The “Good” in Good Design Award

The short of it is that The Good Design Award registrations are open and the deadline for entries is June 3, 2015 – So hurry and Apply Now! In case you need convincing … read the long of it … my trip to Japan and first hand experience of the Awards, the Jury and the Exhibition at Tokyo Midtown. The journey of the awards kicked off as a benchmark for the industrialized Japan, however, over the last decade or so, the focus has shifted to include consumer goods and everyday items. This opens doors for young companies and designers from the world over to participate.

Dates to remember:

  • June 3 – Deadline of the entry
  • September 29 – Announcement of the award recipients
  • October 30 – Announcement of the Special Award winners
  • October 30 to November 4 – Good Design Exhibition in Tokyo
  • November 4 – Grand Award selection and Award Ceremony

The Good Design Award is hosted by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion and roughly 1200 designs are recognized every year. “BEST 100” items and 9 Grand Award were presented last year and the winner – Denso Wave’s robot, “VS050 SII” was spectacularly displayed in an enclosed box, doing its swag and how!

YD was a part of a special tour that got a chance to take in the sights and sounds of the exhibition. Besides feasting my eyes on the amazingly designed products, I got a chance to ask a few questions to the Chairman of the Jury, Naoto Fukasawa along with Fumie Shibata and Gen Suzuki.

When asked what was more important … design or technology, Naoto Fukasawa said that earlier it was all about design, but now we have transitioned to a phase where technology is more important. “The change has happened naturally. The aim of design is to expose the technology.”

The way Good Design Award works is this, they have a theme each year and for 2014 it was ‘Kokochi’ or ‘Quality of Comfort’, and while screening the submissions, this aspect is most applied in the final leg and is critical for you to get into the “Top 100” bracket. Aligned with this mindset, Fukasawa said that successful Kokochi simply means, “The design builds a harmonious interaction between the users and technology.” The Good Design Best 100 Special Exhibition conveys this message effectively and is visited by both Japanese and International Design enthusiasts from across the globe.

For 2015, Good Design Award has introduced “Topical Issue” as a new system in order to enhance their role. If you are participating, then please get a better understanding of this here.

Topical Issue refers to “an area where design is considered to be especially required in a coming society”. In the screening, a special team (Topical Issue Directors) to deepen discussion on these issues is organized, and observes subject entries across screening units and discusses the “possibilities in the future society” and the “roles and meaning of design”.

Moving on, it was a visual treat to see how involved Japan is in the Awards, for example I walked into the Muji Store and they had a whole counter dedicated to their award-winning products from over the decades. Almost every retail store was showcasing the G-Mark products in a special nook and according to Gen Suzuki; about 90% of the Japanese people are aware of the Good Design Award and respect its value when it comes to making buying decisions.

The Great East Japan Earthquake has left a mark in the world of design, and while Gen remarked how some of his designer friends have actually gone back to agricultural roots, the other end of the spectrum saw us walk through a special curation of Japanese Furniture Selection that hoped to “convey values through designs that have a fundamental purpose through meaning beyond direction.” Many of the designs showcased traditional craftsmanship such as Japanese woodworking as well as new technologies.

Catch them young and watch them grow – this adage is true in Japan, where the Award exhibition engaged children aged between 7 and 12, in activities that married design and technology. I got a peek at a workshop where children were asked to draw a picture over an area of a map and then they had to walk the area on the map with GPS attached to them. The idea was to see how many of them would manage to walk as close to the initial picture drawn on the map. Pretty clever!

It was a treat to visit Jury Member Fumie Shibata’s Studio, where she showed me her creations and gifted me her signature Japanese knife. I asked her what changes in the judging process has she seen over the last decade as a jury member?

Shibata: “The selection process or screening process has not changed; the environment and the focus of choosing winners is different each year, so our perspective is to match the brief of the theme for the year and judge the entry based on that. I have been a jury for the last decade and we are no longer looking at the submitted entries as stand-alone objects. We factor in the entire context and impact of the object for its intended environment. Our entire outlook is based on the whole and not the singular.”

Shibata on trends: “As for the trends in design, earlier big manufacturing companies would submit their products and these dictated the tone of the entries. Over the last five years, smaller retailers and design companies are participating and their projects have added a new dimension to the trends in design, which is more refreshing and radical. Each year there is a theme for the competition and that dictates the entry selection only at the last stage of judging. The pre-screening takes into account the overall quality and then may lead to a G-Mark Award, but for it to make the cut for special categories or the Top 100, and then the design should conform to the theme of the year.”

Shibata on advice to young designer: “Designers need to network both vertical and horizontal – meet not only mentors but also their contemporaries. When designers are creating, they should focus on staying true to their origins and at the same time blend in an international approach towards their design. This holds true to both Japanese and International Designers.”

Wrapping up my visit, I spoke with Gen Suzuki and asked him elaborate more on modern Japanese Design, “The main characteristic of Japanese Design is craftsmanship, and blending that with modern mindset is what the modern Japanese product design is. The downside of craftsmanship is that the focus is too much on the process and the product that the bigger picture is sometimes lost.” Well Said!

To sum it up, seeing is believing … and the 2014 Exhibition was Top Notch! I have come back with a profound understanding of why people praise Japanese Design so much. It’s all about the character and the mindset; using basic skills like craftsmanship and marring it with the modern implements. I can lay a bet that 2015 will be a step better, because you’re inspired by the exhibition and will be participating and winning … and I will see you in Japan in November!

Deadline: June 3, 2015

Yanko Design
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Best of Best: Top 30 Posts on Yanko Design, 2014

As Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, 2014 has been a year of acquiring more imagination than anything else. For dreamers are the crazy lot that can achieve the impossible! The world of design saw dreamers translating their imagination into path breaking innovations; the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch serve as a good example. At Yanko Design we saw some clever inspiring designs, and we’d like to recap them for you. Here’s the Top 30 Designs from 2014 … take a look…

30) Straw Humidifier by Kyuho Song

29) By the Book – Book Display by Kiril Gitman

28 ) Predictables – Future Prediction Projector Concept by Dor Tal

27) Split&Go – Concept Vehicle by Kenan Haliloglu

26) [BRIC+]xtreme – iPhone 6/6 Plus Case by BRICWAVE

25) Meditation Seat Ware by NANOIN Design

24) iPhone 6 Concept by Federico Ciccarese

23) iPad Pro Concept by Ramotion

22) Transit Bicycle Lock and Carrier System by Seth Chiam

21) MEDA – Motorcycle Backpack by Angela Wang

20) Nimbus – Concept e-Car by Eduardo Galvani

19) SlatePro – Personal TechDesk by Nathan Mummert

18 ) AWWA Sky Whale by Oscar Viñals

17) YolkFish by Peleg Design

16) Air Umbrella – Air Flow Rain Protection

15) Mars Levitation Speaker with Subwoofer by Crazybaby

14) Apple iPhone Plus Concept by Faisal Semari

13) dataSTICKIES – USB Sticky Notes by Aditi Singh & Parag Anand

12) Travel Tent by Chung-Jung Wu, Pei-Chun Chen & Li-Fu Chen

11) Nokia FIT. Hands-free Cell Phone by Issam Trabelsi

10) Rolls-Royce 450EX yacht concept by Stefan Monro

9) Vespa Camera Concept by Rotimi Solola & Cait Miklasz

8 ) The Cosmos Bed by Natalia Rumyantseva

7) First Ride – 2015 Yamaha FZ-07

6) Bike Washing Machine by Li Huan

5) Carbon Flyer – Crash Proof Video Drone by Trident Design

4) Barisieur – Coffee Maker/Alarm Clock by Joshua Renouf

3) Jumbo – Cutlery Dryer by Peleg Design

2) Mini Power – Portable Mobile Phone Charger by Tsung Chih-Hsien

1) Triton Oxygen Mask For Diving by Jeabyun Yeon

Yanko Design
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(Best of Best: Top 30 Posts on Yanko Design, 2014 was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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The Best Fan Art of 2014

A Song of Ice and Fire

Before you head off and start devouring new adaptations to your favorite comic book, movie and cartoon characters in 2015, take a look and remember some of the best artworks and different interpretations the previous year had to offer.

Everyone Wants to be a King (or Queen) in Westeros / patrickballesteros

Mathilda From Leon / KR0NPR1NZ

Mike Wazowski in Demonic, Zombie Form / LordNetsua

Professor X Controlling Hodor / m7781

Darth Maleficent / jameszapata

Spider-Man on the Tron Grid / lonefirewarrior

Mask of Rogue / lamwin

Prince Arthas / timens

Pikachu Meets Toothless / TsaoShin

The Meeting of Batman & Stitch / ArtistAbe

Realistic (Sorta) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Ancorgil

Dexter with Loving Sister Dee Dee / Infusions

There are a lot of Great Elsa’s. This one is the Best / DarrenGeers

Harley Quinn & Ivy in Hipster Mode / thecreatorhd

If I Was a Girl – Hades Version / sakimichan

Waiting at the South Park Bus Stop / Comlockj

The Rocketeer / Geekincognito

More Humanized Simpsons / nna

Winnie the Pooh and China / Turtle-Arts

Staryu & Starmie / Cryptid-Creations

Titanfall / MACCOLA

Alphonse Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) / White-corner

Geralt & The Wild Hunt / Hardedge-Maelstrom

The Evil Within / yangngi

Heavily-Armored Powerpuff Girls / rickyryan


The Wolf Among Us / Kate-FoX


For the previous editions: 2012 / 2013

2014 KeyShot Render & Animation Competition

Start your (render) engines! This October, Luxion kicks off their annual KeyShot render competition to submit your best automotive-related rendering created in KeyShot for the opportunity to win a license of KeyShot Pro. What can you submit? Well, it could be a car, a motorcycle or a rim, headlamp or aftermarket part for any vehicle. Send it in and show what you’ve got!

KeyShot is used throughout the automotive industry, from the automakers to the aftermarket, for its accurate paint materials and unmatched lighting capabilities. Shift your automotive scenes into overdrive and submit your render or animation today!

The best rendering wins a seat of KeyShot Pro, the best animation wins a seat of KeyShot Pro + Animation, 10 will receive Honorable Mention prizes and all will receive the enduring admiration of the KeyShot community! Here are all the details.

Entry Requirements:

  • Submit your entry on the ‘KeyShot 2014 Render Competition’ forum board
  • Create a captivating 3D rendering or animation of an automotive related 3D model
  • Rendering and/or animation must be done in KeyShot
  • Screenshots, fully rendered images, animations or KeyShotVR’s may be submitted
  • Multiple entries are acceptable
  • Post edits are acceptable
  • The competition is open to everyone

Team entries are welcome – prize will be transferred to team leader

Additional Notes:

Learn from a Pro! Watch Tim Feher’s webinar on rendering automotive models in KeyShot, see this KeyShot Webinar. Or, sign up for the upcoming ‘Automotive Render Q&A’ where Tim will answer your questions about creating visuals with KeyShot.

For a license of KeyShot without watermarked renderings, email with “KeyShot 2014 Render Competition” in the subject line. You will receive a license for use in the contest.

With your submission, it’s nice to know what work went into your rendering or animation! Tell Luxion what modeling software or other tools are used. If post editing is done, show a before and after. It’s always interesting to see!

Luxion retains the right to use any image or animation submitted for purposes of promotion and marketing. All rights to the image belong to the person creating the image and attribution will be given when an image is used. Additional requests for use of render or animation files may be requested of the user via email.

Judging Criteria:

The submissions will be judged on three criteria: creativity, originality and composition.


  • Grand Prize Animation: KeyShot Pro + Animation (total value $2,495)
  • Grand Prize Rendering: KeyShot Pro (total value $1,995)
  • Honorable mentions (up to 10): KeyShot t-shirts

Deadline: Sunday, November 16th, 2014 (last time zone)

Announcement: The winner will be announced Thursday, November 20, 2014 on the KeyShot website, forum and social media sites.

Some current entries:

Yanko Design
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(2014 KeyShot Render & Animation Competition was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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The Mother Of Concept Designs – Party Hard with 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept

Entering into its first decade, the Red Dot Awards: Design Concept has everything to be proud about. The size it’s grown to, the power it exudes, the accomplishments that the winners achieve and the impact of the win are magnanimous. Was I expecting this year to be different – possibly – however I was bracing myself for an evening where winners would sashay the red carpet, break into a victory gig and then collect their well deserved prizes.

Predictably, all of this did happen. The curveball came when the man behind it all – Ken Koo – assigned a videographer to tail me. All of a sudden I was to become this news reporter, scouting for interviews and sensational bytes. Oh well, if anything YD has taught me to be a fast thinker and be always ready for a challenge! Pretty soon the evening was all about getting to know designers and talking shop with them.

We did mange to squeeze in some bits of fun and games, all of which you will see in this exclusive video series that we are in the process of developing for you. Until the series is ready for publication, here is a recap of the Luminary Award Winner and what we found to be the hottest Best of Best designs. The photographs are compiled into a gallery, right at the end of this post … do have a look at them as well!

The Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian Inc. & Senseable City Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Luminary Winner

The Copenhagen Wheel transforms your bicycle into a smart electric hybrid, quickly and easily.

Air Lamp by Zhejiang TiHE Instruments CO.,Ltd

Air Lamp combines desktop lighting and air purification functions into one cylindrical device.

Antenna by Jung Younkyu & Jung Jaekyu

Antenna maximizes intuitive usability by replacing the control buttons for power, frequency adjustment and volume with a ball and a bar.

Bubble Toothbrush by Prof. Sun Lingyun, Cheng Zirui, Jin Qi, Li Zhexin, Li Ziyao, Ma Xuna, Shao Shuai, Yu Yijun

Bubble Toothbrush helps children to master the correct technique for brushing their teeth by blowing bubbles when they brush correctly.

City Firefly by Takeshima Kazuyoshi, Uchima Rosa for TBWA – HAKUHODO

City Firefly is a bicycle chain lock system that instantly turns into wearable safety gear for cyclists.

Eco Monsters by Anastasia Bondarenko

Eco Monsters provides a conceptual approach to addressing the problem of environmental protection as early as infancy.

First Aid Blanket by Prof. Chai Chunlei, Qiu Yiwu, Cheng Zirui, Jin Qi, Li Zhexin, Li Ziyao, Ma Xuna, Shao Shuai, Yu Yijun

First Aid Blanket targets the revival of drowning victims. It is placed at areas where drowning accidents often occur, and guides rescuers in the correct methods for first aid treatment.

RoboWorm by Emami Design

RoboWorm is a search robot with an accordion-like body that replicates the movement of earthworms.

Teapot The Dew by Zhang Hongxin

The formation of the dewdrop is a process of accumulation; it will absorb moisture and grow gradually. The same process occurs during the making of tea with this teapot.

Windflock by Emami Design

Windflock is a wind-energy system based on a modular structure. It is an open and flexible ‘add-on’ system made of mini windmills, and works like a LEGO puzzle.

Yogurt Carton 145° by Prof. Li Yajun, Prof. Wang Zhan, E Mingshun, Huang Yueying, Hu Min, Su Xiaochen, Xu Xuan, Xu Yuan, Wang Yujue, Zhang Yun

Cutting one corner at the top of the carton along a 45° angle, the straw is able access anywhere inside the yoghurt carton.

Yanko Design
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(The Mother Of Concept Designs – Party Hard with 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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Tenth Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition 2014

Someone rightly said, “don’t try and reinvent the wheel – just work on making it better than anyone else.” The Dongguan Cup international Industrial Design Competition is a great opportunity for you to do just that. Dongguan is one of the most famous manufacturing cities in China and home to this competition since 2005. This year, you can participate and showcase your version of the wheel and take home a sizeable chunk from the 9 million RMB (approx. $150,000) prize money!

Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition is a renowned, influential and effective industrial competition in China. In the past 9 years about 15000 Universities, collages, design agencies, and enterprises and nearly 250 thousand business representatives have participated in the competition.

Dongguan Municipal people’s Government and China Industrial Design Association host the Tenth Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition 2014. Organized by Dongguan Economy, Information Technology Bureau and Guangdong South China Institute of Industrial Design, the theme of this year’s competition is “Innovative Design and Leading Dongguan.

The competition is open to all design agencies, designers, students, faculties in high education colleges and enterprises across the globe.

Who can apply?

Concept Group: Applicants’ Qualification – Industrial design academics and students in higher education schools from across the globe; Designers in design agencies or companies; Others who are keen on industrial design.

Product Group: Applicants’ Qualification – Enterprises located in Dongguan City.


  • Electronic Devices: e.g. Telecommunication, Entertainment, wearable smart devices and etc.
  • Household: e.g. Home Furniture, Home facilities, living products, smart living systems and etc.
  • Equipment: e.g. Industrial Robot, Numerical Control, Electrical automation devices and etc.
  • Lightings: e.g. Public Lightings, Commercial Lightings, Household Lightings and etc.
  • Toys, Stationery& Sports: e.g. educational toys, smart toys, Pram, school supplies, sports products etc.
  • Packing: e.g. Commercial Packaging (Food, Beverage, Medicine, Household .etc), Industrial Packaging (large devices, Numerical Control), Transport Packaging etc.
  • Others.

How to apply?

  • Please visit, register and log in submission system.
  • Please apply for application number according to categories, fill the document information and download the entry form.
  • Each document is required to include a copy of registration form and two design effect drawings. Every single document is less than 5M. If uploading is successful, the submission is complete.

PS: Contestant may submit more than one design project with one username and password. One design project can be only submitted once and you are not allowed to participate with the project in other competitions with the same project.

Requirements – Visit Here.


  • Submission of entries: 30th June, 2014 to 20th September, 2014
  • Preliminary Selection: 28th September, 2014
  • Second Selection: 10th October, 2014
  • Modeling: 15th October, 2014 to 25th November, 2014
  • Final Selection: 1st December, 2014
  • Outstanding Works Exhibition, Innovative Design Forum, Awarding
  • Ceremony: 2nd December, 2014 to 5th December, 2014

Note: Final timetable and details will be available on

Yanko Design
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(Tenth Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition 2014 was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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Fancy Five

Besides being a design competition that recognizes some of the amazing talents from across the globe, the Red Dot Awards is also a resource pool of new ideas and innovative products. Products that inspire us and designs that we can own. Here is a quick recap of five products that caught our fancy from the 2014 Red Dot Awards: Product Design.

NOIZY Kameleon is a cool earbud that features multipoint connectivity. It allows you to connect two Bluetooth devices (cell phone and laptop) at the same time to one headset. This allows switching from tablet/laptop to phone and back. What we like about it is the flexibility and convenience it offers.

The SUPAflat high chair merges quality, safety and ease of use with an attractive appearance that blends seamlessly into a contemporary home environment. What we like about it is its flatpack design approach.

AURA Breathalyzer is a fancy Alcohol Breath Tester that you can take along to your next night out in town. It’s a sensible way of keeping in check the amount of alcohol you have consumed. What we like about is its high-end styling and design.

Fiskars KitchenGarden is a Mini-Greenhouse for Herbs and is adorable fit in your home. What we like about it is its innovative approach to home gardening.

The super sensible Eat’n’Out is a clever and functional 2-in-1 Lunch Bag. We love it for the practicality it offers; it holds your lunch booty and spreads out as a blanket on the floor.

Yanko Design
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(Fancy Five was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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Top 20 Red Dot Awards: Product Design – Best of Best Winners for 2014

We love compiling lists because they bring upon elements of reflection and contemplation. For example, to create this list of Top 20 Best of Best Winners for 2014 from the Red Dot Awards: Product Design list, we had to factor in the YD audience, our experience with Good Design and resonance of what YD stands for. In short, it has to be the perfect marriage between YD’s pick and audience expectations. To see if we are on the same page…browse through the list below and let us know.

Minta Touch Kitchen Tap by Grohe AG

The Minta Touch kitchen tap gives the user a magical experience. It integrates two types of operation: a manual mode and a highly sensitive electronic mode, whereby the water flow is activated with the back of the user’s hand or forearm.

Paper Silicon LED Table Lamp by Retang Electronic Co., Ltd.

The Paper Silicon LED table lamp is based on an innovative combination of silica gel, metal and other materials. Silica gel is waterproof, non-toxic and has good thermal conductivity. This lamp can be bent to any desired angle and is flexible.

Ora-ïto Table – Dining Table by Roche Bobois

The Ora-ïto table exudes the perception of a spinning top and looks like as if it were moving and spinning upon itself. The optical illusion of motion is complemented by the use of a mirror in the lower part of the table.

AURA Breathalyzer – Alcohol Breath Tester by Ho International Design Inc.

The Aura Breathalyzer alcohol breath tester is a new, stylish way for drivers to find out their current blood alcohol concentration (BAC) quickly. With this information readily available, drivers are less likely to endanger themselves and others. Inspired by glamorous fashion, the design of this alcohol breath tester turns it into an extremely stylish fashion accessory.

adidas miCoach SMART RUN – Running Smartwatch by adidas AG

The adidas miCoach Smart Run was developed to offer runners optimized possibilities for individual training and self-monitoring based on the latest technology.

Springfree Trampoline Medium Oval by Dr. Keith Alexander

The Springfree Medium Oval Trampoline features an innovative safety design that changes the traditional trampoline completely. With flexible fiberglass rods instead of metal springs and a frame that has been moved under the jumping surface out of harm’s way, it was designed to eliminate 90 per cent of product related injuries associated with traditional trampolines.

JURA Elektroapparate IMPRESSA F8 TFT – Fully Automatic Coffee Maker by Iseli Design und Partner

“Three things are necessary for a good cup of coffee: first of all coffee, second of all, coffee, and third, more coffee,” reads a simple definition by French playwright Alexandre Dumas. We need not say more!

Stokke Crusi Stroller by Hans-Cato Slotteroy, Hilde Angelfoss, Alf Vegard Fjelland, Anders August Kittilsen and Permafrost

Closeness was an important factor in the design of the Stokke Crusi, thus the baby carrier pod or seat of the stroller is placed in a high position. The carrier has been ergonomically well thought out and is of generous proportions so that it offers enough space even for bigger babies.

Philips DesignLine LED TV

Through the innovative use of full-glass integration in its screen, the Philips DesignLine LED TV allows viewers to see and experience television images in a completely new way.

nemus CAJALUN Bicycle by LignoTUBE technologies GmbH & Co. KG and Robert Taranczewski

The design of the nemus Cajalun opted for a frame made of wood, a material that is rather unusual in the field of bicycle construction. The frame is produced in a large part from thin veneer layers of real wood, lending it a highly natural and organic appearance: the visible wood texture underlines this.

LG G Flex Smartphone by Hongsik Kim, Donghwan Lee, Hyunjin Yoon & Jeeyoung Yeon

The concept of the G Flex interprets and redefines the smartphone as a medium of communication that adapts to its user. Promoting a fascinatingly innovative curved shape, it leaves the conventional flat shape of phone design behind. The phone integrates curved elements in order to match the facial contours of its user. This eliminates annoying environmental noise during calls.

Hansgrohe Axor Showerpipe by Front

The design of the Axor Showerpipe by Front aims to draw attention to the hidden aesthetics and is a collection of pipes, valves and funnels that turn into charming design objects which relate to traditional forms. The clear form of the showerhead takes a funnel as its model.

A-Chair – Stacking Chair by Brunner and jehs+laub

Public events would be considerably more complicated if it weren’t for the stacking chair. The A-Chair is the expression of an entirely new appreciation of the form and functionality of the stacking chair. The chair is crafted using an innovative glass-fibre reinforced plastic, which gives it its sturdy body and the frame high stability. Available either as a plastic chair or with an aluminum frame combined with a wooden seat, the A-Chair always has a harmonious appearance.

Phiaton Bridge Headphones by TEAGUE (Youjin Nam, Tad Toulis, Clement Gallois, John Mabry, Benoit Collette, Devin Liddell, Roger Jackson & Ashley Newcomer)

The design of the Phiaton Bridge headphones blends innovative use of form with advanced sound quality. These headphones have a unique look and are made of premium materials such as high-quality, perforated leather and machined aluminum. Cables covered in a signal red fabric provide an eye-catching contrast.

Fissler Bionic Permanently Sharp Knife by via 4 Design GmbH

The Fissler bionic is a completely hand-made knife for versatile use in the kitchen. It has been modeled on the structure of a beaver tooth, which consists of two layers that are worn down at different rates.

Masterpiece Mystery Wristwatch by Maurice Lacroix

The Masterpiece Mystery features a strikingly skeletonized dial and is highlighted by its mysterious seconds indicator. Driven by a durable and reliable movement with a self-winding mechanism, this second hand marks out a linear reading in alternating horizontal and vertical cycles. The direction appears to change every 15 seconds. Users gain the impression of movement and is the result of an optical illusion caused by the blued or rhodium covered hand, which appears to rotate weightlessly on its own axis.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – Compact Digital Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is designed specifically for shooting in remote locations and confined spaces that are common to documentaries and photojournalism. The magnesium alloy body is strong and durable.

Audi quattro Bar, St. Moritz 2013/2014 by SCHMIDHUBER and Atelier für Szenografie – Tim John

To coincide with the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup 2014, Audi is opening the Audi quattro Bar in the heart of the Swiss Corviglia ski region at a height of 2,486 meters.

ThinBike – Urban Bicycle by Schindelhauer Bikes (Jörg Schindelhauer & Stephan Zehren)

The ThinBike is well adapted to the contemporary lifestyle of self-reliant mobility. The bike folds together in a jiffy into a package that is easy to carry.

Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Collector by Full Circle

The Fresh Air compost collector convincingly conveys that composting can be easy and clean. The design tackles the issue of molestation by odors and flies often associated with indoor compost collectors by eliminating them through a patented system: the innovative combination of an airway and compostable bag system allows waste to decompose aerobically.

Yanko Design
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(Top 20 Red Dot Awards: Product Design – Best of Best Winners for 2014 was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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2014 Taiwan International Student Design Competition

Someone rightly said, “There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit.” Rarely do we get a chance to be both those people at one go. The 2014 Taiwan International Student Design Competition, is one of those rare opportunities where you get a chance to shine by showcasing your talents and take credit in the form of a $13,000 cash prize, amongst a host of other glam things. Hit the jump to know more.

The main of this Design Competition is to encourage international creative design exchange, and express the international image of Taiwan by attaching great importance to creative design.

2014 Taiwan International Student Design Competition is now open for entry!

Currently in its 7th year, TISDC has so far attracted more than 14,000 entries from over 60 countries. The competition is free of entry fee and the prizes are definitely appealing!

This year’s theme is “Circle of Life” and submissions are open from June 1 to August 15th, 2014. Multiple entries of different works are allowed.

  • You can apply in the following categories: Product Design, Visual Design, Digital Animation, and Brand Specified
  • Registration Fee: Free

Prizes for Product Design, Visual Design, and Digital Animation Category:

  • Grand Prix 1 winner: Approx. US$13,000 – NT$400,000, an awarding cup and a certificate
  • Gold 1 winner (each category): Approx. US$8,000 – NT$250,000, an awarding cup and a certificate
  • Silver 1 winner (each category): Approx. US$5,000 – NT$150,000, an awarding cup and a certificate
  • Bronze 1 winner (each category): Approx. US$2,000 – NT$60,000, an awarding cup and a certificate
  • Honorable Mention winners: Approx. US$330 – NT$10,000 and a certificate


  • Online Registration and Online Work Submission – May 30, 2014 to August 15, 2014, 24:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00)
  • Preliminary Selection – August 2014
  • Finalists Announcement – Early September 2014
  • Delivery Deadline of Final Selection Submission – Finalists will be asked to submit printouts and work discs for the Final Selection. Related information and the deadline will be noticed in the finalist announcement.
  • Final Selection – October 2014
  • Award Ceremony and Exhibition – December 2014

Brand Specified Category:

ChinPaoSan Award

  • First Prize (1 winner): Approx. US$3,300 – NT$100,000, and a certificate
  • Second Prize (3 winners): Approx. US$1,600 – NT$50,000, and a certificate

ChengShiu Award

  • First Prize (1 winner): Approx. US$3,300 – NT$100,000, and a certificate
  • Second Prize (3 winners): Approx. US$1,600 – NT$50,000, and a certificate

Official Website: TISDC
Brochure Download: HERE

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IDSA 2014 International Conference, The Exchange at Austin Texas

Get ready for some good times this August; IDSA hosts its 2014 International Conference, The Exchange. This high level meeting point will be a vibrant gathering place in which design and industry professionals, design educators and students will exchange knowledge, information, ideas and stories about the many facets of product development and design.

The 2014 International Conference, The Exchange, will focus on six key exchanges:

  • Context
  • Community
  • Value
  • Culture
  • Interpersonal
  • Education

Amongst all the illustrious speakers in the lineup, we are particular stoked to know that John Dimatos, community lead for the design and technology categories at Kickstarter will be hosting a segment called Design on Kickstarter. Need we elaborate why!

Two other things that you need to lookout for: the redesigned un-conference – a base where anyone can come and hold a group discussion on a previously agreed upon topic. Ti Chang rocked it in Chicago! The other is the portfolio showing session by design students, where industry heroes come and comment and give feedback to the young guns. We loved both these segments a lot.

Gear up for the conference, which is from August 13th to16th, 2014 at Austin, Texas.

Yanko Design
Timeless Designs - Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
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(IDSA 2014 International Conference, The Exchange at Austin Texas was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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