B&O adds Google Assistant to its pricey H9 headphones

High-end electronics manufacturer Bang and Olufsen is back with a set of headphones that are made for the power listener. The latest version of the company's flagship Beoplay H9 headphones promise a whopping 25 hours of wireless playtime from its bui...

The clever use of Symbolism in Design


Even with the Beoplay H2’s somber design aesthetic, there’s still an invisible energy to it. If you haven’t noticed, it’s because of the clever way they managed to put in an exclamation mark into the design of the headphone itself! Do you see it now??

The design makes it look that the wearer has an exclamation hovering near/above their head in a way that makes it look like the wearer is surprised by how good the music/sound quality is. It’s a neat trick industrial designers, graphic designers, and packaging designers rely on to promote a certain image along with the product while bringing a smile to the users or the viewers. Remember the delightful packaging for the Panasonic Note earphones from back in 2010??

Designer: Bang & Olufsen

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B&O puts its smallest speaker in your pocket for $169

What's next for high-end audio company Bang and Olufsen following last year's handheld BeoPlay A1 speaker? Making a smaller model, of course. The Beoplay P2 fits in the palm of your hand and perhaps more closely resembles an earbud case than it does...

Beoplay’s iMac inspired speaker!


Bang and Olufsen are known to make some quirky looking hi-end speakers, but the Beoplay M6 isn’t one of them. On the contrary, it was built to integrate into households rather than stand out. The cylindrical (Apple’s iMac, anyone?) speaker packs some punch and can be used as a single unit, or with the BeoLink Multiroom functionality to pair itself with other M6 speakers around the house.

What the M6 does differently in form, it makes up for by sticking to a premium color palette that’s familiar to B&O’s visual language. Usage of matte plastic and matte metal with a stylishly woven fabric gives the speaker a more hand-made rather than an industrial, machine-assembled touch. My personal favorite is the design detail on the top of the speakers. At the center sits the B&O logo, with a ripple design spreading outwards, not only creating wonderful reflections and a great tactile feel, it also depicts the outward flow of audio waves from a central Bang and Olufsen logo. Beautiful in its symbolism!

Designer: Yomoto Mirou













B&O Play’s H7 headphones trade silence for longevity

Bang and Olufsen held out on Bluetooth for a lot longer than other audio businesses, waiting until it could guarantee that the standard had good enough sound. Ever since it was satisfied, the usually restrained Danish firm has been throwing out wir...

B&O’s dishy BeoPlay A9 speaker nabs Spotify Connect

Granted, $2,700 is still a pretty steep price to pay, but if you've already bit the hi-fi bullet and picked up Bang & Olufsen's satellite dish-inspired BeoPlay A9, you'll probably be happy to learn that the speaker just got Spotify Connect. If you're a premium subscriber to the streaming service (more money, we know), you can hit play on the speaker to stream your music from the cloud, the minute you get home. You can control the music from your mobile device, but you don't have to worry about pairing it with the speaker. Hey, no one ever said convenience was cheap.

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