Power1, a product that Apple should have designed for your iPhone and AirPods

When Apple released AirPods, they also gave us one more thing to charge, carry around (and lose)…the AirPod charging case, famous for its dental floss container like design. AXS Technologies from Brooklyn, NY has created a new and innovative product that unifies all of your most important devices into one sleek system essentially making the AirPod’s native charging case obsolete. Power1 takes portability and functionality to a new level giving you a system that’s doubly useful because it doesn’t just charge and protect for your iPhone… it charges and protects your Airpods too and ensures they are always with you and ready for use.

Designed as an evolution of traditional battery cases, Power1 not only holds an extra battery, but also manages your Airpods like no other system. Armed with a proprietary design, Power1 comes with two modes. One, where it charges your Airpods only (up to 30 times on a full battery), and a second mode that charges your Airpods as well as your phone, giving both gadgets full advantage of Power1’s 3000mAh internal battery. Power1 uses its intelligent power monitoring system to see which device is running low on charge, supplying power to them accordingly. Using it’s USB-C port, when you plug Power1 into an outlet, its priority charging feature kicks in, routing power to your phone and Airpods first before charging its own internal battery.

Power1 is a smart battery case, built to be compatible with the iPhone X, XS, XR, and XS Max as well as both generations of the Airpods. Its profile (despite holding your phone, Airpods, and an internal battery) still manages to be slim (something Jony Ive would probably approve of), and it even comes with a transparent and magnetic protective lid for your Airpods, allowing you to secure them firmly in place. Integrating both products into one singular form, and connecting them to an additional battery, Power1 has two incredibly solid advantages. Not only does it make sure you never forget your Airpods behind (or worse, lose them), but it also gives you the means to charge your phone and earphones on the go, allowing you to get a many more hours of usage out of both devices so you’re never starved for battery.

Designer: AXS Technologies

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Power1 – Unified Power & Protection for your AirPods & iPhone

Power1 is a power management and protection system that ensures your devices are always with you, charged and ready for use. The patented home base’s 3000 mAh battery gives you up to 34 hours of talk time for iPhone x / XS and up to 30 AirPod fill-ups. The slim, high-strength design is comfortable to hold and provides high-level protection against drops and impacts.

Charge less and listen more.

Left: Mode 1 charges just your AirPods. Right: Mode 2 charges both your AirPods & iPhone

Charge Whatever You Need, When You Need It

Power1’s power flow switch lets you direct your power traffic.

Why Power1

Power1 is a multifaceted solution that gives the convenience of storing and charging your AirPods and iPhone all in one protected place… with just one product.

Have all of your gear with you, always, and on-demand

Headphone Home Base

Power1 is equipped with a patented station that charges and stores your AirPods all in one easy-to-use system. It is accompanied by a transparent door with a magnetic door lock magnetic door lock that keeps your pods visible, safe and secure. Redefine your audio experience and never forget your AirPods again.

3000 mAh Power Supply.

Power1 constantly monitors your devices and provides power where and when needed

Intelligent Power Monitoring

Power1’s priority charging feature ensures your iPhone and AirPods are always the first to get power. When recharging Power1, your iPhone and AirPods will simultaneously charge first. When your iPhone is full, Power1’s supplemental battery will begin to charge.

Power 1’s lightweight, high-strength design protects your devices like no other

Slim, Strong Design

Its slim profile not only feels great in your hands, but also provides high-level protection through drops and bumps. Raised edges around the screen give another layer of protection. Not to mention, a microfiber interior further cushions your iPhone against impacts.

Below: Color Options



How to install Power1.

Below: Behind the Scenes

Great products start with an idea and a dedicated group of people who are willing to bring them to life, and Power1 is no different. From the beginning, the goal has been to create unique products that offer effective solutions to the biggest problems that come with the devices we use every day. The emergence of new smartphones and accessories brings the need for better power, protection and storage options.

Born from this need, Power1 was designed to be a multifaceted solution that gives you the opportunity to charge and store your devices all in one place, with just one product. Through a team of dedicated designers, engineers, manufacturers and marketers, Power1 is now fully engineered, tested and ready for you!

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What if Apple made hi-end Siri-enabled smart headphones?

Probably the only thing missing from Apple’s product roster is a pair of over-the-ear headphones. Apple has already developed and seen a fair share of success in the Airpods, and the Homepod (although the Homepod’s acceptance has been slightly underwhelming). The two products are immaculately engineered, and feature Apple’s very own Voice AI, Siri. The Airpods work with the iPhone, while the Homepod works independently, like all smart speakers. There is, however, a puzzle piece missing. The Airpods are a champion of portability but aren’t a hi-fi audio solution, and the Homepod boasts of a sound quality that Apple claims is unmatchable, but it isn’t portable… the most obvious bridge between the two would be a pair of professional-grade, studio-quality wireless smart headphones.

The designers at CURVED/Labs imagined what this bridge would look like. Taking very strong design cues from the Homepod, these smart headphones boast of large audio drivers that deliver spectacular sound, along with a touch-sensitive panel that lets you tap and swipe to access the headphone’s smart features. The headphones even pay tribute to the Homepod with the colored waveform-graphic found on the Homepod’s touch-panel, and the faux-weave texture around it. I imagine the headphones also pack noise-canceling, as is expected with high-quality audio products, and from the looks of it, these concept headphones even come with a neat wireless charging dock/hanger. The Airpods do work with Android phones, so it’s safe to imagine that these headphones would too, but just like the Airpods, functionality would be extremely limited, and the touch panel wouldn’t be of much use.

Although there’s no word on what one would call these conceptual headphones, the chaps at Gear Patrol quite aptly point out that the suffix ‘Pod’ is synonymous with all of Apple’s audio products, so our best guess would be something on the lines of Apple Studiopod, or Airpod XL, or my personal favorite, the Airpod Pro!

Designer: CURVED/Labs














These Wireless Earbuds Are Just Like Apple’s AirPods But They’re Only $20

Apple’s AirPods may offer a great listening experience, but they sure can make a serious dent in your wallet. Enter the Air Bud Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

These buds are super easy to take on the go, thanks to the compact design and the included charging case that includes 10 extra charges and also serves as a carrying container. Bluetooth 4.2 technology eliminates the need for wires, and CVC 6.0 noise cancellation shuts out background noise so you can focus on the music, podcasts, audiobooks, or whatever else you’re listening to.

Try out Air Bud Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for only $19.99 in the Technabob Shop, and you’ll wonder why people spend multiple times the money on AirPods.