‘Dance with flARmingos’ hides a deeper discussion behind goofy moves

Flamingos are all legs and pink feathers -- an iconic symbol of kitsch America. They're still a bird though; a species that's struggled against global warming and human development on its habitats. For the past two years, artist Kristin Lucas' work h...

Tesla unveils its vision of the future of trucking

At an event adjacent to SpaceX, the Tesla Semi (yes, that's its name) electric truck was introduced with the same pomp and circumstance the company uses for all its automobile launches. The tall, slick big rig follows the Tesla minimalist design lang...

Amazon’s automated convenience stores edge closer to public debut

Last year, Amazon opened its first convenience store embedded with its "just walk out technology." Located in Seattle, the Amazon Go store, which lets shoppers walk in, load up on the items they want and walk out without having to pay for the items i...

This Ceramic Death Star Lamp Is the Ultimate Accent Light in the Universe

The original Death Star may have had a fatal flaw, but it was still one of the most important and iconic symbols of the Star Wars universe. If you prefer to remember the Death Star as it was before it was blown to smithereens by Luke Skywalker, then check out this cool lighting fixture.

This sweet ceramic lamp comes from Budapest, Hungary ceramic artist Light Gallery Réka, and it looks fantastic. When illuminated, the Death Star casts cool splashes of light and dark across your walls, much like the Light and Dark sides of The Force battle it out on a daily basis. When turned off, it’s an equally cool art object, waiting to be activated and ready to blow up Alderaan.

The lamp measures about 7″ across, and is made completely from white clay, though they can also tint one into a dark grey if you prefer a more accurate representation of the Ultimate Weapon in the Universe. If you’d like one for your room, head over to Light Gallery Réka’s Etsy shop, where you can order one for about $136.

This 8-Bit Chess Set is Pixel Perfect

Chess is a fun and challenging game that really makes you use your brain. So too are lots of video games. If you like both of these pastimes as much as I do, then check out this sweet chess set which features pieces that look like 8-bit video game pixel art.

Created by Induku Designs, the set comes with everything you need to play a game on the go, including a folding board, and pieces that hold in place using cut-out notches.

Each board is made from laser-cut and engraved baltic birch plywood, and held together with leather hinges and straps. All the pieces store neatly inside for travel, so you have no excuse for losing any pieces. I really love the laser-engraved pixel patterns on the board and pieces, which give them a nice sense of depth too.

The complete set is available over on Induku’s Etsy shop for just about $55. They’ve got lots of other awesome stuff for sale there too, like this wooden strandbeest model kit.

The guy who built his own Iron Man suit now has a Guinness record

Remember that guy who built a homemade Iron Man suit? Well, with the help of his arm-strapped, gas-powered turbine engines, he just earned himself a Guinness World Record title. As The Mirror reports, Richard Browning and Daedalus (the name of his su...

GenZe has a commuter e-bike for a connected world

Cities have started to embrace their bike-riding commuters. More and more bike lanes are appearing on city streets as transportation departments realize that more bikes means less congestion. For long-time riders, it's a blessing. For those bike-curi...

Apple expands its free coding curriculum to schools outside of the US

Apple's free coding curriculum, which launched for high schools and community colleges in May, has been growing in popularity over the last few months. It had six community college systems on board at launch and in August, the company announced that...