Thermal cameras could be key to safer self-driving vehicles

The typical self-driving prototype is outfitted with a barrage of sensors, from cameras to LiDAR and radar to ultrasonic sensors. All of these are watching the road, other vehicles, pedestrians and, frankly, anything that could disrupt a leisurely dr...

‘The Red Strings Club’ explores the morality of transhumanism

If you had the ability to turn off all the negative emotions in your mind -- depression, anxiety, rage -- would you do it? Would you eagerly implant a device in your body that eliminates these feelings, or would you pause and consider the consequence...

Under Armour’s HOVR smart running shoes are more than just a gimmick

As fascinating as shoes like Nike's "PlayStation" PG2s or Adidas' "4D" Futurecrafts are, those particular models don't offer many (if any) benefits to avid runners. They're more geared toward sneakerheads than anyone else. But, that doesn't mean ther...

This Book Lets You Build Your Own Human Skeleton

Just because you want a life-size skeleton in your room, that doesn’t automatically make you a weirdo. Maybe you’re a medical student, maybe a bone doctor, maybe it’s Halloween, or maybe you are just a weirdo, which is fine too. Whatever the case, this Build Your Own Human Skeleton book is all you need to build yourself a human sized bone-buddy.

This book is a kit that lets you build a life-size (5′ 9″ tall) skeleton out of quality and durable paper. When you’re all finished, you’ll have a new bony friend to display anywhere you want. No glue or scissors needed. It is said to be a surprisingly sturdy skeleton, and the joints even bend and straighten. You can even put clothes on it if you want.

The book gives you detailed step-by-step instructions. The “bones” even have anatomical labels in both English and Latin. No bones about it, this is one awesome skeleton-making kit. You can pre-order it right now from Amazon.

It makes a great gift for medical students and also a great Halloween decoration. And like I said, weirdos are welcome too. What are you waiting for? Pre-order this thing so you can start making your scary skeleton ASAP.

[via Creepbay]

Snapchat swaps mess for money

Snap Inc. took a major risk when it completely redesigned Snapchat a few months ago -- it's no secret that people don't like change. But the company, after constantly struggling to add new users since going public last February, decided it needed to...

Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Bottle Stoppers

You know the best way to keep your wine fresh? Well, yeah, you could choose to never open it, but the wine must flow, so forget that idea. The best way to keep wine fresh is with your favorite celestial bodies from our very own solar system. Forget the usual boring cork or plastic bottle stoppers. These space themed bottle stoppers are awesome. Wine lovers and astronomy lovers find them out of this world.

These handcrafted bottle stoppers not only look great on top of your bottles, but they also glow in the dark thanks to luminescent powder mixed into the molten glass. These spheres represent The Sun, Earth, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn. They will look great when you use them at home, and will also make quite an impression when you give them as a housewarming gift along with wine.

They are handmade in China by glass blowing artists, so each piece is unique. So open up that wine, drink up and blast off to your favorite heavenly body. These bottle stoppers are classy and artsy. Good luck finding bottle stoppers that are as cool as these anywhere else on this planet.