Sony’s takes a different tack at CES 2019

Sony's CES was a different one to previous years. The company's new strategy seems to focus on its prowess in movies and music to elevate its products. That made for an unusual press event, but Sony has a plan. Head of Communications, Cheryl K. G...

Sony Aibo Robot Dog Teardown Is Like a Grim Scene from a Coroner’s Office

Sony’s robot dogs have always been popular. The company has a new Aibo that is already out in Japan, so if you are interested in buying one, you might want to know what makes them tick. If so, here’s a gruesome teardown of an Aibo ERS-1000, courtesy of Japanese website Robot Start.

As you can see, this is a pretty complex pup, loaded with circuit boards, servo motors, and sensors. It is even equipped with 4G LTE and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi that connect to Sony’s servers for deep learning, and can download new behaviors automatically if you have a subscription.

Behind those cute robot puppy dog eyes you’ll find some square full color OLED screens. A pressure-sensitive capacitive touch sensor wraps around to the top of the head, as well as under its chin so it can react to your petting. The robomutt also has a fish-eye camera in its snout that can identify faces and help it navigate.

It’s pretty amazing seeing all that goes into these dogs, and we can only speculate that five years from now they could be a lot more lifelike with even more features. Be sure to head over to Robot Start to see the brutal step-by-step teardown.

Check out the video below to see the 2018 Aibo ERS-1000 meeting its granddad, the first generation Aibo ERS-111 from 1999:

[via Hackaday]

Sony unveils man’s ‘new’ best friend (and more) at CES


Sony has been known to show up at CES with an upgraded version of what they released the following year…yawn…but this year, Sony means business. This year Sony is showcasing a pair of truly wireless headphones (WF-SP700N), a new portable speaker (SRS-XB41), a compact and elegant projector with magnificent sound (LSPX-A1) and a cute little surprise in the form of aibo, the robotic dog. Of course, there’s also a new TV, sound bar, and compact digital camera to add to the list.

Designer: Sony




No longer just some clunky piece of tech sitting in the middle of your living room, the LSPX-A1 is an elegant projector which fits seamlessly into the interior or any household. With an artificial marble top, aluminum frame and wooden shelf, the LSPX-A1 transforms your living environment while complementing its decor. Boasting some of the most crystal clear sounds, the LSPX-A1 comprises of organic glass tube tweeters for clear highs and a 360- degree soundstage.




There’s a lot to be desired about what Sony has released this year. For example, the WF-SP700N has digital noise cancellation, waterproof with the all-important IPX4 rating and comes with a nifty carry case, not to mention the embedded Google Assistant making life easier. The design choices of the WF-SP700N are interesting but definitely distinguish their place in the line up of wireless headphones out there.



And of course, how could we forget about aibo. One look is enough to know precisely what aibo needs. With a face full of life and expression, always drawing attention, aibo conveys emotion intuitively. That’s right, aibo’s facial expressions are magnificent. “Sparkling with a clever twinkle,” aibo’s mannerisms speak volumes, continually giving you a window into its feelings. Not only this, aibo is full to the brim with tricks and gestures in the hundreds, enough to surprise you and to discover new things about aibo constantly. Using the camera located at the end of its nose, aibo is capable of detecting obstacles, bumps, people, and more, aibo reacts accordingly. Not only this, aibo listens attentively, locating the sources of sound, turning its head in the direction of people’s voices. Also, aibo loves pink, which is why all the aibo toys have pink elements FYI.