The Hydration Notification Bottle!

My father’s solution to pretty much any ailment is water. From skin problems, to constipation, to dehydration (obviously), he says there’s nothing a nice glass of water can’t solve. This is a man who drinks 5-7 liters of water each day. Meanwhile, I celebrate if I can finish two liters in 24 hours.

I guess it’s just that I’m not conditioned to keep myself hydrated. I forget, and that’s something I see happening with most of us. The bottle’s right there on my table, but unless it’s filled with Pumpkin Spice Latte, it gets ignored. The Dot Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle was designed to perform the simple trick of reminding you to drink. Joseph Joseph, known for their incredibly innovative products, outdid themselves with a rather clever cap that has a way of tracking the number of times the bottle’s been opened or closed. This shows up on the cap as a white dot (for every time you open and close the lid).

The dot-based system was made to remind you to constantly drink water. Each dot is indicative of a 15 minute time frame, so the Dot bottle was designed with 4 dots to signify an hour, and a bottle volume to hold the amount of water we must consume in an hour.

The magic lies in the Dot’s cap. It comes with a ratchet-based mechanism that causes the dots to increment when you tighten the cap of the bottle after having a sip. The bottle comes even with a no-dot reading because you’d be required to open the cap when you refill the bottle with water. Genius, isn’t it?!

Designer: Joseph Joseph







MIT’s truly wireless charger!

No. Wireless charging isn’t great. I’ll tell you why. Because you need to rest your phone on the charging plate at all times! That’s so limiting that it’s a deal-breaker for me. I like moving my phone around while it’s charging, and that’s fine if it’s tethered to a plug-point via a cable. Make that wireless and my phone will have to stay exactly in one position to charge. Lift it off the charging plate and it stops. To me, that’s a downgrade.

However, the guys at MIT (It’s always the guys at MIT) cracked the impossible! The over-the-air Pi Charger can charge your devices as long as they’re in a 1-foot range! The Pi sits on any desk, looking like a lampshade crossed itself with an Amazon Echo. However, what it does is truly ground-breaking. Without wires, or even contact, the Pi charges your devices by sending magnetic waves through the air. All Pi requires is a specialized charging case that receives signals from the Pi and you’re good to go. The case not only charges your device, but also protects it from accidental falls too. Go ahead and place the Pi in any room and it will charge all devices within a 12 inch radius. The Pi is safe to use, and guess what… you can pretty much do anything with your phone/tablet without having to worry about cables or ports being blocked by them. Wireless charging at its true potential!

Designer: Enlisted Design for Pi.







Eastern Western Cutlery!

A great product experience is usually a result of two things. A great concept, and great execution. That’s what Lekue’s Twin One cutlery set is. The very idea that two pieces of cutlery can naturally lock into one another and become a third entirely different piece of cutlery is an ambitious one, but Lekue executes it brilliantly, creating a winner set of eating instruments.

Designed for two different cuisines, the Twin One can be used individually as a fork and knife. The plastic construction makes it easy to carry and maintain while being able to work its way through any food, including meat. However, when you make the switch from occidental to oriental cuisine, the fork and knife interlock, becoming a pair of chopsticks that have their own spring mechanism, making it easier for the chopstick novice to use. The chopsticks can be gripped and operated like a pair of mini-tongs. The fork and knife interlock and snap together, so that they don’t fall apart. The choice of polymer and a clever bit of detailing+engineering on the knife allow the chopsticks to have a spring action that lets you stay true to the cuisine by eating its food the desired (traditional) way and not using a spoon… or worse, your hands!

Designer: Lekue









A tea brewer from the mountains

The mark of a good cup of tea is in its color. The correct hue is indicative of a well-timed brew, achieved by steeping the water and tea leaves for a precise amount of time. Under-brew it and you have a weak cup of tea (which no one likes), over-brew it and the leaves start releasing tannins, making your tea darker and imparting a bitter taste to it.

The Trickle is a completely analog tea dripper. By virtue of its design, Trickle times your brew, allowing your tea to steep for exactly the correct amount of time. Based on the type of tea leaves used, and the quantity, the Trickle can be set to calibrate your brew by the minute, allowing fresh, precisely brewed tea to drip into your cup. The base of the Trickle has three different sized holes. The larger the hole, the faster the steeping time. When you place the tea leaf-separator plate in, it blocks any two given holes, allowing the third free hole to be used for the dripping process. Just place the leaves in one compartment and pour hot water into the other and the Trickle does its magic, allowing the water and leaves to intermingle while only the freshly brewed and strained liquid comes gently pouring out.

As marvelous as the Trickle is, its manufacturing is even more fascinating. Designed as a quality product made by indigenous craftsmen, the Trickle was created to give employment to the Chundharey craft community, native to Sikkim, India. Each piece is made from locally sourced and naturally treated ‘dhar’ wood, which is turned on lathe machines that are powered by force generated by mountain river water. Handcrafted to precise calibration, it demonstrates fine craftsmanship from the mountains, and uses no electricity in its production!

Trickle also comes along with a specially designed cup, available in both wood as well as stoneware. The cups are designed to capture the tradition of drinking tea in the mountains while holding the cup with both hands… fulfilling a two-fold purpose of enjoying your brew as well as gathering warmth from the cup!

The Trickle tea-dripper will be put on showcase at the London Design Fair from the 21st to the 24th of September at the Old Truman Brewery by IMBYOU, the UK based design-retail outlet.

Designers: Kalyani Tupkary, Echostream for La













Dermatology Clinic in your Pocket!

I envision a day when instruments like these will be a part of every home. With the way we humans have systematically degraded the quality of our environment, it’s no secret that the sun’s UV rays are now making their way through our depleting Ozone layer. Those effects show on our skin now, with people getting all sorts of skin complications from staying out in the sun too long… and it’s not just the sun, your skin is the first line of defense against pretty much anything from cosmetics, to fashion, to even your diet. The skin is usually quick to react to products that aren’t suited for you, often showing symptoms of an allergy.

The Barrier Light isn’t a preventive measure (like say sunscreen lotion), but is in-fact a diagnostic tool. The pen-shaped device comes with 4 medical grade sensors capable of detecting your skin’s moisture and barrier strength. Devised as a result of not just environmental degradation but even the cosmetics boom, the Barrier Light understands what products and routines are the best for your skin. Barrier Light does this by measuring your skin’s moisture level, and its ability to hold onto moisture, along with the temperature and the environmental humidity. All one does is hold the pen against their skin (be it their face, arms, or anywhere else) for 10 seconds and that’s enough for the Barrier Light pen to perform its diagnosis.

Keeping things minimal (read: portable) and bathroom counter-top friendly, the Barrier Light directs all diagnostic information to its companion app on your phone. This allows the Barrier Light to have an incredibly small form-factor, enough for it to even be carried around in a purse/bag. The piece-de-resistance however is the MyBarrier app, which breaks down the information sent from the pen and presents it in a simplified way, telling you if your skin-care routine is doing you any good, or if the environment is conducive to good skin.

The Barrier Light puts a dermatology clinic in the power of your hand. While we all have home-based instruments to measure our temperature, weight, blood pressure, and even blood sugar, we don’t give our skin the same priority. With the Barrier Light, now you can know everything about your skin and effectively your health too. From whether your sunscreen is doing you any good, to whether your laundry detergent is skin safe, to even whether your diet is the best for your health and skin, the Barrier Light will make sure you know what to do to keep your skin young and glowing!

Designer: Jason Yoo

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A brew with a view!

Made out of double-walled, mouth-blown borosilicate glass, the Gino coffee dripper by notNeutral is a beautiful product even when it isn’t brewing your morning fix!

Designed with an incredibly thin glass cross-section, the dual-walled dripper was designed to be the perfect height for coffee brewing. Just insert a coffee filter with the grounds of your choice and place the Gino on top of a carafe or your coffee mug and pour hot water in. The double wall keeps the water hot for longer while ensuring the Gino’s outer wall isn’t too hot to grasp. The coffee filters through the filter and out of the three outlet holes on the base of the Gino, giving you a beautiful golden brew every time… plus with Gino’s clear construction, you can watch your coffee brew through! (And probably share some Instagram stories!)

Designer: notNeutral









For the Virtual Athelete


In probably the ultimate real-life virtual-life sports cross-over, JoyTops creates actual sports equipment based control buttons for joypads! The buttons feature real pieces of basketball/baseball/football cut into the shape of the joypad button. Imagine the endless hours gone into perfecting the skin of a baseball for optimal grip and throwing, or the vinyl of the basketball for grip and bounce. JoyTops allows gamers to get that very feel and comfort while gaming on their joypads.

The JoyTop traps the sports material between a molded ABS ring and a silicon base that allows the JoyTop to retrofit onto any joystick (irrespective of brand). The result is a much better gripping experience that was built by athletes for athletes.

Designer: DesignStein Studios for JoyTops







Watch with an automotive soul


The Icon Duesey Watch looks beautiful, but it also looks familiar to some. If you’re wondering why, it’s because the watch takes direct inspiration from the original Duesenberg tachometer. In fact the watch was made by an automobile designer. When Jonathan Ward isn’t designing some of the most capable off-road 4×4 vehicles for ICON4X4, he collects watches, so it’s just natural that the two interests would collide to create a hallmark timepiece inspired by a hallmark brand of race cars and luxury automobiles in the 20s.

The watch comes built in a grade 2 titanium body with a sandblasted finish and a grade 5 titanium bezel that holds together a double domed sapphire crystal. Beneath the crystal lies an immaculately polished onyx stone dial that showcases the hour and minutes in the classic Duesenberg inspired style. On the inside of the watch lies a Dubois-Depraz Automatic 14400 module with an ETA 2892-A2 base and a custom-made oscillating weight built from tungsten alloy visible from the clear back, completely detailed with yellow gold plated markings and Icon’s signature lizard logo in polished brass. The lizard makes its appearance on the crown of the watch too! Complete with alligator leather straps and a titanium tongue buckle, the Icon Duesey doesn’t come cheap! But why would it, after all, it’s an Icon!

Designer: Jonathan Ward (ICON4X4)













Your City Never Looked this Pretty!


On the one hand you’ve got Google Maps, a symbol of accurate satellite imagery and functionality, and then you’ve got doodle maps, that make you marvel your city in an absolutely different light. That’s what Mini Cloud Studios wants to do. Turn city planning into works of art with their series of Modern Map Art Prints.

The studio takes comprehensive, intricate maps of cities/districts/neighborhoods completely detailed with buildings, roadways, rivers/rivulets, and other civic details like bridges, etc., and superimposes colors from a range of color palettes. The color palettes come in an exquisite set of swatches spanning across three categories, namely Retro-Vintage with its subdued yet timeless color swatches, Modern Bright with its vibrant color selections almost reminiscent of pop-art, and Classic which experiments with monochromes and shades of gray.

People can choose exactly what map they want by entering their city and zooming in or out to select the exact rectangular footprint of their city they want immortalized in print. You can also choose up to five different color schemes to preview your print in. Then based on the City+Color pairing, you get to choose one final variant that you can have printed and framed.

The Modern Map Art Prints gives a completely different dimension to cartography. While most people often look at vintage (usually hand-drawn) maps as collectible works of art, the Modern Maps turn framed map-prints into something much more contemporary and highly personal because it’s your city/neighborhood. Plus, with that absolutely delicious color scheme, you’ll fall in love with your city all over again!

Designer: David Hoe

BUY NOW: $24.00


Colour Themes
Choose between vintage, modern and classic colour themes. Themes will be finalized and sent along with map previews to backers once funding is over, ensuring that there’s a range to suit your taste/room decor.


Stockholm and London


Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur


San Francisco and New York


Tokyo x Ice Lolly




Paris x Lavender Forest



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Strictly for the style-conscious

Most folding knives go for the rugged/jagged aesthetic… and for obvious reasons. However, the Gerber Pocket Square Knife isn’t like most knives. Probably one of the most design-conscious tactical knives I’ve seen in my lifetime, Gerber’s knife embraces minimalism and conscious detailing in a way that soothes the soul!

The Gerber Pocket Square Knife was designed to blend stylishly with your regular EDC, allowing it to become a knife you carry for its style quotient first, and its superior build and functionality second. Designed with a machined aluminum handle that feels great to the touch (like almost all smartphones made today), this sleek blade is equipped with a 3″ drop point 7Cr17MoV Stainless Steel blade. The handle also features a liner lock, a removable and reversible tip-up pocket clip, while the blade comes with a beautifully textured ambidextrous thumb lift that allows you to unfold the blade using either hand. Will you look at that beautiful, minimal, slick handle though!

Designer: Gerber