Moleskine’s paper notebook lets you draw in vectors right inside Adobe Illustrator!

Teaming up together to achieve the near impossible, Adobe and Moleskine have debuted the Paper Tablet, a book and pen combo that translates sketches on paper to digital sketches on Adobe’s software… but that’s not all. The sketches you make on Moleskine’s Paper Tablet don’t just appear as scanned images on your computer. They get vectorized within Adobe Illustrator, giving you an infinite set of possibilities to take your doodles and actually begin working on them in vector software.

The magic happens courtesy Moleskine’s Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Paper Tablet (the notebook), and the Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse pen. The notebook comes with Adobe’s Illustrator icon at the top right of each page, and simply tapping on it with the Pen+ Ellipse lets you save all your progress to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Once you begin sketching on Moleskine’s special notebook, the Pen+ records each movement, copying each stroke to Adobe Illustrator in real time, although you can sketch independently without having Adobe Illustrator open too. With a simple Adobe extension, you can beam all your progress to Illustrator and sketch in real-time should you choose. You can even undo actions and brush strokes on the digital file (although that won’t happen on paper).

Essentially replacing the need for a Wacom, while providing integration with Adobe’s Illustrator to remove all sorts of friction, Moleskine’s Paper Tablet is a neat way to take your doodles and sketches to the next level while retaining the comfort of drawing on paper.

Designers: Moleskine & Adobe

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Today’s technology in yesterday’s avatars!


A perfect post for throwback thursday, these products show us how far we’ve come in just a matter of two decades. Each product you see is branded with an app or a service we, collectively, use and can’t live without. Making the point that we had alternatives (albeit less addictive) to each of these technologies is Thomas Ollivier’s set of old-world products with new-world branding… or rather, reimagining the very services we can’t live without, if they existed long before Y2K.

You’ve got a Spotify-branded Walkman (with a voice-activated system! How cute!), a Netflix View-master, a Facebook pager that takes a subtle dig at the company and at humanity’s addiction to likes/validation, an Instagram disposable-cam, a Whatsapp walkie-talkie, a Google toy-computer, an Adobe Illustrator etch-a-sketch, and if anyone knows what the Snapchat product is, do hit us up, my memory fails me… and if that isn’t proof that we’re all growing old, I don’t know what is!

Designer: Thomas Ollivier








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