These Truly Wireless Earphones Are the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

If you’re wondering what to get for a gadget fan for the holidays, these wireless earphones are the perfect, affordable alternative to Apple’s ridiculously pricey AirPods. These HBQ i7 Twins True Wireless Earphones are truly wireless Bluetooth 4.2 earbuds, and they’re just $29.99..

Made with a super lightweight design for supreme comfort, they’re the perfect companion for your daily commute, at the gym, or anywhere in between. Best of all, you’ll get plenty of play time per charge – the buds usually clock in at 4-5 hours, thanks to their high-performance batteries.

Listen to your music, podcasts, and audiobooks with no distractions, not even a tiny wire. The HBQ i7 Twins True Wireless Earphones are yours for only $29.99 in the Technabob Shop. Plus, you can use code GIFTSHOP15 for an additional 15%.

This Lightning Charging Cable Glows with the Flow

This unique charging cable is equal parts quirky and practical. The Glowing iOS Lightning Charging Cable lets you know how close your device is to being fully charged. Watch the glow as you charge up your iPhone or iPad, and you’ll immediately get a feel for your charging speed by simply observing the speed of the light flow.

The subtle glow is also perfect for reaching for your phone in the middle of the night while it charges. No more tripping over the cable in the dark, and no more wondering just how much longer you’ll have to wait until the charge is finished. Get the Glowing iOS Lightning Charging Cable for just $11.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Learn How to Make Video Games with the Unity A-to-Z Bundle

Video games don’t just have to be a hobby – they can be your job too. Have you always wanted to create your own games? The Unity A-to-Z Game Development Bundle will help you jumpstart a career in game development, and best of all, it’s 96% off the regular price, so you can get it for just $49.

This bundle is jampacked with helpful courses that will teach you all the basics of designing games for pretty much any platform, thanks to the Unity engine. You’ll learn a variety of game building techniques while you build seven different kinds of game. Like games like Mario Kart or Angry Birds? The bundle has courses specifically geared toward those types of gameplay. Want to learn how Blender can make your games come to life in 3D? This bundle has got you covered.

All this knowledge is at your fingertips for just $49 in the Technabob Shop – 96% off the list price.


Bobine Flex iPhone Dock Is Amazingly Flexible and Versatile

The best phone accessories are the ones that combine multiple features into one convenient package. The Bobine Flex does just that. The Bobine Flex is a case-compatible cable, dock, tripod, and stand rolled together into the world’s most flexible iPhone dock.

It’s great for viewing and charging your iPhone whether at home, office, or on the road. With the Bobine Flex installed in your car, alerts, reminders, and navigation maps can be easily seen without taking your eyes off the road. The Flex cable includes everything you need for the perfect car mount that can be flexed into any position.

Best of all, the Bobine Flex is currently on sale for just $24.99 in the Technabob Shop. Grab a couple, and outfit both your desk and your car today.

Light-up Bow Tie: Bringing on the Glitz

The holidays are nearly upon us and it’s party time! Whether you’re going to a classy affair or partying hard at the club, these light up bow ties are sure to be a conversation starter at any event.

The tie can be turned to on, off, or blink modes, so it can go from ordinary to extraordinary with the flick of a switch. The mini battery pack has velcro and an adhesive back to stick to the inside of your shirt, which means it stays concealed while you’re wearing it. Wear it to concerts, clubs, bars, parties, and more. This deal is the perfect office white elephant gift, or holiday party outfit accent piece, and it’s just $15.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Expand Your AI and Machine Learning Knowledge with Reinforcement Learning Training

Want to get acquainted with one of the most exciting new developments in artificial intelligence? The Reinforcement Learning Bundle will get you up to speed on this approach, which, like working with pets, rewards positive behaviors and provides a specific goal to encourage machines to find the best path to success.

In this four course track, you’ll first do traditional A/B testing in order to appreciate its complexity as you elevate towards the Bayesian machine learning way of doing things. From there, you’ll learn the structure of data in order to produce more stuff that resembles the original data. You’ll also go even deeper, to the application of deep learning and neural networks for reinforcement learning.

The Reinforcement Learning Bundle is yours for just $39 in the Technabob Shop. General knowledge of machine learning concepts and experience programming in Python is highly recommended to get the most out of the courses.

Learn to Make Your Own Video Games – 40% off Today Only

Are you an avid gamer? Why not learn to create your own video games? The School of Game Design will teach you how – and maybe help you launch a brand-new lucrative career. A lifetime membership is only $69 – 98% off the regular price.

With courses led by expert instructors, The School of Game Design is great for anyone from beginners to advanced students, and will teach you to build games using Unity3D and other popular tools. You’ll learn the basics of game development and design at your own pace. Step-by-step training videos will guide you along the way. Plus, lifetime access ensures you’ll stay up to date on all the latest developments in the world of video game creation.

Don’t just play the games – with The School of Game Design, you’ll design them, too. Get started for only $69 in the Technabob Shop. Take an additional 40% off this deal with code CYBER40 – valid today only (12/3/17).

Get These Cool Star Wars Lamps for 20% Off

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there were these sweet Star Wars 3D LED lamps. Today… They’re still here! If you missed Cyber Monday, don’t worry – we’ve still got huge savings on deals just for you. Simply use coupon code CYBER20 in the Technabob Shop to get 20% off these already discounted lamps, now thru 12/3.

Watch in awe as dazzling light breaks through the etched surface of these lamps, providing a glow in the shape of your favorite character or ship. As an added bonus, their LED light source has an incredible lifespan of over 50,000 hours, so you won’t have to worry about changing bulbs.

Celebrate your Star Wars fandom in your home or office. The already discounted price is $39.99, but you can get one now for an additional 20% off in the Technabob Shop, when you enter coupon code CYBER20 at checkout.

Make Collaboration Easier with Droplr – And Save an Extra 40% During Cyber Week

Let’s face it, remote collaboration is a huge convenience and a rapidly-growing workplace trend. However, communicating with coworkers and business partners over a distance doesn’t always work the way we want it to. Droplr makes it easier.

Whether you’re working remotely yourself or working with remote partners or customers, Droplr makes communication and feedback loops easy and efficient. Simply capture a screenshot of whatever you’re working on, add comments, and send the screenshot in a short link to your intended recipient – all in a single interface. For example: let’s say you need to explain how a piece of software works. Record your screen as you’re performing a task and send it directly to your client in a clean, professional manner.

With this exclusive deal, you’ll get unlimited Drops (i.e. screenshots shared), screen recordings, and GIF captures, and boards (think task management) for three users for life. Whether you’re purchasing for a small team or just sharing with friends, none of you will endure recurring subscription fees.

Droplr is an incredible tool that allows teams to collaborate, which is perfect if you’re working remotely. Get 40% off a lifetime subscription today with code CYBER40 – valid through 12/3/17 in the Technabob Shop.

Secure Your Web Activity with VPN Unlimited – Just $30 for a Lifetime Subscription

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or simply want to secure your Internet connection, VPN Unlimited is a great option to have. And it’s yours for life for just $30 (USD).

If you’re browsing the web in a cafe or library, you want to ensure no one is stealing your data on these public Internet connections. A VPN will encrypt all your data, and route it through a geographic location of your choice, hiding your data and identity from hackers and spies. There are no bandwidth limits, and VPN Unlimited offers the same fast connectivity you’re used to without these security measures in place.

A lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited is normally $49.99 in the Technabob Shop, but you can get it for only $30 for Cyber Monday. That’s an amazing price for a lifetime subscription to a top-rated VPN.