A Handy Product for Busy Travellers!


On short breaks away and over-night business trips, the combination of restricted room in the suitcase and low-cost accommodation can leave you without access to two very important items… a hair dryer and an iron. For business meetings, we all like to have both ourselves and our clothes looking presentable, but with clothes spending hours folded and our hair having no method of drying… this can be a challenge. And that’s where the Ironing Hair Dryer comes in.

It is exactly what its name would suggest! Primarily it’s a conventional hair dryer with an intuitive method of folding to allow it to fit in the suitcase, almost unnoticeably. However, located on the base of the handle is a water reservoir, that utilisers the hot air to allow it to become steam. When the attachment is positioned on the nozzle, the product is transformed into a clothes iron! This is certainly a valuable product for people who like to look good whilst traveling!

Designer: Ming Liu











A Little Better Laundry Basket


The JUSTlook laundry basket goes beyond the simple task of keeping your dirty clothes confined. It also features a scale that makes it easy to determine just how much detergent you need for each unique load. As handsome as it is handy, the wood scale section also doubles as a stool or side table when it’s not being used to measure the weight of the basket. Of course, nobody wants to keep dirty clothes by their bedsides… but it’s easy enough to make a pit stop on your way to the laundry room!

Designer: AB Rh+ YANG










This Action Figure Transforms from Samurai Warrior to a Toilet and Back

If there’s one thing we can rely on Japan to provide us geeks with, it’s some very strange stuff. Take, for example, this action figure that transforms from a masked samurai warrior into a toilet. Yep. That’s what I said, there’s a Toilet Warrior action figure.

Of course the madness of Toywolf’s W-01 “Dirty Man” figure doesn’t just end there, no siree! This figure doesn’t just come with the typical action figure accessories like swords, but it comes with a roll of toilet paper, a plunger, and a pile of poo too! The latter is designed to fit perfectly under the squatting butt of the figure when in its warrior guise… or inside the bowl, when he’s feeling like a bathroom break.

The transformable figure also offers up the perfect spot for your other action figures to take a dump, and yes, we just got the answer to the question that nobody was looking for an answer to – superheroes poop too.

The bizarre figure stands about 4.75″ tall and should sell for about $70 when it starts to ship this December. You can find it for pre-order from a variety of importers, or over on eBay for about twice that price.

[via Toy People]

Manmower: The wacky, innovative stubble shaver inspired by the lawnmower!


The Manmower is one of those absolutely ludicrous products that’s also sheer genius. Conceptually, it’s a lawnmower for your jawline. An internal blade slices away at your facial hair, leaving just a casual, badass stubble behind, just like the lawnmower slices the grass in your lawn to a short, uniform length. The Manmower needs no electricity, no shaving cream, no water, and no prep. Just pull it out of your pocket and roll it across your jawline (you could practically do this in public too) and the Manmower cuts away at your beard, giving you a uniform stubble in no time. You don’t need water, cream, gel, or any sort of extra paraphernalia. Just the Manmower, an unkempt beard, and some free time!

The Manmower is entirely crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel and comes with an outer casing and an internal blade that trap and shear facial hair (you can use it on your head too, for a nice, manual buzz cut). Just like a lawnmower simply works on the grass without touching the soil, the Manmower trims only the hair without touching the skin underneath. The entire product is designed to work without any cream or gel, and can be simply rinsed under running water when done shaving. A simple 5 minute ritual not only trims your beard, it also massages your skin, and gives you a fidget-toy-esque activity to keep your hands occupied. Strap it on your keychain and carry it around with you as EDC, or slip it into your toiletries bag to carry on travels and trips. The Manmower will be the craziest, most unusual self-grooming tool you’ll ever own!

Designer: Timothy Mount

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A Most Modest Dehumidifier


Even if you live in the driest of deserts, your bathroom can become a place for bacteria and mold to flourish if you don’t have the right ventilation. For anyone who lives in areas that have year-round humidity, this is even more true. Designed with this in mind, ‘Yo’ is a dehumidifier that doubles as a towel rack to keep mildew and bacteria growth at bay.

The design can be mounted to any wall where power can be provided. A filtration device and suction system collect moisture from the air and as it evaporates from any freshly used hanging towels. When it’s not in use, a stainless steel bar ensures the surface is sanitary at all times. Better yet, its modest aesthetic will easily blend into your bathroom style.

Designer: Erik Park





Create A Canvas of Flawless Skin with a Little Cotton


Throw out your loofa! Amiro is here to do the dirty work. This bathroom pouf might look soft and delicate, but it’s been designed to bust out dirt and unclog pores (gently, of course).

Its textured outer layer features double-injected silicon technology that feels as soft as a baby’s bottom but is specially designed to exfoliate and cleanse on a micro level.

Better yet, to really dislodge environmental debris, it has a built-in sonic wave device with an intense spiral motor that creates precision vibrations to penetrate pores. Just add in your favorite cleanser or soap and give it a squeeze to get going!

Designer: Messizon Li, Zhilong Cheng, 董 杰, 刘 杰奏















Leave it to Le Projet to Prettify Your Bathroom


The latest in Le Projet’s lineup of refined architectural finishes, the Monolit basin series brings geometric style to the modern bathroom. The three-part collection consists of a shower pan, sink, and double sink that take inspiration from various elements in our urban environments. With their dynamic shapes and clean Meridian Solid Surface material, each of the units masks the underlying drain system, ending in a signature “Y” silhouette that provides an enhanced visual experience.

Designer: Alex Vitet of Le Projet










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Gillette lets you 3D print custom razor handles for a more personal experience

You could say that Gillette’s practically perfected the shaving experience, with its state-of-the-art blades, housings, mechanisms, and lubrications, a Gillette razor is a sheer feat of engineering, designed to provide a near-perfect grooming experience. Gillette now wants to conquer the next frontier… personalizing this grooming experience.

Partnering with Formlabs, Gillette introduces the Razor Maker, a tool to personalize your razor with a bespoke handle that’s chosen by you, and specially SLA 3D-Printed for you. You can choose from as many as 48 different form-based designs, even decorating them with images for a razor that’s unique to you. The handle designs come compatible with Gillette’s MACH3 or Fusion5 ProGlide razors, and the final product, once designed by you, ships to your doorstep! I call dibbs on the water-swirl one, although I know it probably isn’t going to be particularly ergonomic to grip.

Designers: Gillette & Formlabs.








A Hairdryer That’s Inspired by Bamboo


In the past here at YD, we have covered designer’s multiple solutions to the ever-frustrating issue that is storing hairdryers! Their bulky shape leads them to being averse to neatly fitting in draws, therefore they are left haphazardly on the side, cluttering the room and interrupting a clean aesthetic. But fear no more, there is now another solution!

Inspired by the naturally-simple form of a Bamboo shoot, the thin, cylindrical body is far different than that found on a conventional hair dryer. A twisting action transforms the cylinder into a form that is instantly distinguishable as a hairdryer. The device is then transformed back into a cylinder when not in use! Its narrow profile makes it a draw-friendly product, while its visually interesting design leads to it being a product that is almost asking to be displayed… what you do with it is up for you to decide!

Designer: Bo Gyeon Kim






Gillette’s Heated Razor is literally ‘the best a man can get’

Shaving at home isn’t always as comfortable as getting shaved at the barbers. You’re either crouched over your sink, or in your shower, running a blade amateurishly across your skin, cutting yourself and cursing your stars as your skin smarts under the influence of aftershave. Go to the barber and it’s a different experience. The barber wipes your chin with a warm cloth, before running the razor expertly across your jaw, periodically dipping it in warm water too, so that the blade is nice and toasty as it glides across your skin. The aftershave doesn’t sting as much either, because of the expert hand… however, there’s a trade secret to this experience. Heat.

As the heated towel rests against your skin, and the warm razor shaves your beard, the heat enhances the quality of your shave. It soothes and relaxes your skin, and even helps the blade glide through the stubble effortlessly. In keeping with Gillette’s tagline of offering man with quite literally the best, the Heated Razor mimics the barber experience. The razor comes with a state-of-the-art heating system built into it, and a strip right under the blades heats up to a comfortable temperature, warming your skin up before the blades glide above it. Pair this with Gillette’s world-class blades and you’ve got a shaving experience that doesn’t give you a remarkably close shave, but gives you a sensational, soothing shaving experience.

Gillette’s Heated Razor comes with a remarkable build. The handle has a great, ergonomic grip, and comes made from aluminum zinc, with a control button that lets you toggle the heating-strip as well as decide between two temperature settings that are indicated using a light-strip on the razor’s hand;e. Built with a lithium-ion battery inside, the razor comes with its own slick-looking dock that doubles as a Qi-enabled wireless charger that should keep your razor permanently juiced anytime you’re ready for a shave. The Heated Razor is built to be waterproof, so you can use it in your shower too for a shave that feels superiorly comfortable, and leaves you running your fingers across your smooth, warm jawline.

Designer: GilletteLabs