Track your heart rate and oxygen level in style!

An oximeter is a fundamental device when monitoring health, however, it’s fair to say that far more time has been invested into its function, as opposed to its form. Whilst this design decision is rather understandable, it does leave a lot of room for improvement, and one which Kenko takes full advantage of!

Kenko laughs in the face of the stereotypical aesthetic of medical products, as it instead carries a stigma-free, far more approachable design style. However, it isn’t just the aesthetics that have received a revamp… the entire user experience has been redesigned; the raised detector gives the user a tactile indication of where to position their finger, whilst the silicone insert can be removed for effective cleaning! Another of Kenko’s features that is rarely seen on a more conventional Oximeter is the OLED Display that provides the user with pointers and information regarding the seamless operation of the device!

Designer: Anish Shakthi

“Designed to fight the social stigma associated with conventional medical products. Thanks to it’s “gadget” aesthetic, it seamlessly blends into the world we live in today,” Shakthi told Yanko Design.

The curves make it appear friendly and the soft form sits well in the palm of your hand.

The bottom slides down to reveal the Photo-detector and the LED lights.

The raised detector gives you a tactile indication as to where to place your finger. In addition, the silicon pad is shaped to grip your finger well.

Works great for both left and right handers thanks to the opening on both sides of the device.

The OLED display is the main source of information and interaction with the device. Provides you information on how to use the device and is there when you need it.

The app tracks all of your readings and gives you health suggestions based on your conditions.

Who needs a display when this keyboard projects your screen directly on your retina?

We love seeing concepts that challenge our perception of the future of technology by forcing us to rethink how we will one day interact with devices. Aura certainly achieves this, and it does so by transforming the humble laptop into an ultra-portable, productivity station!

So, you may be asking yourself how it functions without a screen, well that’s all down to the rather clever Eye-tracking Infrared Illuminators that locate eye-details and reflection patterns to project the image directly onto the user’s retinas! The futuristic technology doesn’t end there; in addition to the lack of screen, there is also concave keyboard with Glow Thru keys that’s been paired with an adaptive input service for maximum productivity!

Every single detail has been considered in immense detail; from the seamless and intuitive charging cable that is reminiscent of Apple’s iconic Magnetic cable, through to the careful selection of materials that elevate the premium feel of the computer! If this is what the future of computing could be like, then count us in!

Designer: Vince Wang

How it Works

Retinal display technologies do not need a physical screen. Instead, the viewer and the projector face each other, forming virtual images on the retina of the viewer.

Magical Eyetracking

Invisible infrared dots are projected and captured by the sensors for processing. By finding eye details and reflection patterns, eye patterns are calculated, giving perfect projections within the viewing angle.

Every Detail Matters

Every step of the way was methodical, increasing in fidelity and brought forward more and more details. Full-scale iterations revealed form and proportions changes that are hard to notice digitally.

Iconic & Timeless

A comfortable, familiar tactile gesture of rolling the bar turns the device on and off. Iris scanning allows you to unlock your device and setup multiple Iris profiles for multi-user use.

Secondary Keys

To declutter your workspace, secondary keys are hidden until you activate them with the numbers, ‘123’ button or the symbols “#+=” button. Press and your keys will magically glow through the trackpad. A new adaptive keyboard with no learning curve.

Invisible Aura

With no physical keys to press, you experience a fully seamless surface that is natural and easy to interact with. Haptic feedback adds a sense of touch by slight vibrations when you run your fingertips across the keys or press down on them.

Aura Can Take the Heat

Torx T3 screws allow you to do battery replacement on your own, clean out dust, and give you ultimate repairability and the ability to recycle. Rubber feet grip keep your device secure while raising it up to help with airflow and cooling.

Natural Cursor Movement

The trackpad you’ve grown to love is still there. Although this one lights up with buttons when you want it to. Aura uses eye-tracking for moving your cursor around, simply look where you want it to go. We reply on this natural human eye movement and use infrared lights to accurately track your eye gaze.

Seamless Intuitive Charging

No more lining up prongs or ports to charge your device. A simple magnetic inductive surface charges any way you snap it on, allowing you to beautifuuly charge your Aura as unobtusively as possible.

Could this be the successor to Apple’s HomePod?!

A lot of the most popular models within Apple’s vast line-up of products are topped by a flagship ‘Pro’ variant, and thanks to this concept, we can get an insight to how the HomePod would look if it received the same treatment! This re-engineered HomePod transforms the device from the personal speaker that we have become familiar with, into an all-out home entertainment center!

Packed into the oblong form is a plethora of features that elevate its position within the home. At the forefront of its design is a 4K touch screen spanning the top surface of the device; through this, the user can control Apple TV, incoming Facetime calls and of course, music. These functions can be experienced in immersive definition that has been made possible through the 2 high excursions woofers, 10 ambient microphones and 14 beamforming tweeters! Its functionality now spreads into the workplace environment; keeping minutes, scheduling appointments and participating in group conferences can all be taken care of with this beautifully clever device.

Designer: Philip Goolkasian

HomePod Pro

An immersive soundbar with Dolby Atmos, an integrated Apple TV 4K with touch controls, and a secure platform for FaceTime and audio chart. With double the drivers and a wide range of features, HomePod Pro crosses over from personal speaker to all-in-one entertainment center.


2 high-excursion woofers, 10 ambient microphones, and 14 beaming tweeters deliver the same acoustic quality as the original HomePod, with twice the amplification range for powerful, moving audio and unbelievably rich sound.


To achieve an oblong shape, HomePod Pro’s textile pattern was completely reengineered. Using 3D parametric modeling scripts alongside familiar manufacturing methods, HomePod Pro’s space fabric maintains a seamless, consistent, and acoustically-transparent surface.

Apple TV 4K

With fully integrated Apple TV 4K, HomePod Pro delivers a comprehensive audio and video entertainment experience right out of the box. Watch your favorite shows from Apple TV+, HBO, Netflix and more in high-definition with just one device.

Stream Music, Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows & More

Control your HomePod Pro through the haptic touch interface. Pair HomePod Pro with your Apple TV remote or iOS enabled devices. Or just say “Hey Siri”. We’ll take it from there.

Surround Sound with Dolby Atmos

Pair HomePod Pro with up to 2 HomePods and be transported right to the center of the action. Stream breathtaking Apple TV 4K content with Dolby Atmos and experience completely immersive audio.

Ready for the Home & Office

HomePod Pro makes it easy to stay connected to your team. The microphone array uses ambient echo intelligence to automatically calibrate to large conference rooms and small huddle spaces. And with Workplace OS for HomePod, it consolidates your entire visual system – making it simpler than ever to get to work.

Group FaceTime

Start a Group FaceTime from Apple Calendar, Email, HomePod Pro, or your enables iOS devices. Through advanced audio processing, HomePod Pro knows the size of the room and the number of guests, and calibrates audio input and output to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Easy Scheduling with Apple Calendar

Set up an event with Workplace OS and Apple Calendar. Assign a room, invite guests, and HomePod Pro will be ready when you arrive.

Automatic Meeting Templates with Notes

With customizable meeting templates, it’s incredibly fast to document your team’s ideas – giving you more time to concentrate on what matters most. Minutes and links are automatically shared with the team, so everyone is kept in the loop.

Linked Presentation Files with iCloud

Avoid screencasting and awkward, unwanted notification pop-ups. Simply drag and drop your files into meeting invite from iCloud, and HomePod Pro will add them to the visual display. After meeting, links to the files are shared with the team to review and follow-up.

A wireless charger & desk fan that takes inspiration from renewable fuel

Windfarms are popping up so regularly that they are rapidly becoming a common sight within our landscapes… this little device goes one-step further and introduces them into our homes, on a far smaller, more manageable level!

Inspired by the offshore wind farm located just off the coast of Jeju Island in South Korea, this intriguing device provides power to your mobile device through wireless charging. Okay… so the turbine doesn’t actually generate the power, but I think we can let that one slide considering how beautiful the aesthetics of the device is. The gentle surface detailing has been taken directly from the calm waves that gently break against the shores of the volcanic island. Just to elevate the alluring styles even further, it has been displayed in four color tones that beautifully reflect the conditions that surround Jeju Island.

Designer: Do Hyeung Kim

“Jeju Island is a special autonomous province located in the southernmost part of Korea. 90% of the island is made up of basalt. Compared to land, the oceanic climate is characterized by high temperature, high rainfall and high winds. As a result, there is a large wind farm in Jeju Island,” Kim told Yanko Design.

This portable air conditioner is a planet-friendly way to stay cool this summer!

Whilst an air-conditioning unit may appear to be a seemingly effective method of reducing the air temperature in the room, they can be wildly inefficient; throwing a combined amount of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere the equivalent to 19 million car exhausts! This is where the evaCHILL comes into play, as it provides each user with their own personal microclimate without the release of Carbon Dioxide! How? It uses the principle of water evaporation to create moist, fresh and, most importantly, cool air!

This isn’t Evapolar’s first endeavour into personal cooling however, it is undeniably the most refined. evaCHILL is compact enough to be mobile, intuitive enough to be easily controlled and stylish enough to look right at home within your workspace! Careful attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the device, to create a fluid and simple form of interaction that elevates the user experience. It’s refined aesthetics lead to an attractive device that doesn’t demand attention or dominate the desk!

Designers: Eugene Dubovoy & Vladimir Levitin

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3-in-1. Cools, humidifies, and cleans dust particles from the air for healthier breathing.

“Here, at Evapolar our everyday concern is what our users inhale. Nowadays about 90% families worldwide have an air conditioner. Cooling systems maintenance expenses surpass 11 billion dollars per year and around 100 million tons of carbon dioxide thrown into the atmosphere by them. That is exactly as much as 19 million cars’ exhaust,” Evapolar told Yanko Design.

“EvaCHILL cooling technology is based on a natural evaporative cooling effect combined with an exclusive and patented inorganic EvaBreeze ® material. As a result this working principle is not just the most energy efficient and eco-friendly one, but also the safest as there’s no carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere and the power consumption is minimal.”

1. Add Water. Fill up the tank with water.

2. Add Power. Connect USB cable to a power outlet or power bank.

3. Enjoy. Get the full cooling effect after the cartridge has fully absorbed the water (after about 10 minutes).

Keep the experience of baking at home, alive!

Shop-bought cakes and pastries just can’t compete with the unrivaled authenticity of their homemade alternatives. It’s not just their taste that has led to this result, but also the experience of the baking process that has been shared throughout generations. The Elf’s Hat aims to enhance this experience further by introducing an element of fun to the process!

The Elf’s Hat’s hands-on and engrossing experience starts with the more size-appropriate utensils that each carry a playful and friendly aesthetic that’s aimed directly at children! The need for scales has been replaced by pre-set grooves that indicate the correct measurement, leading to more involved baking experience. In addition to this, the assortment of cookie-cutters forms a challenging puzzle that keeps the little-ones engaged, even towards the end of the baking session!

As it’s the parents that are buying the set, it needs to appeal to them and I don’t doubt that the mess-restricting design features may allow it to do just that; the protruding brim on the utensils catches any run-away mixture from dripping onto the work surface, whilst the sieve satisfyingly slots into the corresponding mixing bowl, so that the kitchen doesn’t become covered in a dusting of powder!

Designer: Pei-Ju Wu

“In order to understand how children operate and think patterns, I prepared some handles with different shapes and sizes for them to try, and observed if they could operate intuitively. I also placed the matching containers together and observe them how to hold, how to use, and whether them understand the styling hints,” Wu told Yanko Design.

“There is a corresponding arc between the screen and the container. When sifting, the two can be combined and completely sealed, so that children won’t spill the powder easily.”

“The protruding part of the brim can catch the flowing food, so that the tools will not be wet when the tools are temporarily placed on the rack.”

“According to the shape of the hat, the seven cookie molds themselves are also a set of puzzles.”

Switch-up the way you listen to music

The simple and intuitive operation of a light switch has been intriguingly integrated into this compact, portable speaker. Appropriately named, Switch Audio, offers a comfortable user experience that makes listening to music even more enjoyable. The center of the device pivots to allow it to accommodate both positions; when in the ‘off’ position, the audio is stopped and the power is conserved, the ‘on’ position allows music to be streamed and devices to be paired, whilst simultaneously allowing access to the controls that were previously concealed.

Don’t be fooled by its compact and visually light design, it has been said to still offer a good balance between low and high notes. All of this whilst remaining waterproof- making it perfect for those unpredictable outdoor adventures.

Designer: Yongha Yang

IP67 grade waterproof

Two speakers on the back.

Air purifier that blends in rather than stand-out

There is no reason for domestic appliances to disrupt the harmony within our homes, yet so many become undesirable eye-sores. HORIZONTÁLIS is an air purifier that demonstrates how a product with a distinct function can be designed in a way that allows it to be in keeping with the existing furnishings within the home.

On first glance, you would be forgiven in mistaking this air purifier for a side-table; its confident form and carefully-considered details lead to a product that resembles an item of furniture as opposed to an electrical appliance. Its designer, Jaehyo Lee, recognized that furniture isn’t as simple as ‘one-size-fits-all’; by incorporating a modular design, this friendly air purifier can be transformed to suit the environment it is destined to be placed within and further harmonize with the existing furnishings.

Designer: Jaehyo Lee

This trash can dries out your organic waste volume by 60%

It’s fair to say that emptying a bin isn’t the most pleasant of tasks; the unpleasant smell, disgusting liquid residue and luring risk of the bag splitting make it a domestic task that we certainly don’t look forward to. So, what can be done to restrict the bin from releasing such an overpowering odor into our homes and reduce the regularity of the task? Well, reducing the moisture trapped inside the bags not only eliminates the bad smells but also reduces the weight of the bag by 70% and its volume by 60%! This is exactly what Hetta does!

Housed within the sleek cladding is an interior module that allows for the drying process to be completed within three hours. The dried waste then falls into the organic liner that is suspended below it. This isn’t the only party-trick that Hetta has up its sleeve; as the user opens the door that is located on its façade, the bag is automatically closed… saving you the messy job!

Designer: Gesa Oeljeschläger


1. Throughout the day the occurring organic waste is being collected in the top module.
1.1 Over the daytime the waste airs out through vents that are fitted with filters that avoid bad odors.
2. The remaining moisture evaporates through a drying process taking part at night. Thus, the waste loses 70% of its weight and 60% of its volume.
3. Once the drying process is done (max 3h), the processed waste is ejected into the bottom body and collected in an organic liner. When you open the top module the next day it is empty.
4. The used organic liner should be exchanged after 16 days.

Ice pops in ten minutes

Not only do ice pops act as a tasty refreshment on a summer’s day, but they can also be used to quickly cool us down in the sweltering heat. However, the ice pop making process is anything but quick, which can lead to frustratingly long waits as our impatience levels increase. This is certainly not the case for THE SEAL, which reduces the processing time down to a mere 10 minutes!

You may be asking how this has been achieved? It takes full advantage of the working principle of an ice-cream maker but reduces the volume significantly. This, paired with the metal molds that reduce the freezing time even further, allow for ice-lollies to be made in just a matter of minutes… so you can enjoy the refreshing treat on a whim!

At first glance, you would be forgiven for not recognizing the device and an ice-lolly maker; its minimalistic aesthetic leads to an inconspicuously designed object that gives no hints at the craving-satisfying capabilities that it harnesses.

Designer: Ellie Tsang