Alien Xenomorph Clock: Time to Die

If there’s one thing we could all use more of in our lives, it’s xenomorphs. Now, you can keep one proudly displayed on your mantle, with this sweet Alien xenomorph table clock from Bradford Exchange.

The 14″ tall clock features an intricately detailed sculpture of the creepy full-grown monster from the Alien universe, set atop a base inspired by H.R. Giger’s designs for the Nostromo. The red LED clock itself is inspired by the self-destruct countdown clock on the doomed ship. Each one is handpainted, and both the base and top light up for added impact.

The Alien xenomorph clock is priced at $179.99, and available right now from Bradford Exchange, so you don’t even need to wait for any eggs to hatch.

Alien Facehugger Figure Gives Free Hugs

Hugs are always a nice thing unless they come from some odd, gigantic, hairy, sweaty guy you don’t know. I’d not want a free hug from an Alien facehugger either. It may well be the last hug you ever get unless you find someone to do the deed before your chest bursts.

Entertainment Earth has a cool Alien inspired Q-Fig diorama, featuring a xenomorph egg and a facehugger bursting forth with an offer of “free hugs.” Definitely don’t take him up on it unless you want a really bad stomach ache.

The 3.5″ tall statue is available for pre-order now for $19.99, and expected to ship in October 2018 making it perfect for your Halloween décor.

Just a Predator Riding a Xenomorph Motorcycle

Well, here’s something that you don’t see every day. Apparently, rather than just kill this Xenomorph and take a trophy, this Predator decided to humiliate his kill and turn it into a kickass motorcycle. Now it will always be his slave on the open road.

Now that’s not really a Predator, but it’s a cosplayer from Thailand riding his awesome custom motorcycle. This person knows how to live. I’ll say that. It’s a great way to get the hell out quickly when you have to activate your nuclear bomb and kill Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even care if this was a scene from the new Predator movie. In fact, it makes me want a Predator motorcycle gang movie, with Predators riding across the country behaving badly. I envision it as a comedy. And it’s all good until they encounter the Xenomorph gang. Then it’s war. Until a brave woman named Ripley brings the two forces together and ushers in peace. Beautiful. I think it might win an Oscar.

Damn, that is a badass bike though. Okay, I’m out of here. I have to get started on this screenplay.

[via Laughing Squid via Geekologie]

Get Back to Work, LEGO Alien!

We like our LEGO builds around these parts. We really like our LEGO builds geeky, weird, and cool. Brothers Brick has turned up a fun LEGO construction, and it most certainly falls into the weird category. David Liu’s offbeat LEGO diorama features an Alien Xenomorph working in an office.

I mean, do Aliens even have jobs? On whatever home world they are from, are there office working xenomorphs schlepping away while the more skilled creatures get to ply the universe looking for faces to cram eggs into and chests to burst out of?

The scene comes complete with a rolling chair, briefcase, and a desk with a computer, and the Alien features a humanoid body with articulating joints. It’s cool, but this anthropomorphic Alien reminds me of a Star Wars battle droid.

[via Brothers Brick]

POP! Alien Video Game 8-bit Action Figure is Pixel-tastic

Back in the ’90s, a video game based on the Alien movie franchise was launched, and it was cool. Notably, the Xenomorph character was pixelated like many games of that era. The game is sort of a cult classic, and to celebrate its fandom, Entertainment Earth has an exclusive pixel-art Xenomorph action figure.

The toy is a blocky 8-bit Funko POP! action figure that is black in the middle and has blue and orange shading on the sides. It stands 3 3/4-inches tall and is packaged in a window display box. The action figure is available now for $13.99.

It almost looks like a Xenomorph LEGO kit. In fact, it sort of makes me want to build a Xenomorph out of LEGO right now.