Epic Life-size Iron Man Contains a Working PC

I’ve seen some pretty amazing case mods over the years, but this life-size Iron Man PC might just be the most incredible PC build yet. Pro system builder Jengki Wmp of World Media Plus created this life-size sculpture of Iron Man in his Mk. 45 armor, which also happens to double as a high-end gaming PC.

The system houses an MSI X99A Xpower Gaming Titanium motherboard, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with 8GB, an Intel Core i7-5820K CPU, speedy ZADAK511 Shield 3000MHz DDR4 memory, a 240GB ZADAK511 Shield SSD, and a 600W Thermaltake Toughpower PSU. The whole thing is water-cooled using a Thermaltake system. It makes me wonder if Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor would last longer if it were water-cooled, or if it would just electrocute him.

Of course, what makes this system so awesome isn’t the computer, but the incredible, detailed sculpting, with super-shiny red and gold armor, and a slick light-up interior so you can see all the computer components. The rainbow-illuminated cooling fans in Iron Man’s back are a nice touch too.

Amazing build, Jengki. I can’t imagine how much time and effort it took to create this thing, but you deserve all of the awards they throw your way.

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Samurai Pet Armor Protects Dogs from German Shepard Swords

We have this Mini Australian Shepherd that is my daughter’s dog. That naturally means he is really my dog because I have to take care of him. He is pure, fuzzy evil. His name is Jet because he runs literally everywhere no matter if he can’t stop his full-on doggy sprint before he smashes into something. We also call him various other names like Jetty McJetface, Jetticus Maximus, or Dickhead. The latter typically reserved for when he randomly sprints up to me, smashes into my leg, and tries to steal the socks off my feet. I’d like to buy him some of this samurai pet armor and change his name to Shogun.

He’d probably chew the armor right off himself, but he would be the most badass dog at the dog park and have some protection the next time a German Shepard tries to hump him. I think that scared him for life, he now routinely tries to hump every German Shepard puppy he sees in revenge.

Samurai Age pet armor costs costs about $130 to $150, depending on the style and size. You can tell these photos are legitimately from Japan because the dog’s junk is blurred out.

[via Kotaku]

Daedalus Is a Real-Life Iron Man Flying Suit

It looks like we have a real life Tony Stark on our hands. Inventor Richard Browning and his team at start-up, Gravity Industries, have created the Daedalus. It is basically a special suit that turns its wearer into a flying hero.

Its’ pretty fun to watch in action. Browning is able to control it with miniature jet engines on his limbs. Twin turbines mounted on his back or legs are for balance, and the two on each arm angle forward. He points down to create “a teepee of thrust vectors,” pushing him away from the ground.

He also needed to do some specialized exercises to build up his strength and balance to fly the thing. It may not be as graceful as Iron Man’s armor, but it is a great start.

The suit can travel at speeds up to 279 miles an hour, but it is worth noting that Browning hasn’t tested it anywhere near full capacity. I would love to play around with this suit, although I’d probably get seriously hurt.

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Smart body armor could gauge brain damage from explosions

Explosions are insidious. Even if a blast doesn't deliver a conspicuous injury, it can inflict brain trauma that might not be evident until much later. The US Navy's Office of Naval Research doesn't want medics to wait, though. It's developing Blast...

Boba Fett Ballistic Armor: Mandalorian Protection

Boba Fett is real and has arrived in our galaxy. This image is proof. Actually, this Boba Fett mandalorian ballistic srmor was created by the folks at AR500 Armor. It not only looks cool, but it is also functional.

This armor is actually capable of stopping a bullet, but we don’t know about lightsabers. It’s perfect for human bounty hunters. Now you can catch bail jumpers and debt skippers in style, inspiring fear in them while you remain perfectly safe. You can even bring them back to your local crimelord as a popsicle if you want, then stick around for the party after and watch those Twi’lek dancers do their thing. You might even see a cool rescue and fall in a pit.

Wear this, because you are no good to you dead.

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Learn to Make Some DIY Fallout Body Armor for Cheap

If you have ever wanted your own Fallout armor, you can make some without spending all your Nuka Cola caps. This episode of DIY Prop Shop will show you how. And it doesn’t involve wandering around the wasteland until you find some.

diy_fallout_body_armor_1zoom in

Evil Ted will teach you how you can make your own Fallout body armor for less than $50, using a cheap piece of floor mat foam as the main material. That is insanely cheap, but does it look good? Yes, the finished armor looks really excellent. It looks more like you spent $100. The details are really amazing – especially the battle scars.

The build isn’t that complicated, so I would say that most people would be able to make one if they have even basic DIY experience. This armor will be perfect for cosplay or Halloween.

This Cardboard Samurai Armor Won’t Save Your Life

Now you can dress like a samurai without any of that bulky metal or leather armor to weigh you down. Yes, this is the first samurai armor I’ve ever seen that says “no glue or scissors required.”


The Kacchu cardboard samurai armor is available in two styles: bright red armor based on famed warrior Sanada Yukimura’s iconic outfit, complete with reindeer horns, or a dark one inspired by Date Masamune’s.


They look really cool, but definitely won’t protect you from much of anything. Heck, your enemy could take you down with a pair of scissors, an X-Acto, or even a Bic lighter.


They’re designed to fit adults from 4′ 11″ to 5′ 10″ tall, and are available for $70(USD) each from Japan Trend Shop. If you happen to live in Japan, they can be had for about ¥2980 (~$28USD) each. If that’s too rich for your blood, you can always go the Little Caesar’s route.


Battle Armor for Your Dog

You love to LARP, but what you don’t love is having to leave your dog at home while you have all the fun, killing Orcs and wizards. Well, you don’t have to leave Fido behind anymore. Suit him up in this awesome battle armor and unleash the dog(s) of war on those other unsuspecting nerds.

dog_armor_1zoom in

Its creator, Lebovskiart, will make a custom suit for any dog, whether you have a ferocious tiny dog or a large dog bred for war. The armor is made from aluminum, so it will stand up to those NERF swords you guys use, as your dog mows them down one by one, severing hamstrings and and growling like a demon.

dog_armor_2zoom in

The two of you will stand victorious on the field of battle and your dog will look awesome.

dog_armor_3zoom in

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Samurai Armor Hoodie: Perfect for NERF Swords

Feudal Japan would have been way different if samurais ran around wearing hoodies. Sure, swords would just go through them like a knife through butter, but they would have looked damn good. Modern samurais however, can wear these cool hoodies and stay safe… or at least warm.

samurai_hoodie_pics_1zoom in

These hoodies are designed to look like the kozane armor that samurais wore way back in the day. Wearing a sword is optional and may get you into trouble these days though. It does a great job recreating the layered shell armor that protects warriors from sword blades.

samurai_hoodie_pics_2zoom in

The front has armor-like patches with flock print patterns. The buttons at the top of the hood let you hang decorative elements and O-rings on the top front armor have removable silk himo cords.

samurai_hoodie_pics_3zoom in

Other features include removable shoulder armors, a finger loop on the wrist armor, and even a hanya mask with elastic straps that doubles as a neck warmer. what more could you want from modern Samurai armor?

samurai_hoodie_pics_5zoom in

You can order your Samurai Armor Hoodie over on Indiegogo now for $320(USD). The campaign has already blown through its funding goal, so they’re expected to go into production with deliveries starting this Fall.

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