Traumatize Kids from an Early Age with This Freddy Krueger Jack-in-the-Box

The most reviled toy in the entire toy box at daycare way back in the day was the Jack-in-the-Box. It played creepy music, and you never knew when that clown bastard would pop out. If you have kids and want to scare the crap out of them in a way that a standard Jack-in-the-Box can’t, this is the toy for you.

This is Mezco Toyz’ Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Burst Box. The metal box has images of that knife-fingered nut Freddy on the outside. Spin the green handle and ol’ Fred will pop out with that snazzy red and green sweater, hat, and mincemeat face.

You can pre-order one now for $42.99 at Entertainment Earth with shipping starting in November 2019.

Funko POP! Office Space Action Figures Need You to Come in Saturday

Office Space was a fantastic flick. I particularly loved the scene where they beat the stuffing out of the hated laser printer that always says PC LOAD LETTER. Now, Funko has immortalized the main characters of Mike Judge’s classic comedy with their own POP! vinyl figures.

The Bill Lumbergh figure will ask you to work the weekend and wants his TPS reports right now. The Milton Waddams action figure wants his red stapler back, or he will burn the place down.

The Peter Gibbons action figure hasn’t really been missing work. All three figures are available from ThinkGeek for $12.99 each.

New LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV Set Is Coming In May

If you are building your Star Wars LEGO fleet of spaceships, check this one out. The newly announced LEGO 75244 Star Wars Tantive IV set is headed our way. Also known as the Blockade Runner, it is the Corellian Corvette that carried Princess Leia at the beginning of the original Star Wars movie.

The set is one of many LEGO Star Wars sets announced at this year’s Star Wars Celebration event. This is actually the third LEGO version of this ship. The first was the Ultimate Collectors’ Series (10019) set from 2001, the second was a playset (10198) released in 2009. The new LEGO 75244 Star Wars Tantive IV has more parts than the original, with 1,768 pieces.

It looks a bit sleeker than the previous versions too. This version has an elongated hull, detachable escape pods(because that’s how the adventure starts), an elevating gun, cargo hold, 11 engines, and a removable hull plate that reveals a 2-minifigure cockpit, conference area with table, weapon rack and a control console with a pair of seats. Obviously, this LEGO set is not to minifig scale, but it’s still pretty detailed and cool looking.

The set also comes with five minifigures: Bail Organa, Princess Leia, Captain Antilles, C-3PO, Rebel Fleet Trooper, and R2-D2. It will hit stores on May 4, 2019 for $199.99.

This Jurassic World T-Rex Pool Float Is So Wrong Its Right

There’s something odd about this T-Rex but I can’t put my finger on it. It might be the fact that its body is shaped like a donut. Yeah, that’s it. You’re not looking so ferocious in that shape are you mister T-Rex?

Well, I mean, he’ll still tear you apart in the pool. This is the officially licensed Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom T-Rex Pool Float. For 40 bucks, you get a 70-inch dinosaur. I’m no math wiz, but that’s less than a dollar per dinosaur-inch. Inflate this bad boy, throw it in the pool and hop on. You are now king of the water dinosaurs. That’s right. The T-Rex has now evolved to be an aquatic creature, even though those arms clearly can’t help it swim. Nature is weird like that.

Look at the smile on this guy. He’s happy to be in the water on a hot day. They should have just made a T-Rex head and had it weighted so that it looks like this guy is rising up from the water, because I really just want to scare people in the pool. But it’s still pretty cool to be able to ride a water T-Rex like I’m Jurassic Aquaman.

[via Dude I Want That via Geekologie]

LEGO Probe Droid Ready to Alert the Empire to Your Presence

Man, some of the LEGO builds out there just look so amazing that they barely look like LEGO at all. Take this Imperial Probe Droid based on the droid from The Empire Strikes Back. It was made by Lino Martins, who is obviously a master LEGO builder.

Lino put a lot of great details in this droid considering the medium. I would buy this in a second if it were an official set. If any of you have built a Hoth rebel base out of LEGO, this guy would be a perfect addition. It’s pretty much action figure quality.

I would contact Lino and ask if I could buy it, but I’m pretty sure he smashed it right after the pictures were taken because he didn’t want it alerting the Empire to his location. That’s a wise move. You always shoot the probe droid. Always.

I wish I was this good with LEGO. I can barely build a LEGO house. Lino needs to put this up on LEGO ideas, because it is a masterpiece. Or at least give us all some instructions so that we can make one for ourselves.

[via Brothers Brick via Mike Shouts]

Fender Guitar Amp Coffee Mug Cranks Your Caffeine Buzz to 11

You know what I love? Cool coffee mugs. You know what I hate? Cool coffee mugs that are ruined only by a square-shaped lip or other weird shape so that your drink all lands on your chest instead of in your mouth. That’s what we have here it seems.

On one hand, this officially-licensed Fender coffee mug from Paladone was designed to look like a classic Fender Twin Reverb guitar amp. That’s pretty damn cool. That weirdly shaped lip, not so much, thanks to the flat face of the mug. They call it “oversized”, but it doesn’t look that huge. I just can’t drink out of these weirdly shaped mugs, so this one will be for guests, so I can watch them wet themselves with their drinks.

But it does look awesome. We need to up the technology in our mugs. This one would be even better if it played some music when it got hot. I’d like to be able to adjust the volume too. Is that too much to ask? Meanwhile, scientists are building killer robots that do backflips and stuff. You guys have your priorities all wrong. Do robots later, and get to work on mugs that can play music.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]

Darth Vader Helmet Tea Kettle: I’m a Little Teapot Tall and Evil

Do you think Darth Vader sat in his round ball thing drinking tea at the end of a long, tough day of blowing up planets and force choking people? If he did this would be the kettle Lord Vader would use. This kettle will make hot water to get your favorite beverage going, be it coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.

The kettle looks like Vader’s iconic dark helmet and has a lightsaber for its handle. It’s made from 80% aluminum, 20% stainless steel, and 100% evil. It holds 1.7 liters of fluid, and is hand-wash only, just like Vader himself.

ThinkGeek will sell you a Darth Vader tea kettle for $39.99, and it is available now. It’s too bad the kettle whistles like a normal kettle rather than making the deep breathing sound Vader makes.

Monopoly IT Edition: Rich Uncle Pennywise

My first brush with Stephen King’s IT came at a young age when I was home one-day in the summer, and found it in my dad’s bookshelf. It scared the crap out of me within a couple of chapters, and I never finished reading it. The miniseries from back in the day was just as scary. I took my daughter to see the new IT when it was in theaters, and spent most of the time waiting for jump scares so I could frighten her. I got my money’s worth; the people around me not so much.

If you enjoy having the IT scared out of you too, check out this new Monopoly game, based on the creepy franchise.


We have yet to see any pictures of the board, tokens, or game cards, but the game will have players traveling around locations from the evil town of Derry. It will include special Losers’ Club currency, and tokens that look like items from IT as well. Hopefully Pennywise will take over duties for Rich Uncle Pennybags, and one of the tokens will be a red balloon.

Monopoly: IT Edition is expected to ship this May for $39.99, and you can pre-order it now over at Entertainment Earth.


Game Of Thrones Monopoly: I Play and I Know Things

If you have been waiting for a Game Of Thrones edition of Monopoly to go with your other 100 Monopoly variants, check this out. There was an earlier version of Game of Thrones Monopoly, but the latest one is way cooler. It even comes with a musical iron throne card holder, house sigil take tokens, GOT-themed money, and holdfasts and castles instead of houses and hotels. This is the board game that Game Of Thrones fans have been waiting for.

In the Monopoly Game of Thrones edition, the packaging, tokens, money, chance cards, and game pieces are all inspired by the popular HBO series. You have to buy as many iconic Westeros properties as you can, so you can collect rent and get Lannister rich while bankrupting your enemies.

Or you know, you can all pick up swords and fight each other to the death for the Iron Throne, but it’s probably better to just enjoy this board game. It’s less bloody and won’t require a visit to the emergency room. Usually. I guess it depends on how heated your Monopoly sessions get.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

LEGO Education Spike Prime Brings Blocky STEM Learning to Classrooms

LEGO has unveiled its latest building system aimed at classrooms. The new building kit is called LEGO Education SPIKE Prime, and it is a hands-on learning approach for the classroom aimed at STEM education. The Spike app is used for programming robotic creations that students make with the kit and uses the SCRATCH coding language.

Aimed at grade 6-8 students, the app includes lessons aligned with existing educational standards, and many of them can be finished in a 45-minute session. LEGO says that makes it easy to integrate Spike into the classroom.

The LEGO Education Spike Prime set is for ages ten and up and includes 523 bricks and mechanical parts. The kit will start shipping in August 2019 for $329.95, and includes everything needed to start lessons in the classroom.