A Different Approach to The Ergonomic Computer Mouse


There is no standard shape for a computer mouse, they come in all sorts of unusual configurations; from the conventionally simple to the wildly ergonomic, there is a mouse for everyone. But, the Tube mouse goes one step further than this, as it aims to be THE mouse for everyone!

Made of a soft Silica Gel, the body of Tube is soft and malleable, making the mouse far more adjustable than its hard-bodied competitors. This, combined with its symmetrical design ensures that is can be used by both right and left-handed individuals, this is something that ergonomic computer mice often cannot cater for.

Packed into the squishy exterior is a light that, much like the night light it was inspired by, gently glows, giving Tube a second use!

Designer: Tim Chen








Retro Design Meets Modern Technology

Today’s mechanical keyboards often carry a technological, edging-towards-medical aesthetic, with precise lines and geometric forms being as present as ever! However, the same cannot be said for the RCK (Retro Compact Keyboard), where modern technologies and retro styling collide and create a nostalgic piece of kit!

The timeless design may be what grabs your attention, but it’s the beautiful integration of modern technology that will keep it; ‘Blue’ mechanical keys offer tactile feedback that is both hugely satisfying and reminiscent of typewriters back in the day! LED backlights gently illuminate the keys, adding to the beautiful blend of modern and retro design.

Complimenting the keyboard is an equally as alluring mouse. Just like the keyboard, it too is available in a wide selection of colors and finishes that range from the warmth and culture of genuine leather through to the striking-boldness of artisan copper!

Whether it’s destined for a life in your home as an elegant addition to your interior design, or a replacement for your conventional (and boring) keyboard in your office, the retro design is bound to keep you smiling!

Designer: Azio Design

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Artisan Copper.


Walnut Elwood.


Posh White.


Gunmetal Black.


Genuine Leather/Walnut Wood

Leather and wood have always been associated with premium customized goods and exclusiveness. It reflects taste, craftsmanship, and culture while emitting a unique charm that inspires.


Metal Frame & Logo Plate

The RCK frame is forged from a solid piece of aluminum alloy to give it robustness and durability. Hex bolts are added for structural enhancements and to add an industrial vintage element.


Works on PC & Mac

Supports both Windows and Mac keyboard layouts. Includes 18 keycaps corresponding to Windows and macOS. Select your desired OS and replace the keycaps accordingly.

Connect via wireless Bluetooth or wired-USB. When USB mode is selected, simply connect the included USB-C cable to the computer and type away.


Long Battery Life

Built-in is a high-capacity 5,000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. With the backlight off, usage time is about 9 months. With the backlight on, approximately 1 to 2 months depending on backlight intensity and usage frequency.


Matching Palm Rest

A matching palm rest utilizing the same premium material and design language is included.


Pillar-style Feet

Two sets of interchangeable feet with different heights are included to enhance the ergonomics of your typing position.


Vintage inspired and packed with modern features, the Azio Retro Classic Mouse is the perfect companion for your Retro Compact Keyboard. Built with premium leather and contrasting alloy frame, this retro mouse renders a sophisticated and timeless impression. Versatility is accentuated with its ambidextrous design and ability to work on virtually any surface. Available in different design themes, the RC mouse is well suited for both mobile and stationary lifestyles.

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An Air Purifier with A Difference


We have covered air purifiers multiple times in the past, where we have seen a vast array of forms and design directions, however, this one is very different from the rest!

This is Greenery, a wall mounted air purifier that introduces an element of nature into the room… but for a very good reason! When a purifier is used, the windows in the room are closed and this increases the concentration of carbon dioxide. The addition of the greenery reduces the CO2 levels and makes it a healthier place to be!

Being wall mounted, Greenery’s design had to be carefully considered to ensure that the permanent fixture within the room would integrate seamlessly; the simplistic, pared-back and fuss-free approach is beautifully complemented by the addition of the natural greenery that cascades down its façade. As an added benefit, the plants require little-to-no human interaction, as they are watered using capillary phenomena!

Designer: Seokmin Jang









A Welcomed Redesign for An Old-school Device


In schools and colleges, there is one vital item of equipment that is yet to see an update, as its form has remained unchanged for years. This is of course, the calculator. However, this may no longer be the case, as TouchCal gives it a welcomed redesign!

Taking inspiration straight from modern smartphones, the minuscule, black and white LCD screen has been replaced by a large, high-resolution touchscreen that covers the top portion of the device. A clean UI is now present where clunky buttons once stood, allowing for intuitive navigation and a multitude of functions. Careful not to compromise on the usability, the lower third of the device is home to the large, color-coded and now, familiar, mechanical keypad.

Packed into the device is a plethora of additional features that are absent from the current calculator; Kahn Academy’s lessons and video libraries, programming, and the ability to act as an external keypad for data entry, to name a few!

Designer: Gavin Rea










Introducing Some Fun Back into The Workplace!


Workplaces have the potential of being dreary, uninspiring and potentially boring environments, but this can quickly be turned around with the introduction of a little fun! And what better way of doing so than with your own, miniature Siege Weapon?!

URSA is a mechanically-simple addition to the workspace; it houses the ability to propel nerf-like darts across the office and start a mini-war! Its playfulness is emphasized through the visually interesting design; a translucent plastic reveals the mechanism that’s contained within the bottle-shaped body. This is mounted upon a futuristic, UFO-like form that looks as if it has come straight out of a Sci-Fi movie!

Red accents have been used to highlight key aspects of the device, from the over-sized key-ring to the tip of the projectile; these strikingly stand out from the muted grey tones of the remaining parts.

Designer: Dmitriy Baltovskiy









The Ultimate Travel Companion?!

Traveling to different countries and experiencing new cultures can be an awe-inspiring adventure; such an experience can broaden your mind and open your eyes. But there can be one very significant barrier between the traveler, and their perfect holiday… and that’s the language barrier!

This little device, Langogo, aims to be the ideal solution to this problem, as it houses the ability to translate 60 languages in less than one second, and allow the traveling experience to be even more enjoyable! Packed within its compact exterior is an AI Assistant that learns the way the user speaks; this is with the aim of ensuring that the translations are as natural and as accurate as they can be.

Not only is Langogo a pocket translator, but it also features a second, arguably equally as important feature… Wi-Fi! The integrated eSIM automatically connects to the best local networks and it is able to do so in 72 countries! Could this be the perfect travel buddy?!

Designer: Ryan Zhang

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Langogo accurately translates speeches between 60 languages.

More than just two-way translation. It is incredibly convenient.


With its streaming technology, it translates in less than 1 second to create real-life conversations.


The built-in noise-canceling chip helps reduce ambient noise, ensuring clear sound quality. Plus, thanks to its superior voice recognition, it accurately recognizes your voice and translates what you say, not the background noise!

Facilitated by AI, it learns the way you speak! Langogo is connected to the largest language database, integrating 24 translation engines, to make sure its translations sound as natural and accurate as possible. The more you speak, the smarter it becomes!

Roam freely in 72 countries and share every “WOW” travel moment instantly via social media when you hit a new destination. Combining with eSIM Technology, Langogo helps you to truly connect with people. No need for a physical SIM card. Just switch on and it automatically connects to the best local networks.

Traveling outside your comfort zone is good, traveling worry-free is even better! Bring Langogo’s AI voice assistant with you around the world. Find a restaurant, navigate to your hotel, hail a taxi; just ask Euri and it delivers! Feel free to have a chat with Euri on your solo travels as well!


Click here to Buy Now: $159 $229 (30% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

A Fan That Focuses on The User’s Experience


This sleek concept is Clutch Fan, and it alters the way the user interacts with the fan through careful and considered design! A conventional fan features buttons that we operate with our hands, but this certainly isn’t the case with Clutch; a vast amount of the fan’s functionality is controlled by a single ‘pedal’ that is located at the base of the device, while other features such as a memory setting and timer are located in a more conventional place!

The designer, Hyeong Seop stated that ‘Using feet unconsciously drives us to feel comfortable, which makes us feel accustomed to its convenience with no necessity’. It’s this mindset and focus on user experience that drove the design of Clutch and it’s what makes it such an interesting concept!

The carefully considered design continues through to the minimal aesthetics and subtle detailing, which results in a product that would look at home, in any room!

Designer: Hyeong Seop Lee



“Time setting is divided into one hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours and keeping turning on. On the pad, the dot of a circle moves according to the installed time below the current time. As the dot of current time follows the moved dot, it provides a user with intuitive understanding,” said Lee.


“There are buttons for air volume, rotation, time setting as well as memory. After adjusting the mainly used setting and pressing the memory button, the setting is saved. When you step on the pad in case of using after save, the fan turn on with the saved setting.”



A Literal Computer Mouse!

We are all guilty of occasionally working a little later than we perhaps should; doing this every so often isn’t always avoidable, but repetitively doing so can have a great impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. This was the reasoning behind the playfully designed, Balance Mouse, as its intention is to assist in restoring the balance between work and home life.

The designers took the literal connotation of a computer ‘mouse’ and embodied its characterful persona into the device! During the day the mouse works like any other computer mouse, letting the user go about pursuing their tasks. However, when the clock strikes ‘home time’, the mouse exits the body and humourlessly rolls away. Not only is this a visual indicator that the work day is over, but its also pretty difficult to use a computer without a mouse!

And let’s be honest, this is quite possibly the cutest computer mouse we have ever seen!

Designer: BKID co







A Backpack to Get You Noticed!

A backpack can say a lot about a person as their style can range from being a modern and on-trend fashion accessory, through to a functional and trustworthy companion… but what about a digitalized backpack?

Pix is aimed at the individuals who wish to stand out and dare to be different! Packed into the front of the rucksack is a screen that is capable of creating up to 16.5 million color combinations… so you are only limited by your imagination! What’s displayed is controlled from the user’s phone, where they have the option of selecting images, animations of games directly from the library, or express their creativity by creating their own!

Not only is it a fun and unique feature, but it can also be extremely useful; with widgets the backpack can become indicators for cycling at night, and it automatically detects when the rider is slowing down and displays a stop signal.

Designer: Margaret Rimek

Click here to Buy Now: $219.00 $260.00 (15% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!


Besides being a convenient urban backpack, Pix allows you to choose or create your own digital art and display it.



Use widgets to make Pix your everyday assistant. Display the time, weather, your mobile notifications and much more through PIX’s widgets.



Use your Pix Backpack as a bright and eye-catchy indicator in the darkness.




Didn’t find your favorite art in our app library? Create your own images and animations right in the free companion app and upload them to your Pix backpack.





Click here to Buy Now: $219.00 $260.00 (15% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

3D Prints That You Can Eat?!


As the technology within the 3D printing world advances, so does its popularity and commercial ability. But now the Dutch designer, Elzelinde van Doleweerd has taken things a step further by making the prints edible!

Having recognized the vast quantity of food that is wasted each day, boiled rice in particular, Van Doleweerd conjured up a solution to reduce the amount of food that is unnecessarily and often nonchalantly thrown away. By boiling and mixing the ingredients together, followed by intensive grounding and sieving, a paste is created! The paste can then be transformed into stunning and mesmerizing 2D geometric shapes or crafted into 3D objects such as plates and bowls. Once baked they become completely dehydrated, resulting in a food that can be enjoyed for a long time to come!

With a plethora of foods, spices and herbs at Van Doleweerd’s disposal, we are sure to see some more exciting flavors and delicious pieces of art in the future!

Designer: Elzelinde van Doleweerd