The puripot wants you to breathe the best quality air possible

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. The air you’re breathing indoors is as much as 10 times more contaminated than the air you breathe outdoors. Yes, there’s smoke and dust from cars in the air outdoors, but they form a mere fraction of a fraction of the contaminants in a massive body of air that’s constantly also being purified by the UV rays of the sun, and by the greenery around us. Limit yourself to a few cubic meters of indoor air and the ratio really changes. The air you breathe indoors has nowhere to go, making it staler and mustier than the air outdoors. Bacteria and other microorganisms thriving in your living spaces propagate through the air, and without UV light to kill them, these creatures thrive while being absolutely naked to the human eye.

Now I don’t mean to scare you but it’s a reality that we must accept, that indoors aren’t nearly as pure as outdoors are… and given that we can’t really live outdoors forever like our ancestors did, we rely on tech to purify our air for us. Perhaps one of the latest advancements in air purifying tech, the puripot is an air purifier that can virtually run forever without needing to be maintained or cleaned. While post purifiers rely on filters and cartridges that need periodic cleaning or replacement, puripot uses something known as Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis to purify the air around you. At its base sits a water bath that you replenish every couple of days. The water traps fine dust while also humidifying the air (you can even add essential oils to it to turn it into a room freshener), while the puripot itself uses TiO2, a photocatalytic ceramic material that’s capable of instantly killing bacteria and VOCs that carry odor. Activated with visible wavelength light, the TiO2 rids the air of microorganisms as well as bad odor, while the water chamber traps fine dust particles. The result is cleaner, fresher air without the necessary upkeep of having to replace activated charcoal chambers and clean out HEPA filters every couple of months. The puripot is capable of running for years without the maintenance or the overhead costs, and its small, smart-speaker-sized, portable format means you can transfer it from room to room, while puripot’s native app lets you switch the purifier on or off through your smartphone. I doubt clean indoor air could get more convenient than this.

Designer: Dadam Micro

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puripot P1N: All-In-One Personal Air Purifier

Sterilization and deodorization with patented visible light based photocatalyst technology. puripot is a personal air purifier to enhance the level of indoor air quality by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects to human.

Some Facts about VOC:

– Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors.
– Indoor air cleaning is more important than ever as the world air quality is worsening due to world-wide industrialization push.
– Bad smell is made of VOCs, so puripot can deodorize the air.

VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids and many are known to have potential adverse health effects for people exposed to these compounds in the air they breathe. Of course, if you got pets at home, that would be worse.

This is What an Air Filter Looks Like

Air purifiers need filters that cannot work permanently. The filters need to be replaced or cleaned regularly. Replaceable filters generate extra expenses and waste.

puripot P1N Personal Air Purifier

Filter-Free : Let Water Do The Work

Water works as a filter in the puripot, all you need to do is to pour about 220ml of water into the detachable water tank.

Once puripot is filled with full of water in the tank, the water slowly evaporates with air, in which fine-dust is adsorbed. Even if the water tank is empty, deodorization and sterilization are functioning properly.

Deodorization: Removal of VOCs

The air we breathe contains volatile organic compounds – VOCs include a wide variety of chemicals in use today such as formaldehyde, toluene, and ammonia etc. The ability of organic chemicals to cause health effects varies greatly from those that are highly toxic, to those with no known health effect.

Health implications with VOC:

– Eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders, and memory loss are among the immediate symptoms that some people have experienced soon after exposure to some organics.
– Many organic compounds are known to cause cancer in animals; some are suspected of causing, or are known to cause, cancer in humans.

Sterilization: Removal of Bacteria, Viruses

Sterilization, one of the cutting-edge features of puripot immediately begins to eradicate dozens of indoor air irritants. These include such things as mold, bacteria, and viruses. When deployed properly, puripot can protect against Infections.

The oxidizers generated by puripot process do not remain in the air indefinitely. Instead, oxidizers convert back into oxygen and hydrogen once it has one its work of neutralizing odors and eliminating pollution.

Natural Moisturizer

When you pour in some essential oils into the water of the puripot, it turns into an aromatherapy machine.

Compact and Light : Easy to Take to Anywhere

puripot is designed to be small and light enough (less than 1lb) and you can enjoy clean air wherever you go.

How it Works

The key to the core of puripot is the Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) photocatalyst technology with visible blue light. Active oxygen generated by the reaction of a photocatalyst to the visible blue light decomposes, sterilizes and deodorizes all harmful substances and odors.

Ozone-Free by Photocatalysis with Blue Light, The Core Technology of puripot

– The revolutionary technology of puripot is to activate porous Ti02, nanoparticles photoexcitation by using a visible wavelength light so there will be no Ozone and UV (Tech certified by PCT).
– Most indoor air-purifiers in the market that emit even small amounts of Ozone may be risky for the health that despite they approved air quality standards.
– Most air purifiers on the market produce either small or large amounts of ozone, a major ingredient in air pollution. No matter how small, even in very small amounts of ozone, it is highly oxidative and toxic which cause health problems.

The puripot App

puripot app enables you to monitor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) in real-time and provide you other information needed.

Comparison to Other Purifiers

Effective Use of puripot




puripot is designed to be suitably placed on any places. Anti-slip pad is attached directly to the bottom of puripot due to accident prevention.

Low Noise

USB C-Type Cable

For your convenience, portable chargers or laptops can be an alternative for power supply.

LED Mood Light

You can turn on or off only the mood light in the product while it is on a normal operation mode.

Check Your Home Air Quality by Colors!

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There is now no excuse for an untidy desk!

Whist handheld vacuum cleaners may be compact in size compared to their full-sized counterparts, they are still far from being portable. This leads to them living a life exclusively within the home, which is odd when you think about how much time many of us spend away from our homes and instead sit at our desks! MUGG has been designed with the aim of keeping our desks dust-free, whilst remaining compact enough to fit comfortably within our bags.

It was only appropriate that a device that’s sole purpose is to keep our work environment clean, to carry an equally clean design; the white, matt finish beautifully emphasizes the gentle curves that make up its distinctive profile. To complement the hand-held device, a charging station has also been designed to complete this desirable proposal!

Designer: Dae Hun Kim

“Society has recently created a new market target called the “Deskterian,” and many dinning or desk electronics products are on the market for people who like to decorate their desks. But you spend the most of your day at your desk, easily exposed to the threat of each species of bacteria, germs, mites, and fine dust. It is also important to note the possibility of a safety accident on the desk due to the ‘tracking’ phenomenon, which increases the risk of fire due to dust generated during electronic operation,” Kim told Yanko Design.

“The ‘MUGG’ has a simple minimal vacuum cleaner structure and a brush that can be cleaned even in the event of power failure, protecting your health and safety.”

“The basic material of the product is ABS plastic, and the brush is elastomer. Use a C-type rechargeable battery, which can be used without the use of a brush as desired. If the brush is not fitted, it can be cleaned with higher suction power. The product consists of a small vacuum cleaner and a C-type charger. In case of a C-type charger, a smartphone wireless charging function is also possible when the vacuum cleaner is not used.”

Your personal aromatherapist

Pium is an incredible smart diffuser that users a wide range of parameters to create the perfect, personalized scent for any given moment! It connects to the user’s smartphone and allows them to create just about any scent that they desire using the intuitive interface.

The body of Pium consists of two main sections, with the top section being removable. When removed the three ready-to-use capsules are revealed, Pium uses these to create the personalized scents; it relies on regular contact with the user’s smart devices to appropriately alter the mood, if it was to detect an elevated heart rate that was picked up by the user’s smartwatch, a calming scent would be admitted.

As for the form, the beautifully elegant, cylindrical design paired with the high-quality, brushed finish allows for Pium to seamlessly fit into a home’s décor and begin freshening the room up instantly.

Designer: cloudandco

A dehumidifier or a piece of furniture?

For the vast majority of the time dehumidifiers aren’t pretty, they aren’t designed to be features in the room and their aesthetics don’t drive the design, but instead they are functional and efficient products with just their primary use in mind. But does this have to be the case?

‘Drip’ is less of a dehumidifier and more of a highly functional piece of furniture! With a design that has been inspired by a Dutch Coffee Machine, the water drips into a collection reservoir and becomes the main feature of the design. This 3.5 liter, clear reservoir enables the user to know exactly when it needs emptying as they can visibly see the amount of dehumidification inside.

While the form drove its design, practical elements of Drip have also been greatly considered; most noticeably perhaps is the silicone top, which makes for an excellent side table!

Designer: Lee Hyo Min

“This project is tried to get off the basic dehumidifier’s form and home appliances’ cold images. so I suggest the product which name is ‘DRIP’ that would be looked like furniture more than home appliances,” Lee told Yanko Design.

Waterspout’s main body is made by plastic and the top is made by silicon.

User can know instinctively the time which should empty water from inside and amount of dehumidification. The maximum amounts is 3.5L.

This futuristic kitchen appliance uses plasma-jets to purify your fruits and veggies

Sitting on your kitchen table much like an Echo or a Google Home would, the Fruit WashingMachine is a rather unique way of cleaning your fruits and vegetables before eating or preparing them. The slick, pink device uses tap-water to cleanse your fruit without any extra additive (like a food-grade soap or cleanser). The appliance, rather, uses an innovative technology that goes by the name ‘water hydroxyl food purification’. Now I’m no expert, but a simple look at some articles online shows that the technology involves pulsing voltage to ionize a gas at atmospheric pressure, helping in releasing hydroxyl radicals that help purify the water as well as the fruits and veggies inside it. In short, the Fruit WashingMachine uses a plasma jet to create a string of reactions that purify water in literally a split second, without affecting the water’s temperature or composition. In fact, the plasma jets are so safe, you can literally touch them with your hands.

The revolutionary technology helps release radicals like hydroxyl that help instantly cleanse your fruits and vegetables without using purifiers, minerals, filters, or disinfectants. In fact, the technology was originally studied by researchers at the University of Alabama as a way of instantly purifying water. It’s nearly 2020 and the kitchens of the future literally will be using plasma-jets to clean their fruits and veggies… Exciting!

The Fruit WashingMachine is a winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Hangzhou Enjoywater Technology Co.,Ltd

Quirky flashlight mimics the feeling of holding a smartphone

So much has been crammed into that rectangular bar that we call a phone, that it only makes sense that the rectangular bar be recognized as one of the most iconic shapes of our time. Referred to as the candybar, the smartphone has spurred movements where wallets, power-banks, and even projectors are literally the shape and size of a candybar. Ouyang Ling’s playful flashlight adds one more product to that list.

The quirky flashlight comes with a grip that’s literally smartphone-shaped, because we’re so used to holding that form. Almost like a boolean-union between the conical head of a flashlight and the 10mm thick block of a smartphone, the Next Flashlight (as Ling calls it) feels instantly familiar to the touch, and even comes with a switch on the edge where you’d see the phone’s volume rockers. I wonder if the flashlight runs on smartphone-style lithium ion batteries too…

Designer: Ouyang Ling

The Miravac is the Roomba’s more talented, powerful, and efficient cousin

The Roomba may have been the first robot-vacuum, but the Miravac’s goal is to be the better one. Fitted with a more powerful motor, and calibrated to take on the dirt left not just by the messy human but also the pet, Miravac is a better, more capable, fine-tuned, and affordable robot vacuum with a significantly better performance.

Miravac’s robot vacuums are powered by a powerful motor with 1800 Pa of suction pressure, capable of effectively cleaning your floor, picking up everything from popcorn to pet-fur. Its built-in hair and fur sensor can detect furballs and dust-bunnies, while the slim form-factor allows it to slide under couches and beds with ease. All your dust collects within a detachable tray that you can simply empty into the bin once the Miravac’s done its rounds.

The robo-vacuum can be programmed to sweep and mop your room in certain patterns. You can set up invisible walls and cordon off areas for the Miravac to avoid, while a cliff-sensor prevents the vacuum from falling off platforms, mezzanine-floors, balconies, or stairs. The vacuum runs autonomously, and can be programmed to schedule cleaning times either using controls on the vacuum’s docking station, or via the Miravac handheld remote control. The vacuum cleaner gets to work, brushing all sorts of dirt and dust off the floor and into its suction-vent, running for nearly 2 hours on a single charge before autonomously going and docking back into its charging dock when it’s either done or out of battery.

Miravac’s robot vacuums come in two separate variants, designed for regular floors and carpeted flooring. The Loop model vacuums as well as dry-mops the floor while the Swerve can vacuum-clean as well as brush carpeted floors, pulling out dirt from within the carpet’s dense fibers.

The Loop and Swerve are perhaps the most capable, powerful, and affordable robot-vacuums in their class. Designed to cater to their specific environments, the Miravac vacuums push performance up a couple of notches with their state-of-the-art turbo vacuum motors… and with their early-bird price-tag, they cost around the same as a pair of AirPods.

Designer: Miravac

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MIRAVAC – Affordable Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Loop & Swerve are two state-of-the-art autonomous cleaning solutions for your home or office. Robotic vacuums with powerful turbo suction at an incredible price.

MIRAVAC robotic vacuum cleaners come in two models: Loop (designed for all surfaces with a mopping option) and Swerve (designed for all surfaces and optimal thick carpet cleaning).

You can choose your desired cleaning pattern that most suits your space, OR you can put the robot on AUTO cleaning mode and let it do the job for you.

Hair and Dust Sensor

The Dust Sensor feature detects the dirtiest parts of the floor and guides the robot to spend more time cleaning those parts. Perfect for pet owners who need to clean their space from pet hair on a daily basis.

Powerful Turbo Suction

With a pressure of 1800 Pa, the HyperClean suction will securely and rigorously collect dust and tiny particles to keep floors immaculately clean. The Turbo Suction mode of MIRAVAC robots are the most powerful in their class.

Adaptive Technology

The Smart Adaptive Detection System adequately equips MIRAVAC robots for automated cleaning and charging for any home or office floors: hardwood, carpet or tile. With the height of 3.15”, MIRAVAC robots can also clean under your objects and furniture.

Anti-Cliff Sensor

With sensors that detect cliffs, MIRAVAC robots are able to avoid cliffs and unexpected drops.


With the smart adaptive system for any environment, great suction power from 800 Pa to 1800 Pa, and contour following nozzle to ensure accurate cleaning results, LOOP is the most affordable advanced robotic vacuum for thin carpet and hard floors on the market.

Three-Stage Cleaning

– Dual rotating brushes vigorously sweep dirt and dust into the vacuum’s patch.
– The debris are then securely trapped using its dynamic vacuum motor.
– The click-on mopping pad collects even the finest dust particles to leave floors spotless.

Optional Mopping Pads

LOOP comes with Dry Mop Pads to be attached to the robot for shiny cleaning performance.

The sleek design of the SWERVE model makes a great looking cleaning companion at your home or office.

Carpet Cleaning

SWERVE comes with large wheels and a multi-surface roller brush that will pick up any large debris on the floor. This helps with the optimal deep cleaning of thick carpets and rugs.

Invisible Wall

Contains the vacuum within the desired space blocked by an invisible wall, available only for the SWERVE model.

Timed Cleaning

Easily schedule cleaning time for 30, 45, or 60 minutes with the button on the device or through the remote control. You can also set a cleaning time with the 24H button on the docking station.

Control your LOOP OR SWERVE from a distance – Start and stop, change cleaning patterns, times, and types with a click of a button. OR guide your vacuum along a particular path with manual directional controls. You can also easily direct it back to the charging station with one click.

Recharging Station

With the docking button, the robot can go back to its charging station to recharge the battery on its own.

Below: Specs

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A wireless electric heater to keep you warm wherever you are

We are used to seeing radiators as an obvious part of a room. No matter how slim you make its form, the design has the slab or chunky look to it.

The Promenade is a simple U – shaped rod, that sits discreetly in any room. To make it portable in design, there is a wheel system fitted to the bottom of the pipe. When in use, the tube lights up ambient-ly, indicating that it is in use.

Using battery charging as its mainstay, the heater can be lined up together – six at a time – and charged at one go. Collectively the heat emitted is strong, so its best to be mindful of this.

Designer: Jaeyong Lee

“Promenade has the meaning of walking. The promenade can be moved together when the user moves to the desired space. This will provide enough functionality and aesthetics to warm the user’s emotions,” Lee told Yanko Design.

“Charged wireless heaters move around the space and warm the atmosphere as well as the air.”

“On the front is an LED that shows the charge status and temperature. The lower part has a terminal for charging and one wheel for movement.”

“One wheel at the bottom does not roll when standing upright.”

“When the user tilts to move this heavy heater, the wheels touch the floor and are movable.”

“Power can be obtained from the battery to heat the coils and dissipate high heat.”

Rotate this washing machine’s display to set your washing preferences with ease

The humble washing machine has been somewhat neglected over the past decade; whilst the technology inside has developed considerably, the form hasn’t progressed at quite the same pace, which is unfortunately the same story for the user-experience! This is the issue that the Flexbar washing machine challenges, as it features a revolutionary informative screen that vastly improves the readability of the display.

Mounted on the front edge of the unit is a screen that spans its entire width; whilst a screen of this size is already a unique feature for a domestic appliance, its swiveling capabilities that really set it apart! The aluminum unit rotates to provide a more user-friendly viewing angle! Flexbar’s futuristic design doesn’t end there; integrated into the display is a biometric scanner that leads to a tailored user-experience, whilst the accompanying mobile application leads to an informative experience!

Designer: Efkan Çetin

Market Research

There are various ways to use displays; front, angled, top and flexible operation. The front operation works better if display can show details about process as an informative screen but the control is not that ergonomic. The angled operation offers the user an easier control and display can also work for informative purposes. The top operation provides a clean look for the front and ergonomic control. In this case, there is no info screen. Last, flexible operation works well both for easy operation and process readability, but the existing solution is not well executed nor integrated.


After deciding on the product archetype, my focus was on finding interactions that can create a comfortable, efficient and safe experience. I came up with several interaction alternatives. First, using sensors to detect one’s foot so the machine can be woken up by a foot. Second, face recognition can be used by setting cameras in a variety of ways. Third, eye tracking can help to create an incomparable way of activating the device. Last, as a most promising and applicable option, touch ID can be used. Besides, the product details and finishes were developed.

Final Design

The Flexbar washing machine is unique with its adaptive bar display. Thanks to the rotatable aluminum bar unit, the interaction with the machine is taken to another level. The product has three modes that make it peerless; standby, active and informative mode. In active mode, unlike conventional washing machine displays, The Flexbar provides the desired display position/angle for each user. The position is set by an application. The informative mode helps the user to see and read the information on the display easily. The Touch ID ensures a customized user experience, every user has his/her own personal programs and settings that can be accessed by just a touch of a button. Moreover, it makes the washing machine safer for kids meaning only registered users can have the control of the machine, so children do not have the chance to be endangered.​​​​​​​


During the standby mode, the display is off and acting like an iconic part of a whole. This position allows the characteristic look of the aluminum bar to come to the fore as a dominant design element.


Flexbar is activated by touching the touch ID featured button. After touching the button slightly, the bar display wakes up and gets in pre-set position. When the machine is in active mode, the user can have access to his/her customized menu where the favorite programs and settings can be found.


As soon as the user started a program the display starts working as an informative screen that shows the remaining time with a process bar. By rotating the aluminum bar 90 degree, the readability of the information on the screen is improved.

App & Button

The application helps the user to set the preferred display position. When the user adjusts the display angle in the application, the display itself starts changing its angle simultaneously. Thus, when the user feels comfortable, the display has its customized position. The touch button works in two ways. First, press the button to activate the display. Second, press and hold to open the door.