‘Unprecedented’ 3D magnetic interactions could change computing

The field of spintronics, or spin electronics, uses an electron's spin and its magnetic movement to encode instructions and other data. It's sometimes seen as an alternative to electronics, which relies on the electron's charge to encode data. While...

This Eames Inspired Mouse Is Like Furniture for Your Desktop

Fans of Eames era furniture are probably sad that they don’t have a computer setup to go with all of their other mid-century modern furniture. Well, this mouse inspired by Eames furniture would be the perfect compliment to your decor.

It’s called Lounge Mouse, and it is a concept design for a mouse created by industrial designer Shane Chen. Its curved wooden base and black top resemble the iconic Eames lounge chair, and especially its ottoman.

The idea was to create a mouse with the ergonomics and style of Eames furniture and I would say that this was a success. It isn’t easy to blend electronics and furniture in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

If produced, the mouse would be made from bent plywood, and feature a leather surface just like the iconic Eames chair. For the moment, it is only a concept, but you never know. Maybe one day we will be able to use a mouse this stylish. I’m just hoping that it won’t be too expensive if it ever does become a reality.

It’s always nice when our electronics don’t actually look like electronics.

[via Yanko Design via Mike Shouts]

Gavin Belson Signature Edition Box 3 Gets Real

The HBO series Silicon Valley is one of my favorite comedies on TV. It’s a hilarious take on the software and hardware industries, and the crazy stuff that happens in pursuit of funding and customers. Among the show’s colorful characters is Gavin Belson, the egotistical CEO of Hooli – a corporate buffoon who epitomizes the Peter Principle.

Among his many idiotic decisions was the creation of a piece of server hardware embellished with his own signature. But since his handwriting was horrible, they went with an employee submission instead. It just happened to resemble a cartoon drawing of male genitalia. Now, a fan of the show has replicated the Hooli Gavin Belson Signature Edition Box 3 for his own custom computer system.

Builder Ben Hoad created this custom version of the iconic server as a usable ITX-compatible case for a small form-factor PC. After thinking he’d build the whole thing from scratch, he came upon the Silverstone ML08, which offered the perfect base for his project.

Ben still had to do lots of customization to replicate the look of the on-screen prop, including a custom front, and of course Belson’s iconic green backlit signature. Kudos to Ben for a great build that’s both useful and inappropriate; two terms I often use to describe myself.

Apple Mac Mini review (2018): A video editor’s perspective

The Mac Mini has had a rough few years. Its last update, in 2014, was disappointing. After offering quad-core CPUs on the 2011 and 2012 editions, the 2014 model was stuck with a dual-core CPU. This meant it was actually slower at some tasks tha...

Floppotron Plays Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” aka The Funk of 40 Floppy Disks

If you are looking for a Halloween scare of the audio variety, check this out. You only have a day until the big holiday, so turn off the lights, turn up your volume, and put Paweł Zadrożniak’s latest work on loop. Yes, the famous Floppotron has a creepy electronic cover version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller waiting for you.

It’s not only spooky and creepy because of the song itself, but when you think about it, this is a collection of dead gadgets that are playing all of the instruments. Dead gadgets now have risen from the grave. Zombie gadgets not with a thirst for brains, but for power. That’s pretty scary when you really think about it.

Michael Jackson would surely approve. Perhaps it will make him rise from the dead to dance along. You never know what zombie technology is capable of. So if you see a zombie moonwalking this Halloween, you may want to look closer. Better yet don’t look closer. Just run. Run before he grabs his crotch and sings “Yooo-hoo”.

This could be the start of some very chilling real-life horror. Hey, it could happen. Anything can happen on Halloween night.

[via Gizmodo]

Guy Builds a Gaming PC Inside of a Toaster

Plug this thing in, and all your games are toast, and so is your computer. For real.  created this toaster PC by stripping down a stainless steel four-slice toaster, installing a wooden block at the base and mounting the components to that.

It doesn’t make toast anymore, which is a shame, because when you are gaming, you probably want some toast for a snack. It runs an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU and an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards. There are newer GPUs, but the 1080 Ti inside the toaster PC was the most powerful graphics card in the previous generation, and still able to keep up with the Nvidia RTX 2070. It’s still fast enough to run games in 4K resolution, as well as VR titles.

One of the slicker features of the build is the working toast lever, which acts as a power switch for the system:

The modder did a really great job with all of the details on this build, and it is amazing that he got all of those parts inside. People like to say that their computer is toast when it breaks down, but in this case, it really is and it happened during the build process. I love the look of this thing. Great job.

[via imgur and Segmentnext]

HP’s Alexa-controlled Tango Printer Looks Like a Book

HP has come out with a compact inkjet printer called Tango that they are calling “the world’s first smart home printer.” Not only is it unique because HP also designed it to look like a book, but it comes with Alexa support built in. “Alexa, ask my printer to print my shopping list.”

The HP Tango comes with support for not only Amazon Echo, but also Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. That means you can use any of those voice assistants to print. The printer is also connected to the cloud, which allows you to print to it from just about anywhere using the companion HP Smart App – even if you’re not home. It’s even “smart enough” to automatically order new ink for you using the company’s instant ink service.

The HP Tango Smart Home printer measures just 14.8″ x 8.1″ x 3.6″ and weighs 6.8 lbs. The base printer retails for $150, and for an additional $50 you can opt to get the HP Tango X which is designed to look like a book. The Tango X comes with a charcoal linen cover, with optional indigo linen, and cork lined with currant-colored fabric accessories coming soon.

Really, printer designs haven’t innovated much in the past decade. So good for HP for spicing things up a bit. We certainly appreciate how the HP Tango can easily blend in on a bookshelf or a desk. The fact that it’s pretty smart too is icing on the cake.

[via GeekSpin]

Play Floppy Disk Games on Your Smartphone

You can already play classic games on your phone. That’s no big deal. But if you want something closer to an authentic experience, where you play old games on your phone USING A FLOPPY DISK, you are in luck. You can actually do just that, and quite easily if you’ve got an Android phone.

Check out this video by Lazy Game Reviews. It shows how it is done using your phone’s USB port to connect a drive, get it working so the phone can read files. Then you can play old PC games and make the process a bit more archaic.

First transfer all of the files, then load an app like Magic DosBox that lets you run MS-DOS programs on your phone, then boot the game directly from the floppy disk. After that nerd magic, start playing your game. The controls are not ideal, but it’s still pretty cool. I like that this guy has a floppy disk drive with woodgrain on it. He gets extra points for that.

Think of all of the old floppy disks that you have laying around. You can play them all on your phone and relive the old days of PC Gaming on a modern device. Try it for yourself using the video as a guide.

[via Kotaku]

Mini Commodore 64 Gets Another Launch Date

We’ve expected to see the tiny, retro Commodore 64 game console land for us to buy for a while now. We first talked about it back in October 2017 when it was promised for early 2018. That window later turned into March 2018, and still no launch happened. Now the 50% scale Commodore 64 called THEC64 Mini is promised for an October 9, 2018 launch.

The machine will come with a joystick, two USB ports, and the console itself. The USB ports can be used to connect joysticks, a keyboard, perform firmware upgrades, or to load your own software. When you connect a keyboard to one of those ports you can use the console like a home computer with C64 BASIC programming capability.

The system offers 720p HD output via HDMI, but a CRT filter is offered for those who want real old-school graphics. You can also save games, something we would have killed for growing up. There will be 64 games pre-installed on the console including many of the cool ones from back in the ’80s that I wanted so badly. Sadly, I don’t see the flight simulator the kids were always playing in Sears back in the day.

Pricing and retailers aren’t announced for the US yet, but in the past, it was rumored to cost just $69.99. That price, coupled with its new October release date should make this a killer Christmas gift for retro computer and gaming fans.

[via THEC64.com]