The newest addition to your brainstorming team!

Everyone loves a good brainstorming session; it’s what forms the foundations of a project and all worries about neatness go out of the window! So, it’s only appropriate that the equipment we use is up to the job… Flipchart by Gumpo certainly is! It carries a laidback yet confident design that is composed of three panels; the horizontal panel not only secures the structure of the device, but also provides a location for pens and other writing utensils to reside when they are not in use!

Like the rest of the members of the Gumpo family, Flipchart does not demand attention within the workplace, but instead seamlessly compliments the furnishings around it and is considerate of the fuss-free environment.

Designers: Gerhardt Kellermann & Ana Relvao for Gumpo

A Functional Addition to The Modern Workspace


Workspaces have been forced to become increasingly flexible environments in order to meet modern styles of work, and for this reason it’s important for the furniture to be able to adapt as well. This innovative product is neither a wall, shelving unit or room divider, but rather a multifunctional backdrop for varied and situational use.

Chart creates a multitude of functional zones aimed at casual yet practical use and takes into account the user’s privacy and personal space. The outer surfaces can be configured to meet the needs of the workspace as well as allowing the office’s personality to be expressed in the piece of furniture.

The upholstered finish conceals the lightweight, paper honeycomb -filled, framework allowing for the partition to be easily maneuvered around the room to suit the workspace’s ever-changing needs. Or alternatively, it can be secured to the ground if a more permanent item of furniture is desired!

Designers: Ana Relvao & Gerhardt Kellermann










The pen that captures ideas and holds pages


Whether you’re reading a book or writing one, the Kikkerland Writersblok Bookmark Pen can be quite a handy little instrument. Its elliptical shape lends to easy gripping, while also making it rest nicely between pages, working as both pen and bookmark.

The Writersblok Bookmark Pen comes in a nice black body with an elliptical cross-section that then transitions at the end to a circular one, making sure it doesn’t slip through your pages. Its simplistic style and dual-purpose nature make it quite a pleasant product to own and use. Our only complaint? The lack of a retracting pen-nib.

Designers: Gerhardt Kellermann & Ana Relvao.