The Accordion Touch Light can alternate between being a lantern and a table-lamp!

PÆR Design’s Accordion Touch light is as playful as it is inventive! It uses a light source and a collapsible accordion-style shade that can be used to convert the light from a focused table-lamp to a more diffused lantern. The light, aside from having a dual-arrangement, also features a wooden handle that also supplements as a stand!

The Accordion Touch Light comes with a touch-sensitive switch on the back of the light-module and can be used to easily (and gently) switch the light on or off without knocking it over. Keep it on your desk for a focused light, or your bedside table for a warm diffused glow, or even carry it around like a flashlight, the battery-powered Accordion Touch Light is sure to add a touch of brightness to spaces as well as lives!

Designer: PÆR Design

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Accordion File Folder

accordion file folder Accordion File Folder
Rock that meeting. Now you can literally file your papers away in an Accordion File Folder (or would that be an accordion accordion file folder?) the file folder that looks like the musical instrument. Front and back views:
accordion file folder views Accordion File Folder
It has six removable dividers creating 7 sections to hold your papers. Great for storing all your Weird Al sheet music or your notes on the history of polka music. Probably the most fun you can possibly have storing papers.

buy now Accordion File Folder

Accordion File Folder

Accordion File Takes Itself a Bit Too Literally

Thanks to modern technology, I’m hopeful that many of you guys don’t have to deal with organizing file folders and paper. But that said, it seems that there’s still plenty of paper to go around workplaces these days. One organizational device commonly found in offices is something called an “accordion file,” which is called that because its an expandable file for papers, not because it’s a musical instrument. Or is it?

accordion file

The guys over at GamoGo are being both too literal and too clever for their own good with this amusing accordion file that actually looks like an accordion. While it doesn’t actually play music when you squeeze it, I think it would be a great addition to your office if you happen to work in the music industry – especially if you’re an agent for a polka band. Or if you’re Weird Al Yankovic.

So squeeze on over to GamaGo, where you can grab the Accordion File for $10 (USD). Accordion lessons not included.