How to Build Trust in Your Brand

For any online business to succeed, it needs to develop trust among its customers. Customers need to feel assured that the products or services they see being advertised for sale are the same ones they will actually receive once they complete their transactions. Trust is also a major issue when […]

The Dark Knight is Everywhere: Batman Branding Iron

Batman Branding Iron


A new Batman movie is in the works, which is great news for Dark Knight fans everywhere when Christopher Nolan’s trilogy wrapped up. If you’ve still got bat fever and want to show the world what a huge fan you are, then you might want to consider getting this Batman branding iron. As the name implies, it’ll let you brand everything you have and own with the bat symbol.

From your front door and notebooks to your leather sofa (think twice before you actually brand your Lazy Boy, though), there’s nothing this 3D-printed bat iron can’t brand with a little heat. It’s available online for $30.

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Instagram toughens brand guidelines to discourage lookalike services

Instagram toughens brand guidelines to discourage lookalike apps

Like many developers, Instagram defends itself against clone apps and other clear abuses of its image. However, the photo-focused social network is now cracking down on subtler variations of its branding. The company has updated its brand guidelines to forbid Instagram-compatible services from including "insta" or "gram" in their names; they also can't use modifications of Instagram's signature logo. These similar-looking offerings could be mistaken for officially endorsed products, according to Instagram. The firm isn't taking any offenses lightly, either. In a notice to Luxogram that was obtained by TechCrunch, Instagram asked for a response to its concerns within 48 hours, and required both logo and name changes within a "reasonable period." Given the abundance of third-party developers that lean on the Instagram name to lure customers, the tougher policy could spark some confusion as companies rebrand their services en masse.

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CEOh no he didn’t!: Rahul Sood heckles HP over strangely named Envy h8 PC

CEOh no he didn't! Rahul Sood heckles HP over strangely named Envy H8 PC

It's no secret that Rahul Sood, who now runs Microsoft's Bing Fund, feels a twinge of bitterness towards his previous employer. Having worked for HP until 2010, and having endowed it with the Envy sub-brand, he's since been forced to watch from the sidelines while the mothership floundered. But it's not the u-turns or bad investments that have jerked Sood's chain this time -- it's actually the slightly awkward (and potentially emotional) branding of a model in HP's desktop range. After seeing details of the product pop up online, he tweeted:

"Thought I'd seen everything... then I saw the 'HP ENVY H8' desktop... what the heck guys? Is this code for I give up?"

Tom's Hardware reached out to Sood for an explanation and got a carefully-worded response in which he implied that HP has become preoccupied with the "logo on the box" at the expense of "culture" and "community." Meanwhile, the old Pavilion h8 has somehow slipped by unnoticed.

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Source: Tom's Hardware, @rahulsood (Twitter)