes with a carbide tip that can shatter most glass panes with a single strike. Locked in/out of a place? The Carbide rod will literally cut through metal padlocks and chains. How about door-locks? The Evade Clip even comes with a 3-piece lockpick set that can best any lock, if you choose.

Designed to fit easily into pockets, the Evade Clip is a literal key to freedom. In the unlikely event that you may need to escape, the Evade Clip provides you with potentially life-saving tools in an incredibly small form factor. It’s sometimes much easier to evade problems than to tackle them. The Evade Clip ensures you’ll have everything you need to get out of any sticky situation.

Designer: TIHK

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Chandeliers from the future!


A silver winner of the LG OLED Design Competition, the Versailles Chandelier by Alexandre Boucher mixes history with the future. It uses flexible OLED technology to create a chandelier that visually stays true to its roots, mimicking the overall silhouette, but rather than using bulbs to illuminate the massive lighting fixture (and glass/crystals to disperse the light), the Versailles Chandelier lights up itself, thanks to the properties of OLEDs.

Fit to be seen in any palace ballroom, the Versailles chandelier has a luxury-meets-steampunk appeal. Paper-thin, and extremely energy efficient (courtesy the LEDs), the chandelier manages to look modern and vintage both at the same time. It may not be as intricate and ornate as its ancestors, but it definitely isn’t something your eyes could ignore!

Designer: Alexandre Boucher













This card case is a single leather piece


It’s incredible what one can achieve out of a single piece of leather. The Tsutumu card holder is made from a stamped piece of leather. That’s literally the only production process it went through (aside from the branding being stamped into it too). No glue, no stitches, no rivets. Just pure leather. Basing itself on the Japanese culture of wrapping valued items carefully (google Furoshiki), the Tsutumu comes flat-packed and can easily be folded into shape. Its design ensures it holds its shape while holding cards within it too!

Elegant, simple, stylish, and differently vibrant, the Tsutumu cases wrap around your cards in a way that looks beautiful and unusual. The leather ages with time, gathering a beautiful patina, but the case itself lives on for years and years!

Designer: Hirotaka Satoh

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World’s tiniest life-jacket

The Ploota is remarkable for a lot of reasons. The Sensor Controlled Swimming Safety Device sits around your neck, and will trigger when it comes in contact with water, but even comes with a manual trigger. Sitting around your neck, the Ploota is compact, innovative, reusable, and like I mentioned earlier, remarkable. Here’s a bunch of reasons why. A. Unlike most life-jackets that keep you afloat all the time, the Ploota can be used underwater or in the water too. It means you can go swimming, snorkeling or deep sea diving with it on and trigger it only when you need to be brought to the surface. In that manner, the Ploota can be worn by more people and therefore it can save more lives. B. Probably 1/50th the size of a regular foam-based life jacket, the Ploota is compact, allowing you to carry/store 50 times more life-jackets with you in the same space, hence saving more lives in the event of a disaster. C. Its tiny form factor (it weighs only 280gms) allows you to do more without being weighed down by a bulky chest-strapped jacket. Designed to look sleeker and honestly, cooler, the Ploota is something more people will want to wear.

The Ploota sits relatively snugly around the neck. When it inflates, thanks to the refillable-CO2 cartridges in the front, two bags on the side (above the shoulder) inflate immediately, bringing you to the surface of the water. The Ploota is reusable, as the bags can easily be rolled back into their enclosure and the CO2 cartridges replaced. Given that as many as 372,000 people drown every year, the Ploota’s ability to be used in any and every scenario and its small size can literally ensure MANY more lives are saved.

Designers: Rainer Fakesch, T. Storti & C. Rummel (Ploota)








Fold is gold!


As pretty as a picture, the Fold Pendant Lamp uses origami and repetitive geometry to charm, and to hypnotize. Made out of wool, the structure uses a series of bends and folds to create a pattern that looks stunning regardless of whether the light is on or not, making it a decorative piece in the day, and an absolutely beautiful light-source post sunset.

Made for Scandinavian retail company, Northern, the Fold is designed to complement minimal homes with its almost-centeripece-ish style. The lamp, available in three pastel hues, comes made from wool (a result of several years of experimentation and development, making it a unique hybrid of hand-craftsmanship and fibre innovation), that not only diffuses the light beautifully, but also acts as a sound absorbing panel, allowing you to have a nice, peaceful, well-lit zen-spot right under the lamp.

Designer: Foldability for Northern





For when your ideas are worth gold

Here’s a pen you’ll definitely not want to lend! The Gold Rush Pen has, on its cap, a piece of gold suspended in a transparent housing. Designed with the need to capture the spirit of the Californian Gold Rush in the 19th century, the Gold Rush pen truly makes your writing priceless.

The Gold Rush pen, with its golden headpiece, is almost akin to the finest swords which had jewels encrusted in them. Treated not just as a writing instrument, but as an instrument of change, a product that has been responsible for the rise of modern civilization, the pen gets its due credit with a crown that shows to you and everyone around you how both precious and powerful it is at the same time.

All the gold sourced for the Gold Rush pen comes from America, and is made to go through strict quality testing to ensure that all the gold is of the best quality, and the most optimal size and shape. When embedded in the pen, the nugget is showcased in its most natural form. The Gold Rush pen comes four types. A fountain pen, for the connoisseur, a ball-point for the classic, a roller-ball for the perfectionist, and a mechanical pencil variant for the creative. The pens come made in Black Resin or Sintered Titanium, and boast of a lifetime guarantee!

Designer: James Glass (Pen Infinity)









AR glasses Steve Jobs would be proud of


Even though this product doesn’t exist (yet), the Apple Glasses Concept is as Apple-esque as it gets. Taeyeon’s observations and execution help make a product outside Apple’s catalog (yet) appear so innately Apple, you probably wouldn’t question any of his design choices.

The Apple Glasses are a conceptual pair of AR glasses that marry AR technology (an area Apple is a pioneer in now) along with product design that’s truly representative of what Apple stands for. Simple, sophisticated, and stylish, the Glasses truly make Apple look like the fashion tech brand it is. The circular lens shape and minimal styling is hipster and also pays tribute to the spectacles Jobs wore. It employs a play between matte and gloss, using colors iPhone users are familiar with, while also borrowing the detaching-templepiece detail from the Apple Watch. While Apple has made no indications to move into the headset space, and even if they did, they probably wouldn’t make something that looked like this… but if anything, the Apple Glasses are truly a culmination of the body of work Apple has produced in the past few years!

Designer: Taeyeon Kim