Alexa and Echo will arrive in Italy and Spain later this year

Amazon's plan to put Alexa everywhere is extending from homes to hotels and, soon, the Mediterranean. It will bring Alexa and the various Echo devices to Spain and Italy later this year. Sonos and Bose will also start selling their Alexa-enabled devi...

Verizon will stop selling customer location data to aggregators

Last month, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) sent letters to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, asking who they share their customers' location data with and whether those companies obtain customer consent. The move came after reports revealed that a se...

Belt Meets Bike Security

If you’ve ever used a u-lock to secure your bike, you know just how cumbersome it can be to carry or dangle across your handlebars while you’re riding. Designed for both security and comfort, the Litelok Gold Wearable makes it easy to carry by wrapping around your body. Simply snap it around your waist (without locking) and it will stay out of the way while you ride. When it’s time to secure, just loop your bike around any pole or other object. Litelok’s patented, flexible yet strong Boaflexicore material, which is a high-tensile metal & polymer composite, will keep your beloved bike safe and secure until you’re ready to wear it again. DO want!

Designer: Neil Barron















An Attention-Stealing Television!


Over the years the television has become more and more of a centerpiece within the room, its presence is almost a given and their often-vast size and bold design makes them hard to ignore. So why not draw more attention to it?

The Cube is designed to do just this! As opposed to the television resting on a TV stand, the base of the large TVtakes its position! The geometric and angular form contrasts the smooth curve of the television and is designed to emulate a sculpture on its pedestal. Its lightly brushed finish features a dramatic gradient that breaks up the flat façade. The top face slightly protrudes out of the cube and a light gently illuminates the gaps, emphasizing the subtle feature.

The Cube sits on a narrower base, giving the impression that the whole assembly is elevated off the ground, giving it a surreal element of interest that
completes the striking design.

Designers: Yves Behar of fuseproject & Samsung


The cube’s chrome material reflects the surface around it, with black gradient at the top to make the frame look as though it floats over and fades into the plinth.





A Swiss Army Knife for the Urban Jungle


From the makers of the very multitool knife-gadget that took the world by storm comes an iteration of the classic Swiss Army Knife built with today’s techies in mind. They’ve named it the Jetsetter@work Alox for its file-carrying component that every working professional will appreciate. In addition to the knife’s six practical functions, it features an integrated 3.0/3.1 USB with 16G of storage. Not only can you cut, strip, and screw, but you can save your files and then pop a bottle after a hard day’s work! Get it here!

Designer: Victorinox

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