Adidas will livestream high school football games on Twitter 

Adidas has partnered with Twitter on a new series that will livestream high school football games happening all over the country on the social network. Titled, naturally, Friday Night Stripes, the show will broadcast friday night games throughout the...

Anchor’s donation option lets podcast fans support their favorite shows

Anchor, the audio broadcast-turned-podcasting platform, has launched a new Listener Support feature that lets podcasters collect money from their fans for their efforts. Creators of any size or experience level can add a Listener Support button to th...

Learn to Use WordPress Like a Pro

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Vimeo wants to power Facebook, Twitch and YouTube livestreams

Vimeo made clear its focus on its creator community last year when it introduced livestreaming tools, now it's expanding its efforts with new distribution features that will help creators grow and expand their audiences. Announced today are "Simulcas...