Tackling the plastic waste epidemic, one reusable glass laundry bottle at a time!

The devastating rate at which we dispose of plastics is of growing concern and it’s the products we use on a daily basis that have a significant impact on the volume of waste; in the U.S. alone, consumers dispose of 900 million detergent bottle every year! Grove has been designed to encourage us to take a step in the direction of what may feel like the daunting and seemingly unachievable, plastic-free life.

This rather beautiful vessel replaces the disposable container that we are used to, whilst simultaneously introducing an element of considered design into our homes. Its designer recognized that if a more expensive, reusable container was to be successful, then it would require a connection with the user on a more emotional level. This led to Grove carrying a sustainable narrative which is wonderfully told through a product that offers an elevated user experience; a unique dosing mechanism and simple lid closure can be found towards the top of the bottle, which installs a sense of confidence in the user, whilst the glass body that’s been paired with the silicone base creates a product that we certainly wouldn’t want to hide in a cupboard!

Designer: ALQUEMY

An eco-friendly brush that calculates the plastic you have saved from the trash

Toothbrushes are infamously difficult to recycle; their plastic bodies paired with the silicone over molds make the materials a challenge to separate, resulting in them spending the remainder of their lives on landfill sights… not great for a device that we only use for 4 minutes a day! Whilst regularly replacing our toothbrush is necessary, the handle can withstand a much longer lifespan than the heads.

This beautiful design is 2°C, a toothbrush that reduces the overall plastic waste by a staggering 87%! This has been achieved through the implementation of a high-quality reusable body that accommodates the disposable brush heads. Requiring just the heads to be replaced every six months. Its intriguing design doesn’t end at sustainability, packed into the magnetic base is a technology that quietly tracks your brushing stats, whilst simultaneously keeping track of the age of the brush head! This information is communicated to the user through the mobile app, allowing for unobtrusive tracking of the device!

Designer: Andrea Mangone

“When not in use the toothbrush snaps magnetically to a smart base for a minimum footprint on the bathroom counter. The smart base is able to track brushing time and frequency, as well as estimating when the brush heads should be replaced for an optimal brushing effectiveness. Moreover the system is able to provide an additional estimate of how much plastic is being saved from trash,” Mangone explains to YD.

A 2-in-1 pillow that lets you sleep on your bed or at your desk!

No pillow has looked at the act of sleeping or napping as holistically as the Dullo. This nifty two-sided, custom-shaped pillow comes with a great deal of attention paid to all sorts of sleep, whether it’s on your back, your side, on a sofa, or even your workspace (that’s if your boss allows it). The Dullo is a perfect juxtaposition between a device with medical benefits, as well as a device that’s just great to use and own, because not only does the Dullo help you sleep healthier, it’ll make you look forward to sleeping!

Dullo comes with two separate pillow designs fastened to each other to form one single multi-purpose cushioned headrest. Analyzing different sleep patterns, either side of the Dullo is designed for a different sleep posture. A concave side gives your neck the perfect support to keep it and your spine in the correct posture when you sleep on your back, while a more uniform side with ridges allows you to sleep easily on your side. Depending on which posture you sleep in the most, the Dullo can easily be flipped to give you a comfortable night’s sleep. It even comes with a trapezoid design, allowing you to rotate the pillow to suit your comfort needs based on your ergonomics, your mattress type, or even your mood.

The Dullo comprises two individual halves that can be separated too. Splitting the Dullo in two gives you two thinner pillows that you can use either independently or hinged together to recline on a sofa or futon. Separating the Dullo in two also lets you adjust its height, giving you an additional bit of control over your comfort. The split-pillow design also gives Dullo an added use-case. You can slip your hands between two pillows and use the Dullo to sleep at your desk! Providing the perfect set-up for a power nap at the workplace, the Dullo’s split design cushions your head as well as your hands, allowing you to sleep while sitting at a table.

Dullo’s approach to perfect sleep extends to its construction too, with a breathable fabric exterior that keeps your head, neck, and arms cool and dry, and a short-thread microfiber stuffing on the inside that give the pillow the perfect combination of softness and shape-memory. The microfibers come with a coating of silicon too, making them moisture-repellent, and giving the Dullo the ability to be easily machine-washed every now and then, because hygiene also plays a major role in a healthy night’s sleep!

Designer: Dullo

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With the built-in grooves and head-cradling hole in its ergonomic design, Dullo Pillow will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Designed to gently cradle and support both your head and neck. The center crater helps to evenly distribute the weight throughout your head during any sleeping position throughout the night so that you can get a good night’s rest.

Dullo Pillow is snug against the body so that there is less burden on the head and neck to support the rest of the body as you sleep.

Dullo Pillow delivers the best sleeping posture known to help people who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, stress and back/neck pain while sleeping.

5 Main Differences Between Dullo & Other Pillows

1. Distribute Your Head Weight

Other pillows allow for too much movement throughout the night which ends up interfering with the quality of sleep. The center crater in Dullo Pillow gently supports your head from all angles so that you can maintain a comfortable position all throughout the night.

2. Neck Support Tube

Dullo Pillow contains two support tubes that work to prevent the microfiber filling from shifting too much while simultaneously providing cushioned support for the neck. The tubes have been designed to perfectly mold to your neck so that it maintains its natural C-curve shape so that you can sleep deeply throughout the night.

3. Designed for All Neck Lengths

Dullo Pillow has been designed to provide maximum comfort and quality sleep for different neck lengths. Dullo Pillow adjusts your body position so that the spine aligns horizontally with the head and neck.

4. Microfiber Filling

Silicone-coated microfibers are elastic and resilient, so pillows with this filling are not easily deformed. Dullo Pillow’s coated fiber filler absorbs micro shocks from your neck and shoulders and allows you to sleep comfortably. Unlike ordinary cotton, Dullo Pillow’s coated fiber filler is highly water-resistant and breathable which allows for humidity/temperature control for a good night’s sleep.

5. Air Ventilation

Through the crown side hole and gap between the two detachable sides, airflow goes through both sides and circulates around the head so that you can stay as cool as possible while you’re sleeping with Dullo pillow.

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Bathroom designs that you can escape to!

Bathrooms are the little alcoves where we can let our individuality flourish! Given their size and erratic shapes, collecting and organizing the same space is sure like trying to solve with a jig-saw puzzle. Be it minimal, oversized or your personal green zone, this curated selection of bathroom designs is here to inspire you to innovate, reimagine and redecorate that space.

Minimalist Bathrooms designed by Nichba Design

Love Affairs collection by Wow Design showcasing a transition in the tiling between two different natural materials

Artists Library in San Diego by Safdie Rabines Architects utilizes concrete tiles and fixtures

The Resplendent Bathroom designed by Mantis Design Build

Moonhori Residence / Indoor-outdoor Shower by A Round Architects

Minimalist Style Bathroom by Yodezeen Architects

The Bathroom at The Treetops Villa in Byron Bay

Cave Bathroom by Akhil Alukkaran

Harden of Perche Bathroom by Design Studio Irina Tsimbalist

Villa 118 by Denis Rakaev

A tree-branch inspired self-balancing hairdryer

A hairdryer’s aesthetic isn’t limited to the mundane form that we find on conventional hairdryers, leading to potential for more visually interesting and captivating forms to be explored. This is exactly what Branch displays, as it takes inspiration for its intriguing structure from nature!

Influenced by the distinctive shape of a tree branch, this hairdryer certainly carries a more unique form factor, that is both engaging and friendly. The asymmetric form brings an element of visual suspense to the product through a sense of imbalance. The device perches gracefully on the cradle, creating a strong sculpture-like structure that sits confidentially within the room. Free from fussy features that may clutter the minimal aesthetic, careful attention has instead been paid to Branch’s finishes and detailing to create a captivating hairdryer. This, paired with subtle color variants, leads to a product that sits beautifully within the domestic environment.

Designer: Seokmoon Woo

Super Mario Bros. World 2-2 Shower Curtain: Look Out for Cheep Cheeps

It’s shower time and you know what that means. That’s right. It’s time for World 2-2 the water level. This is the perfect shower curtain for any Super Mario Bros. fan. This shower curtain looks just like the classic video game level that you know and love.

You better lather up and wash fast though, because this level only gives you 400 seconds to complete it. That’s under 7 minutes. You’ll need to watch out for those Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers too. Those Bloopers were a big pain, but otherwise, the level was pretty easy.

The shower curtain is a ThinkGeek exclusive and a officially-licensed Super Mario Bros. merch. If you want a Super Mario themed bathroom, this is a good way to start. I wonder if they have Super Mario toilet paper to go with. You’ll have to let us know about that, and everything else you find once you have redecorated the room completely. Spare no expense. Don’t be Cheep Cheep about it.

Usetool’s minimal toothbrush holds a complete sterilization center!

The Usetool Toothbrush is a toothbrush holder that focuses on the sterilization of the device, whilst simultaneously enforcing the correct usage and storage of the tool that we use each and every day. The family of products consists of a toothbrush, a sterilizer and a holder, as well as charging dock that can cater to up to three devices. Each of these components carries an equally as beautiful design, where the rounded form is paired with monochromatic colors that evoke a sense of hygiene and cleanliness.

The toothbrush isn’t for exclusive use with the sterilizer; a magnetic mount can be placed on a neighboring wall and provides a location for your toothbrush to dry more effectively. Usetool Toothbrush isn’t just for use within the domestic setting, a translucent travel cover contains the family of products and ensures the brush stays in a hygienic condition.

Designers: Jiyoun Kim & Junyoung Jang for Usetool Company

Using the travel cover allows to keep hygienic brush condition.

It is more convenient to use a wireless charger that provides three charging spots when it is used as a family unit.

There is another way to use the toothbrush only without a sterilizer. Circle magnetic mount holds toothbrush for better drying condition.

A Wireless Hairdryer That’s Fit for Display!

Some household products appear aesthetically neglected in regard to their often out-dated design, and one of these offenders is the hairdryer. Not only are the bulky, unimaginative and undesirable devices a bit of an eye-sore, but they can also be extremely inconvenient when it comes to storing them. Reef offers a solution to these problems, by carrying a form that you won’t want to hide!

The form of Reef was dictated by the comfort of the user; the user-optimized grip led to a form that is almost symmetrical, allowing for a beautiful sense of balance. Gone is the annoying, restrictive cable that limits the user and makes storing the device difficult; the handheld device sits upon a base that houses wireless charging capability!

Reef’s considered design language is shared across both components of the product; gentle, flowing curves have been paired with subtle surface detailing, which are accompanied by flashes of gold that make it perfect for the domestic environment!

Designers: Seungeop Lim & Kim Hyunsoec

This Game Is Crap: Flushin’ Frenzy Toilet Plunging Game

Man, what the hell is wrong is people today? The poop games for kids phenomenon just keeps right on trucking with Flushin’ Frenzy. Seriously, what toy exec says, “Just let them play with poop!”? I mean, I guess I would say that, but still.

The objective of the game is simple. Just push the flush lever to roll the die and that will determine how many times you have to plunge the toilet. After that, you try to catch the anthropomorphic turd as it launches out the back of the tank. Yes, for real. This is a thing that is in the world. The player to catch the poop wins a token, or two tokens if they catch it in mid-air. Yep, so we are rewarding kids for touching poop with their bare hands. This game should have been called Fecal Frenzy.


No kidding. Don’t let your kid choke on a piece of poop with a smile on it. Don’t be that guy. Don’t let your kid play with this degenerate nonsense. The Flushin’ Frenzy game will cost you $13 on Amazon if you want your child to be the weird kid on the block.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

YD’s top 10 entries from the #renderweekly razor challenge

If you’re an industrial designer who hasn’t heard of Render Weekly, stop everything you’re doing and head down to their website to have a look at the community of designers and render-artists who come together week after week to showcase their talents in modeling and rendering. The idea is simple. Render Weekly suggests a product every week, and you have a week to upload your work on Instagram with the hashtag #renderweekly. The best designs get picked and showcased on Render Weekly’s Instagram account, and their modelers/renderers get immense designer street-cred.

The prompt for Week 45 was Razor. Pretty open ended if you ask me. Designers were required to design as well as model and render out their razor concepts and the results ranged from sleek and minimal, to chunky and masculine. Some designs even redefined the razor as we knew it. Among hundreds of entries, we picked our favorite ten based on their concept, choice of material, CMF, and lighting!

Credits: Render Weekly

Jake Lee’s Z-Razor is simple, beautiful, and looks like it would be an absolute pleasure to hold and use. The stainless steel body comes with its share of curves and a nice weighted design that looks like it would feel great to grip. The blade has an innovative docking mechanism too, and can be easily ejected with a simple click of a button.

Jonathan Welch’s razor is as simple as they get. Made entirely from metal, and with an incredibly slim body, Welch’s razor wouldn’t be as grippy as Jake’s Z-Razor, but it does look incredibly desirable, and even features a rotating razor-head that lets you maneuver the blade easily across your jaw.

This razor designed by Kevin Klöcker actually champions portability. It features a swiveling razor-head that rotates 90° to vertically align with the handle, allowing the razor to become as thin as a pencil, allowing it to slip easily into toiletry bags or your luggage compartments without occupying any space. When you need to shave, open the razor out into its ‘T’ shaped format and the razor clicks back in place, holding its shape until you press a button on the back to close the razor down to its slim ‘I’ shaped form.

Seoul-based Hyunsol Park decided to channel a leManoosh vibe with his use of form, close-up renders, and a design language that’s universally appealing. The razor also features a weighted flat base that allows it to stand vertically when not in use, and a rather interesting silicone neck that connects the razor to the handle, allowing the razor-head to flex ever so gently to follow the contours of your face as you shave.

Another champion of portability, the Pill razor by Jeffrey Lee is a completely different concept. Designed to be a vertically oriented electric trimmer, the Pill slides easily into pockets and backpacks, letting you carry it around just as easily as you would a pen. Pop its magnetic cap off and the Pill begins working. Hold the mesh against your stubble and the Pill trims your beard, giving you a neat, clean shave. Pop the cap on and voila, the Pill turns off! The area below the razor not only serves as a handle but also houses the AA battery that runs the razor.

Max Syme’s brass razor looks retro but also reliable. There’s a certain masculine comfort in the way Syme’s razor looks. Does it have something to do with its robust looking Y shape? I don’t know. The razor is made from solid brass, features a slightly distressed look for that macho touch, and comes with a knurled handle that’s great to hold onto as you run the razor across your jawline.

Dave Joseph’s razor features a Y frame too, but captures a completely different spirit. Warm, inviting, and friendly, Dave’s razor design features a plastic body that’s absolutely rendered to perfection. The material, its roughness, self-reflections, and color are simply spectacular. Modeled with TSplines in Fusion and rendered in Keyshot.

One of the few straight razors to get submitted in this challenge, Mehmet Ergul’s razor design features a hollow, hub-less rotating hinge, and a beautifully organic texture on the handle that stands out against the blade’s angular, geometric design. The hollow hinge forms a great concave rest for your thumb as you shave, and here’s a little secret. Ergul used a dope displacement map to render that handle texture!

Dustin Low’s razor stands out as one of the most detaild looking razors of the lot. Overcomplicated, but in a good way, Low’s razor design explores a lot of things. Form, proportion, material, textures, transparency, and their ultimate effect on aesthetics. Low’s even created a pretty awesome looking timelapse of the modeling process in Autodesk Fusion 360!

Last, but definitely not the least, Dennis Johann Mueller’s razor concept lets this round-up article end on a complete high. Compact, and definitely a product you’d want to try to use at least once, Mueller’s razor ditches the handle for a thimble. The razor literally mounts on your fingertip, allowing you to shave in a way that feels a little more natural because you’re running your fingertip down your jaw, rather than maneuvering a handle. I imagine this is how the Black Panther shaves too. Mueller calls his concept the RZR, which is such a perfect name because it’s just as compact and compressed as the concept design itself!