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Learn to Use WordPress Like a Pro

WordPress powers a huge chunk of the Internet, so knowing how to navigate this platform is an essential skill for anyone wanting to build a career in web development, marketing, copywriting, and more. Build your skills in the world’s most popular content management system the WordPress Essentials Lifetime Bundle.

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Learn to Write Code and Pay What You Want

Knowing how to write applications can help launch yourself into a new career or to new heights. Learn the basics of software development with Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2018 Bundle. Yes, you read that right – pay whatever you want for the training courses in this bundle.

With this all-inclusive bundle, you’ll get over 140 hours of training in all things coding related. This bundle will get you up to speed on JavaScript, Python, Java 9, HTML, and C# – useful and versatile languages for just about every kind of development project. You’ll also learn how to use iOS 11 and Swift 4 to create user-friendly iPhone apps. In addition, you’ll gain skills in frameworks like Angular and React.

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