B&O adds Google Assistant to its pricey H9 headphones

High-end electronics manufacturer Bang and Olufsen is back with a set of headphones that are made for the power listener. The latest version of the company's flagship Beoplay H9 headphones promise a whopping 25 hours of wireless playtime from its bui...

Bang & Olufsen made a TV with dancing speakers because why not…

Bang & Olufsen’s design team sure knows how to defy all odds. This is the Beovision Harmony… a TV that “folds away to reduce its visual presence”. Yes, the TV literally shyly covers its face with its hands. With a display and two rotating speaker units, the Beovision Harmony, when closed, hides the switched-off display behind its speakers. Switch the TV on and the speakers fold outwards and downwards as the display emerges from its cocoon of sorts.

Displayed at the Milan Design Week, the Beovision Harmony comprises a pretty impressive 77-inch OLED display from LG, with Bang & Olufsen’s signature audio touch added to the mix. Crafted from oak and aluminum, the speaker unit has three-channel audio, 7.1 surround-sound compatibility, and the ability to work with up to 8 more speakers to give you a cinematic experience when you want it, and a shy, introverted, hiding television when you’re done.

Designer: Bang & Olufsen

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony is a TV with dancing speakers.

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony is a TV with dancing speakers.

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony is a TV with dancing speakers.

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony is a TV with dancing speakers.

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony is a TV with dancing speakers.

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony is a TV with dancing speakers.

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony is a TV with dancing speakers.

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony is a TV with dancing speakers.

YD JOB ALERT: Bang & Olufsen is looking for a CMF Designer


Bang & Olufsen was founded by Peter Bang and Sven Olufsen in 1925, starting with manufacturing radios and growing to become one of the world’s best producers of high-end audio equipment with a design style that’s sculptural, and that puts form on a pedestal, without sacrificing function. B&O has a distinctive design appeal that Wired described as “quality media delivery via striking objects”. The company is looking for a seasoned CMF designer to join their team in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Do you have 3+ years of experience working with color, materials and finish, and would you like to use this experience in the design of Bang & Olufsen’s luxury lifestyle audio products? And are you looking for an opportunity to:
– Improve your CMF design skills and apply them to Bang & Olufsen products?
– Join one of the best-known luxury brands in the world?
– Gain an international network of competent and collaborative colleagues?

Join the Design team
As our new CMF designer, you will join the Design team in Lyngby, Denmark, consisting of 6 design managers with different competencies. Together with colleagues based in Lyngby, Struer and Singapore, we participate in cross-functional projects, contributing with our product design expertise. Doing so, we work as one team to share knowledge, run design reviews and provide feedback on a weekly basis. And now, we are looking to expand our CMF team with a designer.

Implement world-class CMF across Bang & Olufsen’s luxury products
As our new CMF designer, you will work closely with our CMF manager to implement colour, materials and textures across speakers, headphones and earphones. Working with inline products, special editions as well as fashion and interior collections, you will ensure that our products live up to our CMF strategy.


– Design and visualize versions of existing products by applying color, texture and materials
– Create CMF briefs and specifications based on CMF strategies, brand language and manager input
– Work closely with manufacturing teams to ensure they understand specifications and deliver quality execution
– Engage with external partners such as agencies, suppliers and artists, e.g. international musicians and athletes, for our fashion and – interior collections, ensuring compliance with our CMF strategy
– Play a major role in managing our overall color activities across inline products, collections and special editions
– You can expect approx. 20 travel days a year to review color samples at supplier factories in China.


– You have 3+ years of experience from a CMF position within fashion, lifestyle, design or consumer electronics
– You can tell a compelling CMF story
– You have knowledge of all phases of the CMF design process – from palette development through manufacturing and sample approvals
– You are fluent in spoken and written English
– You thrive in a fast-paced environment
– You master Photoshop and Keyshot, and experience with Grasshopper is a plus
– As a person, you have excellent collaboration skills, and you know how to reach results through teamwork. It comes naturally to you to coordinate your own tasks and drive many projects at a time.


For additional information about the position, please contact Head of Design Michael König on +45-42414261.
Applications are continuously assessed, so please send your application as soon as possible.


Copenhagen, Denmark


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Bang and Olufsen’s new speaker is literally a massive volume knob


I’m usually of the opinion that controls on a luxury product are by far the most difficult thing to design. Imagine making a $2000 hi-fi stereo system, and your volume knob juts out of the speaker, looking positively ghastly… or the on/off switch doesn’t go with the overall design. Control panels are usually the functional aspect of products like consumer electronics, and just like the rest of the product, they need to be aesthetic too. That’s where the challenge usually lies, but designer Michael Anastassiades seems to have found a way to defeat the problem. The Beosound Edge is a circular speaker, but it’s also a control panel in itself, because the circular speaker is literally the volume knob.

Unveiled at the IFA in Berlin this week, the Beosound Edge looks positively like any Bang and Olufsen speaker, with its simplified form, and use of appropriate materials… except for one detail. The circular speaker literally rotates, acting as a volume knob. Designed to be sat on the floor or mounted on a wall, the Edge comes with a small, virtually invisible base which stays constant while the speaker itself rotates, increasing or decreasing the amplitude of the music as a result. With a brushed metal rim and a black fabric front, the speaker even goes far as resembling a control knob. The speaker doesn’t rotate a complete 360°, but rather works like a pitch-bend wheel on a keyboard. Rotating a couple of degrees, before resuming its original position… and while I’d have loved to see a speaker that did a full 360° turn, the fact that the Beosound Edge pays this much attention to a small yet significant detail, possibly glorifying to the greatest extent, is just amazing!

Designer: Michael Anastassiades for Bang and Olufsen






The clever use of Symbolism in Design


Even with the Beoplay H2’s somber design aesthetic, there’s still an invisible energy to it. If you haven’t noticed, it’s because of the clever way they managed to put in an exclamation mark into the design of the headphone itself! Do you see it now??

The design makes it look that the wearer has an exclamation hovering near/above their head in a way that makes it look like the wearer is surprised by how good the music/sound quality is. It’s a neat trick industrial designers, graphic designers, and packaging designers rely on to promote a certain image along with the product while bringing a smile to the users or the viewers. Remember the delightful packaging for the Panasonic Note earphones from back in 2010??

Designer: Bang & Olufsen

BUY IT NOW: $218.17




Beoplay’s iMac inspired speaker!


Bang and Olufsen are known to make some quirky looking hi-end speakers, but the Beoplay M6 isn’t one of them. On the contrary, it was built to integrate into households rather than stand out. The cylindrical (Apple’s iMac, anyone?) speaker packs some punch and can be used as a single unit, or with the BeoLink Multiroom functionality to pair itself with other M6 speakers around the house.

What the M6 does differently in form, it makes up for by sticking to a premium color palette that’s familiar to B&O’s visual language. Usage of matte plastic and matte metal with a stylishly woven fabric gives the speaker a more hand-made rather than an industrial, machine-assembled touch. My personal favorite is the design detail on the top of the speakers. At the center sits the B&O logo, with a ripple design spreading outwards, not only creating wonderful reflections and a great tactile feel, it also depicts the outward flow of audio waves from a central Bang and Olufsen logo. Beautiful in its symbolism!

Designer: Yomoto Mirou













The Awesome Imaginary Bang&Olufsen Catalog

Sten Speaker Unit A

What’s better than a hi-fi speaker? Loads of them! The students at Aalto University put together form explorations for Bang and Olufsen’s audio division. The great part is that each speaker looks incredibly different, having no connection with one another, but they still look like Bang and Olufsen speakers. I guess it’s all in the anti-speaker form language, and the choice of material, primarily wood, metal, and fabric. Which one’s your favorite??

Designers: ​Masters Candidate of Collaborative and Industrial Design – Aalto University

Sten Speaker Unit C

BeoSound Cuisine A

BeoSound Cuisine C

BeoSound 50 A

BeoSound 50 C

Model n°0 A

Model n°0 B

Reflect A

Reflect C


Belong A

Belong C

BeoLab S A

BeoLab S C

Aerodynamic Audio!


This Beosound Wireless Speaker concept looks like it’s waiting to be cast in a SciFi movie, but no, it isn’t a UFO. It’s a pretty neat hi-end audio speaker with a cut-out in the center that spews beautifully delicious tunes in a 360° radius. The Insides show a massive all-in-one driver with a great deal of circuitry, hinting at its digital audio prowess. The outsides, however make the speaker look like it’s speeding faster than the speed of sound!

Designer: Myeonghoon Lee