This underwater scooter lets you explore the ocean with breath-taking ease

Who said scooters were exclusively for use on land?! The Trident is the integrated underwater scooter that makes exploring the oceans and satisfying your desire for adventure possible! Propelled by dual electric motors that can provide thrust of up to 26.5 pounds, Trident allows you to sore through the water with ease and gracefulness at speeds of up to 4mph… or gently explore and take in the surreal underwater landscape at a more manageable 2.2mph.

It has been designed with both amateur and professional divers firmly in mind; it is cable of transporting the diver 164ft below sea level for up to a full hour. This gives plenty of time for you to take in the underwater world that surrounds you! Fear not, you aren’t about to see your underwater scooter find a new home at the bottom of the ocean; it’s been born with positive buoyancy to avoid this daunting eventuality!

Designer: Innozen Design for Geneinno

A razor that’s as smooth as silk

The products that we interact with daily are deserving of a little more attention to their design; the more we see a product, the more critical we become of the design. A perfect example of this is a razor; whilst fundamentally its purpose is very straight-forward, the simplicity of this can lead to unique visuals to be created!

The Silk Razor carries an invitingly elegant form that has been inspired by the graceful flow of silk. The free-flowing form that creates the asymmetrical razor allows light to beautifully dance over its contours; this natural and constantly changing form of detail leads to a visual spectacle that inspires you to observe its aesthetic.

Designer: Guoyin Li

Your robotic caddie!

Like the idea of a golf caddie but don’t enjoy relying on another human to carry your prized possessions around for you? Then DUCK (Axglo X-E) may just be the product for you! Packed into this electric caddie is an all-intelligent following system that accurately navigates the terrain whilst maintaining a consistent distance away from you. The 80,000 mAh battery provides the nifty device with enough energy for 25km of roaming; adequate range for even the largest of courses!

Something which DUCK can do that you cannot do with the human variant, is fold it up and place it neatly in the boot of your car. DUCK automatically reduces in size to create a storage-friendly package that is far more convenient to transport. This high level of practically continues with the myriad or storage pockets and compartments that make-up the multi-functional console; leading to a product that can carry far more than just your clubs!

Designer: Rice Mak

The Axglo has 3 modes. In following mode, the handlebar does not need to be pulled up, which enhances the experience and formally change the concept of “pull”. Certainly, if golf cart runs out of electricity, people can still use it in pulling mode. When it is converted into the storage mode, multiple transmission structures can cooperate to fold quickly.

The Axglo is designed in a way where the golf bag is facing the golfer automatically. This can give the golfer the ability to quickly and easily access their desire club to make the perfect shot, hence get rid of the inconvenience to get the club from traidtional cart.

Above: Traditional Electric Cart. Below: Axglo

The Axglo can easily climb a slope of over 45 degrees. Without the use of auxiliary wheel, it improves the problem of losing balance by maxmizing the length of the front and rear wheelbase. The most important thing is that the folding size is smaller than other folding electric golf carts in the existing market.

The newest addition to your brainstorming team!

Everyone loves a good brainstorming session; it’s what forms the foundations of a project and all worries about neatness go out of the window! So, it’s only appropriate that the equipment we use is up to the job… Flipchart by Gumpo certainly is! It carries a laidback yet confident design that is composed of three panels; the horizontal panel not only secures the structure of the device, but also provides a location for pens and other writing utensils to reside when they are not in use!

Like the rest of the members of the Gumpo family, Flipchart does not demand attention within the workplace, but instead seamlessly compliments the furnishings around it and is considerate of the fuss-free environment.

Designers: Gerhardt Kellermann & Ana Relvao for Gumpo

The next generation of aerospace assembly equipment!

The assembly process for aerospace technology is driven by immense precision and breath-taking accuracy. However, there is significant room for improvement especially when it comes to making the connection between the fuselage and the ribs; awkward positioning, limited lighting and changes in jig tolerances lead to ‘buried’ or miss-aligned holes that are made worse by back drilling that must be performed from the inside. But, what if this didn’t have to be the case?

The DTS 01 has been designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the connection process. Composing or two main units, the drilling unit and the targeting unit, the user is guided towards the correct location for drilling! This is possible through the use of Ultrasonic Targeting, that uses the reflected ultrasonic waves that bounce off the fuselage to determine the positioning of the hole.

This ingenuous use of technology has been packed into a user-friendly and compact device that is robust enough to withstand that challenging environment it is placed within!

Designer: Mehmet Mehmetalioglu

A single-push dog harness that’s easy for you and comfortable for your buddy!

Whilst harnesses provide a comfortable, secure and most importantly, a reliable attachment point for the lead, they can be a struggle for the owner to apply, as well as possibly painful for the dog. This is where the Purina Dog Harness really shines! Using a quick-release system that is reminiscent of harnesses that are used in racing cars, the owner is only required to press a single button to release the harness from the dog, resulting in a quick and fight-free removal process that both the owner and their four-legged friends will appreciate.

In addition to this ease-of-application, what makes it so desirable is its focus on in-car safety. The car tether, which is a piece of nylon webbing that is positioned on the seatbelt, provides a reliable and safe point for the owner to secure their dog, from!

Designer: Sam Weise

A wall-mounted router that keeps your signal amplified and you organized

As necessary as internet routers are, the abundance of wires and disarray that they bring with them isn’t welcome within our workspace. Whilst hiding the router beneath the desk seemingly solves the aforementioned issues, the signal strength and reliably suffers, leading to frustrating drops in signal!

A WALL ROUTER has been designed with these issues firmly in mind, as it relocates the device to a location that doesn’t only elevate its position within the room, but also its functionality! The wall-mounted device is free from any obstructions, allowing it to provide a clear and uninterrupted signal effectively throughout the home. Due to the router now being visible, its only appropriate for it to carry a more considered aesthetic… and this device certainly does; its clean, fuss-free design paired with the 2-in-1 cable leads to a reserved appearance that doesn’t demand attention. The integrated ring of light on the front not only adds to the visual interest, but also acts as a visual indicator; the brighter the light, the stronger the signal!

Designer: Yeong Seok Go

Bright light means good signal strength, and dark light means bad signal strength.

This beam projector’s detachable speakers make for an immersive viewing experience

Immersing yourself in an intense movie or relaxing with friends on a cold winter’s nights are all well and good if you can afford the luxury of a 100inch TV, but when you’re huddled around a more commonly sized TV, the experience is somewhat diminished. This explains the reasoning for the growing popularity of beam projectors, and this demand led to the development of ASSEMBLE.

ASSEMBLE undoubtedly elevates the experience of watching a film by providing the users with a cinema-level experience in the comfort of their living rooms. In addition to projecting the action onto a nearby wall, the speakers that make up ASSEMBLE’s body can be removed and placed wherever the user desires, for an engaging, surround sound experience!

Every-last detail, from the finger-grooves in the speaker through to the accompanying remote, have been considered in great depth. This leads to a device that we would quite happily have to replace our out-dated looking TVs!

Designers: Joonho Sung & Dong young Hong

Easing hand tremors with the Gyroscopic Hand Stabiliser

Parkinson’s disease can lead to the individual having to carry-out their daily lives with tremors and shakes, whilst this makes carrying out an array of tasks difficult, it can also have a serious impact on the user’s confidence. This is where Tryro comes into play!

Using a trio of gyroscopic motors mounted within a sleek and futuristic wearable that dramatically wraps around the user’s hands, Tryro counteracts the shakes to stabilize the user’s hands and therefore induce a sense of confidence! Its designer, James Sanchez, recognized the various levels of tremors that an individual can have. To cater to this, a dial that’s located on the user’s wrist allows for adjustment of the gyroscopic motor’s speed!

What makes Tryro so unique is the medical aesthetic that it has managed to avoid. Considered details and an attractive form leads to a more desirable product and one which doesn’t carry the stigma of medical devices!

Designer: James Sanchez

The AR glasses that match Apple’s original design language

With the recent launch of Apple’s rather questionable and most definitely controversial Mac Pro, there is no denying that this concept is looking more ‘Apple’ than Apple themselves! Introducing the conceptual augmented reality goggles that beautifully carry the iconic design language that we know and love. The challenge for this project was create a revolutionary pair of spectacles where the elegant fusion of technology and style drive the design!

We’ve seen Google attempt this in the past, but we believe that their downfall was that they lost the ‘glasses’ element, leading to a cyborg-esque aesthetic that wasn’t to everyone’s taste. This concept retains both of the lenses and the iconic form of a pair of glasses, to create an understated yet undeniably Apple-like product!

Designer: Xhakomo Doda