The perfect fan for those warm workdays?

You can’t be expected to work efficiently when you are sat uncomfortably at a desk within a warm workplace. Be-1 Fan has been designed with this problem firmly in mind, as it uses the pairing or water and air to cool the user down! Unlike your conventional fan that simply blows the warm air in your general direction, this compact device creates a fine vapor that is gently propelled towards you, enabling the air temperature to reduce by as much as six degrees!

As all of us appreciate a carefully considered design, its important for any product that intrudes on our workplace to be as beautiful as the next… and Be-1 certainly achieves this; the cylindrical body with contrasting inlays, confidently stands upon the circular base, to create a wonderfully balanced and harmonious design that would look great on our desks!

Designer: FEI Cheung

Razer’s April Fool gaming-toaster prank got so much support, they’re building it for real!

Not sure what a gaming toaster is? You’re not the only one!

This is the BreadWinner. It started out as an April Fool’s Day prank for gaming-equipment behemoth Razer, but the amount of overwhelming support it got after the company launched this parody video sort of made Razer wonder if their die-hard fans would actually follow through. So yes, Razer is building this hardcore toaster-for-gamers. It comes with all the features you’d want from your toaster and some more. It sports the signature green backlight (or underlight in this case) found on post Razer products, and packs USB ports to charge your phones as you supercharge your day with some toasted bread. Moreover, the toaster even etches the Razer logo onto your bread. What more could a die-hard gaming fan possibly want? Multicolored butter? Yeah, the toaster doesn’t do that quite yet, but I’d give it a few years!

Designer: Razer

Clairy’s Planter/Purifier keeps the house green and the air clean

It’s pretty commonly known that plants have a way of cleansing the air we breathe. A forest has much healthier air than a busy intersection, and while that reference is sort of overkill, it proves a point. Greenery is associated with freshness, and plants trap dust, dirt, kill bacteria, and dissipate harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide from the air, replacing it with fresh oxygen that nurtures the body. The Clairy Air Purifier plays on this property of plants, accelerating it in a way that allows a single plant to do the job a garden would. With a stylized planter base that not only shatters the misconceptions that air purifiers should be bulky, appliance-like, and borderline clinical, Clairy has an aesthetics-forward Italian-design-influenced approach. It looks incredibly voguish, and houses a plant too, giving you greenery and home decor along with the benefits of an appliance without the overbearing presence of it.

Clairy is an award winning planter/purifier hybrid that adds a touch of aesthetic beauty and greenery to the space. With a purifier integrated into the planter itself, Clairy pulls polluted air through its top, allowing to pass through and around the plant and soil, getting the plant to absorb microorganisms, gases, and dust particles. Clairy purifies air using the plant’s own natural processes of trapping pollutants in its soil and around the roots, and the then purified air makes its exit from the exhaust on the planter. With no industrial filter of its own, Clairy relies on an effective form of bio-purification and therefore needs no periodic replacement of filters. It works silently too, doing its job diligently, and even allows you to track and measure air quality levels over time.

Designed completely in Italy, Clairy follows the highest standards of Italian aesthetics and engineering too (the product has won European and German Design Awards). The planter, in a bid to completely reject the norms of appliance design, comes made from Italian ceramics by Venetian craftsmen, effectively melding haute decor, consumer appliance, and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle into one, incredibly classy product!

Designer: Clairy

What does Infocuum Vacuum cleaner have that Dyson doesn’t

Got you thinking, didn’t I? The answer is simple – eyes! No more shoving the crumbs under the carpet, because the Infocuum Vacuum has a camera mounted on the cleaning nozzle and a display near the controls, allowing you to see the garbage piled up under the sofa, carpets and other hard-to-see places. The wide-angle video camera is attached to the head and beams up the video in realtime, allowing you a clear view of that kind of trash that’s been accumulating, thus helping you to clean better.

For people like me, I guess it will make me self-aware, and pick up the popcorn when it spills on the floor and hides behind the sofa and not wait for vacuuming day!

Designers: Subin Song, Donghwan Song, Hyunji Kang & Yoongyeong Ha

Meet the most beautiful home-cinema projector that ever lived…

How do you make a projector that looks like a cross between a telescope and an artistic, sculptural element integrated into your decor? You take a lesson from the PHOS, a home-cinema projector that I can, with conviction, say is one of the most beautiful pieces of tech I’ve seen. The PHOS, unfortunately conceptual, is the brain-child of Jacopo Mauro, who believed appliances could be made to look absolutely addictive… and he’s right. With its capsule-shaped frame, rotating cylindrical projector, use of matte metallic gradients and frosted glass, and lastly, a marble base for the perfect premium touch, the PHOS is pure eye-candy.

The projector stands vertically, occupying a fraction of the space most projectors do, and when switched on, rotates to aim forward at an angle that best suits the space it’s in. It comes with an equally gorgeous, minimal remote controller that lets you control the projector and media playback, as well as a smart-base to point your remote at, that sits in front of you. The smart-base controls the projector and beams media to it over Wi-Fi, essentially making it easier to to point a remote towards the front while the projector sits behind you. The smart-base even houses the hi-fi speakers that deliver rich sound to complete your viewing experience, while the DLP projector behind you can focus (no pun intended) on what it does best… delivering crisp, clean visuals while absolutely looking like a sheer treat for the eyes!

Designer: Jacopo Mauro

‘Mesa’ Combines a Planter and Hand-held Vacuum Into a Surprisingly Elegant Solution!

One’s designed to hold dirt, the other’s designed to eliminate dirt. Sam Lavoie says there’s no reason the two of them can’t get along! The Mesa, designed as an entry for Render Weekly’s design challenge, combines a planter and a hand-held vacuum cleaner into a singular form. The result is a design that’s decorative, utilitarian, and creates a pretty harmonious partnership between two unlikely categories and products.

The Mesa makes for a pretty decorative planter to be placed inside your house, along with a nice indoor plant. Sam capitalized on the fact that planters are usually placed against walls and near power outlets, giving you a product that can easily be plugged into a socket in the wall quite inconspicuously. The vacuum fits right in the planter and charges once docked, and can be easily used by pulling it out and powered using the standby button on the base. The vacuum’s design elegantly complements the planter, and while home appliances usually come in pretty standard glossy finishes and in black or white, the Mesa explores earthy terracotta as a potential color and texture for the vacuum and the planter. Needless to say, it clearly works!

Designer: Sam Lavoie for Render Weekly

When a Jet Engine and an Air Purifier Collide!

With a design that has been heavily inspired by the distinctive form of a jet engine, the Air Jet S is certainly an air purifier that we can get behind! Carrying a design that focuses on the simplicity of use and the user experience, this compact purifier, with a capacity of 13m2, makes for the perfect addition to any small abode!

The small exterior conceals a rather clever internal structure; both the filter and the fan exit from the top of the device, the power is automatically cut when removed, this allows for quick and easy replacement or cleaning of the all-important air filter! Following the popular trend that sees an absence of physical buttons, Air Jet S is controlled through an intuitive smartphone app, allowing for remote control of the smart device!

All of this is wrapped up within a stunningly simplistic design that sure makes this device a desirable one!

Designer: Kwanjun Ryu for BRUNT

The shape of the Air Jet S was inspired by the jet engine to emphasize a strong wind. Small air purifier with a capacity of 13 m² can be used on the desk or near the bed.

The structure of the Air Jet S is simple. Both filter and fan part are separated upward. When you open the cap, you will get a handle to separate the fan. When you remove fan part, the power automatically turns off. After the filter separated, it can be wiped or replaced to new one.

Air Jet S can, of course, measure indoor air quality. It also shows outdoor air quality via Wi-Fi. You can experience the performance of the Air Jet S by comparing indoor and outdoor air quality.

The fan part of the Air Jet S is designed to be safe. If the fan is removed during operation, the fan returns for a few seconds due to inertia. However, safety bridges at the bottom prevent accidents. Safety bridges are designed to be round to minimize wind resistance.

When you remove and assemble the fan part, you can supply power without a cable connection. The magnet built-in pogo pin make it possible to assembl each parts very easily and surely.

Small but efficient. The Air Jet S consists of 11 injection parts and two PCBs. The BLDC motor operates at 2100 rpm and has very little noise. Equipped with a top quality air sensor, it can measure more precise air quality and at the same time operate the air purifier correctly.

Air Jet S has invested heavily in molds to maintain perfect shape in all directions. With 8 slide core molds, the shadow of the hole can be seen perfectly.

A folding hairdryer that’s as simple and elegant as it gets

Over the years we’ve seen so many flat-pack, compact hairdryers that they probably deserve a category of their own.

The beauty of compact hairdryers is because there are multiple ways of achieving the same goal. Some hairdryers come with folding handles, some with rotating handles, some with handles that detach, it’s just a playground for design details really. Take for instance Offject’s Apollo 11 hairdryer concept, which features a handle detail that allows the hairdryer’s vertical vent to dock right into it, creating a form that’s clean and singular when closed.

Created conceptually with the company Braun in mind, the hairdryer sticks to Braun’s signature simplistic stylings, with straight lines and perfect geometric details, everywhere from the form itself, to the details like the vent. My only hangup is the fact that when folded, the hairdryer doesn’t stand vertically, given the way the wire exits the handle, which would, personally speaking, connect it to its name Apollo 11 much more!

Designer: Offject

When a hip wireless charger met this space-conscious air purifier

We may perceive the air within our homes to be clean and healthy, but sometimes it is anything but that, and as a result it could have a negative impact on our health. Whilst this is avoidable through the use of purifiers, this solution often comes in a space-intruding form that takes up valuable room in places where every square-inch counts!

The Desktop Air Purifier offers a compact alternative to the larger units we are now familiar with; as its name would suggest, the device neatly sits on a desk or side-table where its presence is considerate the valuable space that surrounds it. Its functionality doesn’t end at being an air purifier, packed into the compact design is also a wireless charger which can be used to charge any of your supported devices! All of this has been contained within a beautifully simple form where friendly curves and considerate finishes lead to a device that sits comfortably within the domestic environment.

Designer: Zhao Hu

The VAVA 4K Laser Projector turns any wall into a 150-inch cinema screen

The VAVA 4K Laser Projector turns any wall into a 150-inch cinema screen

Place the VAVA 4K Laser Projector near any wall and there you have it… an instant movie theater. The VAVA 4K Laser Projector ultra-short throw (UST) design with Advanced Laser Phosphor Display (ALPD) technology that allows it to project a massive 150-inch projection on the nearby wall, immersing you in rich 4K content.

The UST format is beginning to pick up as apartments grow smaller, but demand for great displays and technology increases. In its small format, the projector fits the ability to cast a large display without even requiring any buffer space between the device and the screen (like regular projectors do). Its placement also means that the sound (which comes directly from VAVA’s in-built sound system) emerges from near the projected images, creating an experience that is believable and immersive.

The design of the 4K Laser Projector is simple, and follows the belief that home-tech should fit into home designs. With a gray design and a fabric clad, the VAVA projector is almost comparable to the other smart-devices you’d find around your house, from a Google Home to an Amazon Echo. Powered by Android 0S 7.1, the VAVA 4K Laser Projector makes it easy to access streaming media platforms through integrated software. Users will be able to access a variety of streaming media platforms along with a host of apps from the Google Play store.

Designer: Y Studios for VAVA

The VAVA 4K Laser Projector turns any wall into a 150-inch cinema screen

The VAVA 4K Laser Projector turns any wall into a 150-inch cinema screen

The VAVA 4K Laser Projector turns any wall into a 150-inch cinema screen

The VAVA 4K Laser Projector turns any wall into a 150-inch cinema screen

The VAVA 4K Laser Projector turns any wall into a 150-inch cinema screen

The VAVA 4K Laser Projector turns any wall into a 150-inch cinema screen