The Modern-Day Record Player!


This strikingly designed record player beautifully blurs the boundaries between digital and physical media! Packed full of carefully thought out design features, this is undeniably a bold contrast from more traditional record players… and that’s why we love it!

The geometric form of the body is aggressively interrupted by the asymmetric cut-out, where the vinyl is positioned, creating a sense of imbalance and suspense that elevates the visual interest of the device greatly! A repetitive and uniform surface pattern has been introduced to the sides of the device, this not only breaks up the expansive sides but also allows for the sound from the in-built speakers to escape through.

One of the top corners has been manipulated to house a control dial; this design feature blends the flat top of the device into the vertical walls and breaks up the blocky form! So many more of these quirky features have been intertwined into the product, making it an attention-demanding device!

Designer: Xundi Li





A Watch for Fidgeters!


We all fidget from time-to-time, whether it’s with the phones in our pockets or by clicking the push button at the end of our pens (the latter of the two really annoys everyone in the general area), we sometimes just can’t help it… we may not even know we are doing it! And that was the reasoning behind the Fidget Smartwatch.

The fidget element has been introduced to the smartwatch through the imperfect outer bezel; by adding a notch on opposing sides combined with the ability to rotate the section, creates a part of the watch that is asking to be fidgeted with! What makes it so great is that, to an unknowing onlooker, the watch doesn’t look too different to a conventional smartwatch; it still incorporates the same features that we have grown to love, and a sleek design has been maintained, making it appropriate for a professional environment! Sign us up!

Designers: Yunna Hwang & PDF HAUS






A Convenient Energy Boost!


Consuming water whilst partaking in physical activity is possible thanks to the relativity recent introduction of water bladders within backpacks… however, their use is still limited; the bladders themselves are difficult to thoroughly clean out, meaning that using them to hold anything other than water causes bacterial issues down the line! That’s where Fiha comes in!

Fiha is a compact system that introduces energy/electrolytes into the water as it passes through it. Positioned after the silicone storage bladder, the electrolytes are isolated from the stored water. Textured touchpoints are positioned on the sides of the device, these easy-to-identify buttons adjust the flow of the gel, giving the individual full control of their intake.

Fiha­ has been designed to work with existing water bladders with very little modification necessary, making it intuitive to get up and running! With an aesthetic that compliments the intense workouts, it’s got adventure written all over it!

Designer: Henry Prout


The Challenge

Cyclists frequently want to add sugars and hydration products to the water in their drink packs to enhance performance. However this creates a serious maintenance issue since the bladders are difficult/time consuming to clean thoroughly and leftover sugars promote the rapid growth of bacteria and mold.


The Solution

This project looked to develop a system which enabled the user to introduce energy/electrolyte additives in the fluids they carry and isolate it from the silicone storage bladders.




Threaded adapter allowing for custom gel pack packaging to be connected.


Textured touch points for adjusting gel flow.


Exploded view with proposed colorways.




Drink Water How Nature Intended!

You may think that the water that flows from the faucets within your home is the ideal water, and tastes like… well, water! But it could still be improved, and that’s where MAYU comes in. When water sits in the network of pipes, it is hidden from air so none of the natural, beneficial chemical reactions are able to occur, and pathogens build up… not to mention the added chlorine! This isn’t how nature intended water to be consumed.

MAYU gently swirls the water in a natural, calming manner to release the contaminants and keep the water oxygenated! The mesmerizing swirling motion mimics those that are found in nature; the introduction of atmospheric air and the removal of contaminants creates not only healthier water, but also tastier water as well. And all of this is done in around nine minutes!

This is all contained within an inconspicuously designed product, where the innovative motor is near silent and the non-glazed porcelain base creates a product that sits wonderfully on the dining table.

Designer: Zeev Zohar

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Click here to Buy Now: $99 $169 (41% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left and over $500,000 pledged!

A Modular Conference Table for the Modern Workplace!


A conference table can say a lot about the office, meeting room or studio that it is placed within, and for that reason it must be selected carefully… however, DITO may have just made that decision slightly easier!

DITO is a modern conference table that has the user’s and workplace’s needs firmly in mind; understanding that each establishment requires different uses from the table, the table top can be configured to cater to their needs. The center split not only adds to the strikingly simplistic design style, but also allows for cables to pass through the mesh that lies beneath it… after all, there are often more communication devices than people around the table nowadays!

Contrasting against the white expanse of the product is a central tray and power brick, both elevating the usability of the table to allow for it to meet the demanding needs of a modern-day workplace!

Designer: Gerhardt Kellermann for Gumpo







A More Pleasant Way to Start Your Day


Waking up to the gentle, melodic song of a bird is far better than the repetitive blare of the alarm on our phones, but for city dwellers, the latter is sometimes our only option… until now!

THE BIRD is a beautifully designed alarm clock that allows for the user to wake pleasantly to the distinctive song of a bird, no matter where they live! Not only does this lead to a potentially better start to their day but also stops the phone-screen from being the first thing that the user sees each morning!

The seemingly, button-free design may have you asking questions regarding operation… but that’s all been considered; set-up and control are all done on the user’s smartphone, which can rest on the wireless-charging base. The alarm is snoozed or turned off by lifting the wooden bird off its perch, a wonderful method of interacting with the device!

As well as acting as a far more relaxing alternative to the cacophony of noise that usually comes from our alarms, it also makes for a lovely addition to the room!

Designer: Baptiste Maingon of Miio Studio







The Power Bank with Attitude!


We have seen a vast number of portable power bank concepts over this past year, but the playfulness and overall incredible detail of this one stole our attention. Meet Ninja. K, the power bank with attitude!

The design incorporates a range of elements that are commonly associated with Ninjas, from trademark weapons through to the distinctive mask, it encapsulates these into the form of the ever-convenient power bank!

The menacing and intimidating looks of a Ninja have been wonderfully captured on the front façade of the product; sitting in place of where the murderous eyes would normally be positioned, is the percentage of the power left in the battery; this is a clever way of allowing the function to enhance the design!

Designer: Rice Mak









A Handy Product for Busy Travellers!


On short breaks away and over-night business trips, the combination of restricted room in the suitcase and low-cost accommodation can leave you without access to two very important items… a hair dryer and an iron. For business meetings, we all like to have both ourselves and our clothes looking presentable, but with clothes spending hours folded and our hair having no method of drying… this can be a challenge. And that’s where the Ironing Hair Dryer comes in.

It is exactly what its name would suggest! Primarily it’s a conventional hair dryer with an intuitive method of folding to allow it to fit in the suitcase, almost unnoticeably. However, located on the base of the handle is a water reservoir, that utilisers the hot air to allow it to become steam. When the attachment is positioned on the nozzle, the product is transformed into a clothes iron! This is certainly a valuable product for people who like to look good whilst traveling!

Designer: Ming Liu











A Table That Gives Sculptures A Run for Their Money!


We think that the Pinji table is closer to being an item of fine art than a side table, and would be even more suited in a gallery than it is within the home… and that’s why we love it! The off-centered base provides the design with a wonderful sense of unbalance, creating an aspect of suspense that makes the design an attention-stealer! And we know what you’re thinking, ‘That it just makes it easier to knock over’, right? Wrong. That has been considered and the center of gravity has been moved to the bottom of the base!

I think we’d all be lying if we hadn’t at some point almost knocked a vase off a side table… well with Pinji, this is no longer possible; the base appears to intersect the top surface, providing a place for flowers to be positioned and our eyes to be drawn towards!

Designer: Tony Lee




A Product for All Us Phone-Addicts!


We are repeatedly warned about the repercussions of using our mobile devices immediately before going to sleep… but how many of us actually listen? Well, not too many of us, as it turns out! 62% of us are now suffering from sleep deprivation and this could be directly linked to us staring blankly into the screens!

NITE is a conceptual design where the focus centers around the reduction of mobile phone use before sleep, whilst simultaneously removing the anxiety of phones overheating during charging. The simplistic, Braun-inspired, design contains the mobile phone at night, with the locked door keeping it away from tempted hands! When closed, the transparent, electro-chromic window frosts over, to reduce the light emission so sleep is not interrupted!

But don’t worry, in an emergency the phone can still be accessed by holding the release button down for 10 seconds! I think it’s fair to say that quite a lot of us could do with a product like this!

Designer: Oliver Sinclair