One Wicked Sharp Smartphone


Bust out the plastic NOW because Prometheus is on its way and you’re not gonna want to miss 50% off the pre-order! It’s the latest smartphone from Brandeis and it even has me thinking that it’s time to ditch my iPhone.

Its super sharp aesthetics are Lambo-inspired. However extreme, that angular design is actually quite functional as far as ergonomics are concerned. Holding the screen feels natural and comfortable thanks to the narrow point at the bottom. How are you ever going to find a case for it? Don’t sweat it. It’s tough, durable, and features shatterproof Gorilla Glass!

As for the tech, it’s power-packed with an unbelievable amount of features including an innovative OCTA-LED flash that’s gonna help take INSANE selfies, a battery that charges to 50% in 15 minutes, a piezoelectric speaker system, and more! Get your pre-order HERE!

Designer: Barnabás Brandeis










Deal Of The Day: 33% Off On ExoMount CD Car Mount

Look, you’re going to need a car mount. It’s been long enough that the laws banning cellphone use while driving have been passed and it’s pretty clear that you need a mount. The ExoMount CD Car Mount is as good as they get, and today there’s a good deal on it.

More and more states are passing laws prohibiting holding phones while driving, making car mounts all the more necessary. Your GPS just isn’t something you’re all that likely to give up, and sometimes you really do have to make calls while driving. Solution: The ExoMount hooks easily into your car’s CD player giving you a central, visible location for your phone while you’re driving, without having to occupy your hands. Plus, its 360° rotation lets you orient it any way that works for you.

Runner-up in The Wirecutter’s Best Smartphone Car Mounts

– Hooks up through your car’s CD player for a central view
– Installs easily w/ simple one touch mounting technology
– Rotates 360° to let you set the orientation that works best for you
– Compatible w/ all phones measuring 3.5″ – 5.8″, which includes all iPhones, Samsung phones, & most others

Normally $29.95, with today’s deal you’ll only pay $19.99.

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The Clever Case for AirPods


People’s biggest gripe with AirPods is also with themselves! Misplacing or damaging them is WAY too easy and quite costly. This cleverly designed iPhone case design helps to prevent each of those problems.

It’s called the Mophie iPhone + AirPod Battery Case and it features a special holder for your AirPods that keeps them together, handy, and protected while not in use… kinda like a kangaroo pouch! Better yet, it charges them so you always have enough juice to listen to your tunes!

Designers: James Reed & Ryan Mather








The Ultimate Smartphone for Creatives


Centered around Microsoft’s unique focus on creation and productivity, the Surface Phone introduces a beautifully-designed Surface product into the realm of smartphones.

Following in the footsteps of the Surface tablet, the Surface Phone is powered by Continuum, and able to transition to a full-fledged desktop PC when equipped with a monitor and keyboard. This means you can keep your files and programs on one single device. No mouse necessary, Surface Phone’s touchscreen works as a touchpad with an added intuitive user interface to bring an entirely new, powerful way to experience Windows on the desktop.

As for photography, the Surface’s Fusion Camera is a combination of four powerful components: a wide-angle lens, a zoom lens, Xenon flash, and a laser-tracking device. These four parts work together to not only create high-quality photos, but power space-tracking capabilities. Not to leave out the VR revolution, the space-tracking capabilities of the Fusion Camera are able to record experiences for HoloLens. Experiences recorded by Fusion Camera, enjoyed through HoloLens make the user feel as though they were there put in the place of the person who recorded it. Now you can experience standing at Tiananmen Square, or a plaza in Rome, or in the middle of a vast plain in Siberia, all with a Surface Phone and HoloLens combination!

As if all that weren’t enough, it also features a specialized Companion Cover that works not only as a screen cover for Surface Phone, but also as an extra battery and additional USB-C ports. Additionally, Companion Cover allows the device to be put into a multitude of different positions.

Designer: Casmir Valeri


Crafted from premium aluminum alloys, Companion Cover enables near unlimited positions to Surface Phone, creating a convenient, cleverly thought-out experience.


Companion Cover protects Surface Phone while providing additional USB-C ports and doubling the battery life of your device.


Powered by Continuum, Surface Phone seamlessly transitions from a phone to a personal computer, storing all of your files and applications in the palm of your hand.


Surface Phone integrates a multitouch trackpad with an intuitive user interface to create and entirely new, powerful way to experience Windows on the desktop.


Creatives never stop thinking of novel ideas. Surface Phone with Surface Pen makes sketching and keeping those ideas quicker and easier than ever.


Surface Phone + HoloLens allows you to create, enjoy, and share experiences never before possible.


The dual-lenses and laser-tracking technology of Fusion Camera work together to not only create high-quality photographs, but with space-tracking capabilities, completely redefines what cameras are capable of.


Fusion Camera is able to create immersive augmented reality experiences for HoloLens.


One Mysterious Smartphone

The latest in Turing Phone’s “LiquidMorphium” line of smartphones, the Appassionato is certainly as the name suggests. The company is promising a stunning (if not ambitious) amount of tech with the upcoming September release. The company states it will have passive voice command search tools, a robust mobile protection platform, amplified intelligence, and, of course, a dedicated enhanced-concierge service called Sir Alan that’s sure to be better than everyone else’s.

Spec-wise, little is known about the RAM, cams, and storage… the one thing we’re sure of, however, is the whole LiquidMorphium material is pretty cool. As the company states, it’s got a “diamond-like” carbon coating on top, “high-tech” ceramic feel and scratch resistant surface, as well as a Sapphire glass screen.

Designers: Radugadesign Studio & Robo Inc







A Smartphone Termites will Love


The APOLLO 1 smartphone is the latest in the nature-meets-tech trend that elegantly merges raw wood with ultramodern electronics. Its touchscreen display is delicately integrated into the wood body, appearing as though it almost grew that way! The rounded bottom makes for enhanced ergonomics and plays host to an entirely new spinning interface that allows users to navigate through applications quickly and intuitively. With lux metal finishes ranging from gold to blue, it looks as good as it feels!

Designer: Varnicic Branislav









Superman’s X-Ray vision in your phone!

While the tech giants of our time are busy putting two and three cameras inside one phone, there’s an electronics company based in Sichuan, China that’s silently changing the entire smartphone game. The H2, debuted at CES this year is now shipping out to various countries worldwide. What’s so special about this phone? Right beside its camera, lies a spectrometer, capable of identifying, and cataloging every material and chemical known to man!

Dubbed as the phone with X-Ray vision, the H2 is a smartphone that may just build the foundation for phones that are actually smart. In a world dominated by fake news, and with most organizations trying to fight the rising tide of “alternative facts”, the H2 plays a significant step of giving you an accurate depiction of the world around you. Imagine being able to scan food and know whether it has any allergens, or if it is past its sell date. Imagine knowing that the diet soda you’re having actually has sugar in it, or even more importantly, if your cocktail has been spiked. The H2 phone becomes the magnifying glass you hold against the world, essentially giving the phone a truly new function… something that hasn’t happened ever since the smartphone became your biometric lock & key (with the fingerprint scanner, introduced roughly 4 years ago). The spectrometer on the phone isn’t just capable of working with foods. It can even do as much as pick up biostats, essentially being able to read your body fat percentage, or your blood sugar, or even more work in sync with your body and identify if the medication you’re taking is actually helping you or doing you harm.

The H2 is still, spectrometric magic aside, quite a great phone. It ships with both front and back cameras, a fingerprint scanner, a 6inch HD screen, 3000mAh polymer battery (much safer than the lithium ion ones), and a rather nifty button on the side that gives your phone an adrenaline boost by clearing memory caches and prolonging battery life. Easily the Superman of phones, I’d say!

Designers: Analog Devices Inc (ADI), Consumer Physics and Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. (Changhong).

Check for Availability HERE!








Make your smartphone a conferencing wizard

I guess times were just simpler when we had the landline telephone. Sure, they weren’t portable, but you wouldn’t have network problems, or battery problems, and they used to be such a dream to use! Now we have smartphones that are portable, and come with a rather advanced caller ID, but need to be periodically charged, have network issues, cost a fortune, and let’s not forget all those radio waves that pass through your head.

The NVX 200 is perfect for retaining the good qualities of the telephone, but allows you to use your existing smartphone just the same. Designed for offices that don’t want to rely on additional desk-phones, the NVX 200 is a state-of-the-art telephone hub that allows you to have a professional phone set-up in your office using your existing smartphone (or even a tablet). Resplendent in its receiver-and-twirly-cord glory, the NVX 200 works like a charm! Just connect your smartphone to it via Bluetooth as soon as you unbox it and you’re set for life. After that all you do is dock your phone in its slot and you have a brilliant landline phone that provides seamless service and crystal audio clarity for not just telephone calls, but even VOIP calls as well as video conferencing from third party apps like Skype, etc. The NVX 200 also works without docking the phone, as long as the phone is within 15 feet of the dock.

Perfect for every office-goer, the NVX turns your smartphone into the ideal desk-phone/conferencing-device with no hassle! Plus, doesn’t it feel better to have that mobile-phone away from your face??

Designer: Invoxia

BUY IT HERE: $187.99 $249.00








For the serious Smartphone Shutterbug

The iPhone camera isn’t one to be messed with. It’s gone head on with even DSLRs, becoming a professional photography medium in itself. Moment’s lenses push the iPhone’s boundaries, making it even better as a camera, but when you’ve got a camera that’s also your phone, messaging device, social media device, and email checker, you’re left with little battery for your photography.

Moment’s 2.0 battery case for the iPhone 7 is just perfect for the phone-photography enthusiast. It gives you serious battery chops, while also giving your phone the perfect grip for photo-taking. Moment makes some of the world’s best smartphone lenses, and these snap directly onto the case. A unique case for the iPhone 7 Plus allows you to choose which of the dual camera lenses you want to snap your Moment Lens to. I’ll have you know that this is the only smartphone case that does this!

On the design front, Moment is light years away from most of its competition. For starters, it looks volumes better than Apple’s humpback battery case. The Moment’s case also features an unusual surface quality. It employs a speckled plastic that almost gives it the appearance of stone or marble, but weighs only 3.4 ounces. The plastic case is further coated with a rubberized finish to provide better grip while using your phone in general, and taking pictures in particular. The Moment 2.0 case also includes within it a manual shutter button that is positioned perfectly for when you want to click a photo naturally without having to tap the screen (people with gloves, rejoice!). The shutter button connects to the phone via the Lightning Port, rather than Bluetooth, allowing it to be incredibly responsive because with photography, timing is everything!

There’s a pretty good chance that if you own an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you own it because of the camera. Apple never failed to market its camera’s portrait mode as a true champion of realistic photography. Moment’s 2.0 case allows you to use that camera unbridled, never letting your battery stop you from capturing the world. Plus, with Moment’s series of lenses, you may as well sell that DSLR you have in your closet!

Designers: Audrey Louchart, Erik Hedberg (Moment Lenses)






















The slimmest VR Headset ever made


Where there is VR, there will be a screen, and what better than your phone screen? They’re beautifully hi-res, come with rich colors, and most importantly, they’re always with you. However, carrying a VR headset with you seems like too much of a hassle. That’s unless you’ve got the Figment VR case snapped around your phone.

In a trend to put more and more into or around one’s phones, the Figment headset is almost as wild as the Selfly that literally put a drone onto the back pf your smartphone. Super-thin for the competition in its category (not counting the Google Cardboard, because the cardboard only comes flat packed. It doesn’t go back to a flat design once it’s assembled) the Figment snaps the VR eyepiece to the back of your phone and with the simple click of a switch, makes it spring forward and into place, allowing you to use your phone as a VR headset.

The design is a true champion of innovative thinking. Imagine allowing the billions of smartphone users to have instant access to VR content at the press of a switch. There are obviously some caveats to the Figment. For starters, the wall that separates the left-eye content from the right-eye content is absent in the design. Plus, given that those lenses sit on the back of you’re phone, they would probably have to be made out of some incredibly resilient tempered glass. However I believe the Figment has opened the floodgates for making similar products that make VR incredibly accessible, because until we actually start getting a taste of Augmented Reality, VR is the most obvious future!

Designers: Jake (Jongha) Lee, Rich Park, Soohun Jung & BEBOP Designers.