At Last, a Medical Product Without The Stereotypical Medical Aesthetic


The continuous advancements in technology have allowed the medical sector to develop at a staggering rate. For this reason, there are now more medical products on the market than ever, so it’s of high importance that the brand has a recognizable brand identity that’s consistent throughout their product range.

Sensile Medical is the company behind a range of injection devices that all incorporate the same core technology, for this reason their design must be consistent. The redesign resulted in a range of products that clearly reflect Sensile Medical’s brand values while also being distinctive to ensure it stands out in the medical sector. An element of customization has been integrated into the design; this is in the form of the front panel and it allows the licensee to reflect their own brand values in the product.

It’s also important to note that the stigma that medical products carry has been eliminated thanks to the subtle surface detailing and carefully considered design.

Designer: Craig McGarrell & Alex Driver for Team Consulting


The form and construction of the wearable devices are driven by the need to maximise comfort for the user and remain hidden beneath clothing. This is achieved using soft pillowed forms and tuning the adhesive pad to aid flexibility and easy removal. The contoured button is designed to be easy to feel so the user can obtain feedback on device status without the need to remove clothing.


This design uses a combination of materials and surface finishes to communicate the difference in the value of the disposable and retained elements of the system. To tackle the issue of plastic waste the disposable element uses thin wall-sections with ribbing to achieve dimensional stability using less material.



















The Wheelchair Has Been Stylishly Re-Invented


For some individuals, a wheelchair is their primary mode of transportation, and as well as enabling them to get from point A to point B, it introduces an unparalleled element of freedom into their lives. But current electronic wheelchairs do bring with them a series of downfalls, their bulky, cumbersome size and the undesirable aesthetic being two of the main ones. Kwanjun Ryu set out to create a solution to these issues, and the solution came in the form of the Model F.

The Model F is like no other. It carries an aesthetic that puts all other electric wheelchairs to shame, from its organic curves that flow elegantly, to the futuristic Omni wheels that give it a strong presence. Its sleek, attention-stealing aesthetics are also immensely practical, elevating its day-to-day usability greatly; in just a few simple steps the robust wheelchair smoothly transforms into a transportable, aircraft-friendly, compact package that is a far more practical alternative to the conventional wheelchair.

Designer: Kwanjun Ryu



1. The speed can be adjusted in three steps. The direction joystick is on the right armrest. Press and hold joystick to turn the device on or off. The horn button is located in side of left armrest.




2. Press the buttons on the left and right armrests to adjust the height of the armrests. Unscrew the bolt located on the Back side, and slide up or down for adjust backrest.



3. Pull the lever to turn the seat. This feature makes it easy for people with disabilities to sit.




4. Thanks to Omni wheel, 45% less radius of rotation than the device with the steering wheel. New dual Omni wheel design is easier to assemble and easier to manage than original Omni wheels.


5. You can remove the external battery. WHILL which has removed battery has no problem when boarding an aircraft. Locked batteries can be released to the key. Press the button to see the remaining battery level.




6. Pull the lever to fold the seat. Because the frame and the seat are connected with belt, the seat is always horizontal. This allows the user to fold the wheelchair easily.





7. Push the lever under the seat to separate the seat from the frame. When loading in a narrow space, disassemble the product and store it. Assembly is a reverse procedure to disassembly. Seats and frames are connected to Pogo Pin.




Cool Down and Charge Up!


When executed perfectly and having been designed with extremely careful consideration, a product that solves multiple problems can be an exceptionally useful and versatile bit of kit! CirXquare certainly falls into the category!

This innovative hybrid device allows the user to always have both a portable fan and power bank with them wherever they go… this would be particularly useful considering the warmer weather a lot of us have been battling recently! The fan is located within the off-center circle at the top of the device; this asymmetry brings an element of visual interest and suspense to the product, which isn’t present on many portable fans!

As you would assume, the power bank is neatly concealed within the oversized handle, with the ports being located on the underside of the module so they are out of sight while remaining accessible.

And as an added ‘bonus feature’, the flat base allows CirXquare to take the place of your conventional desktop fan, elevating its immense usability further!

Designer: Kiia Huang






If Fibonacci Had Designed Furniture…


Our furniture is what turns a house into a home, it allows us to express our individuality and style through another medium, but most importantly of all, it can give us somewhere to hide our mess! The Fibonacci sideboard does all this in such a beautiful and composed manner.

As the name would suggest, this unique sideboard is based on the famous Fibonacci sequence; this is something that we especially see a lot if in the worlds of Art, Photography and Graphic Design, but in the case of this item of furniture, it has been used in the composition of the compartments. This has led to a particularly interesting design which is sure to instantly steal anyone’s attention and rapidly become the center of the conversation!

The all-wood construction is available in a whole host of bright colors, so there is sure to be one that compliments any individual’s personality!

Designer: Riccardo Nobilini





Seating That Creates A Surreal Level Of Escapism

This beautiful, sculpture-like structure is a ‘Kodama Zomes’, and it offers a whole lot more than just being a dramatic piece of eye candy! It is a revolutionary item of furniture that provides the user with an unapparelled level of comfort and escapism, inside the house or out.

Designed with immense attention to detail and crafted using the finest of materials, the Kodama Zomes feels just as good as it looks! The gentle, unrestricted swaying motion that is achieved by the single overhead point soothes the vestibular system and makes the Zomes a place of tranquillity and exceptional comfort. Kodama also offers a range of covers for the Zomes, from the undeniably practical Mosquito Net to the shade-creating Sun Shade… all to enhance the surreal experience.

You would be forgiven for mistaking this item of furniture for a piece of art due to its defined and striking design, making Zomes just as alluring to look at, as it is to reside in.

Designer: Richie Duncan of Kodama Zomes

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Telecare Should Never Be Hidden


Telecare can quickly become a significant aspect of an individual’s life, as this extra layer of assistance could allow them to keep their independence and prevent them from having to reside in a care home. It also provides a welcomed element of peace-of-mind for family members and carers, knowing that in the unfortunate event of an emergency, they will have easy access to the appropriate service.

CareDot has been designed to make telecare even more accessible! The large disc features a single, oversized button that has been recessed into the center of the body, so to avoid any accidental alerts. The large, wooden button has been designed to be customizable and interchangeable, this allows the user to select an appropriate symbol for the intended scenario.

The finish of the product is an area of the design that has been carefully considered; the fabric cover and wooden accents ensure that CareDot will complement the existing furniture within the room beautifully, making it right at home in the domestic environment.

Designer: Siri Roo








Most user manuals are misplaced or lost so Siri Roo designed a slot where the manual can be kept and will be there when you need it. This slot can be used to store a note or medical ID.


CareDot can be placed on table, wall mounted and on the stand which retains the benefit of wall mount but also allows it to be placed on a flat surface. This flexibility and customisability make CareDot not only great for home but also public space such as school, hotel or office.


Using Light to Elevate the Conversation Between Man and Machine


AI Speakers are the gateways that allow for human and machines to communicate, and with an ever-increasing volume of the products on the market, it’s now easier than ever for us to engage in a ‘conversation’ with one. The design team at Second White wanted to elevate the quality of communication, and they achieved this using a second medium. Light.

Humans are complex. We are fickle-minded and unpredictable, and we have a broad spectrum of emotions that can change dramatically at the flick of a switch, and rather beautifully the AI Lighting Speaker recognises these changes and beautifully adapts to them; a sharp strip of light is present on the face of the device, which leads down towards the softer, diffused light of the base. These subtly alter the surrounding atmosphere to a tone of light that compliments the user’s mood.

This wonderfully added layer of communication elevates the ‘conversation’ beautifully and creates a product that smoothly integrates into your within the home.

Designer: Second White









Beautiful 3D Printed Lamps!


The speed at which the 3D printing industry is developing is staggering. It can be difficult to keep up with. But these developments have undeniably opened design up to a whole new world of manufacturing possibilities, and the team at the UAU Project have taken full advantage of these with their latest creation!

This beautiful pair is the Anemone and Bloom Lamps, and their sculpture-like form is an appropriate and striking hint towards their manufacturing process. The forms of the two lamps wonderfully contrast one another, while their intense surface detailing ties them together in a subtle manner.

If their unique form wasn’t enough to make them noticeable, then the vibrant, attention-stealing colors will ensure their presence isn’t lost within the room! They are certainly a unique and alluring alternative to some of the more conventional lamps on today’s market!

Designers: Justyna Fałdzińska & Miłosz Dąbrowski of UAU project


Designed to fit IKEA STRALA cord.





Old-school Process Meets Modern Design


With the clear majority of photographs now being in a digital format, physical photos are looking more beautiful than ever before. They bring with them a wonderfully unparalleled sense of anticipation, as we eagerly wait to see the image develop before our eyes. Shaun Wellens wanted to rejuvenate this old-school emotion by encapsulating it into a device that’s fit for the modern day, and his creation came in the form of M24.004.

The M24.004 camera is an attention-stealing object, its clean, uniform lines and sharply engineered corners create a handsome, masculine aesthetic. This has only been emphasized by the rough, brushed metal finish that’s complete with exposed screws. The camera lens looks as if it is bending the casing outwards and this creates a beautiful interruption in the otherwise perfectly straight sides, adding a wonderful element of suspense to the design.

Designer: Shaun Wellens





Tranquillity Embodied in A Table


For the majority of us, our living rooms are a place of calmness, they are a place for relaxing and recovering after a long day. So, with this in mind, surely the items of furniture that reside within it should enhance the level of peacefulness.

Lake has been designed to do just that! As the name would suggest, it has been inspired by the tranquillity that comes with the body of water; their beautiful silence, crystal clear depth and composed nature have been embodied in the form of an undeniably unique side table.

Three plexiglass vessels, each identical in size, form the transparent legs, onto which the circular top rests. Molded into this are three ‘drops’, all of which can be filled with water, flowers, fruit or other small items, to add an element of interest to the otherwise minimal design. Much like a calm forest lake on a peaceful summer’s morning, this table opens up space for imagination to be set free.

Designer: Maya Prokhorova