Smartphones Are The Future

Smartphones have taken over the industry by storm. But then that is no surprise. When smartphones were just being introduced people had a lot to say. And most of it negative. Looking at the internet all the connotations where rather on the negative side. But that has all changed. Since […]

Best VR Games to Play Right Now

Technology has brought about a lot of evolution when it comes to gaming. Pc requirements are getting more and more affordable by the day. Not only are those, more game titles with virtual reality support becoming available. Because of this virtual reality gaming has become more accessible. Game developers like […]
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Facebook reportedly courting help from Winklevoss twins for its cryptocurrency

As Facebook continues to poke around at the possibility of creating its own digital currency, it's created the possibility for the unlikeliest of reunions. According to the Financial Times, the social networking giant has held talks with the Winklevo...

‘Overwatch’ will let you rewatch your matches from any angle

Blizzard is on a bit of a relative tear when it comes to major Overwatch updates. Soon after adding the Workshop customization tool, it's offering players the chance to watch back their matches from any perspective with a handy replay feature. It's a...

Teardown shows Apple’s latest effort to fix MacBook Pro keyboard

What did Apple mean when it said it changed materials to improve the keyboard on 2019 MacBook Pros? You should now have a better idea. iFixit has torn down the laptop to reveal at least a pair of changes to the butterfly mechanism that might affect...

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ movie delayed to fix nightmare-inducing design

Sorry, Sega fans, you'll need to wait a little longer to see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Paramount pushed back the release date three months to give the filmmakers "a little more time to make Sonic just right."

NASA’s Astrobee Robots Are Floating Assistants for ISS Astronauts

Astrobees may sound like cyborg killer insects that invade Earth to make honey from our flesh, but they actually have an Earthly origin. They are robots created by humans to help astronauts in space.

Astrobees are flying robots who will help astronauts with their missions. Not enslave humanity – at least not yet. They’re designed to float inside the ISS, using fans to direct their course. NASA will send three of them, named Honey, Queen, and Bumble, to the International Space Station where they will be helping scientists and other researchers achieve tasks.

“The main purpose of the Astrobee platform is to provide a zero-gravity testbed for guest scientists to try out new robotic technologies in space,” says Maria Bualat, Astrobee project manager at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley, in a press statement. “Astrobee will prove out robotic capabilities that will enable and enhance human exploration. Performing such experiments in zero gravity will ultimately help develop new hardware and software for future space missions.” We’re pretty sure she meant microgravity, as zero gravity isn’t really a thing in space.

So these cube-shaped robots are just fancy astronaut assistants. They look pretty cool though and have a very Pixar look to them. They do look like trouble though. I’m not sure I would trust them. They are up to no good. You never know. As we’ve learned from science fiction, anything can happen up there.

[via Popular Mechanics via Neatorama]