The Pieces on This Chess Set Coat Rack are Immovable

Whoa, nice rack! If you are a big-time chess fan, hang up your coat on this cool wooden chess board coat rack. It’s a big checkmate in the home decor wars. It was created by Etsy seller CreativeHolz.

These pieces look pretty cool and are made with care. Each individual chess piece is individually screwed into the board for maximum strength. It makes a great gift for chess fans who need a new place to hang their coats, hats and other things.  It comes in different kinds of wood and player positions. The ones shown are the ‘Caro-Kann defense’ and ‘Italian Opening.’ I have no idea what those mean since I’m at a checkers level, but I assume it’s impressive so consider me impressed.

The shelf on top makes it even more useful. Use it for things like sunglasses and keys. I just wish it had one of those chess timers so that when you hang your coat you can slap it, then when you put your coat back on, you can slap it again. Don’t buy a plain old coat rack like a pawn. Buy one worthy of a king. It’ll set you back between $140 – $160 over on Etsy.

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Taxidermy Mouse Chess Set: These Meeces Are Pieces

Do you like chess? Do you like dead things? Today’s your lucky day. Etsy seller and TheCurious13 has combined lifelike deceased rodents with a classic game of strategy with their taxidermy mouse chess set.

Every single chess piece is a dead mouse that has been lovingly dressed up and decorated to match the pieces from the game. These mice are hand stuffed. You get 16 light colored mice and 16 dark mice. The set also comes with a wooden handmade chess board and storage boxes.

You can even customize this set and request different costumes and colors. I’m thinking Star Trek set with mice as the Enterprise crew and Klingons with those tiny ridges on their mouse heads. Maybe Game of Thrones. That would be cool.

This mess of dead mice doesn’t come cheap though. The complete set will cost you a cool $750. Of course, you could always make your own for much less if you have a rodent infestation, but I doubt it will look this cool and creepy. Just do yourself a favor and don’t play a game of mouse chess if you have cats, unless you want to see your hard-earned money go down the drain.

Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Chess Set

Did you know that it’s Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary this year? He looks pretty good for 90. The world’s most famous mouse and arguably the world’s most successful rodent owned amusement park operator is now featured in a collectible chess set just for the occasion. The Mickey The True Original Chess Set celebrates the magical mouse’s 90th with a special edition set. If you’re looking for the ideal chess set that you can glue the pieces to the board to get the perfect Splash Mountain photobomb, this might be it.

The set features all your favorite classic Disney characters as the chess pieces: Mickey Mouse (King), Minnie Mouse (Queen), Donald Duck & Daisy (Bishops), Pete and Goofy (Knights), Pluto and Figaro (Rooks), Chip and Dale (Pawns). It’s whimsical yet playable. A must have for hardcore Disney collector.

Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Chess Set
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This Tiny Robot Wants to Play Chess with You

Do you like to play chess, but don’t have anyone around to play against you? Then you need a chess robot! That’s exactly what one DIYer made, and it’s pretty awesome. Not only can the Chess Bot play chess against you, but it’s super cute because of its diminutive size.

Russian builder of things DIYprojects created ChessBot using an Arduino Leonardo controller, four TowerPro SG90 mini servo motors, wood, and other bits and pieces. It connects via Bluetooth with an Android smartphone that observes the positions of pieces on the board then relays them to the manipulator arm to pick up and move chess pieces. Check it out in action:

Personally, I’d love a robot that could play all kinds of different board games against me. Though I wouldn’t want to fight a Monopoly-bot over who gets stuck with the stupid shoe.

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This 8-Bit Chess Set is Pixel Perfect

Chess is a fun and challenging game that really makes you use your brain. So too are lots of video games. If you like both of these pastimes as much as I do, then check out this sweet chess set which features pieces that look like 8-bit video game pixel art.

Created by Induku Designs, the set comes with everything you need to play a game on the go, including a folding board, and pieces that hold in place using cut-out notches.

Each board is made from laser-cut and engraved baltic birch plywood, and held together with leather hinges and straps. All the pieces store neatly inside for travel, so you have no excuse for losing any pieces. I really love the laser-engraved pixel patterns on the board and pieces, which give them a nice sense of depth too.

The complete set is available over on Induku’s Etsy shop for just about $55. They’ve got lots of other awesome stuff for sale there too, like this wooden strandbeest model kit.

The iconic masonic chess set!


Concrete’s definitely making it big as a designer’s material. I’ve said it before that concrete is so symbolic for its use in construction that it’s literally a creator’s material. It’s the material of development. The Fortify chess set celebrates concrete and its contribution to civilization by using it in the most apt game possible. Chess, a battle between warring kingdoms/factions gets its much needed update, with the movement from wood and ivory, materials of the pre-industrial revolution era, to concrete and iron, the very symbol of masonry and the civilizations it has built.

What I also particularly love is the weight distribution and the aesthetic of the Fortify. Rather than sculpting/molding the chess pieces in concrete exactly like they are meant to look, Fortify makes clever use of concrete and iron wire that’s meant to resemble the iron rods used in construction. The wires are bent in manners that give you a clear indication of each piece’s character, and role in the game, while maintaining an aesthetic that is almost iconic. To give color to each chess team, the iron wires are powder coated, making them impervious to rust too. Hats off to designer Daniel Skoták! The Fortify chess set has ‘conquered’ my heart!

Designer: Daniel Skoták