A buggy for the urban parent

Many of us now live fast-paced, urban lifestyles, and those of us who have children will understand the restrictive nature of the buggy… it just isn’t fit to keep up with our demanding and ever-changing needs! This is where Upp2 comes into play! Upp2 may just be the perfect mobility concept for active parents and their toddlers; this extremely dynamic and flexible method of transport adapts to cater to whatever demanding need its faces.

Upp2 takes on a multitude of forms which suit a range of ages and tackle an array of environments. The stylish and dynamic buggy features a slim and agile design that makes it perfect for zipping through narrow streets, whilst providing a secure seating position for its little passenger! The harness can be lifted off from the buggy in a fluid action; this makes tackling obstacles like steps and tricky terrain an absolute breeze!

Designers: Tassilo Eissing & Daniel Farmer

This GPS enabled Salomon ski goggle ensure safety is a button away

Backcountry skiing is adrenaline packed, snow-oriented frenzy that certainly isn’t for the faint hearted! As with all adrenaline-fueled activities, there is an underlying element of danger that keeps participators on their toes but is ready to catch them off guard at any moment… with backcountry skiing, this threat is avalanches.

The Salomon Vector offers a heightened level of safety over your standard pair of ski goggle; packed into the striking design is GPS module that, when activated, communicates with the paired mobile app that your family and friends will have installed on their phones.

Activating the alert is nothing short of an intuitive fuss-free method of interaction; a single, large button is positioned on the top face of the goggles, when the user feels as they are in danger they simply hold the button down for five seconds… and wait.

This pair of sleek, stylish and safety-focused goggles have the skiers safety at the forefront of their design!

Designer: Sebastian Halin for Salomon

A self-parking scooter that chauffers you around

With shared scooters being the new go-to mode of transport for inner-city commuters and tourists alike, we have seen an infestation of these two-wheeled contraptions. However, their similar looks can make it a challenge to differentiate between the companies and the nature of their use leads to them littering our streets. ROL may just be the answer to both of these annoyances.

ROL completely transforms the user experience by removing the scooters reliance on manual intervention completely! This has been achieved by autonomizing the scooter’s ecosystem; immediately after the journey is complete, ROL automatically returns itself to an area of high demand, thus removing the rider’s responsibility! This automated-element also brings with it another handy benefit… no more searching for a scooter! Users can request ROL at the press of a button, where it will then travel to pick them up.

Automated elements aside, there is no denying that ROL carries unique, unparalleled aesthetics that have led to a distinguishable product which stands out from its sea of competitors!

Designer: Kelly Custer

Wirelessly charging side table gets your phone juiced while you snooze

Wireless chargers are rapidly becoming a common piece of kit within our homes, however the vast majority of these have been designed to work with existing side-tables and desks which can lead to a disconnected aesthetic. This is where TWORAY stands out, as it pairs the convince of wireless charging with the usability of a side-table.

The wireless charging element of TWORAY can be found on the elevated platform; the charging tray can comfortably charge three devices without the abundance of wires that normally comes with the charging process. To enhance its usability even further, the charging tray is removeable for it to not be limited to being solely used by the bedside.

A significant requirement for the product was for it to seamlessly melt into the environment it is placed within and harmonise with the existing furnishings within the room. We think it’s fair to say that this has been achieved; with its elegant frame-work and conventional design language, it is sure to be a desirable product!

Designer: Chanyeop Jeong

This wireless charging tray is removable. With built-in battery, it allows you to enjoy the benefit of wireless charging anywhere besides the bed.

The wireless charging tray with three coils can charge three products at the same time. And the linear volume which extends in different directions eliminates heat accidents. Also, the lighting located at each coil position allows the charging position to be recognized in the dark.

Earphones for when you don’t want to be disturbed

Earphones are a great tool to use when we want to close ourselves off to the outside world and for those time when we are just feeling a little less talkative. However, some people just don’t get this hint as they persistently try to be heard over your music. This issue led to the development of Gem; the wireless earphones that communicate your desire to not be disturbed.

Gem’s method of showing this derives from the technology used within electrochromic smart windows; its outer-shell changes from being translucent to opaque as a voltage passes through it. This change in state is a beautiful synonym to privacy which only elevates the product’s function in a subtle and intriguing manner.

This technology aside, Gem carries a beautifully sleek form that features immense levels of detail; simplistic branding has been laser etched into the Aluminium core, whilst the capacitive control strip elevates its functionality and the user experience!

Designer: Robbie Lillquist

If you aren’t feeling talkative, you can also manually set the headphones to appear opaque.

Earlier charging case iterations aimed open by sliding forwards, but resulted in a relatively large case to account for the depth of the earbuds. The final concept features a spring-loaded core that rises vertically.

When a Jet Engine and an Air Purifier Collide!

With a design that has been heavily inspired by the distinctive form of a jet engine, the Air Jet S is certainly an air purifier that we can get behind! Carrying a design that focuses on the simplicity of use and the user experience, this compact purifier, with a capacity of 13m2, makes for the perfect addition to any small abode!

The small exterior conceals a rather clever internal structure; both the filter and the fan exit from the top of the device, the power is automatically cut when removed, this allows for quick and easy replacement or cleaning of the all-important air filter! Following the popular trend that sees an absence of physical buttons, Air Jet S is controlled through an intuitive smartphone app, allowing for remote control of the smart device!

All of this is wrapped up within a stunningly simplistic design that sure makes this device a desirable one!

Designer: Kwanjun Ryu for BRUNT

The shape of the Air Jet S was inspired by the jet engine to emphasize a strong wind. Small air purifier with a capacity of 13 m² can be used on the desk or near the bed.

The structure of the Air Jet S is simple. Both filter and fan part are separated upward. When you open the cap, you will get a handle to separate the fan. When you remove fan part, the power automatically turns off. After the filter separated, it can be wiped or replaced to new one.

Air Jet S can, of course, measure indoor air quality. It also shows outdoor air quality via Wi-Fi. You can experience the performance of the Air Jet S by comparing indoor and outdoor air quality.

The fan part of the Air Jet S is designed to be safe. If the fan is removed during operation, the fan returns for a few seconds due to inertia. However, safety bridges at the bottom prevent accidents. Safety bridges are designed to be round to minimize wind resistance.

When you remove and assemble the fan part, you can supply power without a cable connection. The magnet built-in pogo pin make it possible to assembl each parts very easily and surely.

Small but efficient. The Air Jet S consists of 11 injection parts and two PCBs. The BLDC motor operates at 2100 rpm and has very little noise. Equipped with a top quality air sensor, it can measure more precise air quality and at the same time operate the air purifier correctly.

Air Jet S has invested heavily in molds to maintain perfect shape in all directions. With 8 slide core molds, the shadow of the hole can be seen perfectly.

Mind-bending Cutlery!

This mind-bending illusion may just result in your food going cold, as you attempt to separate the intriguing sculpture in order to release your cutlery!

Designed to be an engaging decoration for the table, JOIN presents the cutlery in an engrossing and truly unique manner. Constructed from a long-life, high-tech plastic, it can be used to leave your guests confused and frustrated for years to come, as they witness you ‘magically’ free their cutlery before their very eyes!

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been staring at this unique form for an embarrassingly long amount of time and I’m still no closer to understanding the solution to the frustrating puzzle! Are you able to enlighten me?

Designer: Rudolph Schelling Webermann

One light with all-inclusive charging to organize and rule all desks

Whilst a multi-socket is often required near our desks in order to provide power to the array of electrical products that surround us, they unfortunately lead to an abundance of unsightly and intrusive cables that can be rather a nuisance to deal with! This is where the NIOXCSM Wireless Charging Light really shines, as it introduces an element of much-needed organization into the work-space.

This conceptual device ingeniously combines three essential desk-top items, the desk light, multi-socket and phone charger, into one sleek and space-saving product! NIOXSMN neatly clamps to the edge of the desk, providing both a stable and convenient location to plug-in your devices! The top section protrudes onto the surface of the desk, this is where a mobile phone can sit to charge, or be used as an area to place small items that can quickly clutter-up the desk! On the rear of the product are the power outputs which include a multifunctional charging port, USB-C port and two USB ports… perfect for those of us who appreciate a tidy desk!

Designer: Engyang Zhu

The World’s First All-Terrain Drone!

The X-Tankcopter may just be the ultimate toy for all of us big-kids! As the name would suggest, this device is more than just a drone… it’s the highly capable combination of both a drone and a tank. This unusual hybrid gives it seemingly limitless capabilities when it comes to negotiating obstacles; whether you choose to scamper along rough terrain or gracefully fly over it, the X-TANKCOPTER has you covered!

You can capture your action-packed mission via the onboard HD camera, allowing you to re-live your adventure and track your progress. This camera also allows you to become immersed within the experience through the VR goggles that accompany the device!

How you choose to control the device is up to you, whether it be by using the mobile app, gesture control or the controller, you are bound to become completely engrossed by its capabilities. This agile, durable and undoubtedly unique device is certainly a going to get onlookers talking!

Designer: Witold Mielniczek

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The X-Tankcopter can easily cruise through hard terrain, narrow gaps, drift and get to speed on straights, take off and fly fast.


Drive with ease in most of the terrains, drift and drive fast on straights.


Seamlessly drive over obstacles in difficult terrain.


An agile drone, simple to control even for a beginner.


Drift around the corners on flat surfaces.

Flight Endurance

The tracks and arms do not weigh more than the standard drone propeller guards. Moreover, they provide both driving and guarding functions. Therefore the X-tankcopter features good endurance and agility in flight.


– Auto Take Off/Landing
– Custom Route
– Gesture Control
– HD Camera live/recording
– 2.4 GHz Remote Controller
– VR Goggles
– Smartphone application

Click Here To Buy Now: $99 $149 (33% off). Hurry, only 15 left!

Bottage visualizes your emotions for your loved ones to see

This intriguing looking concept explores how messages can be communicated effectively through the use of color and visual indicators! This emotion-driven device evokes an array of feelings to help the users communicate more effectively over long distances.

Housed within the beautifully designed exterior is everything needed to convey heartfelt messages; accompanying the speaker is Bottage’s unique feature, an emotion-dependent LED ring. This LED light reacts to the emotion in the user’s voice which has been analyzed prior to communicating the messaged. The color of the light is determined by the type of emotion, red indicates a negative feeling whilst white shows a more positive tone. The strength of these emotions is translated by the intensity of the flashing light.

The emotion-led product features incredibly carefully considered features that have been implemented to enhance the thought-provoking experience; the message is only played when the cap is removed from the bottle, at which point it will be released.

Designer: Siyu Lou

“Inspired by drift bottle. It could not only record our voice messages but also our emotions. Unlike the traditional ways (Telephone), the message will stay in the bottle until we open it,” Lou explained.

“Bottage System consists of two bottles. When we speak to the bottle A, the built-in single chip records the voice, analyzes it and transfers the data to bottle B. Bottle B receives the analysis of the sound and visualizes the emotion by controlling the vibration of the lens, the color and flashing frequency of the LED. When we open bottle B, we can not only hear voice, but also see each other’s emotion portfolio. Red color represents negative emotion, white means positive feelings. The flashing frequency of the LED indicates how strong the emotion is,” continued Lou