‘GTA Online’ cheat creator ordered to pay $150,000 in damages

Game publishers are still using lawsuits to take down cheaters, and their latest move could deal a particularly serious blow. A court has ordered Florida resident Jhonny Perez to pay $150,000 in damages (and $66,869 in attorney fees) for creating an...

‘PUBG’ hackers arrested and fined in China for selling game cheats

Combatting hacking and cheating in online games has taken a serious turn for PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds developer Bluehole/PubgCorp. Over the weekend it was revealed that Chinese authorities arrested some 15 people for their roles in making and sel...

VW’s 2016 diesels have a different device that may dupe emissions tests

Just when you thought the Volkswagen emissions scandal couldn't get any worse, it might do just that. The automaker revealed to US regulators last week that its 2016 diesel models may have a different device that could help those vehicles earn high...

Super Hexagon Bot: Bot Plays Twitch

I spent less than a minute on Terry Cavanagh’s Super Hexagon before acknowledging defeat. Now I can take my revenge, albeit vicariously. Georgia Tech ECE postgrad student Valentin Trimaille made a program that can beat the upbeat torture game on all of its difficulty levels.

super_hexagon_bot_by_valentin_trimaille_1zoom in

Valentin’s grabs video from Super Hexagon‘s screen and then uses OpenCV to determine the location of the walls and the player’s ship on a frame-by-frame basis. Then it analyzes the frame to see if there’s enough space to pass through, and finally simulates button presses to actually move the ship. Here’s the bot owning the game on the hardest difficulty:

Yeah! Suck it walls! Now you know how it feels to be beaten by pieces of code.

[via Valentin Trimaille via Waxy]

Pokémon X/Y Online Battle Exploit Reveals Your Team & Move: No Chansey

As with its predecessors, there are lots of tools available to hardcore Pokémon X & Y players, such as the creature map, the guides to hatching – or catching – shiny Pokémon, breeding Pokémon with perfect stats, as well as a slightly shady program that reveals the identity and stats of Pokémon eggs shown to you in trades. Then there’s the “Battle Analyzer”, a program that outright breaks Wi-Fi battles.

pokemon x y battle analyzer 620x357magnify

Apparently the Battle Analyzer is a Windows program that intercepts data from online battles when the despicable cheater uses his PC as a wireless hotspot for his 3DS. As pointed out by NeoGAF forum member UltimateIke, the Battle Analyzer not only shows you the names and stats of the Pokémon on your opponents team, it even shows you the specific move that he selected for the current turn.  If you’re a decent battler, you’ll almost always have a balanced group of Pokémon at hand to cover all threats, but normally you can only react to or at best guess what your opponent will do. The Battle Analyzer effectively removes that challenge.

Hopefully Nintendo can come up with a way to patch whatever hole makes this cheat program work.

[via NeoGAF via GoNintendo]

Cheater Alert: Editable Bottle Label Cheat Sheet

Water bottles are basically banned in most exams I’ve taken, and it’s easy to see why. Students can get so creative at cheating that even a pen itself can be used for that purpose. Case in point? The White Weasel’s editable and printable Aquafina label that lets students create cheat sheets that look like water bottle labels.

water weasel fake label

The only challenge is finding a printer that can print this stuff on shiny plastic. It’ll look way suspicious if you showed up to the test with a water bottle wrapped in printed paper, don’t you think? Especially if you keep staring at it during the duration of the test. Now that’s a dead giveaway.

fake water label

But all kidding aside, we don’t condone cheating in any way, so if you do have a test coming up, get off the Internet and crack those books open. Your future self will thank you for it.

[via Geekologie]