The FlexTILT Head 2 gives your camera knees so you don’t have to bend yours

You don’t have to stand on one leg or bend over backwards to get that perfectly composed shot. If you’ve got a tripod and the FlexTILT Head 2, your camera can do the bending for you! Edelkrone’s FlexTILT Head 2 is a small intermediate connector that sits between your camera and your tripod, giving your camera the stability of three legs, and the flexibility of two knees.

It’s a simple idea with powerful applications, really. The FlexTILT Head 2 comes with a CNC machined aluminum body and friction hinges that allow you to position your camera in multiple ways. You can lift the camera up, set it down, face it at any angle without messing with your tripod’s settings, or even face it downwards. The FlexTILT Head 2 supports a load of up to 5 kilograms, allowing you to work even with those big, heavy lenses. The friction hinges only work when you operate them (much like a laptop’s screen), and there’s even a spirit level as well as an angle-adjuster so you can tilt and even rotate the camera with relative ease. Moreover, the FlexTILT Head 2 even lets you swap your camera’s batteries without needing you to unscrew it off the tripod.

The FlexTILT Head 2 sort of opens a wide variety of possibilities. It can be used independently, as a makeshift stand, on a tripod, or even with dolly-sliders too, and is compatible with practically every camera that uses the traditional threaded mounting system.

Designer: Edelkrone

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How clean is your drinking water? This tiny gadget can tell you in seconds.

We often take the quality of the water we drink for granted. Food is often tested for hygiene and safety, but that level of scrutiny doesn’t extend to water. With water, we usually take for granted that it’s clean if it looks, smells, and tastes okay. If only purity worked that way!

Lishtot TestDrop Pro does what our senses cannot. Tests water for contaminants that we can’t see, smell, or taste. It scans water without needing to be immersed in it, and in a matter of 2 seconds, tells you if the water you’ve got is safe to drink or not. In what outwardly seems like magic, the TestDrop Pro is capable of analyzing your water in mere seconds, without even being in contact with it. Turns out, water emits its own local electromagnetic field, which the TestDrop Pro reads. Using this electromagnetic reading, the TestDrop Pro can tell if your water is safe to drink or not, because pure water emits a marginally different field from water with lead or chlorine in it, water with E. coli, or water with any other contaminants in it. Using this electromagnetic reading, and a simple red and blue light, the TestDrop Pro can, within seconds, tell you whether your water is pure or not. It goes even a step further with Lishtot’s smartphone app, telling you the exact percentage of purity with remarkable accuracy!

Designer: Lishtot

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This Key-fob is like a universal remote for all your smart-devices

This is the OmniFob, quite literally a portmanteau of the words omni, meaning all or everything, and fob, the tiny remote-control that sits on your keychain. While most keyfobs are single purpose (e.g. car, garage door, apartment gate, etc.), OmniFob controls a broad range of smart devices – home, auto, personal security, and locator.

A slim, nondescript Chapstick-sized device with a horizontal screen and two buttons, OmniFob was built to control practically everything. With its relatively simple button interaction, you can start your car, open your garage door, unlock your door, switch on/off your lights, open your curtains, adjust the thermostat, control your music player, trigger the shutter on your phone’s camera, and even find your phone. It attaches easily to any keychain alongside your keys, as a master key for all your connected devices. OmniFob is practically a universal remote for your life, and aside from being able to pause, rewind or fast-forward time like the remote from the movie Click, OmniFob gives its users one-touch control over everything.

OmniFob’s ability to communicate with its ever-increasing roster of smart devices comes courtesy of integrations with smart-aggegators like Yonomi and Samsung’s SmartThings, making the fob compatible with a wide range of the most popular smart devices. OmniFob also works with Nexx Garage, the most popular smart garage door opener on Amazon, and also with cars, thanks to a collaboration with Mobikey, an aftermarket connected key-less entry and remote start system. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth locator powered by Chipolo and is compatible with Voice Assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google, so you can use your fob to find your phone or ask your phone to help find your OmniFob.

Working the OmniFob is quite literally as easy as pushing a button. The fob comes with two buttons, a primary backlit button right beside the screen, and a secondary button to navigate through functions. The screen helps you toggle through services, knowing which one you’re activating. Once you’ve found your service, click the primary button and OmniFob activates or deactivates it for you. You can even set presets on the fob, double or triple clicking for commonly-used shortcuts, or shaking the fob to trigger a particular service like the “Locate my smartphone” feature, or even broadcast an emergency SOS alert with your GPS location to a family member. OmniFob’s companion app for iOS and Android allows it to link to your services. You can, within the app, choose what actions you want to program into the fob, and what devices you want it to interact with. The fob charges via MicroUSB, and lasts up to 2 weeks on a full battery. Moreover, the OmniFob sits on your keychain with the rest of your keys and EDC, and even comes with a mini-flashlight, giving you yet one more thing that you can control with the push of a button!

Designers: Josh Downes & David Cooper

Click Here to Buy Now: $91 $130 (30% off). Hurry, only 4/135 left!

OmniFob: World’s Smartest Key Fob – Control Your Everything

One FOB to Rule Them All: Open the garage, unlock the door, turn on the lights, start the car, find your keys, call for help, & more. Keyport is dedicated to creating the next generation multi-tool for the modern lifestyle.

OmniFob is a finger-sized key fob that transforms any standard keychain into a connected life remote providing quick and easy access to your favorite smart functions:

– without having to lug around multiple cumbersome remotes,
– without having to pull out your oversized smartphone, and
– without having to use both hands when you’re on the go or have your hands full.

Open your garage, unlock your door, turn on your lights, start your car, find your keys, call for help, and more all in one VERY smart fob that attaches easily to any conventional keychain and that is also compatible with Keyport’s modular Slide 3.0, Pivot, and Anywhere Tools.

Think of it as a mobile hot button for your smartphone… a single key fob that:

– controls your favorite smart home functions (garage door, home security, smart locks, smart lights, smart plugs, and more)
– replaces your auto remotes
– serves as your secret panic button
– has a built-in Bluetooth locator so that you never lose it

OmniFob is the World’s first all-in-one smart remote for home and auto with BLE locator powered by Chipolo.

Just click a button and control your everything.

Turn on the lights, open the garage, disarm the alarm, unlock the front door, and even do it all at once! A remote fob’s primary value is that it provides quick and easy access to certain functions – ON/OFF, OPEN/CLOSE, LOCK/UNLOCK, ARM/DISARM – you use every day. So, we have focused our efforts on those particular smart home IoT devices which meet that criteria, and they fall into five categories:

– Garage Doors
– Home Security
– Smart Locks
– Smart Lights
– Smart Outlets & Smart Plugs

Routine / Scene Support

Routines (as Yonomi calls them) or scenes (as Samsung SmartThings refers to them) allow a user to initiate multiple commands at once. For example, a Leave Home routine might include the following:

– Close the garage
– Lock the front door
– Arm the security system
– Turn off all smart lights
– Set the thermostat to an away temp

Once a routine is programmed in the Yonomi app or in the SmartThings app, OmniFob can initiate it with one simple click. The possibilities are virtually endless… Wake Up, Go To Sleep, Leave Home, Coming Home are just a few of the most common routines which you can personalize to suit your needs.

Programmable Quick Control

OmniFob (patent pending) is a tiny shortcut remote that triggers the apps you use to control your smart devices, scenes, routines, and even your cars. It’s like having multiple smart buttons in one tiny remote. Currently OmniFob can control over 100 devices and scenes. But since OmniFob only has two buttons, how fast is it to access all your devices if you have to scroll through the menu each time? The answer is… Quick Controls 🙂

Here are a few examples of Quick Controls you can program yourself in the app

With Quick Controls, you don’t have to look at your OmniFob to activate it. You can simply perform a double-click, long press, quad-click, or shake & click to trigger your most frequently functions.

– Quick Controls combined with a scene or routine allows you to trigger smart actions quickly without digging your phone out of your pocket or purse, unlocking it, selecting an app, opening it, and then selecting the function you wish to initiate.
– Quick Controls are completely customizable in the Keyport app so you can assign your most frequently used actions to the Quick Control option of your choice.
– Currently we are building five standard Quick Controls in addition to a panic trigger for personal security (more on that below).

Connected Car

Without question, auto lock/unlock is the most requested function, and we have heard you loud and clear! Over the past several years, we have researched, examined, outlined, prototyped, and tested dozens of options, and we are excited to introduce you to our first partners in the auto space.

While still early in the development, we are working with two of what we hope will be several aftermarket connected car applications to bring you remote start and lock/unlock solutions.

– Turn your old car or new car into a connected car with functions like remote start, lock/unlock, etc. that can be controlled by both OmniFob and your phone
– Control multiple vehicles with a single fob (so long as an OmniFob compatible* aftermarket system is installed in each vehicle)


Their first partner in this space is an exciting early stage company which is doing very cool things in the car sharing space. They have been testing their original system all over the World this past year and have recently launched the newest version of their smart auto start / keyless entry system called MoboKey.

How It Works

OmniFob pairs to both the Keyport app and the Chipolo app (for locator specific functionality) on your smartphone. Once set up, the commands you issue by selecting the function and then clicking the button on your OmniFob will be sent via Bluetooth to the requisite app which will then initiate your request. For example, to open your garage door, you select the Garage Door – Open/Close function with the Mode button on the side and then click the Select button which initiates the command. The Keyport app receives the command via Bluetooth, determines which function to call, and then initiates the action via API through the cloud.

Below: Devices That Are Compatible with OmniFob

Alongside smart home, connected car, and personal security, OmniFob has incorporated a built-in Bluetooth locator powered by Chipolo so you can find your OmniFob from your phone… or find your phone from your OmniFob.

Find OmniFob with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

A tiny keychain flashlight is always a useful everyday carry item.  To give you one that doesn’t take up any additional space, we added a mini-flashlight for shining a little light when you need it most.

Trying to take the perfect selfie is not exactly the suavest of moves. Now you can use OmniFob as a remote camera trigger so that you can do it without looking like a tourist.

A part of the Keyport modular everyday carry system, OmniFob is compatible with the Keyport’s Anywhere Pocket Clip™ (comes standard and can connect to virtually any keychain), the Keyport Pivot™, and the Keyport Slide™.

Can’t I Do All This On My Phone Already?

Yes although not together in a single app and not with easy one-handed access. The OmniFob is designed to be the ultimate shortcut to your smartphone’s apps by combining:

– the utility of a smart button,
– a more robust interface with an OLED screen which gives you access to a broader range of functions for home, auto, and personal security, and
– the convenience of a unique set of Quick Controls that make it faster and easier to initiate your favorite functions.

In addition, the team added a built-in Bluetooth Low Energy locator powered by Chipolo, selfie remote, and mini-flashlight to give you everything you need to control your… everything.

OmniFob Security

OmniFob does not connect directly to your devices. It simply connects to the Keyport app on your smartphone via Bluetooth and acts as a shortcut to your smart apps.

– No biometrics
– No direct device connections
– No private data stored on the device
– No history stored on the device
– No unencrypted transfer of data

In the Keyport App, you connect to a compatible 3rd party app via Oauth2 validation. There is no need to worry about security if you ever lose your OmniFob. It is designed to be a shortcut to your smart phone via Bluetooth. Therefore, OmniFob will not work if it is out of Bluetooth range of your phone and the Keyport app to which it is paired. Just unpair it in the Keyport app and all your devices will be inoperable even if the thief finds his way back into your Bluetooth bubble.

Click Here to Buy Now: $91 $130 (30% off). Hurry, only 4/135 left!

Save 92% on the Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle 2

We have an awesome deal on the Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle 2 in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today, you can save 92% off the normal price. The Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle 2 is available in our deals store for just $29, it normally retails for $387. Most companies are implementing […]

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Herbstation is the most flexible gardening system that grows fresh produce year-round

As easy as it is to tell Alexa to order you a bag of parsley, it’s even easier to walk up to your kitchen-garden and pluck a few parsley leaves yourself. Altifarm’s new product Herbstation is on a mission is to give you the convenience of fresh produce right in your home! This decorative, autonomous-watering home farm can be placed anywhere in your house. Its intuitive system design allows the plant to grow without you getting yourself tied-in, and gives you the satisfaction of having the freshest produce available to you, right in your home!

Herbstation comes with a patent-pending self-watering system and a two-part grow tub design, crafted out of high-density polyethylene, with a form that’s inspired by the symmetry of pottery and with textures of ceramic and wood. Designed to work all year round, Herbstation grows your plants for you, using a specially calibrated set of LEDs to even mimic sunlight in low-light areas, giving your plant everything it needs. Just fill water into its reservoir and its system does the rest letting the Herbstation sustain the plant while elevating your decor with an understated elegance.

Herbstation joins the ranks of a growing movement to farm as much of your produce as you can. Given that as much as 50% of your greens’ nutrition gets lost from the time it is harvested to the time it takes to reach your plate, and that you never really know where your fruits and vegetables are actually coming from, Herbstation’s solution is simple as it is effective. Grow your own herbs and veggies, and they’ll literally be the freshest they can be! The self-watering grow kit is perfect for micro-greens, herbs, sprouts, garnish-greens, and even heirloom fruits and vegetables. The versatile Herbstation can be ordered as a standalone counter top unit or as a floor-standing triple kit, or a wall-mounting double. A clear window lets you know how much water is in Herbstation’s reservoir, and you can keep replenishing it every couple of days, while the magnetic LED grow lights can be raised or lowered to manage its intensity.

Ultimately, the Herbstation is accommodating to your needs. From fruits, veggies, herbs, to even flowers, the Herbstation can autonomously grow them all. The planter itself is designed to work with soil as you always did or soil-less hydroponically with peat, and even with seed pods, transforming your indoor or even outdoor space into a greenhouse that is capable of self-sustenance… as well as easy to access from the kitchen every time you need some absolutely fresh veggies or herbs for your delicious meals!

Designers: Arun Raj & Karanvir Pathania

Click Here to Buy Now: $189 $249 ($60 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

Floor Standing variant

Countertop variant

Herbstation: The Easiest Way to Grow at Home

A compact & beautiful home farm that elevates your decor & grows fresh produce year-round, using garden soil or soil-less hydroponics. Grow herbs at home effortlessly, with no subscription or recurring costs involved.

Cost of seeds: $3. Output Weight: 10.5 oz. Output Market Price: $30.

Most new grow systems are either a token effort or are very demanding from the user. Others are subscription-based or expensive to run. Herbstation is here to change that and help you grow like a pro.

Grows fresh herbs, veggies and microgreens all year round. Herbstation is easy to use and harvesting fresh produce is super fun!

How it Works

With their patent-pending self-watering system, all you need to do is just top up the water level every weekend or so. It stores water for 7-10 days and provides for on-demand watering, using capillary action and gravity. With root aeration, your plants will grow quicker and healthier. Also, our LED grow lights gives 100% autonomy from sunlight.

No pump/motor/power connection for water circulation and no clogging/sedimentation. No pH or conductivity check and no fungus/algae or damp corners at home.

Automatic on-demand watering, also helps with root oxygenation for healthier plants.

Below: Herbstation Features

Complete autonomy from sunlight. From seeds to harvest, all under grow lights.

1) Magnetic LED Grow Lights:

– 3W High-power, energy efficient OSRAM chip LEDs with custom secondary optics.
– Full spectrum White + Far Red + Deep Blue wavelengths.
– Magnetic Mounting, first time in the industry.
– Daisy Chain wiring kit + IP65 rated water-proof driver/ power supply.

By providing plants exactly the wavelengths that are required for various growth stages, we boost their growth while reducing power consumption and eliminate wasted heat energy.

Fill it, shut it, forget it – for a week or more!

2) In-built Self Watering Tech:

– Stores water for 7-10 days and waters on demand, automatically.
– Works with gravity/ capillary action. No electricity, water connection, or pump involved.
– No under watering or over watering, no guesswork.
– Better root oxygenation for healthier plant growth.

With so many plants to choose from, you have several possibilities to go with.

3) Push Button Height Adjustment:

– One touch height adjustment with auto-locking.
– Multiple heights and positions to choose from to suit a wide range of plants.
– Ergonomic positioning and gives plants easy access to grow lights.

Always take the weather with you!

4) Greenhouse for Winters:

– Protects plants from extreme climate; regulates temperature, humidity and CO2.
– Roll-up doors with zipper and velcro closure.
– Limited protection from pets, children and certain pests.

It’s so easy, everyone will like to move it, move it!

5) Mobile Pack for Relocation:

– Neat design with discrete spherical wheels.
– Includes position locking and height-leveling mechanisms.

Herbstation Countertop is compact & light and fits anywhere.

Below: Three Ways To Grow

1. Soil-based: Grow like you always did – use soil from the yard or buy from a store and use seeds , seedlings or plant cuttings. You may fortify it with manure, fertilizer or compost. Inbuilt self-watering system will water from below the soil using capillary action, and you need not worry about watering for 7-10 days.

2. Soil-less: Grow like an expert – use a sterile medium like coco-peat or rock-wool and mix hydroponic nutrients in water, for unbelievably quick plant growth. You need to check all parameters of water and nutrients thoroughly. Watering is through self-watering system as above, no pumps or circulation involved.

3. Seed Pod: Grow for fun – get growing with the least effort, using Seed-pods with pre-infused nutrients, from certain manufacturers. All you need to do is to drop the pod (which comes with seeds) into the self-watering cones in the Herbstation and add water.

Three Variants to Choose From

If growing edibles is not your thing, you may grow garden plants on Herbstation- ornamental and florals, exotics and medicinal varieties, succulents or #plantsofinstagram. Whatever you may choose, our ingenious Self-watering and LED grow lights would let your plants thrive.

What Can You Grow?

Grow microgreens, salads, herbs to certain varieties of root vegetables like carrots and beetroot. Even growing tall plants is possible as tub heights are easily adjustable. Only limitations might be those with very deep roots.

The Magic of Microgreens

Microgreens are the most sought-after super foods now. Studies show that microgreens pack 40 times the nutrients than a full-grown plant. They are easy to digest, offer an intense flavor and rich nutrition, and are versatile to use.

Spun-off from a product design studio, design and innovation is at the heart of everything the design teams do.

Product Development Journey

Herbstation is a distillation of everything we have learned with interaction with Altifarmers in 5 continents, while Altifarm itself came to life in 4 years. We have obsessed over every little detail and fine-tuned every function to make Herbstation a complete indoor gardening solution. Barring LED chips and driver, every single item in the box is custom manufactured to our specifications. This includes special polymer blends and coatings; even the PVC/PE film for the greenhouse is made to order and then tailored by our supplier.

1) Ideation 2)CAD Modelling 3) Machined Prototype 4) 3D Printed Prototype 5) Growlight Development 6) Pilot Production through RTV molding

Working prototype.

In detail.

Tubs are identical across variants

Why Herbstation

Do you know that the loss of nutritive value of certain food items is more than 50% from farm to fork? Or that food travels for over 1500 miles on an average and has a significant carbon footprint? Also that the crop varieties in commercial farming are prioritized for shelf life and not for nutrition, while we miss out on local, organic and heirloom varieties of plant varieties.

Homegrown produce is rich in nutrients, especially in phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A and folates. There’s only the joy, pride and delightful consumption with no chemicals, pesticides or GMO to worry about. Besides it’s a great way to engage the whole family- particularly children, in an enjoyable hobby, while connecting with nature.

Click Here to Buy Now: $189 $249 ($60 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

Save 92% on the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription

We have a great deal on the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today, you can save 92% off the regular price. The KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription is available in our deals store for just $39, it normally retails for $499. Online privacy and protection of your data that […]

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A former Harley Davidson engineer built the most efficient e-bike of all time

Erik Buell is a pretty common name in the motorbike circuit. Best known for founding Buell Motorbikes, a trueblue American motorcycle company that made some incredible café racers before being acquired by Harley Davidson, Buell soon shifted his attention to the future i.e., electric automobiles. Buell’s latest electric-forward company, Fuell, is part wordplay, part sardonicism, and complete visual and engineering bliss.

The Fuell Fluid is the company’s second ever EV after the Flow, an urban-conscious electric motorbike with a 125 mile range. Made, like the Flow, for urban mobility, the Fluid is an electric pedal-assist bike with the longest range in its category. Engineered by Erik Buell himself, and co-designed with the talented Belarus-based transportation designer Artem Smirnov, Fluid is every bit a beautiful, sleek, premium e-bike. Ensconced in a matte metallic and black body with subtle acid-green accents really making the bike stand out, Fluid is dominated by straight, robust lines that give it both visual and structural stability brought about by the custom aluminum alloy used to craft the frame. The e-bike has rear-wheel-fitted motor exclusive to Fuell, which provides 100Nm of torque to assist your pedaling, getting you further with lesser effort, while a carbon belt fitted on a Shimano Alfine 8-gear hub and Pirelli tires make Fluid practically one of the most spec’d out pedal-assist bicycles on the market.

The Fluid comes not with one, but two removable batteries that sit on the e-bike’s thick top-tube, giving it a total capacity of 1008Wh… enough to power the bike as well as charge your phone while riding it. The batteries secure into the bike’s frame via lock-and-key, so only you can remove them when you need to charge them. Charging takes roughly 2.5 hours to hit 80%, making the detachable battery easy to carry back home and charge overnight. Fluid also packs an IPS screen for a dashboard that shows you your speed, battery level, and pedal-assistance level. It even packs anti-theft features including an on-screen PIN unlock, an optional foldable manual lock, and an optional GPS tracker (the GPS is just available to EU backers for now). Available in two variants, Fluid 1 and 1S, the bike offers two max speeds of 20mph and 28mph, tailor-made to the regions the bike will ship to. Designed and engineered under the expertise of Erik Buell himself, the Fuell Flow provides perhaps one of the finest e-bike experiences money has to offer. After all, the man has over 40 years of experience and hundreds of motorbikes to his credit…

Designer: Erik Buell

Click Here to Buy Now: $3,599 $5,499 (34% off). Hurry, prices go up on July 25th at 11:59 PT.

FUELL Fluid: Longest Range, Pedal Assist E-bike

The FUELL Fluid E-bike designed by legendary motorcyclist engineer Erik Buell comes with an exceptional 125 mile/200 km range which aims to change the way urbanites travel and commute.

The FUELL Fluid with a mid-drive bofeili 500W pedal assisted motor, giving it 100Nm of torque, that offers bicyclists exhilarating acceleration. The FUELL Fluid is built with a custom aluminum alloy frame giving it both durability and a sleek appearance.

Adding to its durability is that the FUELL Fluid was designed with the urban rider in mind. Specced with things like a Gates Carbon Drive belt system, and a Shimano Alfine 8-speed Geared Hub to make it virtually maintenance-free. Two batteries provide the e-bike with 1,008wh capacity and a 125 mile estimated travel range.

Below: Designed by Industry Leaders

Erik Buell is considered to be a pioneer in motorcycle technology and earned his induction into the American Motorcyclist’s Association Hall of Fame in 2002. He has 40 years of engineering experience, and founded his own motorcycle racing company Buell Motorcycle company which eventually merged with Harley Davidson. His knowledge on two wheelers have transferred over to his new passion project, the tech packed, specced out FUELL Fluid E-Bike.

Below: Why FUELL Fluid E-bike

The batteries are simple and quick to charge, reaching 80% of its charge within 2.5 hours and a full charge at 5 hours. Both of the Fluids 504wh batteries are removable and if battery technology evolves can be upgradeable.

Seamlessly integrated onto the center of the handle bars is a 3.2 IPS color screen that displays important information like speed, distance traveled, battery level, and 5 configurable motor assist settings. The e-bike comes equipped with an adjustable suspension for ride quality control and hydraulic brakes for impressive stopping power.

Below: FUELL Fluid Options and Sizes

Color Options for FUELL Fluid


Click Here to Buy Now: $3,599 $5,499 (34% off). Hurry, prices go up on July 25th at 11:59 PT.

Someone invented this travel-safe decanter to carry your spirits with you on holidays!

I’m assuming there’s a big enough niche for people who like carrying their preferred poison with them wherever they go. I won’t lie, I’ve tried carrying bottles around on flights and they’re an intensely stressful experience. Thankfully I’ve never been the recipient of shoddy cargo-handling and my bottles have always come out intact, but that luck doesn’t extend to everyone. If a bottle is breakable, chances are it will break, so it’s best you be prepared with a product like the Travel Decanter, a glass decanter housed in a secure, double-walled low-tolerance stainless steel casing, designed specifically to withstand the physical toll of traveling.

The Travel Decanter was built for two things. Travel, and taste-preservation. A specially-crafted hand-blown decanter holds 500ml of whatever you pour into it, be it a special spirit, or a cocktail of choice. Unlike metal or polymer-based containers, the glass decanter doesn’t alter the taste of the drink within. The result is a truly well-preserved libation that doesn’t have any plastic-y taste or metallic notes. A wide neck on the decanter allows you to easily pour drinks into it, and even add a few ice-cubes of your own, while a stainless steel stopper with a silicone seal ensures your liquids are preserved in a spill-proof, air-tight environment. The decanter then slides into a double-walled stainless steel outer casing that keeps your drink chilled as well as protected from accidental bumps and spills courtesy the butter-fingers that handle our luggage at the airport. The stainless-steel casing screws together to stay securely shut, and opens at the middle to transform into two tumblers to drink from. In fact, there’s even 2oz indicator inside the glass so you know how much to pour, and a subtle design at the base of each tumbler around the rim, for easy gripping. When assembled, the Travel Decanter measures a mere 8.5 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width, slipping easily into suitcases, or even in the bottle-pouch of backpacks.

Calling the Travel Decanter a thermos or a flask would be like calling an iPad a computer. You’d be right in a strictly literal sense, but you’d also lose a lot in translation, because in many ways, the Travel Decanter is a very new category. Its job is preservation no doubt, but for a specific liquid and a scenario that surely demands a product (I don’t have statistics on how many bottles of alcohol break inside suitcases but I imagine it’s enough to be a headache). Ultimately the Travel Decanter helps you carry your favorite spirits with you, especially on business trips where you’d much rather sip on your own alcohol than rely on those incredibly expensive hotel room minibars, or on road-trips and picnics outside the city.

Designer: Kegan McDaniel

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $60 (26% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $330,000.

The Travel Decanter: Preserve Your Whiskey, Cocktails, and Wine

A 500 ml hand blown decanter, encased in 2 stainless steel double wall tumblers – designed to preserve your spirits during travel.

The Travel Decanter Drop Test

The double-wall stainless steel shell not only insulates remarkably, it provides impact and shock resistance. Above is a real-life video dropping the Travel Decanter directly onto concrete. It demonstrates the durability, and protection it provides to the borosilicate glass decanter.

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $60 (26% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $330,000.

This NASA-based inertial technology gym device is what the Apollo 11 would want on its 50th anniversary

How do you jog on a treadmill in space? How do you lift weights in a zero-gravity atmosphere? Exercising in outer space sounds like a rather strange problem because there isn’t much you can do that’s effort intensive, only because things are rather effortless in a situation without gravity!

The answer to how astronauts exercise in space is ‘friction training’. An astronaut’s physical fitness is paramount to the success of a space mission, and exercise equipment can often be bulky, occupying precious space in a rocket pod. Gyms built for space are often incredibly compact, multi-purpose pieces of equipment that use inertial technology to work your muscles, giving you the perfect workout with a decreased chance of injury. Friction training can be used down here on earth too. It’s efficient, and allows you to perform concentric and eccentric workouts with minimal risk of strain… and it has the ability to be compact enough to carry around in your hand.

Meet the Handy Gym. It isn’t a piece of equipment, it’s an entire gym that is capable of exercising every part of your body. Developed using NASA’s isoinertial technology, Handy Gym gives you access to one of the most scientifically backed workout methods of all time. After all, if it’s good enough for the international space station, it’s good enough for earth, right? The Handy Gym uses a pulley system and two solid steel inertial discs. Multiple accessories allow you to work different body parts, exercising your arms, legs, core, allowing you to stay fit, bulk up, lose weight, or even recover from injuries. Handy Gym is small enough to fit into a suitcase with the rest of your clothes, or in your dressing room drawer, to be used any time you want to work out. It weighs approximately 2 pounds too, so you can carry it anywhere you please. Designed for an effective, and more importantly safe workout, the Handy Gym packs a Bluetooth module too that lets you track your progress as you exercise, while the app even guides you through using the tiny multi-purpose device to work all parts of your body. Designed for three level of intensities, the Handy Gym comes with a choice of three steel discs ranging from low to medium and high power, while its set of accessories ensure that you get the entire gym experience in a deceptively small product that was designed to be quite literally out of this world!

Designer: Manuel Montes

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Handy Gym: Portable, Powerful & Effective Inertial Training

Perform strength training exercises anywhere, anytime with this conical pulley device with NASA-based inertial technology.

Handy Gym offers functionality and efficiency comparable to expensive inertial pulleys and superior to large gym machines. This kind of strength training method is independent of gravity and it allows for anywhere resistance training without lifting even one pound… while offering stronger and safer fitness results.

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Did You Know?

Isoinertial technology was developed for NASA in the 1990s to solve the problem of loss of muscle mass suffered by astronauts after long periods in space where, for lack of gravity, they could not exercise their muscles through conventional weights.

How Does Handy Gym Work

Presented in the form of a compact accessory of a two-pound, contact accessory, Handy Gym contains two inertial discs capable of converting its turn in strength of resistance. It comes with the accessories necessary to make it portable – from your home to the outdoors, you can now workout at any time!

Handy Gym also comes with a wide variety of gripping elements that allow you to perform up to 200 different exercises and work any muscle group you want.

Benefits of the Handy Gym.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $379 $637 (40% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!