The Deux watch uses a camera-style aperture to go from bold to minimal

Watches and cameras both showcase beauty in complexity. In fact, it’s no surprise that there’s usually an overlap when it comes to hobbyists who collect and refurbish old watches/clocks and cameras. The mechanical elements in both are incredibly intricate, and an art-form in themselves. The Deux watch combines elements from both, creating a timepiece that is a remarkable blend of aesthetics, intricate detail, and by design, has two watch faces that you can swap between.

The Deux watch is styled as an Automatic Chronograph with two subdials and a date window, but hidden within the watch’s rim is a camera aperture-esque mechanism. Twist the dial and the aperture closes in on the watch face, blocking out all the elements except for the hands, turning a feature-laden timepiece into a watch that champions minimalism by just showcasing its hands. The aperture-style design detail, rather than just being an aesthetic feature in its own regard, allows the watch to embody two contrasting styles. When the aperture closes over the watch face, it gives the Deux a minimal, sleek, almost-zen-like appeal, and when opened, makes the watch take on a sporty, feature-laden avatar. This switch between contrasting themes makes the Deux quite uniquely appealing to a larger variety of people, not to mention mechanism-hobbyists who simply love the appeal of watching a highly precise and delicate aperture system open and close. (I’d consider myself to be the latter)

The Deux comes in three variants, sporting the same functionality, but with different movements on the inside. The Deux Chimera comes with an automatic Japanese-made Miyota 9122 movement, while its successor, the Janus is powered by the brand-new 34-jewel Seiko NE86 movement with a power reserve of 45 hours. The Janus Elite, the most premium of the three, packs a Swiss-made Sellita SW500 which allows the chronograph to sport three subdials as well as a date and day window. All three watches come with a 316L steel casing with a scratchproof Sapphire glass on both the front as well as the exhibition back, and boast of water resistance up to 5 ATM.

The Deux watches come with a choice between Italian leather straps and two metal strap variants; and sport three body colors (gold, silver, and metallic black) that complement the watch’s black face and aperture. After all, the Deux is all about showcasing duality, making it a great watch for both minimalists as well as feature-lovers, and especially for people who love the beauty in mechanical intricacies.

Designer: Deux Watches

Click Here to Buy Now: $350 $500 (30% off) Hurry, only 13 hours left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $350 $500 (30% off) Hurry, only 13 hours left!

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Capture the Story From Your Perspective


Whether you’re a YouTube star or a just local celebrity, the Solo headset aims to make documenting and sharing your experiences with the world as easy as wearing a hat. The wearable device simplifies the video capturing process with modern innovations like an easy-to-use gimbal system, plenoptic camera lens, and advanced auto-focusing technology. With a simple touch, users can even drop pins during production to search for moments during post. Completely adjustable and adaptable to each user’s unique head shape, it can be taken anywhere adventure awaits.

Designer: Joshua Han













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Get Trigger-happy with the Vert!ca Vertical Camera


Due to our trusty smartphones, the vast majority of us always have a camera on our person, and this may have you questioning the need for a separate point-and-shoot. But when it looks like this, you’ll soon stop asking that question.

This is Vert!ca, and it challenges everything we know about how we use compact camera systems. Starting with the device’s orientation, while conventional cameras are designed to be used horizontally, Vert!ca, like its name would suggest, is geared towards a vertical orientation, for easy handling in one hand. Rather amazingly, its orientation doesn’t alter when it comes to capturing a landscape image. A rotating display allows for fast angle switching without changing hand position!

An Apple-esque touch-bar is located towards the top of the device, allowing for efficient control of the aperture, ISO, shutter speed and exposure. Also packed into this compact device is vision recognition, an AI assistant, intuitive smart gallery and contactless charging, all with the intention of creating both a beautiful and innovative camera!

Designers: Hyojeong Lee & Jinju Choo



The display can be rotated easily so you can take horizontal and vertical pictures in one position without moving.



The shutter is located on the side so you can take pictures in any direction, either left or right hand.


Easy to set up or lean against any wall.


All the buttons on the camera are designed so that they do not protrude to help set up camera in any direction.