Switchboards for the rich! These high-end switches come with fingerprint sensors

I’d imagine a rich Lex Luthor having something like the Biometric Switch Plate in his home. With its slick, premium design, and one variant that literally comes studded with diamonds, the Biometric Switch Plate lets you control your lights, fans, and appliances with a touch. It uses a TouchID style fingerprint sensor to authenticate your identity, and a touch-sensitive switch plate to switch on/off lights and fans as well as a slider to turn their intensity up or down.

The switch plate comes in both wall-mounted and wireless versions, and gives you the ability to choose who can access the controls, a feature that would be pretty useful if you don’t like others coming in and messing with your thermostat, or leaving lights on around the house!

Designer: Paul Sandip

Windows 10 preview tests password-free sign-ins

Microsoft is taking its disdain for passwords to a new level. It just released a Windows 10 preview for Fast ring Insiders that gives you the option to make all accounts on a particular device "passwordless" when logging into the operating system. Fl...

Why Carry a Wallet When You Can Carry a Biometric Wallet?

Like a clutch, or a purse, but designed for security beyond compare, this sleek slab of metal is the Trova Go… a carrying case for your things, but much more impenetrable and less susceptible to theft.

The Trova Go is a pretty neat way to carry your things. Housed in a sleek, anodized aluminum case, protected by a biometric lock that’s also tied to your smartphone, the Trova Go is a great way to hold your stuff. Cards, cash, valuables, medicines, pen-drives, memory cards, make-up, anything that you want to have around you. Its small form factor means it can be carried in your hand or even your bag, and its neat, simplistic styling and anodization integrates it aesthetically with your lifestyle.

A much cooler and secure alternative to having things in a pouch, wallet, or even your pocket, the Trova Go pairs with the unlock functionality on your phone, allowing you to unlock the case remotely using your fingerprint or even your face. Using authentication techniques we normally reserve for our data, Trova Go brings biometric protection to your real-life things… because just like emails, passwords, and photos, your tangible belongings need proper protecting too!

Designer: Aruliden for Trova

Amazon asks delivery drivers to verify their identities with selfies

Amazon is asking its delivery drivers to take selfies so it can verify their identities using facial recognition. The rules apply to drivers in the Amazon Flex program, through which they make deliveries with their own cars as independent contractors...

US prisons are reportedly creating ‘voice print’ databases

Prisons across the United States are reportedly building biometric databases that include voice recordings of incarcerated people, according to The Intercept. The report cites contracting documents for the state of New York's prison system, as well a...

Google Assistant may scan your face to personalize commands

Google might soon have an alternative to voice matching when you want to use Assistant to get personalized results. The latest beta for Android's Google app includes code references to a previously hinted-at Face Match feature that, as the name impl...