A mystifying mist-ifying shower head!


Do you remember the old-timey Windows screensaver called 3D pipes? Imagine turning that incredibly hypnotic graphic into an actual product. That’s the 3D Shower by Duratex for you. This rather “different” looking shower head uses asymmetrically arranged geometric wefts to create a shower head that’s functional, but unique to look at. Designed to look like nothing you’ve ever seen before, the shower head has a modern avatar and tends to leave one curiously observing and plotting the flow of water from its curvy, pipe-esque design. Nothing about the 3D Shower is traditional. Not even its manufacturing technique. Made using 3D printing, the shower head uses thermoplastic resin, giving its quirky shape a different color, material, and finish. All in all, a very memorable product!

The 3D Shower is a winner of the iF Gold Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Duratex



Toy Toothbrushes for Tots


You’re never too young to start forming good habits and that’s especially true when it comes to dental health and hygiene. This clever collection of brushes by Studio HSNDGR aims to provide a fun, aesthetically friendly way to teach kids how to take care of their teeth!

Each brush in the set of three has a unique, toy-like shape complimented by vibrant colors that little ones will love. Clad in flexible, soft rubber, they’re also durable and have a tactile grip that won’t slip out of tiny hands. A sonic vibrating feature and integrated LED light are activated with the simple push of a button. Designed to be a subscription service, new brush heads will arrive at your door automatically to ensure you’re getting the most effective clean.

Designer: Studio HNSDGR




Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, this is the Most Bada$$ One of All


Admittedly, when I first saw this, I thought, a beauty mirror with a speaker – that’s kind of interesting. Turns out, it’s so much more than that! This futuristic design is actually equipped with an array of sensors that detect your face’s unique skin condition and then dispenses the appropriate eye cream, moisturizer, toner, sunscreen or other topical solution you need to maintain healthy skin! Better yet, the smart design connects wirelessly to the internet to stay abreast of the weather and time of day and makes calculations accordingly to ensure you’re protected whether it’s sunny, dry or humid outside. Of course, it will also play your favorite tunes too. GENIUS!

Designers: Hongseok Seo, Minkwan Seo & Jo-Young Choo
















Take the Guesswork Out of Saving Water


It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re enjoying a hot shower but that also means precious water goes down the drain, literally and figuratively. The Drop water tap takes the guesswork out of saving water. To help you stay aware of your time in the shower and your own personal consumption by using a representation of time that’s familiar to most people: sand!

Simply turn the hourglass on the device and set your desired temperature. While it won’t shut the water off on you, it does provide a visual reminder to help heighten awareness. Drop also syncs wirelessly with an app on your phone that displays your overall consumption with easy-to-understand graphics and recommendations for improving your water usage.

Designer: Pascal Grangier







The Hip-to-be-Square Hair Dryer


Inspired by the world renowned street style brand Off-White, the HIFIVE hair dryer is a fashion-forward take on a common appliance. Users will find the same signature Off-White diagonal line pattern and an overall shape that’s more squarish and technical than traditionally round units.

It’s something entirely new, however, it maintains a cylindrical handle and half-nozzle for familiarity and ergonomics. Unlike other entirely round units, its top section sports a completely flat surface on which it rests. It’s a simple stabilizing solution that should have been adopted by other designs a long time ago to keep dryers from wobbling around! With a folding handle and compact collapsed form, it’s also easy to store or carry in a suitcase.

Designers: Joongho Choi & Hyunmook Lim





Provides better stability when it is put down or stored.





A Whale of a Razor


This cool set of shaving machinery is called Wisely and it aims to add a little bit of sensible style and convenience to your bathroom kit. Designed for comfort and control, its handle is ergonomically designed to enhance precision for its five-blade system which does a great job of getting rid of stubble. It’s also perfectly angled to lay flat without the blades contacting the counter surface, ensuring they stay clean and sharp. Replacement cartridges are safely kept in a handsome container you can even take with you are on the road. In a charming blue color scheme, it also adds a pop of color to your countertop!

Designer: hs² design studio for Wisely










Bathroom Bliss for Your OCD

I thought this looked familiar and it’s because this shower caddy has been front in center at Bed Bath & Beyond’s bathroom section since 2015! (I was just there using those ubiquitous 20% coupons!) This is one handy shower caddy. Unlike similar rubber products, it won’t dull. Unlike other metal units, its anodized aluminum finish won’t rust. With multiple tiers, a handy dish for soap and an easy-to-mount hook, it’s sure to keep your shower free of clutter. It may not be new… but it’s tried-and-true!

Designer: Mason Umholtz for OXO

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‘Breaking the mold’ of soap design

Never did I think that I’d one day write about soap design, but you have to marvel the fact that someone spotted the problem all of humanity struggled with, but didn’t bother solving. The slippery soap.

Soaps are probably too organic shaped for their good. Anyone who’s even used something as non-slippery as a phone can say that the bar shape isn’t hand-friendly. Candybar shaped stuff have an inherent tendency to slip out of your grip, so the Tetra Soap is everything but that. Designed to be as grippy and ergonomic as possible, the soap comes in the shape of a wave-breaker, giving you a great amount of surface area to work up a lather, while making sure the soap is easy to hold onto even (especially) when wet. The shape even comes with ‘legs’ that let you rest the soap on a soapdish naturally. What’s more, the wave-breaker shape allows the soap to remain ergonomic even as it erodes away, letting it be easy to hold and useful until the very last day. Plus is it just me, or does the eroded form of the soap look just as eye-catching as its original shape??

Designer: Tetra Soap





The Cleanest Design for Clean Teeth

The year 2018, we thought there would be flying cars, self-tightening shoes and so much more, yet we have an abundance of smart speakers and biometric data for every smart device. The latest product to go smart which may or may not need it is Colgate, with their Colgate Connect E1. Exclusively available only at Apple stores, this smart and sleek toothbrush is actually pretty cool.

This toothbrush certainly packs a punch, going ten days on a single charge, with a small rounded head to reach those hard to get corners of the mouth. It also has artificial intelligence embedded in the handle and automatic data uploading via Bluetooth wireless technology for a seamless pairing process. All this inside a pretty slim handle seems like a no-brainer honestly. As if that wasn’t enough, this little guy comes with an app that helps you map your mouth when brushing to ensure better brushing habits and how to get the best out of what you brush. Oh, and it also comes with games because who doesn’t like games right?

Designer: Colgate

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Bathrooms are getting smarter, for better or worse

Getting up from the toilet after a satisfying bowel movement, you walk right over to the sink and start washing your hands. "Alexa, flush my toilet," you say while reaching for your toothbrush. Your mirror starts displaying your schedule for the day,...