A folding hairdryer that’s as simple and elegant as it gets

Over the years we’ve seen so many flat-pack, compact hairdryers that they probably deserve a category of their own.

The beauty of compact hairdryers is because there are multiple ways of achieving the same goal. Some hairdryers come with folding handles, some with rotating handles, some with handles that detach, it’s just a playground for design details really. Take for instance Offject’s Apollo 11 hairdryer concept, which features a handle detail that allows the hairdryer’s vertical vent to dock right into it, creating a form that’s clean and singular when closed.

Created conceptually with the company Braun in mind, the hairdryer sticks to Braun’s signature simplistic stylings, with straight lines and perfect geometric details, everywhere from the form itself, to the details like the vent. My only hangup is the fact that when folded, the hairdryer doesn’t stand vertically, given the way the wire exits the handle, which would, personally speaking, connect it to its name Apollo 11 much more!

Designer: Offject

NASA Apollo 11 Meal Canister: Lunch? I Thought You Said “Launch!”

The Japanese are renowned food segregationists. This is where the Bento box comes from that keeps all your eats separate, yet together. If you like your foods not to touch, and are a fan of the space program, I might have just the ticket for you.

This NASA-inspired lunch box has three food storage containers to keep your lunch or snacks ready to go, and looks like a stack of old mission film canisters. The backside of the canister has an Apollo 11 patch with timestamps 07201969 20:17:40 and 20:17:46. I’m not sure what the times were, but July 20, 1969 was the date when humans first landed on the moon.

Each of the containers has 20 fl. oz. capacity and the box is made of metal. That means no microwaving them or sparks will surely fly. Each bowl is 2.6″ tall and 5.4″ in diameter; it’s 11″ tall when stacked. These would also make great food bowls for your doggo. You can grab the set at ThinkGeek for $24.99.

LEGO Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket Concept: the Eagle Has Almost Landed

Last year, we checked out an awesome concept for a LEGO model of the Apollo 11 spacecraft and the Eagle Lunar Module. Here’s a great complementary concept from LEGO Ideas members saabfan and whatsuptoday – a model of the mission’s Saturn V rocket.

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_1zoom in

They are proposing two variants for their set: a basic set and a deluxe set. Both variants have the exact same exterior, but the deluxe variant will have fuel tanks and the Eagle Lunar Module inside, which you’ll be able to access via a hatch on each of the rocket’s three stages. The deluxe variant will also have a more detailed stand. As far as I can tell both variants can be separated into its stages and will come with three astronaut minifigs.

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_2zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_3zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_4zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_5zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_6zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_7zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_8zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_9zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_10zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_11zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_12zoom in

lego_apollo_11_saturn_v_rocket_by_saabfan_and_whatsuptoday_13zoom in

As of this writing the concept has garnered 8,886 votes with about 9 months left to go, so it’s safe to say that it’ll be reviewed by LEGO soon. Still, 8,886 is not equal to 10,000 so if you’d like to see the set become reality vote for it now on LEGO Ideas.

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Replace Star Dust with Cheeto Dust in This Apollo 11 Sweat Suit

You want to be an astronaut. If you don’t still admit that to yourself, you should realize that you did when you were a kid, until the stupid, adult ideas of practicality and “being reasonable” infiltrated your brain. You still want to be an astronaut. Sadly, your opportunity to get into a space suit has probably sailed on by by now, but this might be the next best thing.

astronaut_space_suit_1zoom in

It’s a little pricey at $139, and some commenters say that the seller wants $85 to ship this, because they presumably swapped out the weights of the sweatsuit and Armstrong’s actual space suit when calculating that. Seriously, is it dropped off by a Saturn V? Or maybe by Armstrong himself? Does it come in a box made out of actual Apollo capsule scraps? Or is it just a ripoff?

astronaut_space_suit_2zoom in

That said, it’s still cool, and when the seller realizes that none are moving because this shipping cost is absolutely stupid.

astronaut_space_suit_3zoom in

[via Fancy via Fashionably Geek]

LEGO Apollo 11 Concept Set: One Giant Leap for Minifigs

LEGO Ideas member LuisPG pays homage to one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments with this well made concept. His Apollo 11 set consists of the Eagle Lunar Module, the Apollo spacecraft and minifigs of astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin.

lego apollo 11 spacecraft lunar module set by luispg 620x449magnify

The set is made of 1,196 pieces. The Apollo spacecraft scale model even splits into the command module and the service module, just like the real thing.

lego apollo 11 spacecraft lunar module set by luispg 2 620x465magnify

lego apollo 11 spacecraft lunar module set by luispg 3 620x465magnify

lego apollo 11 spacecraft lunar module set by luispg 4 620x465magnify

lego apollo 11 spacecraft lunar module set by luispg 5 620x348magnify

lego apollo 11 spacecraft lunar module set by luispg 6 620x465magnify

lego apollo 11 spacecraft lunar module set by luispg 7 620x338magnify

lego apollo 11 spacecraft lunar module set by luispg 8 620x338magnify

lego apollo 11 spacecraft lunar module set by luispg 9 620x338magnify

Land at LEGO Ideas to vote for LuisPG’s concept. If this ever gets made, I hope LEGO retains the lustrous metallic finish that’s on Luis’ models to preserve its realistic appearance.

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