CBS and Viacom agree to sign $30 billion merger deal

CBS and Viacom have reached a long-rumored merger agreement. The two companies announced today that they will reunite as ViacomCBS. According to The Wall Street Journal, CBS and Viacom hope that, together, they'll be better positioned to fight agains...

T-Mobile’s streaming TV service will include Viacom channels

T-Mobile hasn't given up on its plans to introduce a TV service. Rumors circulated that the company would launch a TV offering in 2018, and while that clearly didn't happen, it looks like we might actually see it this year. Today, T-Mobile and Viacom...

Every dongle you’d possibly need, around your keychain

In a world full of technology that is fragmented between USB, Micro-USB, Type-C, and Lightning connectors, something as small and unsuspecting as the High Five cable helps in uniting all technology. It’s amazing that something as small as this, barely 7 centimeters in length, packs every single port combination you’d need for your smartphones, tablets, power banks, and laptops. Packed with a USB, Type-C and a one-of-a-kind Micro-USB/Lightning hybrid port. This arrangement practically works for any product/OS combination you have. Windows laptop and iPhone? You’re sorted. MacBook and Android phone? Taken care of. iPhone and Type-C based power bank? The High-Five has a solution for that too.

The High-Five is housed inside a pretty neat, compact metal case with three perceivable parts. It has a Type-C port, and a MicroUSB/Lightning hybrid port, connected to each other by a thick, silicone, tangle-free cable. These two ports stick to each other magnetically, and fit/dock inside a USB port, giving you every single port combination you’d need for charging or for data transfer.

The cleverness of the High-Five also lies in its weirdly clever hybridization of the MicroUSB and Lightning ports. Designed as a single port, the designers at Vonmählen and Emami Design combined the two least universal port designs into one, because there’s practically zero likelihood of you needing a lightning-to-microUSB cable in today’s day and age. This combination, as well as the overall product’s layout, allows the High-Five to be, as its name suggests, a 5-in-1 cable that you can use with practically any sort of gadget across any operating system and standard.

The High-Five even secured an iF Design Award this year for its innovative and compact dongle-to-rule-all-dongles. Available in a classy metal or colored ABS plastic body, the High-Five is small enough to securely sit on your keychain, or even be looped around an organizer ring in your backpack. It surely beats having to carry 5 different (or even 2 different) lengthy cables along with you that end up getting entangled, frayed, or lost. Literally the last charging and data-transfer dongle you’d need, the High-Five was made to be truly universal, and with its layout and prioritization of ports, should work with all products from 5 years ago or even with products 5 years into the future!

Designers: Vonmählen and Emami Design

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Click Here to Buy Now: $16 $23 (30% Off and Free Shipping) Hurry! Only 4 days left.

Charter launches its zero sign-on Spectrum app for Apple TV

Charter just completed the other half of its zero sign-on puzzle. The cable giant has launched its delayed Spectrum app for Apple TV, giving you access to both live programming and on-demand shows without having to enter your credentials. If you se...

A Cable That Can Take All You Can Give It

I have this habit of charging my phone in the car and placing it my cupholder (the only convenient place to put it) while I’m driving. It doesn’t matter if I use a stock cable or aftermarket edition, it inevitably ends up wearing down because of the stress placed on the connector. The internal wiring becomes exposed and voila! I eventually have to replace it a few times a year.

If you’re like me and have a similar problem with wearing down your charging cables, you too could use a USB93 in your life! It’s the world’s first unbreakable USB cable. It also features a uniquely designed rotating-ball connector that swings 90° in 3 directions so you never have to worry about stress being placed on the delicate ends. This in combination with its nylon braiding ensure that it’s long-lasting and that you never have to waste time and money replacing worn out cables!

Designer: Alisa Miroshnyk

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World’s first Unbreakable USB cable. 90° rotation in 3 directions, fast charging & tangle-free.



USB93 uses a unique rotating ball design inspired by robots used by NASA, Boston Dynamics and world over. The simple yet extremely functional design allows full range of movement which takes the stress off the cable connection hence prolonging cable life and providing options to use your device in the most comfortable way possible.

USB93 uses nylon braiding so you get a tangle-free experience, giving you more time on untangling things that really matter.


Click here to Buy Now: $17.00 $35.00 (52% off)