Chrome boosts page load speeds with clever bits of code

Google's main selling point for Chrome has always been simple: speed. With the browser's latest update, 64-bit Chrome 53 and 32-bit Chrome 54 on Windows, the internet juggernaut is upping performance again. By using Microsoft's Profile Guided Optimiz...

Kiinde Kozii Warms Breast Milk While Maintaining Nutrients

KoziiThe methods typically used to warm breast milk often negate its nutrition. This is where the Kiinde Kozii comes in. The Kozii is a device that warms breast milk as quickly as steam, yet doesn’t destroy its precious nutrients.

Peter Thiel’s tech wealth made him a First Amendment gatekeeper

Peter Thiel built his fortune in Silicon Valley as a founder of PayPal, an early backer of Facebook and a venture capitalist focused on the technology industry. He's living proof of the Bay Area's ability to make billionaires of mortal men. Using a...

Outside China, Xiaomi seeks another home on US networks

October 9th marked Hugo Barra's third year at Xiaomi, and as its Global Vice President, he watched the company evolve from a China-centric smartphone e-tailer to an IoT ecosystem with a growing international footprint. Xiaomi's recently entered Russi...

This bike has fire in its eyes!


You’d have to be extremely cool to be able to pull off a red colored headlight, and this Electric Cafe Racer manages to do that with panache! Normally reserved for taillights, the red color does look pretty wicked on the front of the bike, giving it a devious appearance. I can’t speak for whether this actually reduces visibility or not, but it sure gives the bike a wicked demeanor!

Designer: Michael Cohen