Sleep Tech for Your Smartphone Addiction


It’s hard to believe that, for some people, this is what it takes to get a little shut eye! The smartphone struggle is real! It’s called MoDi and it transforms your precious device from something that disturbed your sleep cycle into a sleep aid that combats smartphone addiction.

Placed next to your bedside, you first dock your smartphone in MoDi. (Placed in its holder, the glow from the screen is diffused through a screen, creating ambient light.) Engage the sleep system by using your voice. MoDi will guide you through a breathing meditation to put your body and mind at ease. You’ll begin to calm and slowly drift off to sleep. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, you can ask for the time rather than glance at a bright screen which could end up keeping you awake for hours.

At your scheduled wake-up time, a soft LED will slowly brighten along with your designated alarm sound. It’s smart tech to kick off your day and help you wind down!

Designer: Jay Kim















By popular demand, an iPhone with an audio jack!

I love my Google Pixel 2. I, however, hate the absence of the audio jack. I don’t understand why phones are embracing this absolutely unnecessary trend… well actually I do. It’s solely to boost wireless earphone sales. Unfortunately, I’m the person who’d rather spend 30 seconds untangling a wired earphone than 30 minutes charging a wireless one.

The iPhone was the first to set the trend that every consumer hates but every manufacturer loves. Inconvenience the population into needing an expensive add-on… and undeniably, it’s the new status quo. Which is why I present to you the resistance, aka the Audiomod! The Audiomod is a case that snaps around the unfortunate, disabled iPhone, and gives it its 3.5mm port again. Not just that, it also acts as a secondary/external battery (doubling your iPhone’s battery life) and uses the same lightning connector your iPhone uses.

The Audiomod comes with a 3200-4600mAh battery backup that automatically switches to power-saving mode once your phone reaches full charge, and begins using the external battery for power when it senses your phone needs a boost. What’s more, better than any dongle, the Audiomod offers a pretty remarkable 24-bit high-resolution audio quality. With its slick form factor and the much-needed 3.5mm jack, you won’t physically notice the difference, but you’ll experience the difference for sure!

Designer: Encased








One Hot Smartphone Accessory


This infrared camera concept by Neo Dong allows anyone to see their world in a whole new way. Designed as a peripheral attachment to your IOS or Android smartphone, it snaps on in an instant and works by translating thermal energy (infrared light) into a visible image on your phone.

It can be used to enhance outdoor adventures, assist in DIY home fixes like water leaks and drafts, as well as spot from human or wild animal intruders. With its twisting focus, you can take aim and work with precision or zoom out for a comprehensive thermal reading on landscapes. About the same size as a screwdriver handle, it’s also compact enough to throw in your toolbox or carry in a backpack pocket.

Designer: Neo Dong








Lightning charger that lets you have it all


In the rare moment that you want to charge both your iPad Pro and your Apple Pencil at the same time, or your iPhone as well as your iPad and your Airpods, you’ll thank the gods for giving you something like the Node. It saves you the need to find separate USB ports or plug-points. A single Node can be plugged into any two devices with the lightning port (your iPhone/Airpods/iPad/Magic-Mouse/Keyboard) and it also lets you plug your Apple Pencil in, effectively letting one charger and a single Node power up to three devices, because let’s face it, if you own an Apple product, chances are you own more than one. Don’t let those pesky lithium-ion batteries get the better of you next time! The Node literally puts the power back into the consumer’s hands… and devices!

Designer: Ilovehandles

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The Gamer’s Razer

The original Razer was aptly named for being the first truly ultra-thin phone and, despite it being unibody, Petar Trlajic’s modern Razer 2.0 concept is no exception. There are purists out there who will still prefer the thin-flip style of the original, but they might also be enticed by the 2.0’s equally flickable screen. This is a gamer’s Razer and is packed with loads of features ideal for powering through your favorite strategy or action adventures. Check out the specs below!

Designer: Petar Trlajic












ARKit? How about an AR Headset instead!

On the 25th of June, 2014, Google absolutely changed how accessible VR was, turning it from the rare, premium technology Oculus was projecting it to be, and turned it into something everybody could use and enjoy. The Aryzon does the same thing, but for AR…

Using a periscope arrangement of two-way mirrors, the Aryzon 3D AR Smartphone Headset (the name’s a mouthful!) can superimpose 3D objects over your reality, just the way the Hololens or the Magic Leap headset does, but by just letting you place your phone into a Cardboard-esque headset. It allows the smartphone to be placed slightly lower than your eye level, and relies on its camera to work out the placement of objects (much like any AR headset). It then uses the phone’s screen to project objects onto a two-way mirror that lets you see not just the world in front of you, but layered with the projections from your smartphone that align perfectly with your world, matching perspectives in a manner that creates believable holograms in stereoscopic 3D! Did I also mention that it costs 1% of what the Hololens costs?

Designer: Aryzon

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One Woody Wireless Phone


From the designer of termite-enticing APOLLO 1 smartphone comes the 2.0 and it’s every bit as woody as the first! Like the original, it marries natural materials with modern tech, only this time it looks to be twice as thin. Instead of a dark ash, APOLLO version 2.0 is clad in a super-sleek black ebony that contrasts nicely with Tron-style aqua details. Its body sports the same circular bottom half that makes it rest comfortably in the palms and allows for the rotary menu to quickly navigate apps and settings. The blue’s a nice touch, but I’m kinda missing the silver detail of the original. Which do you like better?!

Designer: Varnicic Branislav








My word, Motorola!

Motorola has been the phone of my youth! I’ll never forget the days of flipping open my Motorola Razr and the level of excitement that I would get was second to none. That was then, so what now? The Livermorium Moto Z Keyboard Mod might just bring some feelings of nostalgia back, maybe even start their own memories for users now.

Avoiding the annoyance of currently having to sacrifice half of the screen to the keyboard interface, this keyboard mod makes texting a whole lot easier. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of the keyboard to make it more comfortable in your hands. If the screen just isn’t bright enough for you, it even comes with a backlight that you can turn off.

Slim, discrete and practical, this Moto Z Mod may just be what the doctor ordered. In a world where phones are being manufactured to have fewer buttons, fewer openings and conforming to the less is more way of life (literally), it’s nice to see a change in the tide now and then.

Designer: Livermorium





Razer made a super-suit for your smartphone

The one thing I love about Razer is that it’s never afraid to push innovation. Designed completely around the customer and their needs, Razer’s products are a combination of sheer power, good looks, and capabilities that are decided by the requirements of its loyal fanbase. The result is a company that’s probably the antithesis of Apple (known for pushing their decisions on the customer), but is still a producer of gadgets that are designed to amaze.

While everyone’s thought about it, not many companies consider modularity as an ideal approach for consumer technology. Google gave up on its Project Ara, and the Moto Z isn’t particularly a great case study… but if one is to seriously judge whether modularity can be a good approach for gadgets, the Project Linda is your best case. Linda is a laptop designed by Razer that allows you to dock your phone into a slot where you’d expect the trackpad to be. However, the Linda isn’t a laptop… The Linda is the Iron Man Suit to your Tony Stark of a phone. Designed to turn your handheld smartphone into a complete working and gaming device, the Linda laptop is “powered by” the Razer Phone that gets docked in it. Built with a stunning 13.3 inch quad-HD touchscreen that refreshes at 120Hz, just like the Razer Phone. Dock your phone in, and the laptop transforms into a Chromebook that runs on your phone, allowing you to work, play, and do everything in between with remarkable ease and power. Meanwhile, the phone stays docked in the trackpad slot, working as not just a trackpad itself, but also a secondary screen. With smartphones becoming more and more powerful, being able to multitask, and do everything a laptop can, it only makes sense that the laptop bows down to its successor and forms an alliance with it. Don’t you think so too?!

Designer: Razer









Charging Cable, Begone!


It’s 2018 and plugging phones into wall-sockets is finally old-school. The new solution? Docks. Wireless or not, a dock looks much classier than a bunch of wires scattered around your desk. Made out of wood, and with a rather appealing faceted finish, the Combo sits on your desk like a throne for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Compatible with iPhone 5 onwards, and with all Apple Watches, the Combo allows you to route your charging cables through it, while your devices rest on the wooden block in a manner that looks almost as if there’s no cable visible. A magnet holds your Watch in place while the iPhone dock comes with a premium wool-felt backrest to make sure your phone gets the scratch-free comfort it deserves. Meanwhile, the Combo rests against your desk using micro-suction tape, allowing you to dock as well as un-dock your devices naturally with a single hand. Buh-bye charging cable. You won’t be missed!

Designer: Oakywood