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Anatomical Lung Necklace Takes Your Breath Away

Back in the day, I went to college and picked a career because I heard it paid really well. Turns out that was a lie, but whatevs. Now, I have that degree in Respiratory Therapy, and while I spent a long time working in the field, mostly all I remember from college are things like the hottie in my class that had a penchant for blue spandex dresses, how disturbingly in love with dissecting fetal pigs my anatomy teacher was, and to never stand at the end of a tracheostomy patient’s bed.

I also have a bunch of odd little factoids about lungs stored away just in case I end up on Jeopardy and a category is Cardiopulmonary Anatomy. Did you know that if you peeled your lungs open and laid all the alveoli (little balloon-like air sacs) and other airways out they would cover a tennis court? Surface area bros, surface area. If you want to celebrate the fact that you have lungs, this is the necklace you need.

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It’s wooden, on a 17-inch chain, and has airways burnt into it. If you know a smoker, you could paint it black and give it as a gift.

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It’s kind of pricy for a weird necklace at $25.99(USD) at ThinkGeek. It would totally make a Respiratory Therapist happy though.

T-shirt that Reveals a 3D Model of the Human Torso: Virtuali-Tee

The first wave of virtual reality headsets are prohibitively expensive. But thanks to companies like Curiscope, we can experience the resurgent technology on the cheap. The company has created a t-shirt called Virtuali-Tee that projects a 3D model of the bones and organs inside the human torso.

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The Virtuali-Tee is printed with a special graphic where the accompanying app projects the 3D model. The augmented reality app will also come with extra features such as letting you zoom in on individual organs and blood vessels, and displaying trivia.

Pledge at least about $30 (USD) on Kickstarter to receive the Virtuali-Tee as a reward.

[via Mikeshouts]

Anatomic Heart Specimen Coasters: Heart of Glass

Coasters are those little things that my wife has sitting around that I completely ignore. Mostly I ignore them because they are way down at the other end of the couch, and that’s just too much work. A while back we saw some cool coasters that when stacked made up an anatomical drawing of a brain.

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Its makers are now back now with a similar set of coasters that details an anatomical heart drawing when they are stacked in the proper order. There are six glass coasters in the set, and each has a slice of the heart printed on it.

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You don’t have to be a cardiologist to put them back together; each slice is labeled for easy stacking. Each of the coasters has plastic feet to further protect your wood tabletops. The set is available now for $19.99(USD) at ThinkGeek.

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