Kohler Mode makes showering more intuitive and relaxing

Have you ever been in a situation where you have turned on the cold water instead of the hot water, for your shower? It typically happens to me at hotels or when I go stay with my parents. Modern bathrooms can come with super-complicated fittings, because manufacturers want to pack in as many features as possible. I remember there was a time when jet-showers were a rage, so along with the main shower, came the super jets on the two side panels. They promised to give you a spa massage experience, and a total nightmare to navigate!

Today, we are back to appreciating the simplicity and a project like the Kohler Mode makes showering more intuitive and relaxing. A stylish push button teamed rotary dial with LED indicators make it easy for you to navigate between bath and shower, hand and overhead shower, hot and cold water. Would love to give this a try!

Designer: Sunghoon Park

Hang On! This Hairdryer Is Great!


Traditional hairdryers often carry a form where the handle seamlessly molds into the body, but, does this always have to be the case? Hyunseok Kang thought not, as he set out to challenge the familiar form! The solution came in the form of Just Hang On, a hairdryer that carries a design which centers around the exposed cable.

The cable, that appears to travel uninterrupted through the handle of the hairdryer, not only connects the two bodies together, but also acts as a hook, allowing the device to be suspended and conveniently stored. The great attention to detail is present throughout the entirety of this product, from the translucent nozzle that conceals the heating elements within, through to the simplistic branding that completes the design. Who would have thought such a simple design change could elevate a product’s visuals so much?!

Designer: Hyunseok Kang








A Personal Waterfall To Clean Your Hands


Doing away with faucets that are home to a million microbes in public restrooms, the Flat Tap is a wall panel fitted with inbuilt infrared sensors that activate a waterfall-esque stream to clean your hands. Designed to be a communal sink and allows more users to use the sink at the same time in a crowded restroom, instead of depending on the limited faucets. The entire wall panel is fitted with small outlets that stream out water, wherever you stand. The basin is also designed with a slope so that water drains out quickly.

Designers: Ikegaya Yuko & Osawa Kaori




A Faucet Your Face Will Appreciate


Whether or not it will be a hit, I always get excited seeing something entirely new! And this idea by designers Seungho Choi and Yoona Lee is exactly that. At first glimpse (not necessarily to its benefit) it looks like a hybrid of an audio recorder and hair dryer. Upon further review, however, you’ll notice it expands on the the functionality of the everyday faucet.

The design operates much in the same way as a traditional bathroom faucet, only it also features a unique face-refreshing mechanism that anyone can appreciate. The perforated top can mist to hydrate the skin or steam the face to open up the pores depending on the user’s preference. Use it as a refresher when you wake up or make it a part of your nightly ritual before bed!

Designers: Seungho Choi & Yoona Lee
















A simple attachment turns your razor into a stubble-trimmer

People who want a clean shave need use a razor. People who want a stubble need to use an electric trimmer. Between those 1.5 millimeters of hair, you transition from a relatively inexpensive, handy product that does one job and does it well, to a clunky, battery-powered, electric trimming device that needs charging, and doesn’t come cheap. An electric trimmer doesn’t give you a clean shave, and a hand razor doesn’t let you maintain a stubble. Sounds incredibly counter-productive, right?

The idea behind the Stubl razor is so simple, it’s baffling that it isn’t mainstream yet. The disposable razor comes with an extra plastic stubble-shaver attachment. Use the razor without the attachment for a clean shave, or pop the attachment on and get yourself a neat, uniform stubble in minutes using the same tool, instead of gravitating towards an electric product that comes with wires, chargers, batteries, and a price tag. Since the attachment prevents the razor from coming in contact with your skin, you don’t need creams or foams or gels of any kind. Just run the razor along your jawline a few times to get the perfect 5 o’clock shadow. The Stubl packs four disposable blades and three stubble attachments that give you varying stubble-lengths. Take that, multi-billion-dollar male grooming industry!

Designer: Blake Squires







Bathrooms Equipped with Brass Instruments Instead of Sinks and Urinals

If you have a flair for the musical and want to redo your bathroom, you might want to do what this guy did. This is Redditor marc_urzz’s step-uncle’s bathroom. The highlight of the space is the tuba he repurposed as the sink.

If you think this is unique, here’s a shot of three tenor horns that were converted into urinals by someone else. It’s too bad these aren’t all in the same bathroom. I personally want to take a dump in a trumpet, but so far my lack of bathroom instruments have not made this possible. When you have a brass band bathroom, taking a poop is like smooth jazz and you’ll feel like Pewey Armstrong… or Deuce Ellington. Okay, I’ll stop.

If you know someone who has a bathroom like this, never put an instrument to your lips when offered one. You don’t know where it’s been. Well, in this case, you have a pretty good idea I guess.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

A Handy Product for Busy Travellers!


On short breaks away and over-night business trips, the combination of restricted room in the suitcase and low-cost accommodation can leave you without access to two very important items… a hair dryer and an iron. For business meetings, we all like to have both ourselves and our clothes looking presentable, but with clothes spending hours folded and our hair having no method of drying… this can be a challenge. And that’s where the Ironing Hair Dryer comes in.

It is exactly what its name would suggest! Primarily it’s a conventional hair dryer with an intuitive method of folding to allow it to fit in the suitcase, almost unnoticeably. However, located on the base of the handle is a water reservoir, that utilisers the hot air to allow it to become steam. When the attachment is positioned on the nozzle, the product is transformed into a clothes iron! This is certainly a valuable product for people who like to look good whilst traveling!

Designer: Ming Liu











A Little Better Laundry Basket


The JUSTlook laundry basket goes beyond the simple task of keeping your dirty clothes confined. It also features a scale that makes it easy to determine just how much detergent you need for each unique load. As handsome as it is handy, the wood scale section also doubles as a stool or side table when it’s not being used to measure the weight of the basket. Of course, nobody wants to keep dirty clothes by their bedsides… but it’s easy enough to make a pit stop on your way to the laundry room!

Designer: AB Rh+ YANG