Gaming accessibility is the star of Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad

Microsoft has placed more focus on accessibility as of late, an effort that has extended into gaming, particularly with last year's release of the Xbox Adaptive Controller for Xbox One and PC. Now, the controller is taking center stage in a Super Bow...

The LUCI Immers wants to be the first style-conscious VR headset


My strongest visual memory of VR headsets is this image of Mark Zucerkberg walking past an entire audience wearing VR headsets. There’s a lot to discuss about this picture. Especially the element of dystopia, where masses have these large cuboids strapped to their faces, completely absorbed in their virtual world, oblivious to their surroundings. This feeling is brought about by the VR headsets, which are enormous, and truth be told, ugly.

VR’s always had this bad rap, thanks to their hulking design… but it doesn’t have to be that way. LUCI’s Immers VR Headset does everything a top-notch VR headset does, but in half the size, and with a brushed metal frontal plate that gives it a major style upgrade. On the inside, you’ve got two UHD displays delivering 4K output to your eyes, with a series of proprietary ‘pancake’ lenses that practically dissolve the pixels, so you don’t see a single one, but rather a crisp, clear, high-contrast image. The Immers also packs a 3D audio system to go with their display tech.

Immers does all this while being lightweight, compact, and most importantly, stylish. The Immers can be carried around in a bag, or even hung from your collar, and no one would know the difference between it and a stylish pair of glares. Who knows, it may even help VR headsets become as ubiquitous as everyday carry one day!

Designer: LUCI









Microsoft brings live captions and subtitles to PowerPoint

Microsoft is rolling out a new accessibility feature for PowerPoint, one that stands to help speakers ensure their presentations are understood by their entire audience. The company notes that in cases where audience members are hard of hearing or sp...

AR technology helps the blind navigate by making objects ‘talk’

If you're blind, finding your way through a new area can sometimes be challenging. In the future, though, you might just need to wear a headset. Caltech researchers have developed a Cognitive Augmented Reality Assistant (CARA) that uses Microsoft's...

Netflix hack day project uses eye tracking to navigate its iOS app

Netflix's hack days frequently produce fanciful results, but its latest might be key to making its streaming service more accessible. The company's engineers have developed an experimental "Eye Nav" feature that lets you navigate the iOS app using t...