Snag These Premium Noise-Cancelling Headphones for 50% Off Today

If you’re going to buy a pair of over-the-ear headphones these days, you’ll probably want wireless ones, and you’ll definitely want noise cancelling. The technology is too good and too useful to pass up — but the price tags can be a bit steep. The Paww WaveSound 3 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones solve that issue by offering all the functionality you need for just $74.99.

The WaveSound 3 headphones deliver premium sound quality via 40mm Neodymium drivers, which are complemented by an active noise cancellation circuit. They easily block out ambient noise, whether you’re on a plane or in a busy office, and let you make clear calls with the embedded microphone.

The headphones arrive in an easily foldable case and are perfect for taking on the go. Normally $149.99, the Paww WaveSound 3 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones are available for a limited time for just $79.99 in the Technabob Shop.

The DIY speakers that come to you in a flat envelope

The Giacinto speakers literally get shipped in an envelope. Designed in a manner that can be flat-packed, the speakers come as drivers that are attached to leather sleeves. When shipped, the entire unit is shipped in a bubble-wrap lined envelope, and on being received, needs to be put together, introducing a DIY element that makes the user feel involved. The speakers are connected using the wires that come with the packaging, and folded into an icosahedral shape, giving the speaker its own hollow acoustic chamber.

The Giacinto comes with two 5W speakers, an amplifier, and connecting cables. Making an argument that a product’s beauty lies in its ability to unravel secrets and teach a user more about it, the Giacinto’s DIY element hopes to help people get more in touch with the tech around them, hopefully rebooting the era of taking a screwdriver and tinkering with and fixing products rather than having them exchanged or dumping them in a landfill.

Designer: Sinestesia Design Studio











Samsung’s Galaxy Home Speaker is too little too late

In a world with Hey Siris, Hey Googles, and Hey Alexas, a Hey Cortana would throw you off… but what about a Hey Bixby?

The world’s largest smartphone seller (Yes, Apple’s the third largest), Samsung decided to surprise the world with their own “me-too”ish smart speaker. The Galaxy Home isn’t just unimaginative in its name, given that Google already has a Home, and Apple has the Homepod, Samsung’s Galaxy Home is a Bixby-powered speaker that rides on an ambiguity of design too. The overall form looks like a black Google Home sprouted three legs, while its speaker comes clad in a woven fabric with a criss-cross design that makes it look suspiciously like Apple’s device.

The rather massive looking speaker (it’s bigger and heavier than the competition) comes with audio powered by AKG, a company now owned by Samsung when they acquired Harman in 2017. With 8 far-field microphones on the inside to pick up voices, 6 speakers arranged in a layout to fill your room with sound, and a woofer to give you a resounding low-end bass, the Galaxy Home pretty much does the same stuff its competitors are doing. The only discernible difference remains Samsung’s Voice AI, Bixby, which powers this speaker. Bixby itself has always been known to lack behind the pack, and Samsung’s choice to bundle the Voice AI into this otherwise pretty capable speaker seems like a confusing direction to go in, given that its acceptance level has been pretty low.

The only high of the Galaxy Home is the fact that Harman Kardon’s sound processing could mean the smart speaker would be, in terms of audio fidelity, definitely a notch above the rest of the competition. Pair that with Samsung’s recent partnership with Spotify and you’ve got a speaker that should, on paper, deliver well in the audio department… but don’t expect Bixby to do a good job googling data for you or ordering stuff for you on online retail portals. This is definitely a good speaker, but calling it a ‘smart’ speaker is something that only time and user feedback will tell… and if nothing, its design could serve as a rather expensive scratching post if you’ve got a cat in the house.

Designer: Samsung






A device that provides augmented reality for your ears

Vincent Van Gogh’s vision was much more receptive of yellows than most. A wine taster’s tongue can distinguish flavor profiles others cant. Similarly, everyone has a unique hearing profile. You hear some frequencies better than others, there are some frequencies your ear doesn’t pick up well (and that affects what music you like too), and all personal audio devices should be able to account for that, to provide a listening experience tailored to your ear’s abilities.

That’s where the SnowOwl comes in. The tiny device comes with a lot of capabilities, one of them being, giving you, the wearer, the ability to balance and modify any audio input to your tastes. The wireless wearable straps to your wrist, or can be clipped onto your person. Connecting to your headphones, the SnowOwl lets you control audio playback from your phone, adjusting left-right ear balance and even frequencies, or even lets you listen to the world around you, courtesy an on-board microphone. Imagine trying to listen to a conversation with music or crowd-noise in the background, or to a presentation/meeting while there’s traffic noise. The SnowOwl lets you cut out frequencies that don’t matter, isolating the audio you need from the audio you don’t. A heaven-sent for loud concerts, the SnowOwl also lets you limit the audio coming into your ear (working like earbuds where you can control what you want to listen to and how much of it you want to enter your ear), letting you cut the high decibels so you can listen to the music at a desired amplitude.

The wireless design of the SnowOwl has an additional advantage. It works with any earphone or headphone you have, and since it pairs with your phone through Bluetooth, has the ability to take your corded headphones and give them wireless abilities. Working alongside Clementine Audio’s smartphone app, the SnowOwl augments your hearing, allowing you to boost voices or music, tune out noise, or even regulate frequencies and outputs in harsh environments that would damage your hearing. Oh, and with its in-built directional microphone, it’s a rather neat spy tool too!

Designer: Samplified-Audio Clementine Wear








Celebrate Flashback Friday with This Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

Bring back the flash of the ’80s with TIVOO, the pixel art speaker that parties even harder than you do. This pint-sized Bluetooth speaker sounds great and features a great connection via Bluetooth 5.0, but it’s everything else it does that makes it really stand out.

The 16 x 16 LED screen plays pixel art that dances along with the music. You can use the off-the-shelf presets, or go ahead and create your own pixel art via the app to make every song distinctly your own. Beyond that, TIVOO is also an alarm and sleep aid.

It lets you design your own alarm with 14 profiles and customizable settings, so you don’t have to wake up to shrill beeps every morning. Plus, it’ll help you get to sleep faster by playing HQ alpha wave audio tracks and melatonin-inducing lighting when you’re done for the night.

Pick up a TIVOO Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker in the Technabob Shop today for just $79 – $20 off the regular price.

Protect Your AirPods with This Sweet Leather Case

You spent $160 on a pair of Apple AirPods… you might as well protect them, right? Why not do that in swanky style with this Leather AirPod Case? You may have thought you would have to succumb to the plain white Apple aesthetic with your AirPods but, boy, were you mistaken.

Made from vegetable-tanned European leather and hand-wrapped for a perfect fit around your AirPod charger, this handy little case will protect your buds from dirt, dust, and drops and it’ll look great doing it. Plus, it offers easy access to the Lightning charging port so you can power up without removing the case. These cases come in black, red, or brown and classic or pebble leather styling.

Pick up a Leather AirPod Case for just $17.99 in the Technabob Shop today.

The Airsnap gives your boring AirPods case a leather makeover


The Airpods case, as remarkable as it is on the tech front, does look like a box of dental floss… so Twelve South’s Airsnap case gives it the treatment it deserves. Clad in leather with a style that’s chunky but lovely, the Airsnap has a snap-button that securely locks the case, and a carabiner clip too, letting you confidently strap the Airpods case to your bag rather than stashing it within, or in your pocket.

Available in veggie-tan brown, black, and teal, the Airsnap case comes complete with a small cutout for charging your Airpods too. Convenient, classy, and definitely a touch above the current floss-box design.

Designer: Twelve South

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The Cavalier Maverick is Amazon Echo’s hipster cousin


In a market filled with tech companies building smart speakers to leverage the increase in voice-input to their favor, Cavalier’s Maverick stands out as a speaker designed for performance first, and for smart-features later. Built by a team of designers, engineers, and overall music aficionados, the Maverick stays true to its name by being one. Stepping away from the usual plastic and metal construction, the Maverick uses cutom-knit fabrics, distressed leather, and genuine wood too, to give you a speaker that conforms yet doesn’t. The speaker comes with Alexa built into it, making it like every smart speaker, but visually, and performance-wise, a class apart.

The Maverick comes with a 20W performance featuring two active drivers and dual passive radiators that fill the entire room with a sound that most smart-speakers can only dream of. Made with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, the speaker is fully portable, boasting of 9 hours of play time, and even comes with a charging dock of its own, complete with a leather finish. Built with Amazon Alexa and far-field voice activation, the Maverick lets you control it the way you’d control your smart-speaker, using voice input, accessing all the services Amazon’s Alexa gives you access to. For the analog-lovers, the Maverick comes with a control panel on it too. As far as playback is concerned, the Maverick comes with Cavalier’s partner app, allowing you to connect multiple Maverick speakers to one another and create a sound-stage around your house.

Fitting in the small intersection of the Venn diagram between true music lovers and tech lovers, the Maverick delivers on all fronts, with its incredible sound profile, voice assistant, and that difficult-to-ignore retro-premium aesthetic!

Designer: Cavalier Audio

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CAV1LT Product Details

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The Over and Under Speaker


Whoever said wireless audio had to “sit” hasn’t seen the Aloft speaker by designer Hyeonil Jeong. The alternative design explores an entirely new way to save valuable counter or desk space.

It’s A-shaped form and easy-to-install, built-in hanging bracket makes it possible to tuck it under a shelf or ledge. Being wedged underneath one of these items also helps the sound to be reflected and channeled in whichever direction you orient the device. Of course, if you opt for leaving it on your desk or other flat surfaces, it’ll be right at home there too!

Designer: Hyeonil Jeong