The tiniest HDMI adapter turns your iPad into a home theater


2018 marks the year that Type-C became the big standard it promised it would be. With the iPad Pro adopting it, alongside the MacBook (and rumors that the iPhone would too), Type-C finally made its way across all dominant operating systems, from Windows, to Chrome OS, to Mac, to Android, and iOS. So if there’s a good time to start adopting Type-C (or USB-C), it’s right now.

The beauty of the Type-C standard is that its compact and universal. It’s present everywhere, and works everywhere, and pretty much does anything from power supply to data transfer, to even low-latency, high-quality image transfer. That’s where Nonda’s USB-C to HDMI Adapter comes in. Incredibly small (just about the size of a coin), the Nonda USB-C HDMI Adapter can be stashed anywhere, from pockets to compartments in your backpack, and can be pulled out at the right moment to convert your idle USB-C port into an HDMI input. The adapter comes with its own foldable cable, giving you the flexibility and freedom to connect your projector, display, or television to your iPad, MacBook, Windows laptop, or your Android phone. It supports playing 4K UHD videos at 60Hz with absolutely no flicker or lag, letting you take your portable devices and beam content from them onto larger, more immersive displays. Whether it’s an office presentation, a seminar, daily work that requires a large display, a movie-binge, sports-night, or the greatest game of Fortnite ever, the Nonda USB-C to HDMI Adapter has you sorted, giving your Type-C port the power and versatility it made so many promises of, and giving you the ability to take your portable devices and expand their screens tenfold!

Designer: Nonda

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Enough With the Gigantic Smartphones Already


The line between tablets and smartphones is all but blurred with the seemingly endless super-sizing of our mobile devices. This concept is a refreshing twist in the opposite direction.

Aptly named ‘iPhone X Mini,’ it packs a powerful punch of iOS in a pint-size package. More than 40% smaller than the XS Max, the Mini is dwarfed by just about every other device on the market but packs many of the same features users have come to expect. Perfect for kid hands or elderly individuals with limited thumb reach, it’s as convenient to carry as it is comfortable.

Designer: Krystofer Dongjae Kim




Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves are winter-ready and smartphone-ready


Now that winter’s upon us, it’s time to bust out the woolens. The cap, the hoodie, the galoshes, bomber jackets, scarves, and gloves. Winter is perhaps my favorite time of the year. I hate the cold, but I love the warm fuzzy feeling that you get from trapping body warmth between a thick blanket, or sipping on a piping hot chai. However, there’s one issue that seems to counter my love for winter. It’s the issue of the glove. I wear gloves because it’s cold… and then I promptly take them off every time I need to use my smartphone. It’s counter-productive, and honestly a drag… which is why I bought a stylus, but that’s equally painful to remember to carry… plus, I can’t pinch to zoom with a stylus. I can, however, with touchscreen-ready gloves.

Mujjo’s Thinsulate gloves are like a second skin around your palm and fingers. It protects you from the cold, with its 3M Thinsulate insulating layer that traps body heat, but more importantly, it comes with a thermally conductive surface on its outside that lets you use the touchscreen on your smartphone. Book cabs, answer calls, take pictures, browse the web, type messages, just basically use your phone the way you would with the gloves on. The thermal surface runs across all fingers, so you can use the phone with your left hand and right, making use of all your fingers to run apps, contact people, or just play PUBG (or whatever it is you people play nowadays). The gloves work with all smartphones, and bonus feature, they come with non-slip properties, so you don’t accidentally drop your phone!

Designer: Mujjo

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YD JOB ALERT: OPPO is looking for an Industrial Designer


Oppo is at the forefront of the smartphone and consumer electronics movement in the east. A company that has pushed for innovation alongside its sister company Vivo, and is also the parent company of OnePlus, Oppo doesn’t shy away from innovation. With phones that boast of advanced electronics, cameras especially (Oppo is widely considered the selfie expert), and overall builds, Oppo ranks 8th in the world’s top smartphone companies. Their electronics division is also known to make some of the world’s most advanced Blu-ray players as well as headphones and amplifiers. As of yesterday, Oppo’s R15 Pro holds the title of the world’s fastest charging phone, with a charge speed of 0-100% in an impressive 35 minutes (that’s the average length of a TV series episode)!


Here you can come into contact with the cutting-edge design information, cooperate with top R&D team, and have room for diversified growth. Join us now, and you will be able to create next-generation fashionable choicest products with our elite team in Central London!


– Dare to innovate and put forward industry-leading design concepts.

– Cooperate with internal and external teams including product R&D and technology and manufacturing, put forward solutions for product realization, and guarantee perfect realization of design concepts.


– Bachelor’s degree or above, and a sense of enjoyment and enthusiasm towards design.

– Very high design aesthetic, sensitivity to fashion trends, and artistic tastes.

– Keen insight. Be adept at drawing inspiration from life, art or fashion trends, and searching for design opportunities.

– Strong innovation consciousness, not restricted by existing experience and conventional thinking, and dare to propose innovative design concepts.

– Excellent design presentation capability. Be able to clearly and accurately express design concepts, and perfectly present top design schemes.

– Outstanding hand-drawing and 3D modeling capabilities. Proficient in 2D design software such as CorelDraw/Photoshop and 3D modeling software such as Rhino/ProE/Alias.

– Excellent communication and presentation skills, and team-work spirit.

– Working experience or internship experience with outstanding design teams in the industry will be a plus.


Please send your CV and portfolio to Juju at
Emails must have the subject title: ‘Freelance design – Your Name (via Yanko Design)’
We will contact you with suitable opportunities.


London, UK.


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Is this the Next Samsung S10?

This Samsung S10 concept brings together many of the leaks and rumors floating around out there to give us a glimpse of what we might expect from the brand’s next Galaxy smartphone lineup. They’ve just confirmed the release of the 10th anniversary edition and along with 5G network capability, there are a few far-out features many people are already looking forward to.

In this exploration, the S10 and S10 Plus will feature a curved design with Infinity-O display and camera cut out in the center. As for audio, the sound is balanced between two speakers at the bottom and a third hidden near the earpiece in the thin bezel. At the rear, a triple-camera system offers unprecedented photography capability beyond that of its predecessors. Do you think the designer missed anything? Let us know in the comments!

Designer: Petar Trlajic







The Infinitely Expandable Smartphone Case


The Clap Series of smartphone cases goes beyond just protecting your precious device. The 4-part collection — which consists of the Clap ’n’ Shield, Clap ’n’ Deco, Clap’n’ Charge, and Clap ’n’ Listen — provides users with security, style, supplemental power, and wireless headphone recharging depending on their preference. Just install the main case and choose the peripheral that you need. Collect them all to use them interchangeably or select the one (in one of many chic color combinations) that best suits your lifestyle.

Designers: Xinny Lin & Robin Yao




SHIELD is the basic module, providing phone protection and module mounting.

DECO is a customized decoration part with choices of leather, wood, or printing. Users could upload photos to an online store or use images provided to design their own DECO, making thousands of appearance possible.


CHARGE is a high efficiency mobile Qi wireless charger with built-in battery core and maximum power transfer thanks to the mounting design. It can also charge with wire by its Type-C interface.

LISTEN has two slots to retain earphones as AirPods while charging them and cell phone at the same when mounted to SHIELD. The COMBINATION structure is the core of this design, to satisfy the complex demands of different users.





This periscope case turns your phone into an Action Camera


Defox’s 3D printed Periscope case does a pretty neat thing. It repositions your camera so you can look down at your phone while record what’s happening ahead of you. Essentially, you’re not pointing your phone’s camera at the subject being shot, but rather, are filming or shooting imagery with your phone in a much more natural manner. This interesting deviation allows your phone to become an even more accessible device because now your phone’s literally an action camera!

You can mount your phone on handlebars or even place it on your car’s dashboard and the phone’s case uses a 45° mirror to film things that are located at a 90° angle. The case lets you capture your ride handsfree, because you don’t need to hold your phone in position anymore. Just keep your phone flat on a surface, or mount it using the velcro-strap built into the phone and you’re automatically recording stuff that’s happening ahead of you. The mirror slides into a slot that allows your phone camera to point elsewhere, and when you’re done, the mirror slides back into the case allowing your phone camera to work normally again. Highly recommended for sports junkies, content creators, and spies!

Designer: DEFOX

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These Smart Rotary Phones have Alexa on the other line!


Imagine it’s sometime in the 1940s. You’re alone at home and it’s snowed heavily. You crave some Frank Sinatra, but instead of going to your record player that’s in the opposite room, you lift up the receiver on your telephone and say “Hey Alexa, play me some Sinatra”. This magical Alexa accepts your command, and somewhere in your house, the radio starts playing some of Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits.

That obviously wouldn’t be possible in the 40s, but it is now. Grain Design’s vintage telephones aren’t, in fact, telephones, but are actually repurposed Echo devices. Lift off the receiver and you’ve got Alexa on the other line. Ask her about the weather, tell her to play music, or order in some food or groceries. Alexa listens and obeys. Put the receiver down and click, the command line is over and Alexa’s disconnected.

That’s the beauty of Grain Design’s telephones. Repurposed from actual vintage phone-pieces, the people at Grain Design very cleverly integrate Alexa into the device, so when you lift the receiver, you’re literally speaking to your virtual AI as if she’s on the other end of the line. When you do eventually hang up, the phone’s microphone gets fully disconnected, making sure that Alexa doesn’t listen in on you. This prevents accidental communications with your Amazon assistant by ensuring that, whenever the receiver is on its hook, your conversations are completely private. Each telephone (Grain Design has modified certain models) is bespoke, and rewired with its new hardware by hand. They’re also incredibly limited in numbers and cost quite a bit!

Designer: Grain Design





Vivo’s new dual-display dual-cam phone is a selfie-taker’s delight

Probably one of the companies that are daring to be different, Vivo’s going guns-a-blazing into the smartphone war. With all smartphones practically looking the same today, Vivo’s mantra is simple. Push boundaries, grab eyeballs, and make enough sense to let your idea appear to be genius. Their Apex concept was arguably the first to ditch the notch and have a moving camera, and the company was also the first to introduce in-screen fingerprint reading. All this was to push the display to its absolute edges, with nothing obstructing it whatsoever. The newly leaked Vivo Nex 2 manages to make that a possibility, with no notch and absolutely no front-facing camera.

The perceived genius, however, of the Nex 2 is that it has only one side with the camera, the back. However, the back also comes with a display of its own, so you’d use the same camera as both the front-facing camera with the back-display, and as a regular camera with the front-display. Around the camera (a dual-lens one, at that) is an LED ring that works as a rather quaintly different notification light as well as a ring-light for your selfies, allowing you to take better portraits than the ones with the powerful flash.

The genius of the Nex 2 is that it can be easily used pretty much any way you see fit. The phone comes with an in-screen fingerprint sensor on the front, and Vivo’s been experimenting with 3D facial scanning too, so the back of the phone would use facial unlock, giving you the ability to take your phone out of your pocket and use it with either side facing up. Stroke of genius or just really weird innovation from the east? Time shall only tell!

Designer: Vivo


Smartphone Stand Meets Wireless Charger


With wireless smartphone charging becoming more widespread, it can be expected that we’ll see more multifunctional gadgets that integrate the new handy tech. One example is this design by Areum Gu.

The compact design can be carried anywhere and doubles as both a wireless charging base and a phone stand. Use it to prop up your phone and charge simultaneously or simply leave it laying down as a pad for your device. Covered in a tactile yet soft material, it ensures stability without risk of scratching.

Until this bad boy is available, you can get your hands on something similar here!

Designer: Areum Gu