Facebook is bringing augmented reality ads to the News Feed

Facebook is now testing augmented reality ads in its News Feed, the company announced today at an event in New York City. The new feature, which is limited to users in the US at launch, will let you virtually try on items including fashion accessorie...

Facebook is showing users all the ads a Page could serve

A day after it was reported that Facebook was getting ready to launch new ad transparency tools globally, the company is now making a major change to Pages. Starting today, people will be able to see any active ads running on a Page across Facebook,...

This box makes pizzas even more of a comfort food!

The redesigned pizza box for Boston Pizza does more than transport your delicious pie from restaurant to doorstep. It actually makes its way to your bed too, transforming from protective pizza case to makeshift dining desk!

Designed as a partnership between Boston Pizza and advertising agency John St., the BP In Bed pizza box comes looking unsuspecting and normal. However, two flaps, one on the front and one of the back, fold inwards to become legs, as the pizza box’s hinge gets locked in place using a pretty neat looking fix. The box comes with a nifty manual, a delicious pie within, and everything needed for a lazy day in bed, or better still, the perfect setup for watching the football world cup!

Designers: Boston Pizza & John St.







YouTube ran ads on AIDS conspiracy theory videos

YouTube has run into issues in the past for showing ads before inappropriate videos. In some cases it has caused companies to pull their ads from the platform and at least one firm has put together its own algorithm to identify YouTube channels on wh...