The Chameleon bottle changes its color with the temperature!

The Chameleon bottle just makes owning a bottle and drinking the liquid stored in the bottle fun, which is a difficult thing to begin with. It’s challenging to gamify something as basic as hydration, but the Chameleon bottle does it with a simple trick. Thermally-reactive paint! The bottle comes in one of three colors, and is white when warm, and colorful when cold. Fill your bottle with warm coffee, tea, or a cold beverage like a juice or just good old chilled water (infuse it for even more of a twist). As you fill your liquid into the bottle, you literally see the color changing before your eyes, not only giving your bottle an interesting altering-avatar that’s fun to observe, but also allowing the opaque bottle to actually show you the levels of the liquid inside too! As you continuously take sips from your bottle (and believe me, you’re going to!) the level of the liquid drops, changing the color of the bottle along with it, creating a constantly morphing gradient as you fill, empty, and refill your bottle, just because staying hydrated is such an entertaining activity!

The Chameleon bottle is an especially fun bottle for children, who will definitely be bewildered and bewitched by this thermochromic magic. It comes with a leash, making it easy to carry, and even a silicone sleeve that keeps your hand from burning if you store something hot in the bottle. The sleeve even comes with a running slot on the side that lets you see the bottle’s rising and falling color level. The 600ml steel bottle can be infinitely reused, is leakproof, dishwasher safe, and is a sure-fire way to keep you (and even kids) hydrated just because you’re eager to see (and show off) the Chameleon’s changing colors!

Designer: Root7

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The only bottle that isn’t a hassle to carry around

An empty bottle can often be quite a nuisance. It’s essentially a useless, hollow, bulky and heavy container that holds nothing, but occupies space in your bag. Space that could be used to carry other valuable stuff. While this isn’t an incredibly burdening problem, it’s an annoyance and an inconvenience that man could do without, so we can focus on the real issues (like global warming, or relocating to Mars); and that’s where the Space Shaker helps us. It takes our minds off the burden of space-occupying empty bottles so we can perhaps achieve interplanetary travel a little bit faster!

Made using a bellow, the same kind you’d see in accordions and jack-in-the-boxes, the Space Shaker is a 600ml bottle that collapses down to practically a third of its size when empty. Designed for anything from water, to juices, to even protein shakes, the Space Shaker bottle conveniently stays small when you need it to be compact, and opens out into a bottle with 600 milliliters of capacity when opened out. The bottle comes made from a 100% BPA free, food-grade plastic that’s flexible enough to allow the bottle to collapse and expand at will, and comes with a silicone O-ring at its mouth for a perfect, air-tight seal, allowing you to use the bottle for making protein/supplement shakes. The bottle comes with a regular metal cap as well as an additional infuser/mixer cap that allows you to create infusions or blend protein powders into your water/milk.

The bottle’s bellow-shaped body proves extremely useful when it comes to traveling with it. Its space-saving design allows you to carry three bottles in the same space required for one single bottle, and the bellow’s ridges allow you to create frothy, creamy shakes. The obvious down-side is cleaning the bottle, since a lot of liquid would accumulate in these ridges. The Space Shaker, however, is dishwasher friendly, which makes cleaning it slightly easier. A perfect bottle to take with you on the go, the Space Shaker fits easily in bags, backpacks, and even in fanny packs. Its water-tight design ensures that aside from being an incredibly convenient, compact solution, it’s also a complete no-hassle sort of bottle. So lets move on to conquering our bigger problems! Mars 2030!

Designer: Space Shaker






The Breezeye guides you into perfectly applying your eye-drops


The Breezeye has a unique and innovative way of guiding a user into applying eyedrops perfectly every single time. While most redesigns in this domain aim at having an intermediary component that holds the bottle directly over your eye and keeps it open, Weinan Yang’s Breezeye is simple, smart, and efficient every time.

What the Breezeye does is notice a key failure point that standard eyedrop bottles miss. When you’re putting drops in your eye, your eye’s reflexes are usually on high-alert, given that a foreign substance is entering it. Holding a bottle directly above said eye gets your eye blinking and you flinching involuntarily, and the fact that the bottle is suspended in mid-air makes aiming very difficult. The Breezeye’s unique design lets it rest on the bridge of your nose. The design of the bottle allows it to align itself with your eye, while the fact that it’s resting on your nose means the bottle is far more steady. You eventually apply the drops by squeezing the opposite end of the bottle that’s directly above your other eye, allowing you to see how hard you’re pressing the bottle, while also cleverly distracting you from the reflex action of blinking right before the drops fall!

Designer: Weinan Yang





Coca-Cola’s Cool New Look


Trying to cut back on soda is just a little bit harder when the packaging looks this good! What you see here is the official Coca-Cola bottle for 2018.

The design by Tommaso Ceschi was chosen as the winner out of 463 entries to a contest hosted by Elite. The metal bottle will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, making it appropriate to use year round. A standout feature are its “built-in” bubbles that serve as both an aesthetic and functional element that enhances grip. Available in four different versions, Regular (Red), Light (Silver), Zero (Black) and Life (Green), there’s one to represent each Coca-Cola brand.

Designer: Tommaso Ceschi





This bottle is your ultimate all-in-one kitchen tool!

While it occupies the exact footprint of a wine bottle on your kitchen shelf, the Bin 8 is actually pretty much all the kitchen accessories you need, combined into one ‘Swiss Army Bottle’ of sorts. A prime example of utilitarian, artistic, and thoughtful Japanese design, the Bin 8 is a combination of eight kitchen tools stacked one upon the other, made to look like a wine bottle. The bottle’s spout acts as a funnel, and its base, a measuring cup. Sitting in between these two are a citrus juicer, a spice grater, cheese grater, yolk separater, egg masher, and a jar-opening silicone ring.

Stacked together, the Bin 8 occupies much less space than each of those items would individually, and does so with a certain flair that you’d probably use the words “innovative” and “brilliant” to describe. I know I would!

Designer: Bento & Co.

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Hidden Valley Ranch Makes Bottles of Dressing Worth $35,000

Did you know that there is a National Ranch Day? Me either. I know now. It was on March 10th. Do we really need a day to celebrate salad dressing? Of course for some people, that’s every day. See, this is why we’re fat, people. Anyway, to commemorate the special occasion, Hidden Valley Ranch commissioned two very special dressing bottles, each worth approximately $35,000.

Each bottle has over 75 carats of diamonds and sapphires, with 18-karat white gold accents and an ornate cap, along with all of the ingredients that make up their ranch dressing of course. The company is keeping one of the bottles, but the other they’re giving away to a lucky Twitter user who follows Hidden Valley and retweets their tweet by May 19th.

That Twitter user will slowly sip the contents from a snifter, because when a liquid is worth that much, you drink it, you don’t put it on salads. Then he or she will sell the bottle on eBay, then buy a car. At least that’s what I would do. Either that or keep it in the hopes that a Ranch Dressing genie would come out if I rub it enough. Three wishes are worth a lot more than one of these bottles.

[via Luxury Launches via Geekologie]

A bottle redesigned for fitness


Either protein shakes were not designed for conventional bottles, or conventional bottles were not designed for protein shakes. The bottle’s flat bases always end up accumulating this ring of coagulated protein powder that’s an absolute nightmare to clean. If you consume shakes (or even coffee), you’ll know what I’m talking about. An aesthetic eyesore, this particular phenomenon goes to become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, making your fitness drink the very thing that contaminates you!

The guys at MOUS Fitness claim to have designed the perfect bottle. It uses an outer casing for gripping and stability, and comes with a round-base bottle that fits into the casing. Designed for shakes, energy drinks, or even fruit/veggie infused water, the MOUS Shaker bottle is great to carry on the go and even a dream to clean. The inner bottle is completely transparent, allowing you to inspect it for any drink remnants as you clean it. It comes with a rounded base, which means no more gunk because no more corners for the gunk to hide in. The bottle also has measurement markings on it, making it perfect to mix your drinks directly in. Designed to be thick, wide, and short, the bottle is great for gripping, stable when kept upright, and fits perfectly into any bag for you to carry around wherever you go. That’s quite a lot of thought put into a bottle, if you don’t mind my saying!

Designer: MOUS Fitness