SodaStream’s new concentrate lets you mix your own champagne

SodaStream has been inching its way into the adult beverage scene for a little while now and today the company announced that it's launching its take on champagne. Sparkling Gold is a new concentrate from SodaStream that supposedly tastes like a frui...

Postmates’ speedy booze delivery begins drop-offs in NYC and Texas

Postmates' on-demand alcohol service is now available well beyond California's borders. On top of an expansion to Miami in May, the internet delivery mainstay is now making its Drinks feature available in New York City (in Brooklyn and Manhattan) as...

BubbleLick Edible Bubble-Blowing Solution: Bubblickious

Bubbles and booze – they just belong together. And I’m not talking about those bubbles from the side of your mouth when you are laying there passed out from too much booze. I’m talking about Bubblelick.

BubbleLick is a non-toxic, edible bubble-blowing solution you can mix with your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to create bubbles you can lick right out of the air. They’ll definitely taste better than the regular soapy bubbles you’re used to eating. I’m guessing that Willy Wonka is behind this stuff. Hopefully they’ll help you fly, until you burp anyway.

You can get a six-pack of BubbleLick solution for about $13(USD) on Amazon. You know the party is rocking when you open the door and it is like a bubble bath inside.

[via Incredible Things via Geekologie]

Picobrew’s next goal: A safe and affordable DIY distillery

Picobrew has a new, cheaper countertop beer brewing system. That you already knew. But the company is now dipping its toes into distilling. The Picostill is an add on for the Pico Model C that turns that weird custom designed keg into a countertop di...