‘Carcraft’ is Waymo’s virtual world for autonomous vehicle testing

Earlier this year we watched as an AI kept driving straight into the water in Grand Theft Auto: V. Rather than use Rockstar Games' crime-world magnum opus to train its self-driving vehicles, though, Waymo instead uses Carcraft. Named for Blizzard's e...

Google search uses a medical quiz to help diagnose depression

Only half of Americans who face depression get help for it, and Google is determined to increase that percentage. As of today, it's offering a medically validated, anonymous screening questionnaire for clinical depression if you search for informati...

Samsung says it’s building an Echo-like smart speaker

Samsung is spilling the beans on more than just its smartwatch plans in the wake of its Galaxy Note 8 event. In an interview with CNBC, mobile division chief DJ Koh has confirmed that his company is working on a smart speaker. He's shy on details,...

Snack in the box!


Sugar, Entertainment, and a little bit of technology, all combine to become the child’s latest addiction with Hershey’s Magic Box. The packaging models itself on a large Lego-style brick with two inner compartments. One, for a toy and a ‘Trade card’ with a QR Code, and another for Hershey’s signature production, chocolate. The chocolate comes in the form of orbs, and its compartment opens in a Tic-Tac box style, allowing only one or two choco-balls to exit the box at a time.

In the spirit of retaining packaging, the box is kept long after the chocolates are eaten, and is used for building purposes. Multiple boxes allow kids to explore stacking bricks and making elaborate creative structures. The toys (usually types of cars) become a part of the building blocks’ eco-system, while the QR code gives the children a ‘taste’ of augmented reality as it forms detailed models of the toy cars on mobile phone screens, when scanned using Hershey’s app. Would this encourage parents to buy more candy for their kids?? I truly wonder…

Designer: Dhwanil Chudgar