Breathe purified air from the outside with Airnanny on the inside!

The quality of the air that’s circulating our homes is of growing concern, and one which can be addressed with the implementation of an air purifier. The AirNanny is a fresh air system that increases the quality of the air through a series of innovative features. Removing the magnetic front from the sleek, yet inconspicuous, unit reveals three levels of filtration which are set with the task of eliminating 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine particulates and even odors, from the air!

The user has the option of three air-purification modes and can switch between introducing outdoor air into the room, recirculating the existing air within the room, or even a mixture of the two. As well as having a CO2 sensor that manages the fresh air, automatically! As any successful domestic product should have, AirNanny features a wonderfully designed exterior casing, with subtle surface detailing and elegant curves, to ensure that it seamlessly integrates into the home.

Designer: Olga Kalugina for AirNanny

A More Efficient Approach to Cleaning

Whilst nifty robotic vacuum cleaners make a tedious and laborious task far more convenient, they are simply not as efficient as the real-deal; their inability to maneuver around complex obstacles or ascend and descend stairs leads them to require a human to return to the areas that it missed, with a more conventional vacuum. This observation led to the creation of Lizard, which aims to offer a smarter and easier cleaning experience!

The bottom section of Lizard operates as a smart robotic vacuum; the intuitive display makes controlling the compact device, a breeze. Once the cleaning is complete, Lizard will return to its home that features wireless charging. To tackle the hard-to-reach and problem areas, Lizard’s ‘tail’ can be attached. By attaching this component, the unit operates as a conventional vacuum. An ergonomically designed handle that’s paired with a display that highlights the missed areas allows the task to be carried out quickly and efficiently!

Designers: Yungi Min, Jinsu Shim, SangHyeon Na & Ikhyeon Kim

Robotic mode.

Wireless power charging.


Conventional mode.

The display shows areas that have not been cleaned.

Easy to open.



Combination tool.

Crevice tool.

Mattress tool.

Bring the Warmth of the Sun, Inside.

This beautifully designed concept aims to give us an alternative to washing our clothes in the energy-sapping dryer. The SOLEIL brings the outside, in. Unlike conventional drying racks that clash with their surrounds and interrupt the flow of the room, SOLEIL brings with it a desirable aesthetic, that features soft, considered curves paired with minimal, yet welcome detailing. This has led to a product that enhances the room even when it isn’t in use!

As opposed to just being reliant on the ambient air to dry the clothing, an inbuilt heating element emulates the warmth of the sun to gently, and efficiently, dry the clothes. The temperature of said heating element can either be controlled by a mobile app or the equally as stunning remote control. To complete the understated look, the colors and finishes of the device have been carefully selected, to allow the device to tie in with the surrounding furnishings in the room.

Designer: Jaegeun Kim

This coffee machine is for addicts like me

If you require a coffee to kick-start your day, then this product is the one for you! With a form inspired by a familiar sight in the mornings, a bathroom sink, Tap and Drop aims to revolutionize how we start our days, making efficiency and simplicity the key features.

The satisfyingly smooth curves used for the top of the device guide the coffee beans into the machine, eliminating the possibility of the beans from getting stuck, and making the filling process far smoother. Although, you may not have long to admire the elegant design as the coffee-making process can begin before you are even downstairs; an equally as beautiful mobile application allows for the selection of the desired drink from anywhere, and an array of parameters are available so you can ‘make’ the perfect drink! But don’t worry, Tap and Drop will only follow through with the coffee-making process if an empty cup is position correctly… so you won’t come downstairs to be greeted with a steaming mess!

Designers: Jeonghyun Ahn, Donghong Seo & Jo Gwanghee

Built with graphene based technology, Solus is the most efficient radiator

The humble domestic radiator is something which is often overlooked within the design world, and because of this the inefficient, money-sapping and visually out-dated product is in need of a much-needed re-design. Luckily the team at KOLEDA have created an alternative… and it changes the game. Designed with efficiency firmly in mind, SOLUS could save you over 80% on your next heating bill due to its clever use of the completely new graphene-based technology. The nanotech coating has returned test results that are 5x more efficient than conventional radiators… so it’s easy to see why it could save you a lot of money!

Visually, the radiator has also received the design treatment; minimalist design has been used to create a product that works will the space around it, the sleek form is just 10mm thick, whilst the lightweight tempered glass creates a striking, black reflective finish. Allowing SOLUS to be seamlessly integrated into the domestic environment.

So, it’s a modern radiator that efficiently warms the room, is kind to nature and knocks a significant amount off your monthly bill… what more could you ask for?!

Designer: KOLEDA

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Built with their patent pending nanotech coating and graphene based heating element, SOLUS will save you approximately 80% off the cost of your heating (compared with conventional water based radiators) and over 95% off the cost of your heating (if you heat your home with other electric radiators). Built to simply plug and play, SOLUS can be integrated into any home in a matter of seconds.

Ultra Efficiency – Graphene Based Heating Technology

Their patent pending, graphene based nanotech coating is the core of SOLUS. Their nanotech coating has been tested to be around 5x more efficient than water based radiators and over 20x more efficient than any other electric radiator on the market.

SOLUS’ efficiency is here to last. Unlike conventional electric radiator technology, their nanotech coating doesn’t suffer from oxidation or create stray magnetic fields. This ensures SOLUS will be as efficient in 30 years, as it is now.

Up To 20x Less Power Usage

Their unique heating technology works with both traditional convection based heating as well as infra-red heating, meaning that each SOLUS unit can heat a 15m2 space with up to 20x less power usage.

With a SOLUS system the average home heating bills would be reduced around $175, leaving you to enjoy the extra $670 savings each year to spend on things that matter to you the most.

Minimalist Design

Crafted from ultra lightweight tempered glass, with a total thickness of only 10mm and total weight of 4.5kg, SOLUS is both sleek and portable. SOLUS’ striking black reflective design can be used freestanding or wall mounted (with the included accessories). SOLUS is designed to fit seamlessly into your home.


SOLUS is designed to simply plug and play into a standard mains socket. Using the included feet, SOLUS can be up and running in a matter of seconds, or with the included wall mounts, SOLUS can be easily attached to the wall in the same way as a standard radiator.

SOLUS’ simple design and portability means that it’s a system designed to grow with you as your lifestyle and home changes. Even renters with old and inefficient electrical heaters can take advantage of SOLUS by simply plugging directly into a mains socket and then taking SOLUS with you when you move.

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The Air Purifier Got a Redesign!

The Air Column isn’t ‘just another’ air purifier, it uses its carefully considered design and unique form to stray away from the mechanical vibe that conventional purifiers may carry. It flaunts a rather minimal and simplistic design, and it’s this that makes it so eye-catching! Long, vertical vents are present on the façade, these elongate the design and emphasize the height. Rounded-off corners paired with a matte finish soften the design and move it away from the machines that we are used to seeing.

The functionality of the device hasn’t been overlooked; the air purifying filters have been designed with ease-of-use firmly in mind! The unit that holds the filters can simply and easily be removed vertically from the top of the unit… making the replacement process a breeze! This is certainly a welcomed re-design of a conventionally mundane device.

Designer: found/Founded Studio

A Modern Reinterpretation of a Traditional Product

A traditional method of heating a home was by using a Brazier, however, these charcoal-burning devices are both impractical and unsafe for use within the modern home due to the release of smoke and ashes. The Home Warmer is a modern reinterpretation of the Brazier, which warms the room whilst simultaneously retaining the social-element that is so iconic with the traditional Brazier.

This beautiful electric heater has a welcoming aesthetic, that has been created through the introduction of soft-touch, flame retardant fabric that covers a rounded form. Not only does this generate a distinctive look, but it also ensures that the device complements the existing furniture within the room.

Intuitive and straight-forward controls have been paired with a simple interface, which are both present on the top of the device; this leads to hassle-free and quick operation. Large, leather handles positioned on either side of the device invite the user to pick it up and move it to a place where both communication and room-temperature are at a low!

Designer: Ji Seung Kim

LED indicating the strength of the heat.

A Fresh Take on The Vacuum Cleaner

With considerable assistance from the incredible engineers and innovators at the likes of Dyson and Vax, the domestic vacuum cleaner has seen a dramatic transformation within the past couple of decades, with power levels and capabilities increasing whilst the size and weight is reduced. However, designer Ja Heon Lee felt like there was room for improvement when it came to the ergonomics and user comfort… and thus, LVC was born!

As its name would suggest, LVC, or the Lofstrand Vacuum Cleaner has been inspired by the structure of the famous Lofstrand Crutch, which was designed to take the strain of the user’s weight off their wrists. This has led to the vacuum cleaner to carry a distinctive form and be operated into a different manner; the body of the vacuum sits above the user’s form arm, therefore taking the strain off their wrist and reducing their chances of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Designer: Ja Heon Lee

ENSEMBLE mirrors your need for crisp ironed shirts

To be honest, not only shirts, but all your laundry can be ironed with easy on the ENSEMBLE. Given the space crunch in most homes, it’s not easy to hide an ironing board, so most of us find innovative ways of masking them as contemporary furniture. (I use mine as a sideboard!) The designers of ENSEMBLE have an innovative solution – a mirror ironing board. On one side you have a full-length mirror and on the flipside you have an ironing board that is very modern and equipped with the latest tech.

With features like switchable iron plates (with brush and plain), to work with different fabrics, the ENSEMBLE is very tech-advanced. It comes with an aroma diffuser to perfume your clothes while steaming them for creases. Color choices include ocean blue, dark brown, cream beige and pure white.

Designers: Sung Hyun Kwon, Ikhyeon Kim, Yungi Min & Byeongjae Ha

Locking function.

Easy to move with ball casters.

The drawers are equipped with steam iron heads, various brush modules, water storage, and perfume storage.

Easy to change the iron heads.

Water storage.

Perfume dispenser.

Perfume storage.

Is This a Vacuum Cleaner or a Piece of Art?

The humble vacuum cleaner now has a commonplace within our homes, as it is seen as a necessity as opposed to a luxury. However, this doesn’t stop it from carrying a rather unimaginative and uninspiring form. Until now that is, the Drip handheld vacuum cleaner puts aesthetics first.

Drip flaunts a sculptural form that oozes sophistication, from the bold, powerful stance that the form creates, through to the distinctive finish that elegantly conceals the electronic nature of the product, making it more or a piece of art than a domestic appliance.

The absence of a handle not only allows for a clean, sleek design, but also alters how the product is used, adding to its uniqueness and bringing a sense of intrigue. This is certainly a device that you will want to leave out, as opposed to shoving into the draw!

Designer: Christoph Andrejcic