Mujjo’s wallet-cases for the iPhone 11 Pro give you a neat place to stash your Apple Pay card

For the most part, you can just tap your iPhone on a payment portal and make your transaction… but for everything else, there’s Apple Card (see what I did there?) Mujjo’s new cases for the iPhone 11 Pro allow you to carry your Apple Card, or any other payment card, right along with your iPhone, eliminating the need for you to even carry a wallet. The cards fit right into a sleeve on the back of Mujjo’s beautiful leather cases that are entirely made from top-grain leather. Using a proprietary technique, Mujjo’s cases allow the leather to bend to the contours of your phone, making the leather envelop your phone perfectly with no creases or folds. The case gives your iPhone 11 Pro a beautiful leather exterior with a protective 1mm lip that cushions your phone from bumps and scratches. Each case even comes with a Japanese microfiber inner lining so that your glass back or stainless steel frame don’t get scratched or worn out over time. The cases come in 4 colors, although my heart is set on the Alpine Green variant!

Designer: Mujjo

Razer case keeps your iPhone cool during intense gaming sessions

Razer is jumping into the crowded world of iPhone cases, but with (what else?) a decidedly gaming-oriented twist. The company's newly introduced Arctech and Arctech Slim rely on a custom-developed Thermaprene material and perforations to transfer he...

Nothing is more appropriate than a Mario-themed Nintendo Switch case!

Perhaps the most apt case for the Switch, the Mario Carrying Case is a wonderfully iconic Spanish-plumber-themed case that holds your switch. Inspired by perhaps Nintendo’s most famous character (and arguably the reason you bought the Switch in the first place), the Mario carrying-case holds your Switch, its controllers, a charger, and some cartridges, allowing you to easily travel with your gaming kit, hopefully grabbing some eyes with how adorably iconic the red case with its blue dungarees is. The case comes with a waterproof construction, and a shock-absorbing PU foam shell. Zips secure the case, while the dungaree’s straps give you an added layer of protection on the outside, and internal padding protects the Switch on the inside too. You know what the best part is though? There’s a Luigi version of the case too!

Designer: Haobuy

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Nintendo is selling a handy snap-on case to protect the Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is small enough to fit in your pocket, but you might want to stuff it in a case for added protection when you'd prefer to shove it in your bag. Many Switch cases are unfortunately pretty bulky, which negates the smaller form...

Not sure how I feel about this Airpods case that’s also a smartwatch.

A concept’s biggest objective is to open the mind to possibilities. To spark the imagination. So while I don’t know what to feel about this AirWatch concept, I can only imagine its immense potential. Here’s what Jiae Jung is proposing.

Rather than storing your Airpods case in your pants, and rather than having a floss-box shaped case that doesn’t do much, Jung’s revisited the entire product altogether. The new Airpods case houses a screen (a pretty small one), and has the ability to snap to a smartwatch. When it does, the Airpods case BECOMES the smartwatch, mirroring contents onto its own screen.

The smartwatch sitting under the Airpods case comes with its own b/w screen that shows the time and date, and becomes a true smartwatch only when you mount the Airpods case onto it. When mounted, you can read messages, track your fitness, and obviously listen to the music. The band around your wrist not only transforms your Airpods case into something slightly more meaningful, but also gives you a proper place to put it, rather than in your pockets. There’s a long way to go before something like this is even considered practical, or feasible, but the idea of providing a product with a secondary purpose seems like quite a good one!

Designer: Jiae Connie Jung

Why Carry a Wallet When You Can Carry a Biometric Wallet?

Like a clutch, or a purse, but designed for security beyond compare, this sleek slab of metal is the Trova Go… a carrying case for your things, but much more impenetrable and less susceptible to theft.

The Trova Go is a pretty neat way to carry your things. Housed in a sleek, anodized aluminum case, protected by a biometric lock that’s also tied to your smartphone, the Trova Go is a great way to hold your stuff. Cards, cash, valuables, medicines, pen-drives, memory cards, make-up, anything that you want to have around you. Its small form factor means it can be carried in your hand or even your bag, and its neat, simplistic styling and anodization integrates it aesthetically with your lifestyle.

A much cooler and secure alternative to having things in a pouch, wallet, or even your pocket, the Trova Go pairs with the unlock functionality on your phone, allowing you to unlock the case remotely using your fingerprint or even your face. Using authentication techniques we normally reserve for our data, Trova Go brings biometric protection to your real-life things… because just like emails, passwords, and photos, your tangible belongings need proper protecting too!

Designer: Aruliden for Trova

YD Design Storm #36: Shelf Designs Trending this week

The YD Design Storm takes a look at products, services, and spaces that are storming the internet. The idea? To turn internet-storming material into brainstorming material! Scroll down for our collection of handpicked works from design websites, portfolios, and social media. Get inspired, save projects, pin images, or share links with fellow design enthusiasts! This edition of Design Storm focuses on the best shelf designs that are trending right now!

Watch this space for your digest of design brain-fodder… and an ever-evolving map of design trends!

Slide Bookcase by Daniele Lago

Wall*nut Hexagons by Think Fabricate

Field Shelves by Dmitri Kozinenko

Cabinets & Shelves by Filip Janssens

LiliLite Shelf & Bedside Lamp by Studio Smeets

Slide Bathroom Towel Shelf by Cory Grosser for Agape

The Deer Shelf by BEdesign

Piano Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Alba L Modular shelf with hidden storage by Woodendot

LINK Shelves by Studio Hausen