Behold this bizarre brewer!

You’ve got the french press, the percolator, the aero-press, the pour-over, the vacuum brew, the cold-brew, and then you’ve got the Bripe! This weird looking contraption (easily the weirdest I’ve seen) is a cross between a coffee brewer and a pipe! The copper container comes with a straw that acts as a handle (a cork grip provides insulation), and you sip your coffee directly from the tiny brewing apparatus. Designed to make one amazing shot of coffee, the Bripe comes with a food thermometer, a quad-jet torch, a vial to carry your coffee grounds around in, and a copper stand to rest the Bripe on during the brewing process.

You start by picking up the Bripe, setting the stainless steel filter in, and pouring your grounds into the receptacle along with water. Then simply insert the thermometer in and heat the concoction using the quad-jet torch till the thermometer reads 185°F. Allow your brew to rest for a period of 1-2 minutes until the temperature drops down to 140°F and then sip your brilliant brew through the pipe provided. Made out of copper, the Bripe does a pretty marvelous job of brewing a single shot of coffee that maker Tim Panek claims to be the best in the world. Ideal for travel (and easy to clean), especially outdoors (where people won’t wonder whether you’re a mad scientist!), the Bripe kit comes ready for any scenario, be it at a riverbank, in the outbacks, or around a campfire. Plus, it looks so fascinatingly bizarre, you’re sure to gain healthy amounts of attention and make some new friends!

Designer: Tim Panek











The etch-a-sketch from beyond

Ever heard of Liquid Crystal Paper? No? Well, neither had I but the perks of this job include learning about new things. If e-ink was a display’s best attempt at resembling print on paper, LCP (Liquid Crystal Paper) is the closest thing to the digital world recreating the sketching-on-paper experience. Blackboard, the only product to use LCP technology is much like those magnetic sketchpads, but redesigned for real-world applications. Built with a stylus, a good contrast ratio, and a translucent design, the Blackboard can be used for taking notes, tracing, or sketching diagrams. The translucent pad comes with template grids you can place behind it to turn it into a ruled notebook, a dotted graph paper, or a plain sketcbook. You can even place the Blackboard directly on screens and sketch away. Its tinted translucent surface dims the screen behind it, but keeps everything visible, allowing it to act like a big electronic tracing paper.

The Blackboard comes with a stylus that allows you to draw and erase your work. You can even use a clear-all button on the blackboard to erase the canvas. All this happens without a battery, letting your Blackboard be as handy and readily available as a piece of paper. Plus, Blackboard even ships with a mobile app that allows you to scan, document, edit, and share your work!

Designer: Boogie Board






A bag full of tunes!


Striking a perfect balance between contemporary and retro is the Crosley Messenger Turntable. Folding into a rather neat messenger bag (hence the name), the Crosley Messenger contains a completely capable, three speed, wireless turntable that you can use to bust out your vinyl tunes anywhere! Designed with a canvas exterior and a neat zip that secures the bag shut, the Messenger comes with a nice single strap to transport it around, as well as a handle to carry it like a briefcase. Open it out and you’ve got a complete turntable on the inside with 3 speed adjustments, volume and pitch controls, and even headphone and auxiliary jacks for when you don’t want to use the Messenger’s inbuilt speaker. The Messenger can be powered using AC, but can even be used wirelessly with 6 AA batteries. All you have to do is show up, open it out, load your favorite LPs and bust out the tunes!

Designer: Crosley










Carry your fizz!

Probably ten times smaller than a SodaStream machine, the BubbleCap takes any beverage you have (absolutely any beverage), and turns it into a sparkling beverage! Designed to A. Occupy less space than its competition, B. Be portable, and C. Give the consumer the power to carbonate whatever they want, the BubbleCap literally plugs onto any 28mm threaded bottle neck and connects directly to a food-grade CO2 tank via an adapter, allowing the CO2 to rush directly into the bottle with the beverage in it. Then all you do is simply disconnect the CO2 cylinder and give the bottle a good shake and voila, carbonated beverage! You can make anything from sparkling water to fizzy drinks (yes even the alcoholic kind!), or just simply use it to re-fizz a flat soft drink!

Aside from being incredibly handy and versatile, the BubbleCap’s design is rather neat too. I personally love the bubble-inspired touch given to the adapter, making it look as if the drink is bubbling out from the bottle. Plus, those colors look so delicious!

Designer: Janne Alasaarela













Your Bicycle’s Blanket!

It’s a pain to store your bike outside because it might get damaged or stolen. It’s a pain to store your bike indoors because it carries all the outdoor grime and dirt inside along with it. Quite a dilemma, isn’t it? Velo Sock is like a massive sock for your bike that sits snugly over the tires and most of the body, making sure none of that dirt makes it to your freshly cleaned floor, or those rubber tires don’t leave skid marks on your pristine white wall. Made from a polyester and spandex blend (that are incredibly easy to wash), the Velo Socks can fit bikes that are anywhere between 1.6 to 2 meters long. What’s better is the fact that they come in an absolutely mesmerizing set of patterns that turn your bike into a piece of decorative art to liven up your indoors!

Designer: Velo Sock











This house fits in a car-park

A rather bizarre experiment in minimal living, the Tikku is a full fledged home that fits into the space occupied by one car. meaning ‘stick’ in Finnish, the Tikku is made using Cross-laminated Timber, can be assembled overnight, comes with 3 floors, and can go where any car can.

Showcased at the Helsinki Design Week, Tikku aims at showing that our footprint as an individual really doesn’t need to be that big. The apartment occupies just 2.5 X 5 meters of space, comes with its own solar panels to harvest energy, and a dry toilet that works without water. Simple modules allow you to choose the kind of Tikku you want to build. You can choose between different modules to convert parts of your home into an office, shop, kitchen, sauna, dojo, workshop, or even a hotel-room! Plus, with how expensive rent is, living in Tikku might just work out cheaper!

Designer: Marco Casagrande











What Innovation Did for the Drawstring…

Ah, the humble drawstring. Probably the first ever iteration of storage known to man, starting from the simple coin-purse, to becoming what it is today, a fully evolved product that’s miles ahead of what it started out to be. The drawstring today is versatile. It can be used for work, play, and even on holiday trips. It’s spacious yet compact. Made out of soft fabric, it can expand to fit pretty much anything, and then when emptied, can roll up or fold down to occupy a fraction of its space. More importantly, it’s slash-proof, water-repellent, comes with hidden components for personal belongings, a charging port for your electronics, and can literally be secured to anything with a padlock. This is the drawstring bag of the future. And it’s called the Roam ByBLVD.

The Roam isn’t a drawstring to be underestimated. Designed to be as capable as backpacks (if not more), drawstrings are known for their convenience, but not as much for their security. However, the Roam comes with a fabric containing a UHMWPE (polyethylene) blend that’s virtually slash proof, and impervious to blades, knives, etc. Aside from guarding the contents on the inside, the Roam could even be used to protect oneself. The Roam can even be securely padlocked to poles, bikes, tables, etc., for extra security.

On the inside, the Roam is compartmentalized to work as any type of bag you want. It contains a water-proof wet-pocket for bottles, umbrellas, etc (and comes with a hydration pouch that you can directly drink from). The Roam even has a dedicated RFID blocking pouch for your cards, etc. Other personal belongings can slide right into the Roam’s shoulder-pads that double up as storage for items like cash, or keys… basically anything you need to access instantly, but also want to keep hidden. To top things off, Roam even comes with a charging port that can connect your phone (on the outside) to a power-bank inside the bag.

The bag can be worn/carried traditionally, thanks to the UHMWPE braided ropes, and to make things more secure, the Roam even comes with sternum straps that buckle around your chest, making the bag hug your body. The straps come with an emergency whistle, and a metal clasp for your EDC. The bag even comes with its own brass combination lock to help secure all your belongings. The Roam is designed to hold up to 14 liters worth of your belongings, and when empty, can flatten out and roll up to occupy as much space as a bottle of water.

Designed to be as convenient as any drawstring bag, but far more secure, comfortable, adaptable, and accommodating, the Roam a drawstring that pays tribute to the drawstring of the past, with a design for every sort of present, backed by innovation clearly from the future!

Designer: ByBLVD

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Front Highlights


Back & Inside Highlights

















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Make coconuts ‘grate’ again


Even today, no one knows where the coconut originally came from. However, thanks to the fact that it floats, it found its way across parts of Asia, becoming stables in Indonesian and South Indian cuisine. However, even today, it remains one of the most tough seeds to cook with. People in parts of India still rely on hand-scrapers to take the flesh off the inside of the coconut. Vasudev’s take on the coconut grater involves not just mechanizing the process, but binding the entire solution into a safe, simple, and product worthy of the modern kitchen.

The Coconut Grater comes with a completely enclosed design, along with a blade on a movable rail. The coconut fits into a button-operated vice grip at one end and another button on the handle at the opposite end starts the rotary blade, that the user then slides into the concavity of the coconut. The blades safely grate the white flesh, without humans having to hold the coconut or even interact with the blade. Everything happens under a safe, transparent Plexiglas cover that the user can see through, knowing when to stop grating the coconut. All the grated flesh collects in a tray at the bottom, ready to use in your food, or for desiccating and using later!

Designer: Vasudev M G





The next ‘step’ in shoe design!


Austin makes a great point in noticing how the future of sports footwear is in making right and left shoes that aren’t mirror images of each other. See the GIF below to notice how in a sport like fencing, the right and left leg have different pressure zones, resulting in a need where each shoe has a different role to play. His solution? Differently designed shoes for the left and right foot. Using 3D printing, Ausin’s New Balance Study aims at redesigning fencing shoes keeping varying usage in mind.

The result is two shoes that look a part of the same family, but you can immediately notice how the soles of both feet are completely different, molded by the areas of the feet that feel the most pressure during the lunge forward. Imagine this design philosophy for differently designed footwear carrying forward to other sports like bowling or golf!

Designer: Austin Jermacans









Cozy fireplace in your pocket!

I’ve figured out that I have a very strange relationship with the winter. I like it, but I don’t like the cold. I like the idea of warming up in the winter, and now that I think about it, I ask myself… do I really like the “winter”?

Weird moment of philosophy aside, I really do hate being cold and miserable. My nose turns redder than Rudolph, and my fingers grow so icy cold, they hurt. No matter how thick gloves can get, they’ll never be as effective as keeping fingers toasty warm as the Zippo Hand Warmer. Coming from a company brought to fame for their lighters, the Zippo Hand Warmer is a catalytic heater that fits in your pocket. Available in small and large sizes, the Hand Warmer can power continuously for 6 or 12 hours depending on the size you buy. When powered, it literally gives off heat comparable to holding your hands next to a fireplace… which is much more effective than a glove that just retains body heat.

The Zippo Hand Warmer basically gives out heat without a visible flame. It does this by burning lighter fluid through a proprietary carbon felt filter (much like steel wool). What you get as a result is heat without a fire. Simply pop the cap and the burner unit off and pour a desired amount of lighter fluid into the hand warmer (a full tank should give you 12 hours). Then pop the burner unit on and hold it close to a naked flame. Within seconds, the burner will begin emanating heat, after which you can just place the perforated cap back on and stash the Hand Warmer in your pocket (and dig your hands into it every few minutes for warmth), merrily going about your day while everybody else is vigorously rubbing their palms together like cavemen. (The Hand Warmer goes out on its own once the fuel runs out.)

Designer: Zippo