Amazon and Google ask for non-stop data from smart home devices

You'd expect voice assistants to collect data whenever you control a smart home device -- that's how they work. Amazon and Google have lately been asking for a continuous flow of data in the name of convenience, however, and those device makers aren'...

Pop Popcorn with Your Voice on the Cheap with an Alexa-Powered Microwave

The 2019 Super Bowl sucked, and everyone but Patriots fans will agree with that statement. There were also no really good commercials, and the half time act was universally panned, leaving me wondering why I was even watching. I did like the Amazon commercials, and the one with the dude popping his popcorn with voice commands made me want a voice-controlled microwave. No one wants a microwave.

If you want one of those Alexa-powered AmazonBasics Microwaves, it’s on sale right now. The normal price is $59.99, and you can get it for 30% off right now making it just $41.99. You even get free Prime delivery if you are a subscriber.

The catch is that you need an Alexa device to make it work and it’s out of stock right now. More will be in stock around February 16, and you can bundle it with an Echo Dot for just $65.98.