Cartoon Network beams ‘Powerpuff Girls’ to your TV with Chromecast

Cartoon Network is about to make some people very happy. The TV channel has updated its Android and iOS apps with support for Chromecast streaming, which it says was a highly requested feature by fans. In case you're not familiar with how Google's $3...

First Unity-built cartoon proves the engine isn’t just for games

As the NBA's eSports league proves, video games are quickly becoming mainstream. Games are having a moment, and so are the tools used to make them. Case in point, the Unity game engine recently reached a big milestone. French animated show Mr. Carton...

A ‘Costume Quest’ animated series is coming to Amazon Video

One of Amazon's upcoming original kids series should be very familiar to fans of a certain Double Fine title. The online retailer announced today that a Costume Quest animated children's series based on the popular video games will debut in 2018. Wil...

Duck Dodgers POP! Figures are from the 24 1/2th Century

Growing up one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons was Looney Toons. I had a special place for Daffy Duck and his alter ego Duck Dodgers. Now we can celebrate the classic cartoon with a series of POP! vinyl figures.

ddodgers-1zoom in

The collection includes two Duck Dodgers figures, identical except for one in metallic suit. Other characters from the cartoon include Marvin the Martian with his pushbroom helmet and ray gun, Porky Pig aka Eager Young Space Cadet, and Commander K-9.

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Space Cadet is also available on matte or metallic finish versions. Obviously, you will need both versions of each character to complete your collection.

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You can get the full set of Duck Dodgers POP! Vinyl action figures for $10.99 each starting in August. They’re available for pre-order now over at Entertainment Earth.

Homer Simpson will broadcast live, with some motion-capture help

The Simpsons, live! Well, at least partially. In a new episode set to broadcast on Sunday May 15, Homer Simpson will speak live to viewers, commenting on the day's news as well as answering fans' questions. (You can can tweet your queries to him star...