Add eco-friendly traveler to your resume with these unique bicycle designs

Bicycles are the most eco-friendly mode of transport ever designed by humans as is possible, especially for smaller traveling distances in city life. It is a vehicle that creates zero emissions while keeping you healthy and with the addition of electric motors, they have added an element of ease or comfort to the cycling experience. The bicycle’s unique yet simple design works with its basic setup, but designers have spent a lot of time creating variations of the humble bicycle that will add features to it such as an additional retro boombox you can carry to the ever-popular urban favorite – a foldable bicycle. Our curation today walks you across unique bicycle designs that showcase different materials, features as well as designs, of which one is sure to appeal to you, and if not, these will surely inspire you to innovate and create your own design!

Noordung bike by Gregor Fras.

Zippable tire-tread system by reTyre

Pi Bike by Tadas Maksimovas & Martijn Koomen

Volk Wooden Bike by Volk Evolution

AK1 Folding Electric Bike by Ronsben Huen with Factory Five Germany Group

SPA Bicicletto by CAMAL Studios

Berlin Bicycle Rack by Adrian Bogdan

Opus Wood Bike by Ecce Cycles

The Brum Brum Bike by The Brum Brum Balance Bike Team

Side Car Bicycles by Horse Cycles

VRZ 2 3D Printed Titanium Lugged Carbon Bike by Ralf Holleis

Astan Bike with Pedal Brakes by Astanbike

Chair Designs that redefine your definition of a chair!

You must have heard of the basic human needs – food clothing and shelter? Well, one of the basic needs of every shelter is a chair! Available practically everywhere on the planet, the chair is one of the most versatile designs, ranging from the standard four legs, one seat design to chairs that have no legs at all, whatever your needs, we have a curated chair design to inspire you to innovate and create a chair that rocks the legs of every other chair design out there!

‘Lost in Sofa’ armchair by Daisuke Motogi Design And Architecture

Filicudi chair by Marcantonio for Qeeboo

Babu Chair by TORU

V1 chair by ODESD2

Mochi Chair by Roberth Kwok

The Ombre Glass Collection by Germans Ermičs

LP10 Plateau Chair by Lukas Peet for Division 12

The Wabi lounge by Guilherme Torres

Arch Chair designed by Martin Hirth

Chips Lounge Chair by Lucie Koldová 

The three categories of lighting designs to light up your day

Did you know that there are 3 major categories of lighting designs – ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting! Ambient or general lighting is the most commonly used form of lighting that brightens up the general area and its main purpose is to guide you and show you all the elements present in the room. Task lighting, on the other hand, is a light dedicated to helping you fulfill a particular task, be it reading, writing, cooking or anything else within your home or workspace. That brings us to the third one, accent lighting! Accent lighting is what adds a touch of drama to your home. Usually, a bright and focused light, the job of an accent light is to draw the viewers attention to the part it is highlighting. So whatever type of light matches your needs, our collection of light designs will be sure to inspire you to innovate and create your own lighting solutions to light up your space!

Doolight by Doosan Baek

Helios Touch by James Vanderpant

Contour lighting by Pablo Designs

Memory Ceiling Lamp by Brokis

Nebula Ellipse Kinetic Light Sculpture by Ivan Black

Mobius floor lamp by Ovuud

The Luciole floor lamp by Pauline Plus Luis 

Cubo Lamp by Joeny with Linteloo

Lykke Lamp by Ronny Buaroy

Portable Accordian Lamp by Paer Design

Wall Light Formation by Sulkin Askenazi

Cerine Lamp by Trueing Studio

Sofa designs so good, they’re impossible to resist

Rather than a statement piece, sofa designs have become a piece of comfort. Many of us (consider me guilty too) have surely ended up eating, sleeping, crashing and basically just living out on our sofa. But the designs we have collected here will ensure you treat your sofa as the beautiful and central part to your home that it should be. Scroll down to see designs that will inspire you to innovate, reimagine and create some truly unique sofa designs.

Lawless Sofa by Evan Fay

Cloverleaf sofa by Verpan

Soriano sofa by design legends Afra & Tobia

De Medici by Ihor Havrylenko 

Pebble Furniture by Igarashi Design Studio for Musashino Art University 9th Building 

Bob modular sofa by Stefan Borselius and Bernstrand for Bla Station

Borghese Sofa by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance & Cara Woodhouse Interiors

2018 Outdoor Collection by MINOTTI

The incredible OCEANIA Couch by Simon Haeser

Povarskaya Street Couch by Aiya Design

YD Handpicks: Perfect Star Wars-inspired products to kick off May 4th!

The fourth day of the fifth month of the year holds no scientific or religious significance, but still is one of the most pop-culturally important days in the year. Why, you ask? Because the fourth of May is celebrated by nerds, movie buffs, and pop-cult lovers alike as Star Wars Day. Often heralded by greeting fellow Star Wars lovers with “May the Fourth be with you”, a hat-tip to an iconic dialogue from the film. Today, we celebrate the iconic series that spawned a culture that spread so far and wide, it’s probably also recognized in galaxies far far away. Here are a few designs that capture the phenomenon that is Star Wars!

Pangea Millennial Falcon Waffle Maker

Producing probably the best waffles in the galaxy, Pangea’s Deluxe Millennial Falcon Waffle Maker creates iconic starship-shaped waffles, with even browning on both sides thanks to its weighted lid and in-built thermostat. It even packs two LEDs that tell you when to pour batter, and when the waffles are perfectly golden and ready absolutely devour. Click Here to Buy Now

Plox Levitating Death Star Speaker

Perhaps the coolest application of levitation technology, the 5 watt speaker defies gravity as well as epectations. Pumping out some sick tunes using the Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or playback device, the speaker gradually performs 360 degree rotations like a planet, while also pushing out sound in every direction. Click Here to Buy Now

Onnit Star Wars Kettlebells

Star Wars-inspired gym equipment that takes “force being with you” perhaps a little too literally, these kettlebells are shaped like iconic characters from the films. Made from chip-resistant iron, the bells weigh 50, 60, and 70lbs respectively, and work as gym-equipment as well as fan-collectibles! Click Here to Buy Now

X-Wing Knife Block

The X-Wing Knife Block has a way of making your knives look menacingly futuristic. With the ability to dock 5 knives, the X-Wing inspired block takes knife blades and uses them as laser-turrets. Can it knock enemy spaceships out of the sky? No, but it can julienne vegetables, pretty well! Click Here to Buy Now

ThinkGeek Darth Vader Clapper

No Star Wars reference is complete without perhaps the greatest antagonist of all time… Mr. Vader himself. While the human species is far from being able to perform mind-control the way Darth Vader can, ThinkGeek’s Vader Clapper allows you to turn appliances on and off with a clap. I’d say that’s sort of just as impressive. Click Here to Buy Now

The Fowndry Darth Vader Kettle

How does Vader like his tea? Burning hot! Although he doesn’t complain if it’s Luke-warm either… The Fowndry’s hilarious, quirky kettle pays tribute to one of cinema’s most popular villains. Designed with a silhouette that uncannily resembles Vader’s helmet, the Darth Vader Kettle comes made in Stainless Steel and Plastic, has a 1.7L capacity, and a whistle that the creators describe as being powerful enough to “awaken the Force”! We’re loving every bit of the adaptation, especially the handle that was designed to resemble the grip of Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

Darth Vader ToothSaber

Bordering on a novelty item, this one’s a favorite just for the mechanism behind it. The toothpicks get housed in Vader’s cloak, and every time you use the toothpick Vader is holding onto, you can trigger his hand to reach into his cloak and promptly grab another one. The mechanism is virtually an eyegasm to look at, and the product, truly inspired! Click Here to Buy Now

Darth Vader Toaster

This one’s more than just a Vader-shaped toasting appliance. It even goes as far as to brand your toast with the official Star Wars logo! Pop in anything from bread, pancakes, buns, or English Muffins and they instantly go from regular food to food fit for the biggest geek in the Galaxy! Click Here to Buy Now

Unique coat rack designs that define your design style

Some sayings have been repeated so often, they are almost a cliche, but that does not subtract from the value they depict. One such saying is that the first impression is the last impression. And what better way to create an impact that to have a product that sets the tone of your space as soon as someone enters the space? That’s when this curated collection of coat racks come into place. Use this list to get inspired and innovate or maybe just renovate!

Waltz Modular Coat Rack by GamFratesi for Gebruder Thonet Vienna GmbH

Ugao the minimalist hanging rack by Simon Morasi Piperčić for Ligne Roset

Wardrobe Hexagonal Coat Rack by Studio Rene Siebum

Cactus Coat Rack by Mario Tsai Studio for Naqu Homes

Pin LED Coat Rack by Nils Holger Moormann

89 Wall Hangers by Eduardo Cámara and Patricia Ibáñez

The ‘Hang it all’ Coat Rack was designed by Charles and Ray Eames  

The Splash Coat Rack by Bludot

The Brush Coat Rack by Lu Yu

Wave coat rack by Misewell Furniture

Vase Designs that promise to be the center of attention in any room!

Countlessly explored in form while simplest in its functionality, a vase is an elemental piece of design that is present in every home. There was a time when a vase served only two functions: 1) the display of flowers or 2) as a family heirloom to be kept in a crystal cabinet. Those days are over. Now, a creatively designed vase can be so much more. It can be the centerpiece of a room, part of an overall design scheme, a gift to a loved one or the finishing touch on an artful display. The brilliant thing about creative vase designs is that the possibilities are limitless. You can tailor the style to suit your particular tastes and personality. As a part of YD Design Storm, we have curated some truly innovative vase designs to inspire you.

Teumsae modular wall mount vases by Extra&Ordinary

Cork Combo Vase by Melanie Abrantes

Nubes Vase by Sandra Faggiano

Hanami Vase/Fragrance diffuser by Ichendorf Milano

The Ghost Collection of flowerpots by Studio Iludi

Zuperfici Vases Series by Duccio Maria Gambi

90º Impossible Triangle Vase inspired by the Penrose Triangle by Cuatro Cuatros’

Unfinished Vases by Kazuya Koike

Bo Vase by Bau Design

Suprematic Vases by NOOM

Staircase designs that will uplift any space

We recently read an article where the staircase of a restaurant was demolished by the local authorities, because it was constructed illegally. What this meant was, that the seating area on the first floor was inaccessible. Ingenuity struck the owners, and they hired a de-commissioned Double-decker bus and parked it in such a way that the patrons could climb up the stairs of the bus and reach the top floor seating. The point here is to look at staircases as more than just means of getting up and down between two floors. Designers put in a lot of thought and craft behind their staircase vision. We have curated some iconic staircases for you, so let us know what you think about them.

Sculptural wavy staircase in SMD Apartment designed by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

Building for the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment by ARGE Sauberbruch Hutton

Escalera Staircase by Giraldo Arquitectos

Spiral Staircase at Antinori Winery by Archea Associati

Staircase at BarentsKrans by Hofman Dujardin

Light Bulb Staircase at the Museum of Czech Cubism

Duplex Apartment in 5th Avenue by JGSK Design & Workshop APD

The Boston House Staircase design by Steven Harris Architects

Spiral Staircase shot by Morgan Smith

Circular Shaped Staircase at Wiedeb+Kennedy by WORKAc

YD Design Storm #36: Shelf Designs Trending this week

The YD Design Storm takes a look at products, services, and spaces that are storming the internet. The idea? To turn internet-storming material into brainstorming material! Scroll down for our collection of handpicked works from design websites, portfolios, and social media. Get inspired, save projects, pin images, or share links with fellow design enthusiasts! This edition of Design Storm focuses on the best shelf designs that are trending right now!

Watch this space for your digest of design brain-fodder… and an ever-evolving map of design trends!

Slide Bookcase by Daniele Lago

Wall*nut Hexagons by Think Fabricate

Field Shelves by Dmitri Kozinenko

Cabinets & Shelves by Filip Janssens

LiliLite Shelf & Bedside Lamp by Studio Smeets

Slide Bathroom Towel Shelf by Cory Grosser for Agape

The Deer Shelf by BEdesign

Piano Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Alba L Modular shelf with hidden storage by Woodendot

LINK Shelves by Studio Hausen

YD Design Storm #35: Side Table Designs trending this week

The YD Design Storm takes a look at products, services, and spaces that are storming the internet. The idea? To turn internet-storming material into brainstorming material! Scroll down for our collection of handpicked works from design websites, portfolios, and social media. Get inspired, save projects, pin images, or share links with fellow design enthusiasts! This edition of Design Storm focuses on the best side table designs that are trending right now!

Watch this space for your digest of design brain-fodder… and an ever-evolving map of design trends!

Illusion Table by John Brauer for Essey

Vista Concrete side table by Benton Fusion

Ostrich Side Table by Mario Tsai

Twin Side Table by ByLassen

Cooper Side Table by Nina Mair

Plisago Side Tables by Studio Besau-Marguerre

Daisy Stool & Side Table by Warm Nordic

Drip Side Table by Blackman Cruz

Kroll Sidetable (of the Kroll Collection) by Max Voytenko

The Butler designed to be a stepstool, side table and an impromptu desk by  Shane Schneck of Office for Design