A Candle Warmer That’s Housed Within a Beautiful Design

The warm, gentle and atmosphere creating glow of a candle is often found within the domestic environment, and when paired with a sweet or seasonal aroma, their desirability elevates further. However, candles do bring with them a range of downfalls; their flames are a fire risk and the wax melts so quickly that they must be replaced regularly. These problems, and more, are solved by a Candle Warmer.

The D’audrey Candle Warmers are beautiful examples of a candle warmer, while each design may differ aesthetically, they each feature a Halogen Lamp that gently melts the wax, releasing its untainted aroma.

It’s the alluring aesthetics of the D’audrey collection that demands attention; the repetitive lines and organic forms allow the warm light to escape and cast unique shadows onto the table top. The sculpture-like forms hold themselves strongly when the light is not on, allowing them to remain a powerful statement piece within the room!

Designer: Deokhee Jeong

Own the Slopes With The Knot Helmet!

Second to protection from the elements and surroundings, snow-sport gear is used to express the individual’s tastes, style and most significantly, personality… and their helmet is no exception to this! This is exactly what drove the design of the KnOt Snow Helmet!

Inspired by the boldness of climbing ropes and the distinctive forms created using the Macrame technique, KnOt uses its fixation method to drive the aesthetics! Traveling through the translucent exterior skin of the helmet is a network of rope, which meet at the fastener position under the user’s chin. It uses this structure to add visual interest to the item of safety equipment, and create a product that stands out!

The ropes weave in and out of the skin, revealing its vibrant color and tactile texture intermittently, adding depth to the design and leading to a helmet that we can’t help but want to own!

Designer: Marine Demeyere

The Perfect Playing Cards for Traveling With

When we are traveling we don’t want to be carrying around excess baggage, so conserving space, no matter how small, is very important! This is precisely what makes Air Deck 2.0, the ultimate travel playing cards!

This deck of travel-optimized playing cards is the successor to the wildly successful Original Air Deck… and it brings with it some improvements! These changes center around the three new eye-catching designs, which consist of Classic, Warp Speed and Astronauts themed designs. Despite their compact dimensions, these cards are easy to work with; they each feature a slightly textured finish for better handling and a more enjoyable playing experience!

Like the original Air Deck they are waterproof, making them resistant to spills and allowing them to be washed… however, they have now been designed to be even more resistant to wear and tear… perfect!

And, as if you didn’t need any more reasons to invest in a deck, Mangrove trees will be planted to offset any CO2 emitted from the production and shipping of the cards!

Designers: Ursus Negenborn & Rune Kippervik

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In the process of creating the ultimate travel deck, they tried out over 50 different high-end plastic materials. The materials were taken through scratch, bending and handling tests to identify the best candidate. Finally, they ended up with a premium ‘casino quality’ PVC that has all the properties they want for their deck.


– 52 Playing Cards + 2 Jokers
– Waterproof and washable
– Compact travel-friendly size
– Lightweight
– Durable heavy-duty ‘casino quality’ 0.31mm PVC
– Premium printing
– Slightly textured on both sides for better handling
– Sturdy 0.4mm waterproof synthetic paper tuck box
– Playing card size : 3.43 x 1.26 inches (87 x 32mm)

While regular paper playing cards tear, stain, bend and break easily, Air Deck 2.0 is extremely durable.

The cards grip nicely and have a premium feel.

The Air Deck 2.0 takes up very little space and easily fits into your pocket.

The cards are 100% waterproof, so you can even use them in the pool or the bathtub.

Despite their smaller width, the cards are as easy to read as a standard sized decks. The full-sized length ensures that it also handles much like a full size deck, and the narrower width makes the deck fit nicely in the palm of your hands.

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A Healthy Cat, Is a Happy Cat

Monitoring every aspect of our pet’s health is no easy feat… just keeping up with our four-legged friends can be a challenge in itself! However, you can tell a lot about a cat’s health from their intake of water, as changes in this can be warning signs for certain diseases. Existing water bowls may bring with them a series of additional health risks, such as scale deposition and hair sediment accumulation.

These problems have been eradicated with the rather ingenious TailTalk water dispenser! The built-in water purification system allows for the continues flow and circulation of water, eliminating water scale build-up, whilst four layers of filter remove any large particles from the water. All of this occurs whilst the Intelligent Water Quantity Monitoring System simultaneously tracks the intake of water; a gravity sensor that’s housed within the base of the device monitors the water volume, which is then clearly displayed on the side of the product!

Designer: Rice Mak

Is This a Vacuum Cleaner or a Piece of Art?

The humble vacuum cleaner now has a commonplace within our homes, as it is seen as a necessity as opposed to a luxury. However, this doesn’t stop it from carrying a rather unimaginative and uninspiring form. Until now that is, the Drip handheld vacuum cleaner puts aesthetics first.

Drip flaunts a sculptural form that oozes sophistication, from the bold, powerful stance that the form creates, through to the distinctive finish that elegantly conceals the electronic nature of the product, making it more or a piece of art than a domestic appliance.

The absence of a handle not only allows for a clean, sleek design, but also alters how the product is used, adding to its uniqueness and bringing a sense of intrigue. This is certainly a device that you will want to leave out, as opposed to shoving into the draw!

Designer: Christoph Andrejcic

A Scooter for us Big-Kids!


It’s likely that you will associate the word ‘scooter’ with your childhood, where hours were spent gliding around on the two-wheeled contraptions. But, why should kids have all the fun? Qui is a redesigned electric scooter that has been designed with the desire to alter how the scooter’ feels in the public mind’.

At first glance you will see how this is far from the simple scooter that you may have grown up with; Qui carriers a sleek yet muscular design that is packed full of intuitive design features. Perhaps most unique is the special fork design that adds an element of visual intrigue due to the surreal, floating visual that it creates.

There is no forgetting that this is propelled by an electric motor. Visual hints in the form of bright blue flashes of light constantly remind you of the powertrain, which is controlled by the series of buttons that are mounted on the handlebars.

Designer: Rice Mak



“The special design of the front fork makes the whole scooter neat and more refreshing, but it does not affect the steering function at all,” Mak told YD.







An Undeniably Scandinavian-Inspired Speaker


This speaker has a strong essence of Scandinavian design about it… and that much is indisputable! The Scandinavian Philosophy prides itself on flowing, clean lines, harmony with the surrounds, and above all, functional simplicity…. This is all present within the design of this perfectly balanced speaker.

By being elevated from the base plate it creates more of a presence as well as adding a sense of suspense to the product. The internals are housed within the main body of the product, and are concealed behind the grey, fabric mesh that breaks up the design. The matte-white finish of the body is intercepted by wooden inserts; a design feature that is synonymous of iconic Scandinavian design.

Due to Bluetooth connectivity, the interface and controls have been kept to a minimum, with just a wooden volume dial present… allowing for a clean aesthetic to be maintained!

Designer: Arthur Bonneaud







The Ultimate Cycling Helmet?!


Cycling can be a dangerous mode of transport, whether it’s due to the adrenaline-fueled decent down a treacherous trail, or the vulnerability during the morning commute. Because of this, rider safety is something to be taken very seriously! The Ventoux Hybrid Helmet ingeniously bridges the gap between the comfortable and lightweight open-face and the all-head protection focused full-face to create a product that incorporates the best features of both these products!

The slim and lightweight design has been designed to take anything that’s thrown its way, and this has been achieved through a series of unique features; an extended rear section to provide protection the back of the head, polarised lenses to protect the user’s eyes, and perhaps most significantly, the chin strap that creates a lower impact point without compromising on visibility and weight.

Comfort was carefully considered during the design process, the hard-outer shell that features improved airflow, houses a soft, padded lining with a mesh guard for the ultimate comfort!

Designer: Jean-Baptiste Petricoul


Protected in Every Situation

“This product is made to correspond to several uses and offers the best facial protection in every situation and every environment. The main problem with the actual product is the rotation of the helmet around the strap attach under the chin during frontal impacts on the ground. This rotation uncovers face and forehead which concentrate most of the injuries,” Designer Petricoul told YD.













Is This the Future of Logistics?


Franken is a modular logistics platform that has been designed with the intention of revolutionizing how robots are used within the manufacturing sector. Franken features an extremely flexible modular design that centers around a two-wheeled mainframe. This section can function independently, as it travels around in a Segway-like fashion; this makes it ideal for carrying small parcels or, with the addition of grips, even people!

For larger objects and parcels, two of these mainframes can come together to create a four-wheeled, parcel-carrying machine! The large bed swallows the parcels, with the raised walls keeping them from falling out. A cover can be added to the open-aired transporter to create a personal delivery robot that protects the cargo from the elements!

A product that offers a vision of what the future may look like needs an equally futuristic aesthetic, and this has been achieved through a sleek, flowing form with sharp chamfers, that sits upon intriguing wheels that are back-lit by gently glowing lights!

Designer: Dawn Studio













Is This the Future of Packaging?


We love to see unique and interesting alternatives to traditional packaging, and Cy-Bo certainly has both of these bases covered! This series of distinctive forms have been created through the repetitive combination of the same six-pointed shape; by rearranging the shape in different configurations and patterns, a wide range of shapes and forms can be created!

The hugely flexible, sponge-like form can be used to hold objects ranging from fruit and vegetables to protect them from drops, through to pens and pencils when its configured into a striking pencil case!

The possibilities are only increased with the introduction of different materials; the example shows a form created from waste leather, which creates a striking design that consists of the mesmerizing, repetitive shape!

Designer: Kenji Abe