Evolution of the Wall Clock


Designer Daeun Joung’s latest concept looks like nothing more than a three-dimensional piece of wall art… but it’s that and more. The sculptural design actually triples as a short throw projector and wireless speaker.

Disguised as art on your wall, it frees up the surface real estate that most wireless speakers occupy. Working in tandem with the COZY app on your phone, the design can stream your favorite tunes and display a variety of customized notifications on your wall. Sync it up to preview a live stream of the news or make it display the weather, time, and stocks.

Designer: Daeun Joung




An Appliance in Disguise


The Cozy table exists at the intersection of furniture and appliance, doing double duty as a both a side table and indoor air purifier. Because certain appliances can be eyesores in your living space, it only makes sense that certain products be camouflaged or hybridized into something that already exists!

Cozy’s straightforward aesthetic makes it a subtle accent to any bedroom, living room or den, classic or contemporary. As an added bonus, the top surface doubles as an induction charger for Android and late model iPhones AND there’s a built in light. So, whether you’re a master at minimalism or just looking to clean up your clutter, it’s an easy solution to reduce the number of items you need and see!

Designer: Jinsu Doo









Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy

yoda coffee cup cozy Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy
The brew is strong with this one. Let Jedi Master Yoda keep your hands from scalding with this adorable Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy. I’m sorry- “Star Wars inspired” cozy- tell Goofy to call off the lawyers. You know that Yoda is renowned for his feats of coffee drinking- that’s what accounts for his stunted growth. Yeah, I went there….there is no try, my friends.

Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy

Cozy could make renting much more comfortable for both landlords and tenants

Cozy opens its doors, aims to make renting easier for both landlords and tenants

Renting is a pain. Sure, it saves you from financial doom when the housing market collapses, and it certainly is a lot more affordable when you're feeling a bit resource-constrained, but it can cause some massive headaches. Depending on your market, scoring a place may require applying to dozens of potential landlords, spreading your precious, personal information with wild abandon to folks you've never met. It's no pleasure cruise for those landlords, too, who have to chase down references and decide which of a pool of total strangers is most suitable to move in. And, when a rent check gets lost in the mail, nobody's happy.

These are just some of the issues that Cozy is looking to solve. The service, which formally launches today and is backed by Google Ventures among many others, is looking to reboot the way that renters and landlords interact. More info after the break.

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