Gadgets and products designed to organize your workspace and amplify productivity

With work-life balance literally hanging in the balance of our daily life, productivity is the key to attaining your work goals. Research from Warwick University indicates that people are more productive when they’re happy, specifically, 12% more productive. So it seems logical that we should devote some time to making our workspace work for us! How do we do that? Some simple tips are to be organized, clean and utilize gadgets (say noise-canceling headphones) to optimize the space around you, which is exactly what our curated collection of products aim to achieve. So go ahead and optimize your space and maximize your productivity!

The Retro Compact Keyboard by Azio Corp 

4WCDB Charging Drawer by Rev-A-Shelf

The EXOvault Mouse by Jonathan Schipper & EXOvault 

Levimoon is a levitating moon-like orb that can float, rotate, and even light up in mid-air by Coocepts 

The MX Vertical mouse tilts at an angle of 57° off the horizontal plane that is your table, feeling halfway between a mouse and a joystick by Logitech 

The DuoFlip opens in two ways, one like a traditional laptop with a backward hinge, and another, like a book with a hinge on the side by Compal Electronics 

The Intel Honeycomb Glacier is Intel’s vision for the direction for gaming laptops of the future. It features not one, but two hinges, and not one, but two displays 

The Desk Collection by Grovemade 

The Clamp Basket by Seungwan Kang & Seonhee Shin of Kyungnam College of Information & Technology 

NIOXSMN, a conceptual device that ingeniously combines three essential desk-top items, the desk light, multi-socket, and phone charger, into one sleek and space-saving product by Engyang Zhu

Organize your workspace with this 12-in-1 modular desk organizer

Throughout the working day, our desks can become cluttered and deeply unorganized messes that limit our potential through creating distractions and reducing efficiency. This is only made worse by the abundance of cables that weave around our desks. We need something that contains all the essential items and places them within one organized location. The Stealtho Desk organizer is here to do just that; It carries an array of features that keep everything you need in one tidy place!

Stealtho is the combination of both a humble desk organizer and Qi Wireless charger. This allows for easy access to essential writing equipment, whilst your phone can be simultaneously charged on the upright stand. With Stealtho, annoying dongles are a thing of the past; built-in to its base is a USB hub that enables efficient data-transfer or the charging of mobile devices.

This is certainly a productivity-increasing desk accessory that is packed full of functions to make your working day pass-by as smoothly as possible.

Designer: Vitaliy Savriga

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The Stealtho is a 12-in-1 modular desk organizer that pulls everything you require into a single, customizable and more functional location.

The first thing they combined was a desktop organizer and Qi Wireless Charger. This component gives you an easily accessible station for pens, markers, pencils and more, all while serving as a convenient charging station for your phone.

Their wireless charger is based on the Qi standard 10w output, which makes it compatible with a large range of Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and other devices.

Get rid of wires and adapters for your MacBook, Air and Pro and save some cash!

Built into the utensil organizer and charger component is a USB hub. The hub allows you to quickly charge your tablet, laptop and power bank, and to use USB flash drives. You also can read micro SD cards from other devices, getting the data directly to your computer for your projects. The standard HDMI 2.0 port brings you the best in audio/visual quality.

The complete 12-in-1 STEALTHO organizer includes the following on the USB hub: 2 x USB3.0; 2 x USB type C; micro SD card reader; HDMI 2.0.

The tilt of the charging station is designed to give you the perfect viewing angle for device screens, making hands-free communication on popular platforms like Skype physically easier and more enticing. No more being distracted by an achy neck or grip!

Non-slip and non-scratching magnetic base.

A snap-and-fit style design that allows you to rearrange each piece of the organizer.

When your mobile phone is already charged, you can use the charging pad as a quick notes and writing board.

The sticky notes stand is also multifunctional. Use it as a copyholder to keep documents at the ready for reference. If you’re a music lover or just need some white noise to concentrate, use the stand to hold a pair of high-quality headphones.

Need a place to hold pushpins, paper clips and other small supplies? The sticky notes holder offers the perfect tray. The other side features four slots for your most valuable business cards, money or similar items.

Great idea? Need to remember a fact? The Post-it holder means paper is always there when you need it. If stickies aren’t your style, use this space to hold keys, earbuds or other items.

Click Here To Buy Now: $99 $180 (45% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

Re:ease doesn’t organize your desk. It redesigns it.

Here’s my desk scenario. I have a pencil holder from Amazon, a stapler from Maped, a hole-punch from Kangaro, and an off-brand planter with a mini succulent in it. It’s a collection of products I love individually, but combine them together and they end up making my workspace look like there’s a whole lot going on. That’s where the problem lies. Desk items aren’t always designed to be a part of a family. They’re just made to be good products that look wonderful on shelves, and perform well enough for you to not have any complaints… and often become a decorative element in your overhead #workspace photo on Instagram.

Marc Stueber recognized that this mild annoyance wasn’t just visual. It ended up reflecting his mindset and affecting his productivity. The stationery on his desk, even though hardly used in a paper-and-pen-less world, were necessary at some times, and a hindrance at others. This led him to develop a more concise, well-organized family of products that would sit on his work-desk. Each product followed a similar design language, and looked good too. Together, these products would form an organized block on the workspace, clearing it of all the clutter, and making you feel much more positive and productive.

Re:ease channels a minimal Scandinavian/Nordic design, with its use of wood and white, and of geometric shapes that come together perfectly. A modular block of all your office necessities, the Re:ease features hole-punch, sharpener, stapler, tape-dispenser, planter, a charging dock for your smartphone, and a rather well-organized pen-stand that holds pens, pencils, highlighters, and notes, all in individual slots. All these elements look great individually, but more importantly, come together on the same workspace to create a clean, modular unit that gives you all the functionality you need without the visual clutter. Moreover, each unit even boasts of a magnetic base that lets them snap together to form arrangements that suit your needs, and ultimately the clean, organized workspace that YOU want to build.

Designers: Marc Stueber & Laurent Hartmann

Click Here To Buy Now: $109 $169 (35% off). Hurry only 3 left in Super Early Bird!


Re:ease is a Modular Desk Organizer with 11 features. This all-in-one workspace organizer comes with a wireless charger and all essentials to stay organized and productive.


Re:ease wants to “release” your desk from all unnecessary stuff and motivate you to only have those items at your workspace that you really need.


With a beautiful and simple design Re:ease adds into every existing workspace and delivers all the redesigned office tools you need for your everyday work.


Working at a disorganized workspace also creates a disorganized headspace. Re:ease channels a minimal Scandinavian/Nordic design, with its use of wood and white, and of geometric shapes that come together perfectly.


Re:ease Features Include:

Wireless phone charger.

Small magnets make sure everything stays in place and allows you to combine all modules into one beautiful work station.

Pen, Note and Business Card Holder.



Plant Pot.



Choose from locally grown ash wood or hand crafted concrete.

Re:ease package.




Click Here To Buy Now: $109 $169 (35% off). Hurry only 3 left in Super Early Bird!

Beautiful Desk Organizers That Are Inspired by Nature!


Desk organization is something that a lot of us battle with each day, and there are a wide variety of desk organizers available to us that aim to assist in the removable of unwanted clutter! But none of them have looked quite like this series, where their form is based on some of the most beautiful and tranquille sights that nature has to offer… Valleys, Pools and Waterfalls.

These creative forms consist of rows of thread that the user can neatly place items on or longer items, such as pens, securely in. This flexible method of organizing stationary also lends itself to cable management and holding smart devices in place, clearing the desk up even further!

The three stunning forms can be combined to create visually interesting, sculpture-like desk accessories that will encourage the user to have a far neater workspace.

Designer: Seungyeol Lee



The Waterfall.


The Valley

A desk organizer that can be used by putting on or inserting other office supplies such as pencils and erasers. In addition, multiple smart devices can be inserted and can be used to help organize various cables.


The Pool

An organizer that utilizes the half-spin properties of a string. The user can check, remove, or store clips or rubber bands without having to open the lid with difficulty.




Always Have a Place to Charge up with this 10-Port USB Charger

Do you have lots of phones, tablets, and other rechargeable gadgets in the house or at the office? Here’s the solution to all of your charging problems.

Unitek’s 10-port charging station can juice up two handfuls of USB-powered devices at once – even tablets and larger smartphones. Its 10 ports can provide 5 volts at up to 2.4-amps each. To accommodate all of your devices and keep them neatly organized, it comes with dividers, which can be adjusted based on the size and number of gadgets you have.

It’s currently on sale for just $39.99(USD) over at Amazon, and if you want to keep things super tidy, you’ll want to add on some short cables, since those aren’t included. You can find a 5-pack of stubby MicroUSB cords for $7.99, and a 6-pack of short Lightning cables for $12.99.

Take Down This AT-AT Desk Organizer with Your Charging Cables

Your desk could use some tidying up. Why not organize your desk stuff while showing your love of Star Wars? Premium Bandai has the perfect desk organizer. The AT-AT Multi Stand is a workspace storage container that also happens to be a 1/72 scale Imperial walker model, measuring in at about 10.6″ tall.

This fully poseable AT-AT has lots of hidden spaces to store your things, including a coin slot, pen holder, and multiple compartments for stuff like paperclips and other small items. The best part is that it comes with a tiny Snow Speeder, equipped with a tow hook. This lets you wind your charging cables around the legs of the AT-AT to recreate one of the film series’ best scenes.

The AT-AT Multi Stand will be available in December for 9,720 yen (~$95 USD). Best desk toy ever.


[via Rocketnews24]

W+W Organizer

ww organizer e1379354278942 W+W Organizer
We really like the simplicity and functionality of the W+W Organizer. Designed by Oliver Franz, it combines wood and white ceramic materials. The tray around the pencil cup lets you stash small items like paper clips, thumbtacks, and erasers. The memo pad has a clip to hold small notes (size A7 paper). There’s also a groove to hold your iPhone 4 or 5 in portrait or landscape mode. Here’s the really smart part- there are two cutouts to hold your charging cord in place when it’s not being used.

buy now W+W Organizer

W+W Organizer

Darth Vader Desk Caddy: Luke, I Am Your Organizer!

If you’re looking for a place to put that plant you’ve got, or just have a bunch of crap lying around your desk that needs a home, then look no further than this Darth Vader desk caddy.

darth vader desk caddy 1

This cast ceramic caddy was made by Strokes of Madness and coated with an awesome neon orange glaze to make it really stand out. Yeah, I know Darth Vader’s helmet wasn’t orange, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been. Maybe in Episode VII, they’ll figure out a way to do that. Perhaps Luke will find himself turning to the Dark Side like his father did, and then don an orange outfit as a tribute to dear old dad. Luke Vader kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

darth vader desk caddy 2

But I digress. If you want this caddy, head on over to Etsy – where you can grab it for $28.99(USD). If it’s gone by the time you get there, there’s always the Vader nightlight, with glowing red eyes and breathing apparatus. Though I still vote for the Orange Lord.

Memo Pad Organizer Holds Supplies in the Paper

memo pad organizer2 Memo Pad Organizer Holds Supplies in the Paper
Here’s a cool little desktop organizer, it’s the all-in-one Memo Pad Organizer. It’s a thick notepad holding 380 sheets of paper with cutouts at the top to hold your desk supplies. What’s cool, besides the style, is that your writing tools and paper are always in the same spot. It comes in one of three different styles. The notepad itself is perforated below the cutouts so your pencils won’t topple over as you use up the paper.
memo pad organizer1 Memo Pad Organizer Holds Supplies in the Paper
Each of the three different styles comes with matching desk supplies to fill in the holes. It’s made entirely of recycled paper, which makes this a very green organizer. It measures a bit over 5″ by 8″ and prices range from $63-$74. If that’s a little too rich for you and you are handy, you could DIY something similar with a Dremel (not sure how you’d perforate the paper though- anyone?).

buy now Memo Pad Organizer Holds Supplies in the Paper

Memo Pad Organizer Holds Supplies in the Paper

Nintendo Controller Turned into Desk Organizer: Why Won’t Star Fox 64 Play Anymore?

Do you have a spare N64 controller laying around and collecting dust? Chances are you have at least two. Why not put them to good use and turn them into handy desk organizers. That’s what Graeme Abraham of GreenCüb has done here and it will make your desk look extra geeky.
n64 storage controller
He has turned this N64 controller into a neat retro desk organizer that will hold all of your things. It also has a USB extension as well as places for your pens and paper clips. And, crayons – for when you want to color that Super Mario coloring book you have.

It will cost you just $15.99(USD) from Etsy, where you can find other controllers and old consoles converted into desk caddies. Everyone can appreciate a geeky desk organizer, and they make a great inexpensive gift for your friends.

[via Neatorama]