Researchers develop method for real-time speech animation

Researchers at the University of East Anglia, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon University and Disney have created a way to animate speech in real-time. With their method, rather than having skilled animators manually match an animated character's mouth to re...

Funko x Fantastic Mr. Fox: For DIY Wes Anderson Animation

Fantastic Mr. Fox is still one of my favorite Wes Anderson movies, if not one of my favorite stop-motion animated films of all time. It was clever, hilarious, well-directed, and visually impressive. As a fan of the film, I’m not quite sure how I missed these neat collectible figures when they first came out. The fact that they’re already discontinued makes me want to cuss.

These Funko Legacy Collection figures look just like the characters from the movie, so I really want to get a set, and act out some scenes. There are figures of the quirky and endearing Ash, complete with a sock on his head, Kylie, sporting his dandy fishing hat, Rat and his beady little eyes and a bottle of cider, and of course the fantastic Mr. Fox himself.

They’re already in the Funko vault, but you can still find some on Amazon or eBay.

Link Wants All the Money in “Race for Rupees”

How many hours have you spent smashing pots in the various Legend of Zelda games in your endless quest for rupees? Too many. Even though there have been many short films, comics and cartoons about Link, they always leave this activity out for some reason.

Smashing pots for rupees is what it’s all about. Everyone knows that. Animator Callegos Yavolitak created Race for Rupees, a fan film that celebrates this. It is nice to know that we’re not alone in our obsession to destroy and gain in-game virtual wealth.

This is a fun little film and very well done. It’s sure to bring a smile to the face of any Zelda fan.

[via Dorkly via Neatorama]

Recommended Reading: ‘Wonder Woman’ is timely superhero movie

Wonder Woman, Heroine of the Post-Truth Age Megan Garber, The Atlantic Wonder Woman may be set in the time of World War I, but the movie's themes are particularly relevant right now. The Atlantic analyzes how a female superhero rescues a solider o...

This Mario Fidget Spinner is Animatedly Awesome

As a child of the ’80s we didn’t have fidget spinners when I was growing up. We also had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to school, but that is another story. The closest we had to a fidget spinner in my house was twirling the TV remote between your fingers until it shot across the room and bounced off the all glass console TV screen, and the punishment that followed. I’d have totally played with a fidget spinner, unlike some of my snobbier cohorts who like to complain about them but still write about them around here.

The coolest fidget spinner that I have seen yet is this animated Mario fidget spinner. When you spin this thing it looks like Mario is running and it may be the coolest thing I have seen all week. This custom is form aPyroDesign and you can buy these things on the designer’s Etsy store.

They are made from laser cut aluminum and made to order. They also make several other styles, each with a cool pattern that comes to life when they get up to speed:

You can get them for $12 each, which is a bargain and if my daughter sees this i’ll have to buy one

[via Nerd Approved]

Check out This Awesome Alien: Covenant Flipbook

Making flipbooks is fun, and a simple way to create animation, but artist Serene Teh (aka saggyarmpit) took it to a whole new level to promote the release of Alien: Covenant. Sorry about the armpit. Maybe some toning exercises?

It is fun to watch and that xenomorph is just as terrifying in flipbook form as it is in the movies. It takes a lot of work to make a cool flipbook like this, but this one was totally worth the effort.

Okay, technically it’s not a flipbook since the sheets of paper aren’t bound, but it is still pretty awesome. Fine. We’ll call it “flip sheets” because I can hear nerds complaining already. Flip sheets. Are you happy?

[via Geekologie]

The eerie stop-motion game that’s ‘better than sex with Jesus’

When I first talked with Anders Gustafsson and Erik Zaring in 2012, they promised their creepy, psychedelic, stop-motion game, The Dream Machine, was going to be "better than sex with Jesus." They had a lot of work ahead of them -- they were building...