Bob’s Burgers Monopoly Has Burgers, Belchers, and Butts

Bob’s Burgers is one of my all-time favorite animated programs. The characters, voice acting, and writing are all spot-on, and the show is hilarious. Seriously, if you’ve never watched it, it’s time for a binge.

Now, fans of the show can get their hands on an officially-licensed Bob’s Burgers Monopoly set.

Naturally, the board comes filled with lots of locations from the show, from the Jimmy Pesto’s to Wonder Wharf, and offers up Community Garden and White Pants Take a Chance cards.

The tokens are based on Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, Louise, and Teddy, though I have to say that the sculpts aren’t exactly accurate. Seriously, Gene is unrecognizable  – at least they could have given him a Casio and you’d have some idea who he was. I’m guessing that everyone will be fighting over the Louise token like they do with the car in regular Monopoly.

Monopoly Bob’s Burgers edition is available now over at ThinkGeek for $39.99(USD).

Bob’s Burgers x Game Of Thrones = Amazing Unlikely Mash Up

Bob's Burgers x Game Of Thrones = Amazing Unlikely Mash Up

Artist and Imgurian CarlosDanger101 did this Bob’s Burgers x Game of Thrones mash up. It is amazing. Apparently it took him a month to draw it all up and I have to say: time well spent. Unlike the painstaking hours I spent organizing my sock drawer this weekend. That’s time I’ll never get back.

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Bob’s Burgers Nesting Dolls: Alriggght!

This set of Bob’s Burgers Nesting Dolls gives you the whole Belcher family. These nesting dolls are hand painted to look just like your favorite burger flipping family.

bobs_burgers_1zoom in

These figures are going to look awesome in your collection. Hopefully you already own a hamburger restaurant diorama to display them in. Bob is about 4″ tall and they go down in size to Louise, who is about 1″ tall. Now make like Linda Belcher and put your hands in the air and say, “Alriggght! Oh they’re so cute! Can we get these Bobby? Bobby? Bob-o?”

bobs_burgers_2zoom in

This set will cost you $50(USD), but you can’t put a price on bringing your favorite cartoon family into your home.