Scandinavian Sensibility Meets Asian Simplicity


A collaboration between Stockholm-based Note Design Studio and Korean brand Lagom Bath, this collection of bathroom object is a nod to the Scandinavian and Asian cultures’ mutual appreciation for design purity and simplicity. The minimalistic series includes bathroom cabinets, toilet roll holders, towel hooks, and lighting. Users will find a material mixture consisting of glass, metal, ceramics, natural ash, and plastic composite – each as aesthetically appealing as they are functionally water-resistant and tactile. Frill-free and simple, the collection acts as a sort of canvas you can paint with cozy towels, elegant grooming products and other artistic accessories.

Designer: Note Design Studio for Lagom






A Truly Practical Hairdryer!


For many, the hairdryer is a device which is used daily, so putting something that is used so often after every use is a bit of a hassle and it’s not as if the awkward shape of a hairdryer is always easy to fit into a draw!

Junbyung Choi identified this issue and set out to design a far more practical hairdryer, and the solution came in the form of Objet. With a design that’s inspired by crossroads extending from one stem to two branches, it is clear from first glance that it is far from a conventional hair dryer. Rather than being stored in the draw when it is not in use or cluttering up the room if it is left out, it neatly mounts onto the wall.

The wide range of neutral colors that are offered paired with the simplistic and fuss-free design makes Objet a perfect fit for any room, with any style of interior décor.

Designer: Junbyung Choi







A Draw-friendly Hairdryer!


Hairdryers are one of the most awkward devices to store; their unusual shape and long cable doesn’t make them ‘draw-friendly’ products. But because of this they are left out, making the room look messy and unorganized.

The, rather appropriately named, Square Circle Square hairdryer’s primary goal is to be easy and hassle-free to store, and this is achieved thanks to a few neat features! The uniquely shaped body that consists of, you guessed it, a square a circle and another square, allows the fabric-coated cable to be wrapped around and then held in place. This combats the annoying issue that conventional hairdryers suffer with, which is the cable sliding off and becoming a tangled, frustration-causing mess.

The hairdryer’s handle rotates 90 degrees to become parallel with the minimalistic body, creating a far more draw-friendly shape!

Designer: Seungyeol Lee











These Urinals Play Video Ads While You Pee

I thought that the urinal was the only safe place left to get away from ads being played, but nope. And once you start peeing you are a captive audience as long as that stream is going with these new video urinals from Dutch toilet company Mr.Friendly. Brilliant idea, marketing guys.

This high-tech urinal actually has several nice features like a waterless/flushless function and an anti-bacterial surface, but the big new upgrade is the built-in display with an automatic sensor that’ll play advertisements while you pee.

I know that online they use ads based on your browsing and buying habits, so I can only guess that this thing chooses the ads based on peeing technique? I hope it doesn’t have any other sensors that give it info about your junk because it could be pretty embarrassing if several guys are peeing and watching ads, and one guy gets the erectile dysfunction ad.

Also, we probably shouldn’t be distracted in the bathroom unless you want pee everywhere. Let’s just focus on the task at hand and leave the urinal an ad-free zone, guys. And how many people are going to be pissed off at the ads so that they piss on them for real? People are nasty after all. This is a bad idea.

[via Neatorama]

Non-electric waterpik!

The Pocket Flosser is the perfect addition to the Be. toothbrush, giving you the best electric oral care experience without electricity or batteries. Using ingenuity, and principles of physics, the Pocket Flosser is a waterpik that can clean your teeth effectively using water or even your mouthwash. Relying on an internal pump that lets you build high pressure, the Pocket Floss can shoot out a jet-stream of water, cleaning the areas between your teeth just like a floss would, but without the pain and the bleeding that can sometimes accompany flossing.

Just pour water into the Pocket Flosser (or a mouthwash of your choice) and pump air into the flosser, building the pressure inside. When you do, out comes the water in a jet that can dislodge pieces of food stuck between your teeth. The Pocket Flosser holds enough water to last one session.

Designed to be pocket-friendly, and most importantly wireless, the Pocket Flosser can even be taken on travels, allowing you to keep your pearly whites pearly no matter where you are. All you need is water!

Designer: Carlo Ricafort

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Blowouts and Beyond!


When I was a kid, my sister was a teenager and our parents would make us share a suitcase any time we would travel. I would get SO angry because she would inevitably pack all her clothes PLUS a hair dryer PLUS a curling iron. There’s was little to no room left for me (and, of course, she was a bully who always got her way). I digress. If only we’d had the DRYON!

This hybrid design marries both functions into one minimalistic and super sleek unit that looks more like a modern art than a bathroom appliance! The curling iron is housed in the center of the square shape and doubles as the power supply for the blowdryer. When you want to curl, simply slide it out to activate the heating mechanism. It’s perfect for traveling (and your angsty teen sister when you go on vacation)!

Designers: Wanki Kim, Suhyeon Ki, Jo Ara, Nahyeon Park, Jihyeon Park, Seunghee Seo












A mystifying mist-ifying shower head!


Do you remember the old-timey Windows screensaver called 3D pipes? Imagine turning that incredibly hypnotic graphic into an actual product. That’s the 3D Shower by Duratex for you. This rather “different” looking shower head uses asymmetrically arranged geometric wefts to create a shower head that’s functional, but unique to look at. Designed to look like nothing you’ve ever seen before, the shower head has a modern avatar and tends to leave one curiously observing and plotting the flow of water from its curvy, pipe-esque design. Nothing about the 3D Shower is traditional. Not even its manufacturing technique. Made using 3D printing, the shower head uses thermoplastic resin, giving its quirky shape a different color, material, and finish. All in all, a very memorable product!

The 3D Shower is a winner of the iF Gold Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Duratex



Toy Toothbrushes for Tots


You’re never too young to start forming good habits and that’s especially true when it comes to dental health and hygiene. This clever collection of brushes by Studio HSNDGR aims to provide a fun, aesthetically friendly way to teach kids how to take care of their teeth!

Each brush in the set of three has a unique, toy-like shape complimented by vibrant colors that little ones will love. Clad in flexible, soft rubber, they’re also durable and have a tactile grip that won’t slip out of tiny hands. A sonic vibrating feature and integrated LED light are activated with the simple push of a button. Designed to be a subscription service, new brush heads will arrive at your door automatically to ensure you’re getting the most effective clean.

Designer: Studio HNSDGR




Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, this is the Most Bada$$ One of All


Admittedly, when I first saw this, I thought, a beauty mirror with a speaker – that’s kind of interesting. Turns out, it’s so much more than that! This futuristic design is actually equipped with an array of sensors that detect your face’s unique skin condition and then dispenses the appropriate eye cream, moisturizer, toner, sunscreen or other topical solution you need to maintain healthy skin! Better yet, the smart design connects wirelessly to the internet to stay abreast of the weather and time of day and makes calculations accordingly to ensure you’re protected whether it’s sunny, dry or humid outside. Of course, it will also play your favorite tunes too. GENIUS!

Designers: Hongseok Seo, Minkwan Seo & Jo-Young Choo
















Take the Guesswork Out of Saving Water


It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re enjoying a hot shower but that also means precious water goes down the drain, literally and figuratively. The Drop water tap takes the guesswork out of saving water. To help you stay aware of your time in the shower and your own personal consumption by using a representation of time that’s familiar to most people: sand!

Simply turn the hourglass on the device and set your desired temperature. While it won’t shut the water off on you, it does provide a visual reminder to help heighten awareness. Drop also syncs wirelessly with an app on your phone that displays your overall consumption with easy-to-understand graphics and recommendations for improving your water usage.

Designer: Pascal Grangier