From eccentric to downright ingenious, Nicholas Baker’s chair designs will surely inspire you to create

Every product design lover must have come across this rapid sketch along with a video of ingenious chair designs, with concepts that make you think anything in the range from ‘why didn’t I think of that’ to ‘I wish I could own that chair!’ These design creations are the work of Mr. Nicholas Baker, a designer who has gathered a devout following on Instagram with his innovative sketches.  Looking at it closely, Baker’s work is also a testament to the fact that inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look! So scroll down, have a look and get inspired to create some innovative designs of your own!

This fun concrete/metal chair created for a workshop at Purdue IDSA commemorates the 100th chair sketch created by Baker 

Molded ply chair with a puzzle piece ottoman for the times you need to put your leg up

A totally yummy doughnut inspired chair with frosting that doubles as legs for the perfect dorm room addition

A greenhouse chair for all your succulents adding functionality while creating a spot of brightness to your room!

Concrete mold chair, pour some in, let it dry, and tilt the mold back. Adding that orange backrest gives it the perfect construction vibe

A fun little playground rocking chair

Evoke nostalgia with this Lincoln log vibes chair

Herb garden chair for the budding gardener

Get away from your open office with this little nook chair for the times you need some alone time

A Christmas themed chair with the legs doubling as a sleigh

Inspired by the Brooklyn Museum archive which houses stacks of beautiful furniture behind glass creating quite a juxtaposition of objects meant to be used but framed as art. Nick designed a protective glass chair for those who own but don’t want to sit on their precious collectible items!

Every photographer will love to get their hands on these products designed especially for them!

Behind every good photograph is a photographer with his loved and trusted tools! Being married to a part-time photographer, I know there is no visible end to his to-buy list, and how would there be? Photography is an intricate and expensive craft, and although the advent of phone cameras has made capturing photographs a breeze, there is an equal number of people who believe that images via the traditional methods are more controlled and dependent on their manual skills. This collection we have today is especially aimed at all of those who shoot with a camera or are looking to enter the world of photography, with these products aimed at helping you focus (literally) at making your travel and your craft an easier extension of your everyday life!

The Lomography Lomo’ Instant Camera raised over $1.1Million on Kickstarter after being launched by Lomography 

Lynx Axis 360: modular motion control for cameras by Cinetics 

Foldio 3 comes with an innovative design puts all of that into a small flat-packed case that can fit right under your arm by Orangemonkie 

Adaptalux: An Adaptable Miniature Lighting Studio for portable macro photography and videography adaptable lighting studio by Samuel Granger and team at Adaptalux

With the PicaPod, you’ll run out of things to mount. This one bad-boy can and will allow you to mount everything in one place, so no matter, if you’ve got a GoPro, or a DSLR, or a 360° camera, or even just a point & shoot, you’re sorted by Design Icon Studio 

The Travel Tripod comes with half the volume of a traditional travel tripod with all the professional capabilities by Peak Design 

The KUVRD (pronounced ‘covered’) is a one-size-fits-all silicone cap that goes over any and every camera lens you have, no matter the size, or even the brand by KUVRD 

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System by the team at Lomography includes three prime lenses, two aperture mechanisms, one lens system: Combine the lens base with one of three convertible front lenses for different fixed focal lengths — 3.5/35, 2.8/50 and 4.0/80 — and alternate between a wide range of stopless apertures and special aperture plates using just one lens system

The expandable 48Hr Classic is the urban commuter’s ultimate travel, work and photography bag by Alex of Temporary Forevers 

The Less One Camera by Maciek Blaźniak 

The Fusion camera that allows blind and visually impaired individuals can capture moments in their own familiar way by recording audio and haptic memories with short audio samples via two stereo microphones as well as a changing braille screen that uses tactile graphics to allow users to feel objects or vibrant colors by Louis Berger 

These futuristic automotive design concepts evoke nostalgia with their retro aesthetic

The year 1886 is considered to be the birth of the modern car, as in that year, German inventor Carl Benz built a modern automobile called the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. And look at the designs now! Electric meets retro designs, this is the trend that we are seeing as we create this round-up of the most innovative automotive designs. Each car design is not just a design, but actually is a prediction of the trends we will see in the design industry as well as the path the society as a whole is progressing towards. Featuring an abundance of technology – whether it is autonomous driving, relaxing or heart racing with edgy designs this post includes some stunning looking and performing automobiles we can’t wait to get a ride in!

Bentley Electric EXP 100 GT Concept shows a fully electric luxury gran turismo designed to show what the company’s models might look like in the year 2035

Inspired by the BMW Isetta from the 50s, the Microlino does a rather wonderful job of looking cute, but at the same time also looking road-friendly by  Micro Mobility 

Peugeot e-Legend is a retro-styled concept with a design inspired by the classic 504. It’s a three-box design with an electric powertrain that produces 456 hp (463 PS / 340 kW) and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque

The Eadon Green ‘Black Cuillin’ Coupe is a bespoke coach built by the luxury Grand Tourer by CURVE Vehicle Design 

Concept Chariot is a fascinating single-seater with a dual identity by designer Yi Dong

The AKO is an electric inverse leaning trike designed with two wheels on the front and one on the back by Team AKO 

A Modern Twist on a 1,200 HP Austro Daimler Bergmeister PHEV by Projekt Austro Daimler

The minimalism-inspired H500 sedan concept created as a collaboration between Pininfarina & Hybrid Kinetic 

McLaren Concept E-Zero is an all-electric model takes design inspiration from the McLaren M6GT from way back in 1969

The Honda Skyroom concept displays the outside sky to the inside of the cabin through the cylindrical opening that frames the sky above by Dahye Jeong 

Desk setups that maximize productivity: Part 2

If your job requires you to sit at a desk, you probably spend more waking hours at that desk each day than you do in your own home (or in any other part of your home, if that’s where you work from). If you love your job, this may not seem like such a bad thing, but it’s still worth maximizing your small space for ultimate productivity. Check out this Part 1 of our desk setup series to get you inspired!

Home office setup by Naufal Zuhdi

Michael Soledad shares his desk setup for productivity 

Sneaker Dreams by Edmonton Photographer and Justin Tse 

Pegboard office setup by Tomek Koszyk

Classy workspace that utilizes its surroundings by thedesigner2011 

Shared workspace goals by Valezrina

Travel Bloggers setup by Sam Ciurdar 

Editor’s setup found via Artlist 

Walking Workspace found via iSetups

Minimal dark grey setup by Nikolay of Beauty of Technology 

Gaming Room setup found via Desktop Wars 

Vertical screens rule this desk setup by Milad Atefi

Bathroom designs that you can escape to: Part 2

Bathrooms are the little alcoves where we can let our individuality flourish! Given their size and erratic shapes, collecting and organizing the same space is sure like trying to solve with a jig-saw puzzle. Be it minimal, oversized or your personal green zone, this curated selection of bathroom designs is here to inspire you to innovate, reimagine and redecorate that space. Check out our Part 1 of bathroom designs to inspire you better!

Archway inspired bathroom by ITLAS

Olympia Ceramica Introduces Vinyl Inspired Bathroom Sinks by Gianluca Paludi 

The key to bold minimalism is combining striking visuals with functionality, like this stunning honeycomb floor by Casey Keasler 

A bathroom design rendered by M.Serhat Sezgin

Copenhagen Apartment inspiration with all that black and white and fine little tiles by Emil Dervish 

Minimal bathroom accessories by Nichba Design 

All-over penny tile in various ocean hues create a soothing bathroom design by Hatchet Design|Build 

Architecture Studio 07Beach has placed a bathroom alongside a central courtyard at the center of this house in Kyoto to give the clients the feeling of “open-air bathing” in their own home. 

Featuring Pantone shades, this bathroom is designed by Rafaelle Velasque 

Inspiring Bathroom and ceiling by Future Nordic Home 

Innovative tableware designs that turn eating into an experience

Spoons, forks, dishes… these are some classic designs that have remained standard ever since their invention. Or so we thought until we came across these innovative tableware designs! Beautifully muted wooden plates with textures that bring them to life, floating cutlery that is visually unique as well as excels in functionality by keeping your cutlery clean and germ-free, these are just some of the designs that when used, are sure to set your table apart to an extent where your cutlery ends up being the focus over the food!

Flyde floating cutlery by Felix Marx

Strawtini Martini glass by Udarely 

Stackable Totem bowls by Isabella Lovero & Enrico Bossa

‘Lifetime Partner’ mug by Johnson Tsang

Blues, handmade ceramic plates by Hana Karim 

This Minimal, skeletal cutlery design by Nendo for Valerie Objects comes with an eye-catching scoop detail that helps rest/dock your spoons, forks, and knives easily on a rack, or even against other cutlery

The Moment series wherein the inner shape gives a sense of movement, inviting you to pour and savor the sound and smell in this activity by Jenkins & Uhnger

Wooden Serving Tableware by Luke Hope of Hope in the woods

Touché Tray by Martina Bartoli for Mason Editions 

The One-Piece Knife by Johanna Gauder

The Four Seasons Shakers by Qualy Design

Swivel 5 tableware by Yamazaki Tableware 

The Porthole Infuser by Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail 

JOIN, a mind-bending cutlery that will leave your guests confused and frustrated, as they witness you ‘magically’ free their cutlery before their very eyes, by Rudolph Schelling Webermann 

Edgy Lighting Designs that address your lighting needs

There are times we come across designs that make us smack our heads and say – why didn’t I think of that?! This switch light is one of those designs! Working perfectly as ambient light, the switch rocks upwards, downwards, and rests in a neutral position. While in neutral, the light stays off, but the minute you rock it either upwards or downwards, it turns into an ambient lamp, casting light in the direction it’s been angled. Each person’s lighting choices are chosen to bring them comfort and joy. So why shouldn’t we look out for a lighting solution that matches all our needs? In this collection, we have designs that are actually lights that hold plants to rocket-shaped lamps that need to be pushed down to launch their light. So whatever your needs, I’m sure we have a design that meets your lighting needs!

Switch ambient lamp by Pasque D. Mawalla. While in neutral, the light stays off, but the minute you rock it either upwards or downwards, it turns into an ambient lamp.

38 Copper lighting for plant lovers by Bocci features large spheres are blown with a multitude of interior cavities, some deep enough to hold earth for cacti and succulent.

The Light Shelf by Jong-su Kim.

Beautiful ‘Leaf’ pendant lights by Daniel Mato of Loomiosa.  

Japanese art collective TeamLab has used lighting to create a sea of spiraling whirlpools inside a Melbourne Art Museum.

Alpine APC 60 by Studio Endo

The Spaceship mood light by Hongseok Seo, Minkwan Seo & Jin D.

Geometrical woodspot lamp designed by Alessandro Zambelli.

Stunning chandeliers by Andreea Braescu with intricate porcelain leaves that are all individually handcrafted! 

Preciosa Lighting has installed a huge sculptural lighting feature based on the Arabic eight-pointed star inside the lobby of the Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel.

The Curl by Sebastian Bergne

Brick Light by Paolo Rizzatto.

Raptor Lamp by udnDesign & Funcus 

Gadgets and products designed to organize your workspace and amplify productivity

With work-life balance literally hanging in the balance of our daily life, productivity is the key to attaining your work goals. Research from Warwick University indicates that people are more productive when they’re happy, specifically, 12% more productive. So it seems logical that we should devote some time to making our workspace work for us! How do we do that? Some simple tips are to be organized, clean and utilize gadgets (say noise-canceling headphones) to optimize the space around you, which is exactly what our curated collection of products aim to achieve. So go ahead and optimize your space and maximize your productivity!

The Retro Compact Keyboard by Azio Corp 

4WCDB Charging Drawer by Rev-A-Shelf

The EXOvault Mouse by Jonathan Schipper & EXOvault 

Levimoon is a levitating moon-like orb that can float, rotate, and even light up in mid-air by Coocepts 

The MX Vertical mouse tilts at an angle of 57° off the horizontal plane that is your table, feeling halfway between a mouse and a joystick by Logitech 

The DuoFlip opens in two ways, one like a traditional laptop with a backward hinge, and another, like a book with a hinge on the side by Compal Electronics 

The Intel Honeycomb Glacier is Intel’s vision for the direction for gaming laptops of the future. It features not one, but two hinges, and not one, but two displays 

The Desk Collection by Grovemade 

The Clamp Basket by Seungwan Kang & Seonhee Shin of Kyungnam College of Information & Technology 

NIOXSMN, a conceptual device that ingeniously combines three essential desk-top items, the desk light, multi-socket, and phone charger, into one sleek and space-saving product by Engyang Zhu

Architectural designs that focus on humans and nature alike!

Vertical Gardens, urban farms, sustainable housing are the terms raging this year. And they should be the rage! Climate change and global warming are afflicting our planet this very minute and every step we take in helping combat this issue, it needs to be taken right away. These architects have found a way to do their bit for the world. These buildings focus on creating a greener space that pays as much attention to humans residing in them as to their plant counterparts.  Check out our collection of eco-friendly products that will help you do your bit in saving the planet.

PARK ROYAL on Pickering Hotel by Woha Architects 

Shilda winery in Kakheti, Georgia by X-Architecture 

The Rebel Residence designed by StudioninedotsDelva 

Off The Grid Office by Stefan Mantu 

The Trudo Vertical Forest in Eindhoven, Netherlands, comes with 125 housing units where each apartment will have a surface area of under 50 sq.m. and the exclusive benefit of 1 tree, 20 shrubs, and over 4 sq.m. of terrace space by Stefano Boeri Architetti for Sint-Trudo

Planar House by Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan + Lair Reis in Porto Feliz, Brazil 

Bert, a conceptual modular treehouse shaped like a tree trunk, with large round windows designed to make it look like the single-eyed character from the film Minions by Studio Precht 

Bamboo nest smart-towers for the future of Paris by Vincent Callebaut 

L’Oasis D’Aboukir (the Oasis of Aboukir) is a 25-meter-high green wall by botanist and researcher Patrick Blanc 

The landscaped A-Frames on the facade of our Hilton Hotel In Hyderabad by Precht 

BIONIC ARCH, A Vertical Forest for the Taichung City Hall by Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Drool-worthy stationery designs that leave you wanting more!

As a product designer, you always have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to get the job done. Let’s take up the example of an eraser, we have the basic and humble eraser we have been using since childhood to new-fangled electric erasers that rotate and rub the paper on your behalf! Choosing the tool you use comes down to your need, and how you like to do your work. Keeping in mind that all of us also partially addicted to collecting stationery (don’t even get me started about my personal collection of pens) we bring to you a collection of everyday tools that will add functionality to your workspace along with a unique and quirky design element! Check out our collection of design tools for the love of all things stationery!

The Logifaces puzzle comprises a series of triangles of the same size, but different heights (at each vertex), and the only rule is, “Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to build a continuous surface”.

The Clip Art series by Present & Correct features ten different paper clips from 1860 to 1934, recreated from ancient patent records.

The Clamp Basket by Seungwan Kan attaches to the side of the desk and allows the user to collect the rubber residue that is strewn across the work surface.

Knife and ruler combo by Marion Lenne combines surgical steel with natural cork. The tactile cork provides greater grip and is faceted to prevent rolling.

The Ostrich magnetic paperclip holder by Arthur Xin takes on the familiar form of the world’s biggest bird.

The Writer by Jaquet-Droz replicates its owner’s signature by using historic cam technology and a complex series of 585 parts, assembled and finished by hand.

Iris by Odin Ardagh is designed to make drawing circles more intuitive and fun, without piercing the paper as you would with a compass.

The Sidekick by Tan Mavitan Studio opens into an ‘L’ shaped notebook that can easily sit at the corner of your keyboard, or your mousepad, or even tablet.

The Flip Scale by Kalyani Tupkary’s clever design allows it to flip over and be used multiple times, allowing you to measure much more than a foot ruler or a measuring tape is capable of!

The Fume by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis doesn’t just lay out the markers in an interesting format, it even allows you to segregate them by hue into three zones.

Magcon by Ddiin packs a pen-stand, rounder/compass, wrench, scale, bottle opener, and drawing guide all in one.

This pencil sharpener by Di Lu serves as an extra hand to catch and collect shavings so they can be easily discarded.

Indigraph Fountain Pen constantly keeping the pen’s tip in contact with water, so the ink never dries out by Iñigo Echeverria, Unai Rollan, Izar Carazo & Sergio Errandonea.

Love these designs? Check out these must-have design tools for more inspirational stationery!